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  1. Not feeling in the Christmassy yet? Why not come to our 11pm Communion Service @ Holy Rood? via @CroftonParish

  2. ✰✰✰ UK SLEEP ALERT: ONLY 7 HOURS TIL I ENTER UK AIRSPACE!!! ✰✰✰ Hope your getting excited!!! #DearOfficialSANTA via @OfficialSanta

  3. A man with God is always in the majority. -John Knox via @LovLikeJesus

  4. Not been awhile since I updated my weight loss - after a period of staying the same I have now lost in total 48 pounds (3st 6lbs)

  5. What chances do people give of #TerraNova season two getting the green light? Cheers

  6. So, Kim Jong-Il's 28-yr old son will automatically take over. I thought the job would go to a Jong-un. via @stephencgrant

  7. RT @Newnab: RT @workforfood ☑ Kim Jong Il ☑ Khaddafi ☑ Osama Bin Laden ☑ Saddam Hussein ☐ Internet Explorer via @ProfBrianCox


  9. Have you thought about taking donations to help the running of this forum? I wouldn't mind winging some money your way. PJ.
  10. I'm a kidney. How long before the work heir way around to me and my buddy the heart? :-s PJ
  11. Sign on a broken perfume bottle, "Out of odor". #punny via @omgthatspunny

  12. Can I recommend a new Twitter app please? @twittelator neue. Fantastic iOS5 app. Not getting anything from saying this. Just wanted to share

  13. Did you hear about the owl that fell for twin comedians and had two wits to woo? #punny via @omgthatspunny

  14. Don't believe what the news said. The other panda wasn't camera shy, it was painted white and filming new scenes for #FrozenPlanet

  15. I have no problem with the BBC showing footage from a zoo in Frozen Planet but they should have said it in the narration.

  16. For me, and I stress this is just IMHO, but goodbye threads are more for the server forums. If they allowed them in general discussion, it would be cluttered up with drama queens threatening to leave every 5 minutes. I don't think this is the case that Turbine are trying to cover up people leaving, I just think that on a busy forum which is about the general topic of the game, goodbye threads don't fit in. PJ.
  17. Oh my word. I have just found out my old favourite cinema (before Vue) Odeon Southampton had an IMAX screen in it. Why was I not told?

  18. @MargieJPhelps you say soldiers die for our sins. Wrong again. Jesus died for all sins once and for all. Even for ppl from WBC.

  19. I am sure #textsanta on ITV is a great cause but it is ironic that it is celebs who have stacks of cash ask for money from people who don't

  20. Thanks for taking the time to explain things to us. I would certainly like to hear from the people who were almost dancing on Codies grave saying they can't wait for the era of Turbine now because IMHO Codies cared us customers and anything they didn't say to us was from gagging orders and no other reason. What's Turbine's excuse ...... PJ.
  21. If it was a mic problem I don't understand why they didn't rush a spare on I think it was meant to be like that #Cin #TulisaMicGate

  22. For me, it doesn't bother me that much. There are for more annoying things they do that do get on my 60 morale goat ;-)
  23. How do you go about getting an invite please? PJ
  24. Why is it that 364 days of the year going around people's house scaring them and begging is frowned upon but one day it is ok? #humbug

  25. Oh crap I was looking everywhere for my phone and then I realised I am making a call on it ... No hope for me ⚠

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