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  1. Fair enough. If you want to keep your fingers in your ears and continue making yourself look like a fool that's entirely up to you.
  2. I will. And I'll keep telling you that, too, because I'm right.
  3. For the cheap seats - everything you have said on the subject is demonstrably wrong, and your refusal to accept that is blinkered and pathetic. Good day.
  4. Oh dear. If you can't see or understand all of the points I have made, that's your problem.
  5. Ooh, nice attempt at handwaving there. Good try though. My sources are internationally renowned as authorities in the fields of medicine and psychology. Your "sources" are bunk: Psychology Today is not a scientific journal. Their standards are notoriously poor in the field and have been frequently known to publish questionable material, so referencing them is meaningless. They are a pop science magazine and their material is often inaccurate or out of date. That particular head shrink of John Hopkins is named Paul McHugh, whose research has repeatedly been labelled problematic and his conclusions deemed highly questionable by his peers. He has been pretty extensively discredited in many areas including post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, transvestism, homosexuality and dissociative identity disorder. He also happens to be a member of several right-wing conservative think tanks, and has known and acknowledged biases in that direction. The American Psychiatric Association's latest document is the DSM-5, which is already almost three years out of date, having been approved in December 2012. It has also been highly controversial in recent years, which has led to it becoming the subject of at least two congressional investigations regarding a number of conflicts of interest detected, especially in the fields of gender and autism related syndromes. It has also faced repeated criticism on an international level for ignoring major studies done in countries outside North America. That being said, even the APA does not agree with your belief that the best treatment for sufferers of Gender Dysphoria is behaviour modification, and no accredited source exists that supports your assertions that it is healthier to refuse to "pander to their delusions" than to engage and accept them. Not a single one. In fact the APA itself supports the opposite - engagement and acceptance, specifically determining that using the gender pronouns that the patient prefers is the healthy option and aids recovery and treatment. So, then - your beliefs are based on discredited bunk and obsolete science and nobody agrees with your assertions regarding treatment. Your implication that ridicule, belittlement and deliberately using incorrect gender pronouns is somehow in the sufferer's best interests is quite literally nonsense. It is nothing more than an attempt to (rather badly) disguise your prejudice and bullying as kindness, to make you feel better about the way you treat others.
  6. Erm, I've bolded and underlined where your own quote betrays you and supports what I'm saying. Oops. For YOUR educatuion: (By the way, I've taken theses definitions directly from the NHS, the Mayo Clinic and other recognized authorities on the subject, so you're running contrary to some solidly authoritative sources if you try to argue against them.) Mental illness is about how we think, feel and behave. Mental health problems are more common in certain groups, such as people with poor living conditions, people from persecuted minority groups, homeless people, etc. Mental health problems can develop from difficult life events, such as abuse, stress or bereavement. They typically emerge in adolescence and continue into adulthood. They are situational 'learned' behaviours and have no symptoms beyond the behavioural. Treatment options include counseling, behaviour therapy, psychotherapy. Examples include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, Anxiety, Bulimia, Anorexia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Medical Conditions are a wider category than the above and can be defined as anything that affects or impairs the physiological function or development of an organism. It demonstrates symptoms or signs, can have either a genetic or biological cause or can be caused by infection, disease or trauma. They are often communicable, or are innate or congenital, i.e. 'born with' the condition. They generally have an adverse effect on a person's wellbeing and health unless treated, and require physical treatment via medication, surgery, physiotherapy or health care. Examples include Cancer, Chickenpox, Eczema, ADHD, Asthma, Sleep Apnoea, Cleft Palates and Haemophilia. Gender Dysphoria is a medical condition, in that it is innate and genetic. Treatment seems unusual to some people because for a while it was considered a mental illness and therefore behavioural, but now we know more about it and it is known to be a genuine medical condition with congenital causes. For conditions related to Gender Identity the treatment sometimes involves noticeable outward changes which illicit quite hostile reactions from others, which is unfortunate because part of their recovery process depends upon at least some measure of acceptance from others. It's quite unique in that regard.
