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  1. How about an MMO from Codies based on the TV series Lost? Classes could be Dharma, Losties or The Others? Could work if done right I think. PJ
  2. Hmmm. At the moment, for my various health issues I am taking 15 pills, 2 creams and a plaster which has local anaesthetic on it. Not good.

  3. Just downloaded @palemoonbrowser - really recommend you try this. Much faster web surfing experience. (btw this is PJ not a spam!)

  4. Just been given an invite to the pre launch invite of the new social network Google + I do wonder if Facebook have the market sewn up, but hey myspace thought they did a few years back and look what happened to them ;-)

  5. Just had a lovely coffee with Christine Richardson and Rob Richardson it was great to see you. Thanks so much for coming over xx

  6. #notetoallTVcops stop shouting police when you are 50 feet away. The criminal will run

  7. Looks like both sites are "Failed Under Continous Testing" or #### for short ;-) PJ
  8. I know the game is dead in the water and I am surpassed it didn't go sooner but when did the forum vanish? PJ
  9. I got a name on a server according to mylotro but when I go on that server it is blank. Odd.
  10. Mr Keeting sure knew what he was talking about when he sung 'life is a roller coaster you just have to ride it' wish I could get off it➡

  11. I am gonna create a new RK with a hilarious play on words of the old music combo of PewPewandCry :-p PJ
  12. (taken from http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?361274-Community-Involvement-When-to-Report-and-When-to-Ignore ) Hang on a sec Whackanything Tankshield is okay name? Hmmmm PJ
  13. PJ.

    Thanks for your kind message, sorry I missed it before, /doh

  14. I am glad I chose I new username and password for my Turbine account. Is it just me being suspicious or did the hackers choose now whilst Codies were busy with the transfer? PJ
  15. So the kids of teachers are right out of luck on bring your kids to work day

  16. Am I the only one who wishes there was a town called Puffs so @Lord_Sugar can be Lord of there?

  17. Dunno what it was before but get around 100ms with no packet loss. Am I right in thinking the no packet loss is just as key to no lag? PJ
  18. They say there is no 'I' in 'team' but there is 'at me' #strangebuttrue

  19. [eggonmyface] I dunno some days I need to think/Google search before I speak. Thanks for the replies
  20. Oh yeah /doh The EU ones aren't though are they? PJ
  21. Just was wondering who choose the Russian server names? Thought it was odd they are named after areas in Middle Earth? (Fornost and Mirkwood) PJ
  22. So what time UK time did Snowborn come oline please?
  23. I forgot to check (and am upstairs on my iPad now) did the update change the folder name in programme folder to Turbine or will it remain forever Codemasters? PJ
  24. I wonder how many people have tried having a forum name of Satine etc :-p
  25. It will be interesting how long it takes for our character to come up
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