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  1. Anyway, back to the Sappy one ...
  2. To be fair, if we were to have a game that was 100% sticking to the lore, it wouldn't be much of a game, like the examples given in this thread, dead would mean dead and not coming back to life, their wouldn't be swift travel and we couldn't magically pop back to a hojme location. Saying that it does sound like a step too far if they aren't supposed to kill animals, they do. PJ
  3. Thanks guys, I will look into those. Really appreciate people's time and opinions
  4. Thanks Guys, will check them all out, so GW2 do you find you need things in the store or do you pay once then not need to pay again?
  5. Thank you, does GW2 have better graphics and gameplay than Rift? I find I am a bit bored in Rift and not that keen on the look
  6. Hey, how are you? Hope you are good I recently got a new Asus gaming laptop with a GeForce 780m GTX on board, not as good as desktop equivilents I know but is 4gb and which with that, the 16gb of memory and a i7 4700HQ 2.4GHz I love it. What MMO that is out now would you recommend please? Trying Rift and whilst I like it I don't love spending too long without getting bored. Done SWTOR and of course LOTRO. Thanks PJ
  7. The problem I have isn't whether he has admin privilidges still, the problem I have is he is using the official LOTRO twitch stream (and also the people who brown nose him on the chat room on Twitch putting ROFL @ Sap ... Just to be clear the midly amusing thing he just said made you want to roll on the floor laughing ... Course you are ... PJ
  8. Did one today and another later
  9. Why is the Sappy one still doing the official LOTRO twitch runs?
  10. When you go in there us a locked door to the left, is that used for anything or was it never used by the devs?
  11. Because to many people, whatever the context is, it is an offensive word.
  12. I never thought you meant that do no worries from my end (ooer)
  13. Yes because saying the c word is so hard to do and tough to understand. PJ
  14. But that is why I said in my opinion, in other words this isn't fact so my not by right. You don't mind the word, fair enough but why can't you respect the fact your some of your fellow forum members don't like it and not use it? My mum doesn't like some words I use in every day language so when around mum I don't use those words. Called respect. Also why is it that in virtually every reply you almost add in the words you know others don't like? Why not debate the issue without keeping on repeating it?
  15. I don't know why they didn't create more staying alive titles, I guess everyone would fail eventually as you die in the epics, but they could do a lot higher than 20 IMHO. PJ
  16. I am a bloke and I don't like the C word, if we are talking about a word that, without it would make a post make no sense, I could understand people wanting it off the banned list, but to me and I stress this is just my opinion, every time I see someone using it, they are saying look at me I say controversial words. There are many many thousands of words that you can use to describe something without having to resort to that word. I think the difference with that and the words for male genitals is that men use them all the time where as not many (I know some do) women use the C word and for wh
  17. Good point well made, makes you wonder when the sale of Turbine went through and WB did a site visit, did they give Sap a really important counting job in the basement? PJ
  18. If they ever remake The Odd Couple these two should soooo star in it [HomerSimpson] a do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do[/HomerSimpson] Source Twitch.tv I am sure WB won't be happy their logo is nowhere to be seem behind
  19. PJ.

    Asheron's Call 2

    And also was used by Sap as a reason we should trust them on LOTROs future because look we even bring back dead games.
  20. PJ.

    Asheron's Call 2

    Promise I won't hold you to anything ;-)
  21. Anyone played it since relaunch? How's it fairing? I haven't heard much about it. I wonder what inspired them to do reopen it? PJ
  22. Didn't update 14 get downloaded by a new piece of software that we can un install after? What was the name I can't find anything on CCleaner I can't remember, DOH
  23. Was the official site for Vanguard http://www.vanguardthegame.com/ ? Seems like the have sold it off already if they have. I thought it wasn't closing until the end of the month or has it closed early? Also I was reading the forums yesterday but now I can't seem to access them, have they shut too?
  24. Thank you that is a useful thread. With my new gfx card it is the first time I have been able to play any game on ultra usually get between 60-80 FPS
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