  7. Maybe you wouldn't be saying that in such a smug, self satisfied way if you realized you've just shown me that you don't even understand the difference between mental illness and medical condition.
  8. Er, no they don't. In these links it is determined to be a biological and medical condition. They use those exact words. The NHS page specifically goes out of its way to repeatedly say it's a medical condition and NOT a mental illness or disorder. I'm baffled how you could read it and conclude that it was saying the opposite. You've now convinced me that you're just being deliberately obtuse in order to hang on to your prejudices. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Gender-dysphoria/Pages/Causes.aspx http://www.news-medical.net/health/Causes-of-Gender-Dysphoria.aspx http://www.gires.org.uk/assets/gdev/gender-dysphoria.pdf That took literally 30 seconds on Google and were the first three links I found. It is not exactly rocket science to take on board new information. But then if you bothered to do any homework at all you would probably find those precious preconceptions of yours challenged more often than would make you comfortable. It's not a mental illness. It's a biological condition that is recognized in UK and EU law, protecting those who have the condition. This conclusion is supported by science and law, and as research continues, we are only finding more evidence that it's biological. But feel free to continue making obsolete claims based exclusively on out-of-date science and your own prejudices. Because each time you're only serving to make yourself look even more foolish.
  10. Again, wrong. It was previously thought to be purely a mental disorder, true. But that conclusion is out of date and is now considered incorrect and misleading. It was renamed Gender Dysphoria because we learned more about it and now understand it better than we used to. Studies were found to show that it has a biological cause that originates before birth, and is not a mental illness as was previously thought. Essentially, any hormonal problems that influence the development of the foetus may result in a divergence of gender identity and physical sex. The hormones that determine the development of physical sex may not work on the developing brain in the same way. It's proven science that people are born this way.
  11. Yay! Godwin's Law! No it doesn't "remain intact." Read some studies written by people with authority on the subject.
  12. Ask a doctor or a psychologist. I have no idea, and I haven't read any studies on any of those things. I would assume that in cases where they have been explored it has been as separate matters in their own right. I'm not 100% sure why you keep bringing them up when we're talking about something else, beyond raising them as 'what next' logical fallacies. I have read studies on gender identity, written by actual doctors and psychologists, and they don't side with you I'm afraid.
  13. Except there is no delusion to reinforce, because it's not a mental illness. So your approval - tacit or otherwise - is irrelevant. Gender is no longer binary. It is a legitimate gender identity and is not unhealthy or destructive.
  14. Oh dear. You don't seem to understand what you're arguing any more and are now railing against behaviour you yourself have demonstrated. Now that's ironic. More that that, you're flat out wrong. Your belief that transgenderism is a delusion is based on ...what, exactly? It's certainly not based on any objective paper or study on the subject. It is divisive rhetoric based on your own preconceptions and has no foundation in truth. Your 'belief' is ignorant of the facts, and thus you hang the rest of your argument on inaccurate information. And you use it as a means to abuse people you don't like. So yeah, you're a bigot. Oh, and claiming your stance isn't unmoving because you've become even more intolerant is nothing to be proud of either. Shall we end it there? I've no desire to waste even more of my time typing responses to you, and I have a feeling you think the same about me.
  15. Ah, so now not only are you claiming I'm bigoted, but you're now claiming your own views are not. Your unmoving, unwavering devotion to a principle of discrimination and your hostility towards anyone who calls you on it makes your stance all too clear. Thanks for clearing that up.
  16. fittybolger- Ho boy. "Willing to cast a larger net?" That's exactly that - speculation on your part. You've got to question your own stance on a subject where you've got to reference completely made-up shifting goalposts in the argument of another. To clarify, I will only "cast a larger net" if the number of Christians who seek to victimize others and deny them equal rights increases. Christians who don't do that (like, you know, the majority of them) are fine. Quoting scripture at me trying to justify your prejudice and equating gay people with drug addicts does little to convince me you are one of the good ones. Thequinn - As I have pointed out, I do not refer to all Christians when using those words. I refer to a very vocal and abusive subset of them that are few in number but loud in volume. I do not pretend that all Christians are like that. But if a Christian drapes him or herself in jingoism, resorts to hyperbole about their rights as a Christian being eroded because others are given equality, rails against a 'godless' president or starts claiming that they have been 'betrayed' by their country, I'm going to go right ahead and call them and their judgmental, reactionary spiel "nutjobs." Because I can differentiate extremists from moderates. Faith is not 'one in, all in.' I'm disappointed that I need to point the same things out, over and over.
