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  1. Just catching up with #Strictly if Bruce was in any other job on the obscene amount of pay he is on would be asked to go. #Brucemustgo

  2. I'm not too unhappy with the #iPhone4s as I have a 3GS ATM but if I had a 4 when I upgraded I would feel let down it looked the same.

  3. The Halifax current account advert really annoys me. "We give you £5 a month as a thank you". Excuse me, before you got greedy and nearly bankrupted the whole world's economy you used to give us interest - and it used to be a lot more than a fiver. Grrr.

  4. I think right to the end Codies kept their dignity, even when Turbine were totally rude about them (when they critised the special GM events Codies did as a goodbye calling them Unauthorised) you gave Turbine a very large database of customers due to your excellent customer service and not banning any thing that isn't totally positive on the forums. Wouldn't it be ironic if all these cases against Turbine and their shoddy practices that ME enterprises handed the game to Codemasters ;-) I think you are best of out of it Codies. I know you wouldn't have liked to have been a front for the lies we
  5. In the future, will Codemasters be able to talk to us about what went wrong with Free to Play negotiating, the fall put and were they expecting to be running the game for a lot longer than they did or will they have a massive lifetime NDA? PJ
  6. My app store genius suggestions suggest cos I got @springharvest app I should get Auto Trader. Hmm what's the connection?

  7. RT @qikipedia There is no shame in not knowing. The shame lies in not finding out. RUSSIAN PROVERB

  8. @rickheaton is it true Simon Cowell is doing an X Factor style show in Middle Earth and calling it Lord of the Sings? #giggle

  9. Please pray for journalists in #Libya in the #RixosHotel who forces loyal to Gadaffi are holding them up there. Heroes.

  10. For fact fans I took my picture myself using my iPad but when I used the front facing camera the screen reflected on my glasses so I used the rear camera and used my mirror so I could see the shot before taking and then made it black and white then colourising it. Whadoya mean I need to get out more ..... Oh I see ;-)

  11. RT @meganamram The sign in this store window says "all pants 50% off" but everyone seems to be wearing their pants all the way up

  12. Whiteley Shopping Centre missed a trick They should have tweeted 'riots in Whiteley shops now' could have saved them thousands on demo costs

  13. The inner child in me wants to click on the 'see friendship' link under Facebook comments for it to say friends with benefits or you never guess what they did last night.

  14. 18/08/2011 15:00 FAREHAM: overcast, light rain 15°C. Wind:NNE/16 mph. Rain:- - Shared from WeatherPro http://bit.ly/wprohd Doing the garden good on a positive note :-)

  15. @bmwjb don't you mean whalies #badaboomtish

  16. When it was invented, the game had .. Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden - and GOLF was born ... Or so I heard ;-)

  17. RT @omid9 Big up to Louise Johson from "Louise's Hair Salon" in W'hampton last night: "you are not touching my shop". And they didn't

  18. RT @hartramsey Prayer is a covering. But it's not a tent to sin in. It's a curtain that hides you while you get dressed.

  19. Ops. Took me ages to work out the reason my earphones weren't working was 'cos they came unplugged #callmyselfasoundengineer-tut

  20. . . . . . . . . . . . . _______ _______. . . .|10. . . . . | |A. . . .__|___|_. . . . . . |. . . . .| K. .__ |__♤_. . |. . .♤ |. . .|Q. . . .__|__|__ |. . . . .|. . .|. . . . . |J. . . . | |____ |. . .|. . . ♤|. . . . . . . . . . . . |__ |. . . . . |. . . ♤. . . . . . . . . . |____. |. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|_____ J| I have to warn you, I have got from Amazon some playing cards & a book on magic ;-) PJ

  21. Made me chuckle RT @russell_kane Comedians. I urge all of us, no matter how tempting, not to walk onstage to the Kaiser Chiefs this evening.

  22. My ideal weather, not too hot, not too cold. You could call it the goldilocks weather day ;-) 05/08/2011 16:00 FAREHAM: sunny spells 21°C. Wind:W/16 mph. Rain:- - Shared from WeatherPro http://bit.ly/wprohd

  23. Really enjoyed doing sound for todays wedding. #alwaysthesoundguyneverthegroom #sigh

  24. Remember when your parents said don't make that fav or you'll stay like that? Well badgers learnt that lesson the hard way too, because they did an impression of a zebra, and now look at them ;-)

  25. An Apology. As a lot of you know I have been home alone for the week and rather than doing the sensible thing of answering the door and phone and FB/Tweets I have been a hermit crab and ignored everyone. I am touched beyond words that people care so much and I love each and everyone of you so much so I am sorry for not letting you guys in. I promise to answer everyone's messages soon. Lots of love, PJ xx

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