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  1. Personally, I think Turbine should threaten to remove Laurelin's "RP" status if the shenanigans continue. But hey, I'm more about stopping the BS and getting things done. Turbine will probably sit on their proverbial thumb and rotate a few times.
  2. Anyone interested should grab a Beta key for the upcoming weekend Thurs 10:00am - Monday 10:00am Closed Beta 3 (CB3) keys available various partner gaming info sites with Trion. Here's link to MMORPG.com http://www.mmorpg.com/giveaways.cfm/offer/556/Archeage-Closed-Beta-Event-3-Blood-Bounty.html Get them while you can and just to note, there will be a CB4 at least, before it goes Open Beta-Launch. Good luck, maybe see some of you in there BTW, you're not going to see many if any of "Coca Cola" machines in NA version of the game. Trion has already stated that using Trademarked images for ingame art creation and such is a big no no and they will delete it.
  3. Bag placment is hosed for me. Logged in for first time since patch, bags were 5x3 layout. I had to re-place them to where i wanted them. Saved a UI Layout (ps. old UI Layouts at least for my bags did not work). Logged out and checked a different character, bags were at 4x4 (4,4,4,3). Calling the UI Layout that I had just saved puts the bags back in correct positions but didn't revert them to the 5x3 layout. Logged out and back into the first character and sure enough the bags had reverted to the 4x4 layout size EDIT: I seem to have fixed it. I think it was reverting to the 4x4 bag size because i wasn't stretching the right side of the bag panel quite enough, only allowing for minimum interior right side spacing to get it to 5x3. I streetched it about 1more pixel I am guessing and the bags now seem to be staying at 5x3. Saved the bag layout and tried on several characters. EDIT2: Upon further playing with the Bags, Can pretty much set the bags up any way you like it. Want 1 HUGE bag? Hit the Edit button on Bag1, drag all slots from other 5/6 bags into Bag1 panel, unclick Edit button, viola, 1 HUGE bag.
  4. Thanks to both for the info. It was just a nagging curiosity, not like it's going to effect my LotRO gameplay that much if something were to happen. I only log in about once a month lately anyways.
  5. SO I was perusing the web and came upon this article on Engadget. I'd remembered reading elsewhere about this some time ago but it had slipped my mind. Since LotRO: SOA/MOM are listed on the Gamespy lists for 2007/2008 , I was wondering if anyone had any ideas if Turbine has worked to remove or migrate from the "Powered by Gamespy" code that might be present?
  6. The_One_Pie


    This was a tricky one for me until I found a map reference. This video helped. Note the map position as well as rock location the player jumped from.
  7. Once you start collecting artifacts, you're going to run into collecting dups. Those dups in turn become fodder for your Dreamweaving. And not to worry, if you are just doing everyday leveling, you will run into enough shinies to waste on Dreamweaving(see tip #1 & #5 below). For me, my problem is not having enough bag space to get leveling done AND collect shinies at the same time Tips I can offer: 1. Get Omen Sight as soon as feasably possible if you don't already have it!!!! The number of Omen Sight-found shinies is far greater than those found without. I currently have around 5-6 characters that I push artifacts to from my main and I still find plenty of dups for Dreamweaving. 2. Search areas less traveled by other players. Those out of the way spots sometimes can be key to finding the higher rarity artifacts. 3. If you find one artifact, look around, chances are that a 2nd will be near by. I always seems to find them in pairs. 4. Remember locations. Artifact nodes are static for the most part, just like any other resource. 5. Did I mention Omen Sight? Omen Sight = bags full of artifacts, nuf said 6. If collecting artifacts on more than 1 character, Indiana's Artifact Catalogue of Doom is a must have. Once it's set up, collecting for multi-alts is easy.
  8. Just a note to anyone still having Pando on their system from a LOTRO install or just in general, You might want to get rid on it ASAP. Seems it might have ben taken over by Malware. CSTM has a post linking to a Reddit post.... link
  9. This is exactly what I did. Let's not forget that WB will most likely be taking a large write off for this. I'm not a tax expert but I would guess that they would get at least the difference of what was paid vs. SRP as the part for write off purposes? I would see no apparent reason for them to participate in this otherwise. Either way, it's a win for WB and a win for charity and Humble Bundle.
  10. I have my doubts we would ever see anything close to what we have currently in LOTRO without MTs. Hell, I doubt we'll ever see anything on this scale even with MTs. And even if Turbine lose the license in 2014, it's doubtful anyone else will come in and scoop up the IP. My reasoning is purely speculative of course but look at the problems a new studio would face: cost of the ME/LotR IP is going to be high most likely a few years or more of development time due to development lead time needed, no way to tie in with releases of current Hobbit movies except maybe the release of 1-3 in box set rerelease after Turbine loses license, fan interest in yet another F2P/MT Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings MMO is likely to have lost it's luster I doubt even a well established studio would take it on under such adverse conditions, and also considering the current state of the game industry in general. You would be likely to see some cheesy phone game at best, also w/MTs no doubt, nothing like a full featured MMO. I think big games are a dying breed and we are probably seeing the end of their life cycle.
  11. OK ladys and gents. You're gonna love this one, hehe. Taken from the recent The Road to Mordor article: Discuss.
  12. Personally, I don't see the Player Council being much more than a PR stunt to sooth the masses. The sheeple will think that "real players" are having input in the process. Reality suggests that Turbine will do what they want. All they have to do is cite "technical issues" to kabosh anything they don't want to do. If there IS an idea that comes along that is so overwhelming awesone, it will be put on the "to do" list and we'll be lucky to see it come to fruition in a few years.
  13. It seems after the recent update, Turbine's newly revamped billing system is taking a wee bit more subscription fees than it should. The article refers to DDO subscribers being affected but it's happening to some LOTRO subs as well. link to Massively article link to LOTRO forums: link 1 , link 2
  14. No one knows for sure but I'm sure many suspect that at least some of the events will be gated, probably anything new they added if they added anything.
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