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  1. PJ.

    I guess it's happening...

    Did they even open or was it just to get the update?
  2. PJ.

    I guess it's happening...

    Nice to see the servers opened earlier than announced
  3. PJ.

    WoW Classic is Live

    So if they knew 2 weeks ago why didn’t they do something about it?
  4. PJ.

    64-bit gossip

    Odd, when I checked it last week it was one of those cheep search engine sites that take over once famous domains.
  5. PJ.

    Other MMOs?

    I enjoyed playing Star Wars and at the moment am playing Final Fantasy XIV which is amazing IMHO
  6. PJ.

    64-bit gossip

    For £10 a year surely it would have been worth them keeping it up. I see it is now a search type thing now.
  7. PJ.

    And you thought the OF were bad...

    That’s how I read it too
  8. PJ.

    22 Hours

    It’s for people who have played recently not for salty sea hags who haven’t played for years 😛😛
  9. PJ.

    22 Hours

    Least the compensation is very fair https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?671702-LOTRO-Post-Downtime-Events-Sales-Bonuses-and-FAQ-3-9-19 All players will receive: A Coupon Code for a free Appreciation Box containing: 5 100% XP Boosts, 5 Enhanced XP Supply, 5 Tomes of Defence, 2000 Figments of Splendour, 3 Rapid Crafting Boosts, and an assortment of seasonal dyes. (1/Account). Expiration end of April. Additionally, VIP players will receive: A VIP subscription time extension. 250 LOTRO Points automatically granted to their account if they have logged in during the previous 30 days. Premium players who have logged in during the previous 30 days will receive: 250 LOTRO Points
  10. PJ.


    Hi, I am only getting between 40-50 FPS but it looks so much smoother and is lag free compared to LOTRO when I get much much higher FPS. Is this to do with server quality and a 64 bit client?
  11. PJ.


    In FFXIV? Still smooth and lag free (apart from when I kicked the laptop power out and was running on battery only for a bit!)
  12. PJ.


    Thanks, that is interesting
  13. Hello, I want to play this game and will more than likely subscribe, I thought it was free to play but looking on the official site it is £14.95 to download. Is there no free download? Is this the cheapest way I am gonna get the game for? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elder-Scrolls-Online-Tamriel-Unlimited/dp/B00VHLU7VS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550857416&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=elder+scrolls+online+pc&dpPl=1&dpID=51SGddVFrlL&ref=plSrch thanks. PJ
  14. PJ.

    Silly Noob Question

    I didn’t because I was put off by the price. I was a bit surprised. Thanks for the link and your help. PJ
  15. Aylwen, do you think a LotRO 2 could ever happen? Or a better game engine for what we have now? Were either mooted in your time there? Sorry if you answered this already. Hope this post finds you well and I pray you are blessed in your life
  16. PJ.

    Snowbourn: Free 2,000 Gold

    have a competition where the sixth person to reply to this posts wins the lot
  17. I don't believe he is under any legal or moral obligation to answer every message he may get ..
  18. Even on max settings and AA turned up full I get around the 80-100 FPS with no lag at all, is it because they use a graphics engine that is newer or because the servers are in Europe or did I read somewhere they make use of dual core processors?
  19. Fair enough, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things and thought the same way. I just like the fact that I can go on highest graphic settings and have the aa turned up to full and run around without having that slight pause every now and again I get with the aa turned up in LotRO. Maybe TOR runs in more than one core? My laptop is quad core but I guess if a game only runs on one of them it wouldn't be as great. I know it is a mobile graphics card but it is a 4gb one and have 16gb of ram so I surely it should handle LotRO with aa turned up?
  20. Come back to the game after a break and even though I am getting slightly less fps than LotRO I can have all the graphics set to max and get 60 fps but when I run it is silky smooth and doesn't judder when I run. Really good.