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  1. I thought pvp was banned from happening due to the people who grant the LotR licence not allowing it? Isn’t this what some people have wanted for years? Why not do this before?
  2. Surely if this brings in new players and gets some old players back this is a good thing? Have any other MMOs done this? Sometimes it is good to see things at face value and not try and over think anything devious has happened. Just a nice gesture in dark times.
  3. Or it could be logins when you put your username and password in initially?
  4. https://babylonbee.com/news/peter-jackson-to-honor-christopher-tolkien-with-578-film-adaptation-of-the-silmarillion
  5. Did they even open or was it just to get the update?
  6. Nice to see the servers opened earlier than announced
  7. So if they knew 2 weeks ago why didn’t they do something about it?
  8. Odd, when I checked it last week it was one of those cheep search engine sites that take over once famous domains.
  9. PJ.

    Other MMOs?

    I enjoyed playing Star Wars and at the moment am playing Final Fantasy XIV which is amazing IMHO
  10. For £10 a year surely it would have been worth them keeping it up. I see it is now a search type thing now.
  11. PJ.

    22 Hours

    It’s for people who have played recently not for salty sea hags who haven’t played for years ??
  12. PJ.

    22 Hours

    Least the compensation is very fair https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671702-LOTRO-Post-Downtime-Events-Sales-Bonuses-and-FAQ-3-9-19 All players will receive: A Coupon Code for a free Appreciation Box containing: 5 100% XP Boosts, 5 Enhanced XP Supply, 5 Tomes of Defence, 2000 Figments of Splendour, 3 Rapid Crafting Boosts, and an assortment of seasonal dyes. (1/Account). Expiration end of April. Additionally, VIP players will receive: A VIP subscription time extension. 250 LOTRO Points automatically granted to their account if they have logged in during the previous 30 days. Premium players who have logged in during the previous 30 days will receive: 250 LOTRO Points
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