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  1. Found the link: WB Statement Not quite as clear cut as I remembered it being, but
  2. Didn't Warner's statement at the time of the buyout come out and say that the only reason they were purchasing Turbine was to get their hands on their microtransaction system and technology? I don't have a link to hand but I'm pretty sure that was the focus rather than any of Turbine's actual products.
  3. In addition, we have no idea how "tripled revenues" compares to other big events that would lead to spikes in paying customers. For example, the launches of Moria and Mirkwood. If, purely as a hypothetical example, revenues increased five-fold for Moria and quadrupled for Mirkwood, it would indicate a pretty steep decline if revenues 'only' tripled for the F2P launch. But we'd never know that, because all they've told us is "revenues tripled" for the F2P launch without actually quantifying that statement, and it's meaningless without something to compare it against. We have no idea what "revenues tripled" actually means in any practical or useful way. It's merely another example of Turbine's use of corkscrew language to make what they say more palatable than what they might actually mean. And that's before considering how sustained it was. To answer the question of the thread - no, I'd not see anyone needlessly fired over this matter. There would need to be investigations, certainly, and anyone caught short on conduct or performance would definitely be in a lot of trouble and would face severe disciplinary procedures. Only those directly responsible for the offences - and anyone complicit in it - would be in danger of the boot.
  4. I'll help you out in this regard - here are the various contact details I've accumulated over the course of my complaints: Turbine customer services (snort): Scott Sheppard Senior Manager, Customer Service ssheppard@turbine.com (781)-407-4223 Warner Interactive: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment FAO Complaints Department 4000 Warner Boulevard Burbank, CA 91522 Middle-earth Enterprises: Middle-earth Enterprises Director of Licensing 2600 Tenth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 USA Consumer Direct (UK Only): http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Diol1/DoItOnline/DG_195913 08454 04 05 06 [[NOTE]] These guys handle all initial enquiries that would be destined for Trading Standards or the Office of Fair Trading. Digital River UK Ltd: International Offices 85 King Street Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 1DU United Kingdom sales@digitalriver.com Those are the ones I've got hold of so far.
  5. I'm thankful that you're continuing to look into the matter. If you need any more info on my complaints or perspective, by all means let me know.
  6. Aye, that was a nice podcast. It succinctly summarised the basics of the situation, and left the listener to make their own mind up. If you intend to follow up on it at all and need more info from me, by all means PM me and ask.
  7. Thanks for the response. It's true that my complaint is something separate to the internet kerfuffle that has arisen. I think it's important to draw a line between the genuine, official complaints and the forumites blowing off steam. My complaint remains my complaint, and is independent of the forum debate. I'm certainly not letting the current internet noise influence it, even if my contribution to the online discussion inadvertently stoked the fires somewhat. Look at it this way - Turbine are never going to take seriously anything that anyone has to say on their own forums, for many reasons. Only posting there is really just pissing in the wind. However, those who are genuinely interested in affecting change are different from those who just like to have a moan, because the former are the ones who will make their grievances official as myself and Mockingbird have done. Ours are now official consumer rights complaints, and Turbine are going to have to take them seriously. If Turbine will treat them separately, I think that we should all avoid connecting them to the other. As for the "nay-sayers" - I'm going to sound a bit mean here, but they can latch on to whatever they like. I genuinely couldn't care less what they say, because I'm not in this to debate the ins and outs of the matter with forum blowhards who think they speak on Turbine's behalf. I'm not interested in their semantics, their excuses to dismiss my point of view or their calling my character or motives into question, because I'm not talking to them. They're just barking at the moon. The only response that will have any value or merit to me will come from an official Turbine source. That's why I was pressing Sapience so hard for answers. I had no idea he'd go to such lengths to avoid giving them.
