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  1. Hmmm... interesting question: What about characters that moved from one server to another and now want to come back? Will they still be stranded?
  2. *sarcasm on* It seems to have been designed according to the infamous Ubisoft formula for open world games, so it has to be "good" doesn't it? *sarcasm off* I don't think that anyone in the industry cares for lore anymore. It is all only about money and the best formula to construct the same games over and over in different disguises. I only wait for Indy to become mainstream when they realize that people get bored by the same game over and over and find the new Indy formula they can repeat for guaranteed success...
  3. This has been going on at least since late April and should be watched very closely by anyone who has anything to do with cloud computing. In the end it will be only one more argument against the US dominance of the internet. The terrorists have won. Really sad and incredibly stupid.
  4. It took chat messages to the guild around 15 minutes during the hottest phase... I had logged out, failed to log in again, waited 10 minutes and logged in to find that I had no friends and no guild anymore when guild friends in TS reported that my last messages to guild chat arrived one by one. They had been written before I logged out. I guess they had really bad problems with extremely slow guild databases. Everything is back to "normal" now.
  5. I only say http://www.pckeyboard.com/ They are not cheap but as close to the real thing as you can get if you want a keyboard with USB interface. This is the one I use for playing and a good reason for push-to-talk in TeamSpeak. A nice alternative with a smaller footprint might be http://www.daskeyboard.com/index.php but it is only half the fun. You can get a slightly less noisy version though and even a version without key labels. Once you used one of these, everything else becomes a joke. Did I mention that I began typing on mechanical typewriters? My first was a model Erica. An import from the German "Democratic" Republic at the time and one of the last affordable but sturdy mechanical travel typewriters which means it came in its own suitcase. Oh, sweet memories!
  6. As a lifetimer I still play a lot but it really gets annoying, that all the kinships I join nowadays die soon after. Anyway, this will not matter anymore for long. Today I preordered ESO. I hope that I can revive the excitement of exploration and learning about a new world.
  7. I am here because... hmmm... well, it is fun. When this board opened, a lot of people already had bad feelings about the moderation style of the Turbine forum. So I like many others looked for a place where we could feel at home in a liberal atmosphere. This place here has had it's ups and downs but overall it is a good place for a bit of fun and perspective. The people posting here span a really wide array of opinions and preconceptions and it is always fun to match them with my own.
  8. From what I have seen the last days the lags might be a problem that is more prominent on the old European servers. It was strange how Belegaer was lagging like hell but Landroval at the same time running quite smooth. That seems to kill the internet hypothesis and points probably more at server resources and/or database problems for the servers migrated from Codemasters. On the other hand a few players with high latency might affect the server in another way than all players having high latency. In the end it is surely not an Internet problem alone. Also the problem seems to be a lot less noticable after server reboots. This all just does not add together to result in mostly internet or client related problems.
  9. Definitely me. But beware! It isn't even difficult anymore. My level 51 warden recently travelled to the Rift base camp all alone and without major problems. The aggro range changes make this actually quite easy nowadays.
  10. I picked Evendim too. Although they did a few nice things with the area, the current quest architecture is just terrible. Go to a quest hub, do 3 times 3 quests there, go to the next quest hub. This is completely ridiculous. I like how with the landscape quests of the newer areas at least a small element of exploration came back to a game. Evendim only leads you around on your nose ring with no element of surprise or exploration.
  11. I hate sports and find most of it pointless, dangerous and bad for your health. I know far too many people who ruined their health with all kinds of oh so healthy sports activities. What created an addiction for me far stronger than any MMO is martial arts and the medical application of gymnastics / Qi Gong. To learn how to directly tranform the flow of thoughts to movement and to be completely awake in the present moment is only comparable to the rare instances when you perform music and reach the state of flow where you don't have to worry about expression and technical ability anymore. Sports, no thanks. Body and mind improving physical activity, can't live without!
  12. Apart from mostly oversimplifying academic discussions I think there can only be a personal answer to this question and this answer for me is 'no' but for different reasons over time. There were times, when I neglected part of my "real" life to be able to play. That was because I had met people in the game I loved to spend time with. I met wonderful people in game. The same kind of people I could have met elsewhere but by chance I met them in game and we had happy and painful times. Just like we would have had if we had met elesewhere. Part of these friendships carried over to the physical life and will stay alife even if the games we play die. Today it is more like a balance for me. I work hard, I play hard, I practice and train different arts. Only sleep does not get enough time a bit too often. My playing patterns changed over the time but never I had the feeling that I am wasting time. As others said somewhere up in this thread, time spent having fun in a game is not wasted if you had a good time. I would extend that to something like: Time spent with something that makes you feel alive and does not leave you dull, stupid and lonely cannot be wasted. After a hard workday I need something to distract me. It could be passively as a couch potato in front of the TV or with other people in an MMO. I prefer the second alternative. No, definitely no wasted time here.
