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  1. Labour blame the current Tory Party & compares to prev Tories, Tories say Labour made mess. How about just getting together & sorting mess?

  2. We are all speaking American. Is this a country diction in terms? #punny via @omgthatspunny

  3. Live worship albums or any other so called live albums are false advertising. It is recorded live sure but when I listen to it it is not live. By their reasoning Doctor Who and EastEnders are live as when it was recorded it was done live ;-)

  4. Why do people add 'I'm not just saying that' because they are not dancing it they are saying it and when did they say it? 'just' then

  5. England doesn't have a kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool #punny via @omgthatspunny

  6. @BradleyWalsh is there anyway for Children in Need an Eggheads V Chasers special? There could be a leg in each others game show.

  7. If you become vegetarian then eat meat but realise the errors of your ways do you become a corn again vegetarian? #punny

  8. Why is it people add the phrase 'I don't mean to be _ but' in order to try and get away with being exactly what they are claiming not to be?

  9. He said I was average - but he was just being mean. #punny via @omgthatspunny

  10. NY resolutions going ok so far. Getting up in the AM ⭕ Doing 40 minutes on Wii Fit ⭕ now doing next on list do some OU study for 3/3 done

  11. 2012 not a year to let your agenda take precedence over the gospel under the guise of "it's about the kingdom..." /via @carlfbeech

  12. My resolution will stay the same next year .... 1920 by 1080 .. Glorious HD #geekgag

  13. For anyone curious, PJ does indeed stand for Pathetic Jokes

  14. How funny, for ages I have been waiting for the much anticipated Facebook Timeline and all I had to do was search for it and request it. Simples.

  15. Some power saws are a cut above the rest. #punny via @omgthatspunny

  16. RT @ROMANSE: BROWNDOWN ROAD, Lee-on-the-Solent - Road closed in both directions between B3333 Privett Road & Gomer Lane/Stokes Bay Road

  17. My Christmas show is on C4 on Friday at 9Pm(although there is no mention of Christmas in it) Gupta is in it though. via @Epithemiou

  18. Using deodorant is no sweat. #punny /via @omgthatspunny

  19. Aww bless your heart @5taceySolomon on MasterMind what breed of dog can be spaniel? Answer Cockerpoo. Thanks for making us laugh! xx

  20. Am I the only one who actually likes getting pins and needles and dead arms and legs?

  21. Well, looking on the bright side; I don't get post Christmas blue being depressed most of the time. See every cloud .... Hehe

  22. There's only one thing better than a Saints win and that is if Pompey looses ;-)

  23. GOAL! Southampton 2-0 Crystal Palace (Do Prado) via @sm_livescores

  24. Big thumbs up to @ITV1 for starting to show films in their correct aspect ratio. Now all we need is 5.1 sound please

  25. Heads up. Your undoubted Queen and Sovereign Lady shall address you at 3pm. /via @Queen_UK

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