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  1. Can now post on the forums, now just waiting for my characters to transfer.
  2. They've been up sincE yesterday, they are locked though.
  3. And to think, i was so desperate for Turbine to take over a year or 2 ago but it's these kind of events that make MMOs for me.
  4. Yeh, when the servers come back up today I understand they will have all the EU servers in the list, then they will come up tomorrow
  5. Later today I think, my understanding is that we will be able to make our accounts, but it will be 2-3 days till our old characters appear, but in the meantime, we can post on the forums, make characters on the other US servers and even makes characters on the EU servers, which will be on the list but which wont have out characters on them for a couple of days.
  6. I'm sure this has been well thought through, afterall it isn't the first time they have done this now. I hope we'll get the chance to change our current username if we wish though, I chose the one I used on my account 4 years ago now, and I'd prefer to not continue using it.
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