  8. Another long post... It's a nice podcast, but it rather misses the point, and it carries a lot of general assumptions that get in the way of your having a genuine discourse on the subject. The most glaring of these assumptions is that this kind of consumer reaction is something inherent and exclusive to gamers. It isn't. The British have a storied history of consumer rights campaigning - that the BBC have a program called Watchdog devoted to this sort of thing should demonstrate to everyone how seriously we treat our rights and our treatment at the hands of large companies. Believe me, I'd be making the same complaints if it was a baked bean manufacturer who had committed these offences against me and their other customers, and I'm pretty sure Mockingbird would be as well. It seemed that you both arrived at this gaming-related conclusion before you even started the discussion and used it as a kicking off point rather than an ending. The title of the discussion itself makes this very clear. You both approached the subject with an air of incredulity and I think that skewed the debate. You also seem to be under the despairing belief that unless the company whose conduct you are researching provides a vital public service, it doesn't matter what they do, and any time spent looking into their conduct is overkill and a sign of a saddo with no life or priorities just spoiling for a rumble. There was a great deal of the latter part of your debate that not only was full of inaccurate assumptions, but was also incredibly judgmental. You decided early on that the complainers were saddos and so your discussion became about how they are saddos, not about the matter at hand. At that point your whole debate was based on a false assumption. I will, however, concede that on the official forums at least, the whole affair did become a rather unfocused bout of blame-throwing, as it were. I admit that I would have preferred the matter to stay on topic and civil, and it's a shame that some posters - no-one from this forum, thankfully - got a bit out of control. The trick with dealing with characters like Sapience is to remain calm and good-mannered, but to maintain persistent pressure for answers. That way you keep the moral high ground when the little coward disappears your posts. All in all I would have preferred you to eschew the area of discussion that you chose to focus on and discuss the real meat of the issue. To clarify my own standpoint - I can't vouch for the other more aggressive posters on the official forums - Turbine's status as a game developer and publisher is irrelevant, their customer service is demonstrably poor and certain consumers are making efforts to force them to improve it if they can't or won't under their own volition. This isn't a gaming or gamer matter - it's a customer service matter. You're making an error if you feel that I'm taking things too far because I'm a gamer with a skewed perspective on what's important - I'm talking about our consumer rights and they are always important, because to treat them as unimportant is to hand ourselves over to characters like those who run Turbine who would seek to take advantage of us. We as consumers have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to ensure we're not being needlessly taken for a ride. That goes for gaming companies, travel agencies, banks, the works. We have a voice and it is a powerful one and quite often it has the law on its side. We should use the law to fight back against the companies who abuse their position whenever it's feasible for us to do so. We have a duty to fight against those who would seek to ignore our rights as Turbine have done. As I have said before, anything less is irresponsible, complacent consumerism that will eventually erode the rights that we do have if we don't seek to enforce them. Maybe I'm selfish for only fighting the battles that cross my own path and grasp for my own wallet. But at least I'm fighting. --- Back to the subject at hand, still no response from this Sheppard man, so come next week I'll be looking for the next name on the ladder to take things further. I'll post a list of contact details at some point too, so anyone else can lodge complaints if they want to.
  9. It might be of amusement to you, Sincilbanks, that in my original letters of complaint to Warner Interactive and Middle-earth Enterprises I devoted a paragraph to the end of Turbine's partnership with Codemasters, and how it might be something they want to take a closer look at. Nothing will come of it of course, but I felt it wouldn't be a complete complaint if I didn't at least mention it. Spot on.
  10. Nah - Zweiblumen is a Discworld reference. Oh, and the issue with my posts is not the 'out of sync' issue they mentioned - Celestrata came right out in a PM and told me the disappearance of my posts had nothing to do with syncing. She wouldn't go any further than that and referred me to Scott Sheppard, who is still yet to get back to me. His contact details have already been published here by another poster if anyone else would like to make a similar complaint. Anyway, it couldn't be the syncing problem, even if they were adamant that it was - Syncing errors couldn't possibly apply themselves retroactively to posts made days, weeks or months ago. All of my posts seem to have vanished from the entire forum, not just that thread. Clearly they've got me on some sort of 'make-them-invisible-before-they-cause-too-much-trouble' sh!t list. Too late. Which is possibly why they're all passing the buck regarding explaining to me why nobody can see them, despite the fact that they've been asked over and over. Any other company and I'd say they have taken them out of view so a manager could investigate the truth of their contents, but Turbine? Not giving them any benefit of the doubt.
