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  1. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/some-witnesses-told-obvious-lies-to-michael-brown-grand-jury/article_fd6effff-fc82-5df2-a248-cb93587847c7.html The prosecutor admits that he decided to present to the jury witnesses who made up their own version of the encounter.
  2. "No it's not, me it's you." Androclese's last image is appropriate. Come on, you can't even point to one piece of evidence ? One argument ? Let's begin with the facts given in the grand jury files: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/national/ferguson-diagram-of-the-scene/ That's twelve bullet casings, most more than 150 feet from the car. Another undisputed fact from both ME reports: the wound which killed Brown was to the top of the head, with a downward trajectory showing that he was already falling forward. Finally, it is a fact that after calling for backup, Wilson left his car and ran after Brown. According to his own version of the events, two police cars arrived within twenty seconds of the final shots (https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1370928-interview-po-darren-wilson.html page 10). As explained by David Klinger (associate professor of criminology at the University of Missouri-St Louis), Wilson cannot be fully exonerated based on the grand jury documents: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/nov/24/how-darren-wilson-avoided-criminal-charges The first two shots were fired in the car as legitimate defence. This can hardly be discussed. The rest should have been examined in an open court of law, and not by a grand jury conducted by a biased prosecutor.
  3. Just answering to this as this is a direct taunt. Experience proved that you will always try to have the last word on everything, without giving any semblance of argument. You provide neither physical evidence nor logical arguments, yet you claim that this is what you based your decision on. I have better things to do with my life than answering to each and every of your messages with detailed arguments based on sourced evidence, when you won't reciprocate with any. I could insult you, but in reality I don't see the point. If you are to coward to consider the facts which go against your preconceived view of the world it is your problem, you have to live with it. I don't care.
  4. Because that was enough to convince the likes of Doro that there was indisputable "evidence", where there is none. Once the narrative of "big bad brown against the poor and innocent wilson" has been extensively described by the prosecutor and the police department, no amount of proof will sway their judgement. This is why I stopped answering to him, no arguments can convince him, because he is not open to doubt on this case. We won't even look at any evidence. I guess ignorance is bliss. On a side note, I don't think I have ever mentioned the skin colour of any of the protagonists, and I don't understand why some here keep bringing back the colour as the main explanation for everything.
  5. Those quests where you have to kill a mob and then loot something ? The pet kills the mob while I loot the thing.
  6. Wow, this is incredibly stupid. Banned for using your pet as intended. Is it still a bannable offense if you chat at the same time ? If you move around ? I saw a multiboxing pack of LMs who were just running in circles with lynxes in aggressive mode, pulling the map and killing all mobs in sight. Is it bannable too ? What about a champion or a guardian afk killing a mob with auto-attack ? Or more simply going afk in a skirmish and getting some kills with your soldier ?
  7. And now that witness has been identified, and has a past of simply making up testimonies: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/unmasking-Ferguson-witness-40-496236 Seems like the FBI has physical evidence that she wasn't even anywhere near the scene (her car isn't on any picture and certainly not where she said it was).
  8. You mean we're supposed to be angry when someone hacks sony pictures or other billionaires' corporations who made their fortunes by making sure their employees salaries and benefits stay as low as possible? (while selling us "copyrights" which we can't technically keep due to media obsolescence, and can't backup on something else due to copy protection)
  9. There are political contingencies too. The launch sites are usually in the country paying for it, and with a long stretch of inhabited land or sea to avoid aborting a rocket above a city. This is why we are launching from sub-optimal places. The ISS orbit is fuel expensive to go to because it had to be reachable from the russian launch site. The shuttles were designed with too many objectives at the same time : a vehicle for a large crew and carrying a heavy load. The Orion spacecraft is designed for up to four astronauts, when the shuttle could carry up to eight with a 24 ton payload to low earth orbit. The current Delta IV can lift as much to LEO, and if a crew is really needed orbital rendez-vous manoeuvres are now business as usual.
  10. You may say it's funny how people get all huffy when taxes are raised, but make a movie when there is a robbery.
  11. I gave you the figures for the second and third stage of the rocket, not the booster stage. Besides, your capsule will likely be heavier than a soyouz, which clocks around 8 tons already. The difference between an empty 747 and a fully loaded one is around 160 tons, which allow for the core and final stage of the soyouz, not the four boosters (weighting a bit more than 43 tons each). So your 747 can lift the core and second stage at roughly 13km (45000 feet) with zero vertical velocity, while your boosters would normally get you to 60km and a shitload of vertical velocity. So yeah, you can remove a few pounds of propellant by starting at 13km above sea level rather than 0. But nothing close to what a 747 can piggy-back. Even the mighty Antonov-225 wouldn't be large enough. Besides, your rocket will increase the drag on the carrier plane, thus decreasing its cargo capabilities. If you want to throw stupid ideas around, you should rather talk about building a spaceport on top of the Chimborazo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimborazo Piggybacking on a plane is good enough for billionaires wanting to go ballistic up to 100km in a 9 ton jet. To reach 160km (lower threshold of LEO), you need much more than that.
  12. How do you propose to lift tons of satellites with balloons? The soyouz craft weights roughly 8 tons, and the second and third propulsion stages are respectively at 100 and 25 tons. That's a lot for your balloons to lift.