  13. #1) They will attempt to patch. #2) No chance that they will roll back. That does not mean that the new code will be playable. I excpect at least 2 classes to be more or less unplayable broken. #3) I tend more to a 24 hours frame. After that time big battles will be open for a maximum of 48 hours until they are closed until the first hotfix is ready.
  14. The Extra Credits videos are a real eye opener! This finally explains where Turbine got the stupid ideas for their current loot system from. The reasoning seems to go like: We make instances into elements of a collectable game system. Let the players play the instances over and over. The trick is that you can reduce quality of the instance to almost nothing because the players are sucked into the system of collectables (crafting recipes, gold loot). So you can avoid spending a lot of money only by attempting to suck the players into a gear grind game. The big battles are just a natural extension of this idea. Devillish. Only... this may work for mobile games and it already gave them a bad name. I cannot believe that this will do anything else to a game like LoTRO than destroy it. Here at least the initial set of players expects a lot more than such a cheap attempt at substituting gaming fun with pulling players into an addiction. Now a lot of things suddenly make sense. Turbine has to get rid of the initial players really fast because they might see through this plot and tell people what is really going on. Turbine has to make the switch to the brainless kind of players that would like this addiction really fast and decisive. We have to be pushed out of the game or at least marginalized completely. Now everything that is happening in game development and official community makes total sense! And this all started when Turbine decided that Zynga should take over LoTRO development...
  15. Uff! Zombiealarm! Es heißt, WIrbelstürme in den USA wären das. Wenn ja, dann drücke ich den armen Amis die Daumen. Wenn nein, ist es aber vielleicht auch nur der Sturm der Entrüstung, der sich gerade zusammenbraut.
  16. Same here after lots of lag over the afternoon when skills would not fire for more than 10 seconds.
  17. This developer diary lyric is really special. They write at length about the challenges they faced and say nothing about what they think they may have achieved. Only that they look forward to sharing the result with us. Should they not be a bit more confident an cheerful about the results of their hard work? Especially when no one else is? For me this reads like an excuse that they have killed the game. Why should I want to be an Engineer or Officer? If I want to play strategy games, I have surely better choices. And the role of the Vanguard? The message reads to me like "if you insist on fighting like you have trained for the past 90 levels, all this will be good for is a heroic death". I probably should get a bit more cheerful myself...
  18. I really liked the music of Chance Thomas. Not something I would listen to for a long time but there were little atmospheric masterpieces in it and he was able to bring colour to his music. I loved to listen to it while questing. I have now suffered through most of the HD sounds and I feel as if I spent too much time in a shopping center elevator. For me this sounds cheap and uninspired. Most pieces seem to consist of endless variations of two alternating chords or short, repetitive melody fragments in quint parallels. And the sound reminds me of video games from the 80s. Only they were way more original then. Oh dear. Will this really be all we hear while grinding through HD on the quest for the elusive fun in LOTRO?
  19. Sadly you are right. The moment you equip the item it binds to the character. *sniff* How stupid...
  20. Btw. I just bought a disabler from the shop for my little warden hobbit and it is bound by account nowadays. A nice change.
  21. I had to create a ticket for the points for September which had not been delivered. Otherwise it seemed to work after the fiasco in April or May.
  22. Actually the problem is not even new. It was introduced for me with the patch that brought the revamped Bree. If I remember right that came shortly before the anniversary quests in Bree because there I experienced for the first time that sometimes market stands or even whole buildings vanish into thin air. The same happened to parts of the architecture in Moria and a few weeks ago I experienced a large boulder in the Wildermore landscape that only became visible if I looked at it at the exactly right angle. I guess there is a problem with the visibility management in the client. I even reported the problem as a bug and if I remember right it was closed very fast with the remark that this is a known problem. Just another bug that will never be fixed.
  23. You do realize that this was never said? There are many things that can happen to a character. Perhaps he falls in love instead?
  24. Flying mounts? They are already in the game. I have more than once flown through the ground in Rohan on my warsteed looking at Rohan from below. Only it only flies downwards or I did not understand the controls yet...
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