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  1. ITs very easy to prove my opinion to be at least founded in some logical relevance. All one needs to do is look at the thread listings on the first page here in the general discussion. Nothing patently inaccurate about my observations. This forum is full of folks who have a emotional bias that leans to and anti Turbine sentiment. Noit saying anyone is "Wrong" for that but to argue thats not the case is fairly silly in the larger scope.
  2. The "reality" of where Lotro is at as a game and Turbine is as a developer lies somewhere between the tone and tenor of this forum and the official forums. I find it funny that I am accused as "lumping folks" into a braod category when that is standard operating procedure around here when discussing posters on the official forums. Like I said, knock yourselves out, but this forum is not the bastion of balance and fairness, or the light in the dark, when dealing with and discussing Lotro and Turbine. The best anology for the difference between this forum and the official forums would be like switching from watching Fox News to MSNBC and claiming the later is the more fair and balanced.
  3. Please link to one positive thing that has been posted by you about LOTRO. THanks, It isnt that you are not entitled to your opinion rather you epitomize the hypocrisy of this forum in that all you do is bash the game and Turbine. You are as biased as every one of the fanboys and sunshine pumpers on the official forums that you, and others, make fun of and point to and call biased. So every time you and quite a few others complain about the "fanboys" on the official forums I just chuckle because you are the yin to their yang. By all means though, carry on. This forum has the same balance that the official forums has, which is NONE. Which is a shame because a nice third party forum would be great. Instead its just a bunch of bitter curmudgeons that carry their anger and anti Lotro sentiment to EVERY thread on this site.
  4. I hate the way fanboy and sunshine pumpers are allowed to run wild on the official forums. I thought this forum would be a place to find a happy medium where the good and the bad can be discussed. The reality is that this is nothing more than the polar opposite run by completely anti turbine agenda driven thinking posters whom do little more than complain ad nauseum. No offense but the irony of the situation is inescapable.
  5. Damn man. You're one angry curmudgeon. Games never going to get back to where you think ti should be, maybe its time to move on? Dont get me wrong, Im not happy with most of whats gone on since F2P but I find enjoyment playing with longtime friends and would never spend the type od energy you do posting and harboring such negativity. Let it go and move on man.
  6. No offense but Im glad you wont be the producer anytime soon. This thread is a perfect example of the the player base has no idea how to build and run a game.
  7. I don't feel this is quite accurate. Lotro was bleeding subscribers at the tail end of the Mines of Moria expansion. When Turbine launched an underwhelming Siege of Mirkwood, that was intended to be an update, the result was more subscriber loss and and marked decline of the game itself. F2P was a way for Turbine to stem of the decline and attempt to save the game from heading to where DDO had fallen prior to the end of 2009. Anyone who thinks Lotro was in good shape prior to the F2P conversion wasn't paying attention.
  8. I don't see anyway this game lasts to see Gondor. A tribute to the complete incompetence of Turbine. They had everything on platter for them with SoA. The Lord of the Rings IP, universal praise from critics, a fresh take on balance between playstyles, a pvp system that could have been fresh and unique had they put any effort into it. It really is amazing how much they have failed and how many mistakes they have made. None of this makes me happy. Im not a scorned player just an immensely sad player that watched this game go from what it was to what it is now.
  9. Oh look, another Client crash" thread that Lil Ricky felt the need to close. Its beyond sad into the realm of hilariously tragic at this point. It's no wonder they are laying off people. What a trainwreck. This is a lesson in how to ruin a golden cow in relation to the LotR IP. http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?485253-Client-crashes-very-regularly/page4
  10. I have been a long time lurker here and enjoy the shackle free discourse that is provided by the forum owners here. With that being said I would like to discuss the realities facing this player base ahead in relation to Riders of Rohan. Having spent time in the beta since build one I cant help but feel that this expansion is going to be a huge letdown for many. Once the newness of mounted combat wears away, once the awe of the scenery and landscapes passes this expansion will leave many feeling unsatisfied. It is just as stripped down as RoI once you weed through the gimmick of mounted combat. The mounted combat is a gimmick. Its a gimmick that Turbine has leaned on HEAVILY throughout the expansion. I have little doubt that many will GROAN after a while having to steer what amounts to a bobsled, through out the landscapes. It is NOT optional. IT makes up over 60% of the questing through out the expansion. Once this newness is stripped away the rage on the forums will be on level with some of the greater outrage that has come before it over other issues. The reality is that there is little substance outside mounted combat. The non mounted questing is uninspired. The grind has returned, bigger and better than ever. Your familiar grinds have been reset. Im not trying to bash, but I feel that there has been much glossed over by those in beta and there has been some very misleading opinions thrown around by some of Turbine's most ardent defenders. Tanke my opinions how ever you feel you need to in the end. I just thought I would bring a different perspective outside the sunshine pumping and back patting going on over the "community lead and inspired" delay of the expansion. Have a good night.
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