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  1. I didn’t because I was put off by the price. I was a bit surprised. Thanks for the link and your help. PJ
  2. Hello, I want to play this game and will more than likely subscribe, I thought it was free to play but looking on the official site it is £14.95 to download. Is there no free download? Is this the cheapest way I am gonna get the game for? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elder-Scrolls-Online-Tamriel-Unlimited/dp/B00VHLU7VS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550857416&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=elder+scrolls+online+pc&dpPl=1&dpID=51SGddVFrlL&ref=plSrch thanks. PJ
  3. Aylwen, do you think a LotRO 2 could ever happen? Or a better game engine for what we have now? Were either mooted in your time there? Sorry if you answered this already. Hope this post finds you well and I pray you are blessed in your life
  4. have a competition where the sixth person to reply to this posts wins the lot
  5. I don't believe he is under any legal or moral obligation to answer every message he may get ..
  6. Fair enough, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things and thought the same way. I just like the fact that I can go on highest graphic settings and have the aa turned up to full and run around without having that slight pause every now and again I get with the aa turned up in LotRO. Maybe TOR runs in more than one core? My laptop is quad core but I guess if a game only runs on one of them it wouldn't be as great. I know it is a mobile graphics card but it is a 4gb one and have 16gb of ram so I surely it should handle LotRO with aa turned up?
  7. Come back to the game after a break and even though I am getting slightly less fps than LotRO I can have all the graphics set to max and get 60 fps but when I run it is silky smooth and doesn't judder when I run. Really good.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Aylwen (sorry I forgot to thank you yesterday). I guess I have slightly rose tinted specs with Codemasters and there is always two sides to every story Do you think Turbine regret jumping into bed with WB or was it do or die? PJ
  9. Aylwen, do you think Turbine always had a finishing point of taking control of the European servers? Was it the long drawn out F2P negotiations which led to them taking it back or did Codemasters sense this and that is why they were playing hardball with F2P? Thanks
  10. I guess moving the servers back to the EU is a good sign the game may not be in its last throes after all? I wonder if thru wanted some investment so are having another Codies type relationship again? Could Codemasters be coming back?
  11. Thanks. Another question. I am trying to block with my right mouse but it doesn't seem to do it. Is there something else I should do at the same time? PJ.
  12. What's people's fps benchmark on ultra settings I get a average of 51 highest 74 minimum 37. If you were me would you lower the settings because of the 37 or would that only be in certain bits? PJ
  13. I don't see a problem with use code from a scrapped project. Better than wasting all that code. PJ
  14. If they did that then I am sure some (not necessarily you) would say why don't they at least open for a few hours a day. PJ.
  15. In a company the size of Turbine do you think everyone has everyone's details to be able do that privately? I don't like the guy either but this seems to me like someone saying if you want to talk I am here. Also by doing it generally, any other Turbine employee could see it and talk too. PJ.
  16. Sorry I should have been clearer, I meant The picture not the video
  17. Where is that picture from? Looks like a reject from WoW from when they started? :-( PJ.
  18. Does anyone have figures for /world channel, as this would be everyone online wouldn't it ? PJ
  19. I always smile on any forum when people complain about people complaining, hmm #irony PJ
  20. Bet Sappy is laughing his butt off at his topic going off so much, come on guys we have a goal in life lets unite and go to the Prancing Pony for a pint ;-) PJ
  21. Interesting, thanks. Does that mean somewhere there is all the code or would it have been wiped? Felt bad for Codies, loosing DDO and LOTRO then JGW not happening.
  22. Interesting. Seems a waste of dev time as I am sure they got to F&F alpha stage PJ
  23. Watching television and suddenly remembered JGE, was really looking forward to it, especially as Codies were going to be invloved as a partner in Europe. Did it ever get announced how close it was to being finished? I am sure I heard rumours of an Asian company buying the IP and the game and finishing it. Could that still happen or will it never be released? People thoughts Duke was dead forever but came out eventually. PJ
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