  11. Nope, UK. ..And now he seems to be using my inability to post on their forums to debunk his comments as an excuse to not-so-vaguely insinuate that I'm a liar. There can be little doubt that he is referring to me here. So, he strips me of my ability to post visibly to others and then uses my absence as a means to try to smear me. Quite the vindictive little sneak, isn't he? My complaints against him won't stop until someone deals with his conduct. I don't care how high I have to take my complaint - I want disciplinary proceedings brought against him. I do not doubt that one bit. I seem to recall the feeling that Codies were just as shocked at Turbine's conduct back then as were the customers.
  12. I'd just like to extend a heart thanks to MueR for this forum - heaven knows how we'd be able to come together as a community without it.
  13. 63 pages in, and Sapience is still dodging the question. I'm becoming almost enraptured by the man's shamefaced avoidance of it. Thankfully it's not just invisible me that's asking.
  14. Ah. I see. It's quite an elaborate web Turbine weave, isn't it?
  15. That's the fellow. I see no reason why complaints could not be lodged with the ASA for their marketing for Isengard. There are a number of future directions I could take these complaints, and that is one of the options.
  16. So it's true that basically every post I've made, even outside the main thread we're discussing, has been invisible-d. That's very interesting. I think the response of Boss-man will be indicative of what this all means.
  17. They appear to be still there - on my account anyway. Are they still invisible to everyone else?
  18. That's a shame. I was thinking that it would be a story of interest to those who generate the copy on those sites. I would have thought it would be an opportunity for them to engage in some genuine journalism rather than just retyping press releases, which is all too often what I see. Ah well, I'll stick with my current methods - for now.
  19. Indeed, both she and Sapience have referred me to the head of their department and asked me not to contact them again directly, but to send all correspondence to their boss. It seems I've raised some hackles. I've also advised their boss that should he fail to respond to my emails by the end of this week, I'll be taking it up with his boss. A thought occurs - how would we go about raising this whole consumer rights/customer service thing with the gaming press beyond mere LOTRO sites? I'm thinking the lines of MMORPG.com or Massively, for example. Any ideas?
  20. It's actually quite funny to see the crazies flatout accuse Montee and Pod of making up stories. It's quite interesting that some of them haven't noticed that they themselves personally responded to some of my past posts. Boy are they in for a bitchslap of the highest order. But at least now I know how Jay Garrick felt when he was retconned out of DC comics continuity. My posts are still invisible guys - I'm counting on you to bring The Fact Hammer to bear! Yes, it's odd how their "server glitch" has affected only my posts, and has retroactively applied itself to all the posts I made before the 'glitch' ever occurred, isn't it? One might almost think that it's a cock and bull story. [EDIT] ...and Celestrata has just confirmed via private message that my posts do not fall under this particular glitch, so it's not the reason that my posts have all vanished. However, she failed to specify what the issue was with my posts. My complaint seems to have graduated beyond the forum mods now, and from now on I shall be dealing directly with their boss, should he deign to give me a response. Kick off.
  21. [EDIT] My mistake, I just checked the dates and both invites were received after I made my complaints.
  22. I got in touch with Celestrata, asking: 'Is there any chance you can be a little more definitive than "No, we're not phasing out VIP and we have no plans at this time to phase out VIP"? No offence, but I can remember a time when Turbine advised that they "had no plans to go free to play" and we know how that turned out. If you can repost a statement along the lines of "We can definitively state that we will not be phasing out VIP accounts, nor will we phase them out at any time in the future." Just to eliminate the vague wording of your original post that allows Turbine the option of throwing VIPs aside at any time, should they want to. I'm sure you understand the need for complete clarity.' Her response was basically that there is no guarantee that they will never get rid of VIPs and that they wanted to leave the possibility open without making themselves liars later. Very slippery. Very evasive. Very Turbine.
  23. I'd feel bad about that if I were you. They invited me to the Isengard beta. Me. Go figure.
  24. I have the uncropped images on file. I didn't want to reproduce anyone else's posts - not yet anyway. I can produce them later if needed.
  25. And on... And here appears to be a spot where there was another post that has since been 'disappeared.' A similar link still exists on the forum settings for this one, which leads to a now Zweiblumen-less page. This is the one that apparently caused all the fuss: And these are the last two I posted, fairly recently. By all means, feel free to post, quote or inquire about these images on the official thread. I'd be genuinely interested to see what kind of response it gets.
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