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    It's not a P2P downloader like Happy Cloud is it? It is unsual these days that you download the main client via the official site rather th`n a third party client P2P PJ
  2. Am I right in terms of what you can see, anything more than 60fps doesn't make much difference? What about in terms of gameplay? What FPS should one aim for? PJ
  3. Thanks, that is an interesting read. So is the opinion west of got a game in MEO that wasn't as good graphically but it would have been more of a sandbox type game that stuck to the lore better? Did the company make any other games that were good to compare? PJ
  4. What about those who want to play solo play oh I don't know Skyrim? Don't get me wrong on the whole I play solo or with a friend but there is no way I would expect a MMO to cater mainly for me, they are called MMO's for a reason IMHO. PJ
  5. Speaking of doors in Erid Luin, there is a locked door in the silver deep mines on the left. Was that ever used or for a specific quest because I have never had a quest for it it been able to open it or is it just for future use?
  6. So why did the company behind MEO not work out? Did they get to Alpha testing anything? Where would wee be up to if it stayed as MEO or would it still be running at all? Impossible to know for sure I know. PJ
  7. I can understand where you are coming from, I happen to like them but what amazes me is the lag frees smoothness I get even on the highest settings. PJ
  8. Bit short on detail on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00JB29YLE/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?qid=1400976904&sr=8-3&pi=SY200_QL40 Like usual it seems the US get more when they pre order. Only £25 I guess there will be in game purchases? Why launch on PC? Is this the first sign of LOTRO shut down? PJ
  9. Still being sold via third party sellers on Marketplace, is there any point in telling Amazon or would they just say nothing to do with us? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/s/ref=a9_sc_1?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Acodemasters+lotro&keywords=codemasters+lotro&ie=UTF8&qid=1400189390 PJ
  10. I guess that would have depended on if Blizzard still had WoW in your scenario. PJ
  11. This is my first mmo so don't have experience but I have heard of mmo's getting a new engine but how likely is that for LOTRO? I am thinking one that could handle multi core processors or is it more likely to be a sequel?
  12. Unusual that the maintenance page with the logos of their games isn't even online
  13. I am stuck on loading pre reqs and I can't get on the main lotro.com website or the forum, is this for everyone? PJ
  14. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search and couldn't see anything. What about having an app and or a physical keyring which throws out a random code you have to input on top of your password? You link your account to your phone or keyring so can't be done by another persons generator. PJ
  15. Even on max settings and AA turned up full I get around the 80-100 FPS with no lag at all, is it because they use a graphics engine that is newer or because the servers are in Europe or did I read somewhere they make use of dual core processors?
  16. So is any more than 60 fps a waste really?
  17. Mine is a mobile graphics card but I like to think it can stand up to most desktop variants :-p it is a GeForce GTX 780m (4gb) PJ
  18. Jut curious, I am a returning player (boy have I got some catching up with the new skill system) just wandering do many people play with the AA turned on and if so which setting? Why is it when I am in normal game play I can turn mine up to x8 and still get over 10FPS but in Bree it causes my frame rate to drop a lot? PJ
  19. PJ.


    When I clicked on detect best settings it set to the second from top. I would have thought with A GeForce 780gtx m it would be the too settings. When I manually did it even with AA in full still getting 100fps. I bet Bree it will go down to 30!
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    Silly question now. My computer shows as four drives. One OS then two 500gb ones and a fourth one which is 121gb. The forth is the sad right?
  21. PJ.


    Thank you I will put mine there then
  22. PJ.


    Thank you for the quick reply. My SSD is 250gb too so if I only put that and Skyrim would it be ok or would you say still put on normal drive? I am very excited it has 16gb of ram and a 4gb gf card so I am hoping I can do Max settings for first time ever!
  23. PJ.


    I am getting a new laptop and it has an ssd. Should I load LOTRO on that or the normal drive? Thanks PJ.
  24. Not only that, I felt they were very rude about you guys kindly having fun and having some trolls in open play for us players. I think they were bang out of order making you guys go through the transition to F2P then pulling the rug. Much prefer Codies to Turbine peeps. PJ
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