  17. You see, when I was referring to "right wing Christian nutjobs" I wasn't actually referring to all Christians. Most of them are cool. Those comments were directed very specifically towards those barely literate maniacs you see on Youtube draped in the confederate flag and stroking their assault rifles, ranting and raving about 'the gays' eroding the sanctity of marriage and destroying their religion. We've seen a lot of them since the recent supreme court decision in the US on same sex marriage, all of them getting louder and angrier. I certainly wasn't directing those comments towards anyone here on this forum. But wow. Slippery slope fallacy and 'gay conspiracy' comments in one post? Now I'm not so sure...
  18. More like I'm very tolerant ...when you agree with the notion that people are worthy of basic respect and human dignity, and provided they are not harming anyone should be left in peace to pursue their own happiness. Anyone who starts espousing from any position of hostility, abuse, inequality or hatred will get the crap 'disagreed' out of them.
  19. Yes, because those two examples are exactly the same thing at exactly the same level. Ye gods, are you really this dense?
  20. Then your point is spurious nonsense. I'm not labeling your opinions as bigoted and unacceptable "simply because I disagree with them." I am labeling them as bigoted and unacceptable because they are poisonous, spiteful, mean-spirited, exclusionary and ill-informed. So in that way I am very mechanically and objectively pointing out a truth. This is not a case where you can spin the mirror around and go "Ah-hah!" You need the moral high ground to do that, otherwise it's just a feeble attempt at deflection. You are especially ill-informed in your suggestion that having a gender identity that differs to your assigned sex is a "delusion," which implies you believe it to be a mental illness. This shows the level of your ignorance about transgenderism, and attitudes like yours perpetrate a huge amount of psychological damage on those to whom they are directed. It's abusive and callous behaviour and should not be accepted because of the harm it inflicts. Moreover, your refusal to use the pronouns appropriate to an individual's gender identity on the basis that 'they are a big old meanie poopyhead' betrays an enormous amount of childish vindictiveness and cruelty on your part that I can scarcely believe you are trying to justify. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. Yet you don't seem to care. In fact you seem to like doing it, because, I dunno, the internet or something. So at best you're an ignorant internet blowhard, and at worst you're a sadist and a bully. Take your pick, because either way it's bigotry.
  21. Indeed I do see, and no, it doesn't work both ways. "You are the intolerant one for not tolerating my intolerance" is about the stupidest logical fallacy it is possible to encounter. It is also the same logical fallacy that those right wing Christian nutjobs in America trot out when they want to do horrible things like deny gay or Muslim people service in their shops, ostensibly on religious grounds, in order to try to make themselves the victim in the situation. And so I choose to believe that you are using it jokingly and are not that dense. Call me mega-polite, giving you the benefit of the doubt this way
  22. Oh deary me, lol. I can only assume you're being facetious, because otherwise I've given you altogether too much credit.
  23. Bigotry is unacceptable, whether you think you are 'in the right' or that they 'deserve it' or they 'haven't earned the right to be treated with respect' or any of the other bullshit excuses people came out with the last time we had this discussion here. It's never ok, people, and the only one it ever reflects badly on is yourself. Grow up.
  24. ‚ÄčIt appears that they have already said that there WILL be new group, PVP and raid content in the new expansion, but they will talk about it later because right now they're concentrating on talking about the story content. If there's still no mention of it two months from now I'd say people should get concerned, but people are acting like a developer providing a steady drip-feed of info in order to maintain interest over an extended period isn't a thing that happens. There's a lot of "OMG they haven't mentioned it immediately, that means they're not doing it at all" sort of thinking going on.
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