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  1. Fair enough. If you want to keep your fingers in your ears and continue making yourself look like a fool that's entirely up to you.
  2. I will. And I'll keep telling you that, too, because I'm right.
  3. For the cheap seats - everything you have said on the subject is demonstrably wrong, and your refusal to accept that is blinkered and pathetic. Good day.
  4. Oh dear. If you can't see or understand all of the points I have made, that's your problem.
  5. Ooh, nice attempt at handwaving there. Good try though. My sources are internationally renowned as authorities in the fields of medicine and psychology. Your "sources" are bunk: Psychology Today is not a scientific journal. Their standards are notoriously poor in the field and have been frequently known to publish questionable material, so referencing them is meaningless. They are a pop science magazine and their material is often inaccurate or out of date. That particular head shrink of John Hopkins is named Paul McHugh, whose research has repeatedly been labelled problematic and his concl
  6. Erm, I've bolded and underlined where your own quote betrays you and supports what I'm saying. Oops. For YOUR educatuion: (By the way, I've taken theses definitions directly from the NHS, the Mayo Clinic and other recognized authorities on the subject, so you're running contrary to some solidly authoritative sources if you try to argue against them.) Mental illness is about how we think, feel and behave. Mental health problems are more common in certain groups, such as people with poor living conditions, people from persecuted minority groups, homeless people, etc. Mental health problems ca
  7. Maybe you wouldn't be saying that in such a smug, self satisfied way if you realized you've just shown me that you don't even understand the difference between mental illness and medical condition.
  8. Er, no they don't. In these links it is determined to be a biological and medical condition. They use those exact words. The NHS page specifically goes out of its way to repeatedly say it's a medical condition and NOT a mental illness or disorder. I'm baffled how you could read it and conclude that it was saying the opposite. You've now convinced me that you're just being deliberately obtuse in order to hang on to your prejudices. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Gender-dysphoria/Pages/Causes.aspx http://www.news-medical.net/health/Causes-of-Gender-Dysphoria.aspx http://www.gires.org.uk/assets/gdev/gender-dysphoria.pdf That took literally 30 seconds on Google and were the first three links I found. It is not exactly rocket science to take on board new information. But then if you bothered to do any homework at all you would probably find those precious preconceptions of yours challenged more often than would make you comfortable. It's not a mental illness. It's a biological condition that is recognized in UK and EU law,
  10. Again, wrong. It was previously thought to be purely a mental disorder, true. But that conclusion is out of date and is now considered incorrect and misleading. It was renamed Gender Dysphoria because we learned more about it and now understand it better than we used to. Studies were found to show that it has a biological cause that originates before birth, and is not a mental illness as was previously thought. Essentially, any hormonal problems that influence the development of the foetus may result in a divergence of gender identity and physical sex. The hormones that determine the develop
  11. Yay! Godwin's Law! No it doesn't "remain intact." Read some studies written by people with authority on the subject.
  12. Ask a doctor or a psychologist. I have no idea, and I haven't read any studies on any of those things. I would assume that in cases where they have been explored it has been as separate matters in their own right. I'm not 100% sure why you keep bringing them up when we're talking about something else, beyond raising them as 'what next' logical fallacies. I have read studies on gender identity, written by actual doctors and psychologists, and they don't side with you I'm afraid.
  13. Except there is no delusion to reinforce, because it's not a mental illness. So your approval - tacit or otherwise - is irrelevant. Gender is no longer binary. It is a legitimate gender identity and is not unhealthy or destructive.
  14. Oh dear. You don't seem to understand what you're arguing any more and are now railing against behaviour you yourself have demonstrated. Now that's ironic. More that that, you're flat out wrong. Your belief that transgenderism is a delusion is based on ...what, exactly? It's certainly not based on any objective paper or study on the subject. It is divisive rhetoric based on your own preconceptions and has no foundation in truth. Your 'belief' is ignorant of the facts, and thus you hang the rest of your argument on inaccurate information. And you use it as a means to abuse people you don't lik
  15. Ah, so now not only are you claiming I'm bigoted, but you're now claiming your own views are not. Your unmoving, unwavering devotion to a principle of discrimination and your hostility towards anyone who calls you on it makes your stance all too clear. Thanks for clearing that up.
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