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  1. Hm...if You are openly criticizing Turbine or having hot debate don't be surprised with neg rep and it's best to ignore it. The only time I'd protest against would be some sort of troll neg rep for guide or advice given. While rep isn't a big issue I guess forum ban is a bit harsh punishment for a dispute about it. I really like that elbow metaphor, suits perfectly here.
  2. I don't know the numbers of lifetime accounts but Turbine does for sure and it seems they preferred F2P dollars over VIP(still paying sub and lifers). Sure VIP isn't as good deal as it could be, but I think it does have it's own place. If You're lifer You can't really complain, 500 free TPs and still free regions/stand alone instances/skirmishes and free PvMP. If You are paying You have option VIP or premium, so no big issue there. Doesn't change lootbox cash grab deal. I mean increasing box but not keys droprate(10 boxes and still no key) and messing with loot tables so they will drop
  3. New items while just gated behind rep requires buying U6(free for VIPs). That's the only string attached to it. Relics are more interesting thing me thinks. For now there is no real reason to upgrade Your relics over T4-T5 or T6 if we talk about extraordinary ones. However I wonder how fast Turbine will notice that. And here interesting part goes- what if they upgrade significantly T7 and T8 relics? Because I'm quite sure that it's exactly what will happen. This is exactly same strategy as with lootboxes. Toss something with outrageous grind, but let it give something useless for starters
  4. In my country we have a saying about communism. It perfectly fits for this issue. Turbine heroically fights with problems that just doesn't exist elsewhere. Aka they created tons of tokens, they limited bag space and now they generously offer us solution. Of course you can look at it as pure convenience, just like extra storage bag space or shared storage. But if you look at it without fanboy glasses on, you'll see that's exactly the bane of F2P games - designing content around cash shop. Players inventory was constantly clogged with tokens so they could sell a "premium feature" later.
  5. Lootboxes are perfect example of designing game around cashop, instead making a fun way of getting some nice shiny items. They'll put rare best items in game(like 1st/2nd age weapons weapons), make free keys pita to get(so fanboys can still defend it) and watch how money rolls in.
  6. Don't think that change is mainly pointed @PvMP players as Ettens afaik was the best place to get destiny. It's rather to limit ways You can get Your destiny points as VIP to spend on free buffs, me thinks. But then I never really took a close look what gives more DP PvE or PvMP.
  7. I wonder why they aren't using P2P torrentlike way to distribute patch files, just like Blizzard and some other companies does. This would save up their servers as the more people patch the more P2P action goes on. Anyways - are there patchnotes up somewhere?
  8. Truth be told for people not using Turbine forums to voice their disappointment, movement to their servers wasn't a bad deal at all. Servers are stable, there are fewer maintenances, we get updates at same time as US, we have MYLOTRO, direct communication with devs, okay customer support, helpful in game GMs and You could even pay for RoI in US $ avoiding stupid exchange rates. So I wouldn't say that's Turbine services are bad. Of course I know some of the CM "sins"(later updates, lack of MYLOTRO, dev communication) might be as well done on purpose by Turbine but that doesn't change my fe
  9. Heh, the deal with store is that it is pushed on smaller groups of LOTRO playerbase - like PvMP or raid focused players. It's there You can understand value of stat tomes, pots, scrolls etc. Not that's something unusual as in every F2P title PvP and hardcore PvE players are biggest spenders. So You'll always see Turbine Defenders as it's simply don't involve them. One of them even said something along this line(in thread called LOTRO isn't pay to win) - "yeah PvMP will be pay to win but I don't play there so I don't care". My only gripe here are VIPs - why people who pay sub have to pay more i
  10. Well, there are few tweaks for captain own damage with red line. Shorter cooldown on shadows lament(quite a bit hitter), ability to go for devastating blow after every shadows lament(currently You can do only after critical one) and finally You'll get +25% to damage for 30s when using to arms. Then You have extra bleed and sure strike reducing battle shout cooldown will boost it as well. So while there's no flat damage increase I think it'll be much better from now on.
  11. So far the only thing RoI 30$ edition gets You is preorder goodies, lots of new quests and deeds and 24 peeps raid. All class updates, access to Dunland, scaled classic instances, epic quests and new crafting tier - these You should get even without buying RoI(unless Turbine will change their current policy of giving access to all areas and all epic book quests to every player, whether he is VIP or free).
  12. Indeed. Take a look at Diablo 3 a popular upcoming title. Blizzard made press conference and clearly stated most controversial stuff - no offline play, no mods, no LAN and real money auction hall. Now that I like. Turbine on the other hand went quiet, made NDA wall and put preorders on sale. So what if customers expect it to have lots of new stuff - like instances, new PvMP zone, three regions, hobbies, housing update, kin system update, LI update maybe even some new crafting professions. Just wait, don't confirm and don't deny. And then complain how Your customers are bad cause they had
  13. Now when I think about it I might be affected by this as well. It's been a long time since I saw anything from globallff and I'm sure I have it on on quite few characters. Thanks for making me realize it, I'll also check suggestions above to see if it'll fix it for me.
  14. there was some slight drama at official forums about this map but it was closed due to close to NDA breaches. Truth be told I agree with Turbine this time as amount of whining based on map from beta was amusing. Whether it's one map or three it doesn't matter. It's like a package, important stuff lies inside. What does matter is amount of content and different feeling of each place. Moria is the perfect example of having zones with different feel while not being really that big. There's more leaks going out in Internetz, most important for me so far - no new instances at least in beta bui
  15. It's my fear as well that we might not gonna get any new instances with RoI. If they were ready devs would confirm it or they'd be in features list. Heck being desperate I did even look for beta stuff, but again no info about new instances. But then I agree with Honvik that it's most likely reason of devs not being sure if they'll make it as I can't imaging major expansion with no new instances. And that would be a smart move to avoid potential problems if they won't ship instances due to bugs or whatever. Still after nearly 2 years without no expansion and financial success of F2P switch I ex
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