  13. Taken from : http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/12/04/chokehold-eric-garner-grand-jury-daniel-pantaleo-editorials-debates/19922265/ Without a complete trial with cross-examination of witnesses, nobody knows enough about the case to clearly decide. But you can keep pretending that you are omniscient. Clearly, you will never stop arguing and as your post count attest you are ready to spend way more time than I am trying to show the world that only your opinion is valid. So I am done with you.
  14. Discarding the facts which won't fit your narrative, adding unrelated facts to try to make your case are just some of the prosecutor's tactics used here. The trial wasn't pointless, even if only to show everyone that a fair trial took place. Michael Brown was not fairly represented in the grand jury investigation. When you say "who didn't stop approaching", this is not a fact. It is an hypothesis stemming from a testimony. More testimonies are arguing the contrary. When you say "criminal" that is not relevant to the case. Here are facts for you : Only the first gunshot to the hand showed traces of soot, so this is the only one fired at close range Some shots are at the back of the arms, so either these were shot while Brown was fleeing or while he was raising his arms There are six gunshot entrance wounds, and three exit wounds Three shots were fired while Brown was nearly horizontal, all three bullets were recovered in the body 16 witnesses say that Brown had his hands up in the air when shot the last times 2 say he didn't : they were both on the other side of the police car, one at roughly 150m from the scene, the other one was at "a few blocks" thought he saw a gun in Brown's hand, and said that Brown walked towards Wilson and did not charge him. Darren Wilson wasn't asked this question So out of the 21 testimonies only one matches Darren Wilson's version of the events. So maybe Wilson told the truth and was in fact in legitimate defense. But I don't think you know enough about the case to decide about that. And I trust the many experts who looked at the evidence presented to the grand jury and declared that the prosecutor voluntarily mishandled the case. I even looked at some of those documents myself. A real trial would have at least allowed for witness cross-examination. Edit again to clarify : I don't say that Wilson is necessarily guilty of anything. Simply that the grand jury should have allowed the trial to take place.
  15. You are repeating the prosecutor version of the facts, which conveniently avoid any hint of possible wrongdoing by Wilson. This is exactly why a trial should have taken place. None of your "facts" have been examined and tested adversely. The body was lying 150 feet from the car, wounds are showing that the killing shot was made when Michael Brown was already falling forward, and injuries on Wilson are a smallish bruise which is very far from the broken arcade some claimed he had, and not really relevant to the fact that he killed a man a few minutes later. Michael Brown was not an angel, but he wasn't a rabid animal that had to be shot without any due process. To Jackalope : go to a fun fair, and count the number of 12 year old with a fake gun. Should they all be killed ? Only some of them ? How many ?
  16. This should have been discussed in court. With this parody of justice they had, no-one questioned Wilson with the intent to prove that he may have done things differently.
  17. Said the guy who shot the other one and lived to speak about it. According to other witnesses, it is not so clear. And in my opinion not clear enough to be left unchallenged in court : http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/newly-released-witness-testimony-tell-us-michael-brown-shooting/
  18. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/local-news/20141203-no-indictment-of-nyc-officer-in-chokehold-case-hundreds-protest.ece And now a police officer strangling an unarmed citizen is just normal business. Please keep pretending that nothing is broken in the US. Or that grand jury decisions are always right. Fun fact : of the twelve jurors in the ferguson case, charges had to be dropped if only four were against indictment of Daren Wilson. The prosecutor refused to say how many votes were for or against. Chances are it wasn't really unanimous.
  19. I went to check the contestants list. There are only 32 players, how small is Turbine now ? Most of these aren't actually devs, not that many left... I didn't see any familiar names apart from Celestrata how has been working on IC for quite a while. It's a good idea, but they seem to be desperate.
  20. http://qz.com/302616/see-how-red-tweeters-and-blue-tweeters-ignore-each-other-on-ferguson/
  21. I just thought I would add these articles to the discussion : "Killings by Utah police outpacing gang, drug, child-abuse homicides" http://www.sltrib.com/news/1842489-155/killings-by-utah-police-outpacing-gang "12-year-old boy with fake gun shot, killed by Ohio police officer" http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/11/23/12-year-old-boy-brandishing-fake-gun-at-rec-center-dies-after-being-shot-by/ I think there is a decision today about the Ferguson case...
  22. Grumpy


    It's a huge trauma, which will color anyone's perception on every topic. I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. Please keep in mind that there are good men as well as terrible ones.
  23. I resisted buying WoW's battle chest for 4 euros (including a month of subscription) just last week. I am back in lotro at a friend's request to duo the new class through the best parts of lotro. We probably won't reach 100, but we are revisiting old places and having fun. I don't think I will spend anything on video games until one of my kids is old enough to ask for it. Which might be in ten years.
  24. Grumpy


    Saw this elsewhere, thougth I might share it here:
  25. So I tried healing as a bear in a low level instance. The healing skill is OP, but using it requires wrath and bear form. So you spend some time building wrath as a human, and then switch to bear and heal a few times, and repeat. It is quite strange to keep switching between healing and wrath building, I don't know if I will get used to it.
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