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  1. Thought it was about time I gave an update on my weight loss. I've now lost 25lbs

  2. ... Is with Brother Joseph Vickers at Holy Rood; ready to celebrate the goodness of God!! Refresh for a new week, and share in fellowship with Gods Children - Thank You Jesus!

  3. It your toon has three items of clothing all +2 staealth, does that equal +6 stealth? PJ
  4. When Dnote gets put onto another game after LotRO will he won't be transferred he will be transposed so therefore be then known as Cnote. I'll get my coat :s PJ
  5. Really recommend Hugh Laurie's new album. It is q soulful bluesy recipe that you can hear he enjoyed making.

  6. Why have I not watched Family Guy before? I know what is on my birthday list! #betterlatethannever

  7. Why did Codemasters loose Archlord?
  8. Out of all the church things I help with @theigniteym is my favourite. Great worship & teaching and fantastic friends

  9. I feel angry and annoyed on Codemasters behalf. If it is true, and it makes sense, the reason the delay for F2P was because Codemasters wanted a longer contract as they were changing their systems for F2P I think Turbine, whilst not breaking the law should have given them another 4 years because of the changes they had to make. I guess the fact that they were never called Codemaster Points instead of Turbine Points was a hint. I know I am being very idealistic but I am a great believer in fair play and this reeks of very unfair play. PJ.
  10. Great idea .... Satine ... please ask for us PJ.
  11. Just for fun, what do you think could make a great new MMO for Codies to have? Could be serious, a bit funny or just plane wacky. I will get the ball rolling with The Wizard of Oz. There are many many books in the land of OZ and it could tie in with the two new films and Wicked the Musical/Book. Satine World. I fun place of cookies and a place to worship our forum overlord PJ
  12. Please please please can we move on and never mention the wedding again? #rw2011

  13. Rob they probably waited to see if it was a success. If it wasn't Codies look bad, if a success, thanks we will take it from here. PJ
  14. Thanks Rob Roy that is interesting PJ.
  15. Is it from the start way back in 2007, even if it wasn't set it stone, they knew this day would come? Or would it been a total shock? OT, why have Codies not taken down the Jumpgate forum as it seems to be vapourware? Will Codies be on the look out for another MMO to either produce themselves or under licence? I hear thank God that there are no job losses but I wonder what people like Zzeno will do as his job is very LotRO specific. Lots of questions, Sorry PJ. PS Thanks for setting up this place
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