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  1. They seem to be overly touchy about the subject. Why are they saying on one hand they plan to support it for months but then delete posts that say it has been extended and then lock threads about it which broke no rules. Why can't we are paying customers talk about the future of the game we love? Maybe if they hadn't lied about F2P, Codies going and many more I could accept this "trust us" policy but as it stands I can't I know they won't care about one person not buying one expansion but that is what I am doing.
  2. I just find myself getting very angry that the expect people to part with up to £70 not knowing if it will be playable in only 4 months. I have been one of the strongest supporters of Turbine and Rick but not now WTG.
  3. I could just imagine Sap thinking aha I promised developing LotRO but I never said it wouldn't be a sequel ....
  4. So LOTRO 2 is being secretly developed maybe?? Something smells bad here. The fact Sapience is so touchy about the subject really does remind me of how it was just before CM lost their licence.
  5. Maybe we should say we have every plans to pay for the HD expansion but in the mean time will you give it to us on the strength of that.
  6. I started a thread asking about the licence and Sappy one locked it saying it has been answered many times erm no it hasn't. Just like they had no plans to go F2P or do get rid of CM, the words we plan .. Just holds no water with me. It could be closed in 4 months and they still think it is ok to charge up to £70 on an expansion without knowing? Interesting someone deleted a reply saying it had been extended. PJ
  7. Excuse me? Pathetic attempt at what? I just put what my thoughts were on this topic. I made it clear it was IMHO as in my opinion which I am entitled to am I not? You might not agree but i am entitled to my opinion so no need for rudeness. I can just see Turbine's point of view, why advertise the competition? PJ
  8. Try going to Sainsbury's and talk In a loud voice about a great shop called Tesco. See how long you last there. Turbine do many things wrong IMHO this is not one of them. PJ
  9. I agree that Turbine have heavy handed moderation but I don't believe that is ever going to change so why bother mentioning every single new post that is removed or locked as if it was a new thing? I am sure that Turbine have gone back on many claims including the store not being an advantage but you can still play the game totally ignoring the store and never ever purchase a thing or for very casual players like me, things like deed accelerator items are a God send. When this forum first opened it was carrying on with the same sort of posts as the late great Codies forum and I loved it but now it seems to bitter swipes at Turbine repeating points from my first two points over and over, some by people who don't play the game and have no intention of playing. I know we will never know but I believe that free to play is greatly enhancing our chances of getting to Mordor as if it was still sub based with so many other games going F2P I think it may of closed a lot sooner. I hope you have a good day, PJ
  10. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    I am not saying you are in the wrong over your complaint I am sure you were treated unfairly but at the end of the ay it is their game and they can if they want to ban you for no reason whatsoever as long as they give you a refund un monthly fee that is left over so is it really worth you perusing themwhen all it seems to do is get you wound up? They aren't gonna change their mind are they. I still don't see how you can be negative about a game you don't play with an expansion that isn't out yet. Back on topic have they said much about the mounted combat as in the mechanics behind it or not yet? PJ
  11. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    You are right, of course you can like the IP but not the company but I thought Hajile was meaning they never play the game at all so why keep getting annoyed and negative about a game they don't play? I still think that until RoR comes out I don't think it is fair to be critical of it. When it comes out and if it doesn't deliver what it promises then is the time to complain. I myself am really looking forward to seeing what they do with Mounted Combat and I am sure that the promised free area for VIPers will be good :-) Please don't think I am a Turbine fanboy, I would much prefer Codemasters to still be in charge. Their forum pruning is just crazy especially after promising they weren't going to but I am still believe this game can be turned around with a successful expansion. PJ
  12. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    If you don't play any more why comment on it? Seems odd. Hopefully Rohan won't suck :-)
  13. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    So if you don't like them as much as you don't then why not just try another game? There is nothing in the store you need to play which would be my definition of paying to win. So either ignore the store and enjoy playing the game without it, or if you hate what Turbine stands for that much then don't play it rather than putting off potential new players with overally negative posting about something that hasn't been released yet. PJ
  14. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    But that's what I mean we don't know until it comes out. Maybe they have started to listen to the fans but the fact is we don't know until it comes out. That's why I said I don't think there is cause for over optimism either. Just wait and see. They may for once (as I know they haven't in the past) deliver all they promise in the press release but they may not. I think it is unfair just assuming that they won't. I must believe in waiting and seeing despite what's happened in their past. No MMO provider gets things right all the time and due to time constraints they can't always deliver what they hope for. I do understand what you are saying in that they have promised things before and it not turned out that way but I just believe in clean slates and will wait until a new expansion is actually live on the servers before knocking it. PJ
  15. And that was the one and only message that you put that was considered out of line? Seems really harsh to be banned for just that. (not doubting you just saying it is harsh) PJ
  16. PJ.

    Riders of Rohan Expansion

    I would like to see people wait until it actually comes out before making judgement on it, and I mean both the overly optimistic and the overly negative all just IMHO. PJ
  17. Labour blame the current Tory Party & compares to prev Tories, Tories say Labour made mess. How about just getting together & sorting mess?

  18. PJ.

    ROI - now a good time to return to LOTRO?

    Won't that depend on how many hours you play on it? I don't think there is a game out there that hasn't fallen foul of people playing every hour God sends then running out of things to do within a week of an expansion. Same with grind, I think most games from Angry Birds to WoW are always going to have grind if you let it get like that. Please don't think I am dissing your opinion, just trying to be the other side of the coin. I agree that Turbine's customer service has been terrible but if I run a big game like LotRO I wouldn't want to see my forums clogged with people bringing the vibe down. But on the other hand they should not have deleted half of the threads they have just because someone says when something is wrong or not working. PJ
  19. We are all speaking American. Is this a country diction in terms? #punny via @omgthatspunny

  20. Live worship albums or any other so called live albums are false advertising. It is recorded live sure but when I listen to it it is not live. By their reasoning Doctor Who and EastEnders are live as when it was recorded it was done live ;-)

  21. Why do people add 'I'm not just saying that' because they are not dancing it they are saying it and when did they say it? 'just' then

  22. England doesn't have a kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool #punny via @omgthatspunny

  23. @BradleyWalsh is there anyway for Children in Need an Eggheads V Chasers special? There could be a leg in each others game show.

  24. If you become vegetarian then eat meat but realise the errors of your ways do you become a corn again vegetarian? #punny

  25. Why is it people add the phrase 'I don't mean to be _ but' in order to try and get away with being exactly what they are claiming not to be?