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  1. Isn't it a good job the TV wasn't made by a modern company like Apple/Samsung etc as they would sue any other maker so only one make made.

  2. In their defence, Enedwaith was always a free update rather than the Expansion which some people (not saying you) say it is. PJ
  3. WoW is the same as Apple: they could release a pile of stinking Poland fanboys would lap it up. PJ
  4. They probably do search to find names they can use as we all know they are hardly creative geniuses ;-)
  5. Poor Dale Farm residents, all walking out on mass expecting to be live on Sky News but then they go and spoil it all by shooting old Gadaffi

  6. Have to laugh at Quick Quid ad it says it is short term loan but the represents 1739%APR but you get 25%?off. Only 1714%? Sign me up

  7. Reached another weight loss milestone today. Lost over 40 lbs now. 42lbs which is 2 stone 13lbs :-). #PJ'sDiet

  8. @GreggAWallace you are living proof that judges can be fair & give still give negative feedback without being rude. Hope you are well :-)

  9. I got in trouble for hinting at who has gone from Strictly tonight so if anyone wants to know ask me and I will private message you :-)

  10. Another fantastic Ignite:Gathering. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Jordan's talk was splendid :-)

  11. What a great loss to television Betty Driver's death is Talented actress in a career that spans many years. Will watch her films to remember her.

  12. Got my next couple of modules sorted for my OU degree - Introducing the social sciences - part two and next year Discovering psychology.

  13. In this age of equality why's it that when there's a King on the throne the consort is called Queen but when there is a Queen on he's Prince

  14. Apologies if this has been mentioned before I did do a search and fond nothing, what do people make of this http://www.lotro.com/news/latestnews/1497/1482-lotro-mithril-edition it says how much it is worth but not the amouth it costs as far as I can see. PJ
  15. Just started to watch #House season 8. This should be a lesson to all US tv programmes. End a programme before it gets crap not after

  16. @FarehamBC Why is Kiln Road closed in one direction? Why not use traffic lights like before? The diversion takes you miles out. Not good.

  17. I think the next #XFactor twist should bringing back Bernie the Bolt and whoever is going gets fired at by Bernie :-)

  18. Want to save your iPad/iPhone battery? To kill apps from running in the background double hit the home screen then press one of the icons that appear at the bottom for a couple of seconds (like when you want to delete an app) then press the no entry icon in the corner of the app. It won't delete it but stops it from running :-)

  19. Just catching up with #Strictly if Bruce was in any other job on the obscene amount of pay he is on would be asked to go. #Brucemustgo

  20. I'm not too unhappy with the #iPhone4s as I have a 3GS ATM but if I had a 4 when I upgraded I would feel let down it looked the same.

  21. The Halifax current account advert really annoys me. "We give you £5 a month as a thank you". Excuse me, before you got greedy and nearly bankrupted the whole world's economy you used to give us interest - and it used to be a lot more than a fiver. Grrr.

  22. I think right to the end Codies kept their dignity, even when Turbine were totally rude about them (when they critised the special GM events Codies did as a goodbye calling them Unauthorised) you gave Turbine a very large database of customers due to your excellent customer service and not banning any thing that isn't totally positive on the forums. Wouldn't it be ironic if all these cases against Turbine and their shoddy practices that ME enterprises handed the game to Codemasters ;-) I think you are best of out of it Codies. I know you wouldn't have liked to have been a front for the lies we have been told about the next expansion. I hope and pray that anyone who lost their jb over the loss has now found work. PJ
  23. In the future, will Codemasters be able to talk to us about what went wrong with Free to Play negotiating, the fall put and were they expecting to be running the game for a lot longer than they did or will they have a massive lifetime NDA? PJ
  24. My app store genius suggestions suggest cos I got @springharvest app I should get Auto Trader. Hmm what's the connection?

  25. RT @qikipedia There is no shame in not knowing. The shame lies in not finding out. RUSSIAN PROVERB

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