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  1. I pre-ordered from origin. The original release date was 2009. As it has been postponed so often, i'm sure we'll see a few more postponements. That 40 gig is worrying me too. They must have sold tens of thousands of copies already. All those people expect to get in on the first day of early access. They will need very impressive servers to upload all these clients. What is worrying me more are the dozens of horrible people on the official swtor forum: trolls, people complaining about a game they haven't played yet, people who want a SWG2, people who want a KOTOR3, people who want a sandbox game, people who want full PVP game, ... I hope the community will improve drastically.
  2. Opened a ticket on Friday, received my points today.
  3. Thank you Trinsec. I din't have that hauberk yet. The codes still work, so i'm one of the first 10000 people to get it?
  4. Thank you for mentioning this here. I had not noticed this on the Turbine forum, to many threads on the same subjects, to be able to follow them all.
  5. It's not dye-able. Does that mean that in a few weeks everyone in middle earth will be wearing the same three outfits?
  6. Seems an expensive expansion. How long does the offer last? I didn't buy mom/som at release. I assume that they had similar pre-order offers at the time. For the people who bought that then: Do you still use the extra stuff that you got? Was it or something very similar made available in the shop afterwards for less money?
  7. Thanks for the screenshots. Are the stats on the horse the same as standard horse? Those outfits look nicer than most current outfits. Do they move nicely? How does the cloth move when you ride the horse? Does it all look natural? I'd love to see a video of the outits while running and while riding those horses. The red one looks nice too.
  8. I migrated on the first night. Still no June points.
  9. You shouldn't refresh, you're only refreshing the error page. You should use the backspace and try again.
  10. You can create a number of chars on each server. After logging in you always choose a server, but no doubt you had one set as the default. So all you have to do is select the correct server when it's up and your chars on that server will appear.
  11. Does everyone have this exact list as shown below? I had SOA standard and then the MoM/SoM/with something extra promo a year ago (adventure pack?). I didn't buy extra shared storage, or do some vips have no shared storage? I didn't buy extra character slots (i think i have the same number as the number of classes including MoM. I didn't buy anything from Dell either. Game Version History Extra Character Slot Shadows of Angmar™ Dell Bundle Mines of Moria™ Standard Shared Storage Shadows of Angmar™ Mines of Moria Promo Shadows of Angmar™ Promo Shadows of Angmar™ Standard Siege of Mirkwood™ Shadows of Angmar™ Pre-order (EBGames™/GameStop™) Extra Character Slot
  12. nic76


    Hi all! I hope we wont need this forum... but i fear we will. So i joined up. A long time ago i took a picture of my main in lotro to use as an avatar, now i finally can use it!! Nice forum Muer! I didn't know a good forum could be created this quickly, and i assume this isn't costing you a lot of money in licenses.
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