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  1. Actually come to think about it now I can see why some people I know my of been automatically excluded! Turbine clearly dont want anyone 'leaking' info deliberate or by accident. Where does it say if you run a website you'd be excluded? i've not checked.
  2. I was also going to say the foundary...... imagine if players were able to create their own content for LOTRO??? that would keep a lot of people quiet by players developing their own content within reason!!
  3. Its a good question. Remember one of those instances is bugged and exploitable currently where Turbine still hasnt shut it off as yet (wont name it!). People will do the quickest content now to grind the raid/instance to get the seals. The new loot system has made it so that it is even more random when a FA will drop etc. If you recall prior raids you could be given in a group a gaurenteed few sybmols and now its so random. Previous content is recycled as it takes someone to upscale it slightly (less dev time) but in doing so it isnt adjusted/tweaked to our level so the challenge is gone. Does anyone recall Helegrod first time round? it was not a faceroll!!!. BG/OD are nerf'd so a lot easier, but the issue is we've done it so many times as well it's just a grind. Raiding/Instancing is about learning the boss fight, working towards defeating it and then seeing a reward for doing all of the work to doing it. It shouldnt be grindathon, it should be fun!. Lonely is bugged too I miss the rift days! and I'd love to see open world group raiding content or group content areas non-instanced opend up again.
  4. They probably worried what will happen if their area is less represented with likeminded people. Did you see the info on how the Role-Players felt with lack of active roleplayer members in the council? just same conserns as say raiders. I agree thats quite valid. Given that Helms deep has probably been in the works for sometime (they generally always have someone working on future content/systems for sometime ahead of the game. But i'd like to think with a possible 6 month's of development time that some resoruces could be allocated towards some fo the goals of the Council. The reason I say that is you are all only on it for 8 months and realistically they'd like to show to the wider community that it is having a positive effect. That was my concern. Since all Player Council members are under a strict NDA. Maybe they'll lax it a bit without given too much info away?. Thought I'd also raise a good topic of discussion we had on twitter today. It was about more open non-instance grouped content. Its slowly been left out of LOTRO. Anyone recall the raid bosses in Angmar? or how some areas needed a full group to get to a boss man for the quest? You could make part of that repeatable with decent rewards.
  5. Theres a large thread and growing thread over in the instances/raids section where its asking people who are now on the council who are interested in the aspect of raiding to show their experiance and how they plan to proceed. I do not know the 70 people in question by far, I am merely digging information from various server forums as well as the posts about the Council to sum things up as breifly as possible. I am not critising anyone here for applying I am merely passing along what I can actually see and that was people are most likely going to attempt to make the Council accountable for the Dev's failures in what people perceive as content. It has happened before in other MMO's and was one of the main reasons I didnt apply for that reason. Of course it will all depend how things actually pan out and given Helms Deep is over 6 months away there is a good scope aspects of the expansion may change somewhat depending on feedback. I would say in the application it does ask you what your main playstyle and on that basis is why certain people were picked to get a broad range of representatives..
  6. Eeek but dont you find them taking down all the main aspects of the my.lotro site away is a bad thing? I remember us EU's fighting for it for years!. Its a shame its all going with the new board updates including leaderboards. I half expect it cost too much money to maintain them.
  7. The hope and assumption by some people is that the Player Council will have a direct role on how content is delivered, thats the perception for now. The whole being held accountable is that this is exactly what occurs in other games when they have done something similar. In any community people sadly look for someone to blame if something they want is not there. The fact remains Turbine's resources are diminishing and with Helms deeps announcement some question where their money has gone i.e in lotro development or to their new MMO.
  8. Everything? nope. I'd check my forum postings since the switch to Turbin via their official forums. I've been quite critical of the lack of instances in RoI when we all pre-ordered assuming they were in and then Turbine announcing them soon after the backlash. I was also quite critical for the price point of Rohan with yet again lack of endgame new instances and made a point of the need of at least extra TP's as a sweetener as they again stated no instances till after!. Surprisingly I'm not all for Turbine (take a peek at my twitter sometime) the days of CM are long gone my friend this is a new beast we have in Turbine and I'm not exactly druming their praises as much as in the past. To your final question, I didnt apply to the Council for that very reason the assumption I'd auto get in by many people like yourself. My real life has altered somewhat so I've not been wholly around in gaming till a few months ago. Plus the final key thing is I've been greifed in other games because of what you mentioned so felt less hassle is better! This doesnt mean I dont rule it out in 2014 nor voicing my opinons any less. I think it stems from one thing buddy. Its how raiders are looking at the ones representing them and not one of the people representing has completed any of the major challenge mode Tier 2 instances like Orthanc/OD. On Snowy its a case non of the big raiding kins are represented but did apply for example the discussion was how Keepers, Ressurection, Riddles, Nine Worlds and another had applied but didnt get in. Thats why as you see on the official forums people are questioning generally how Sapience picked them.
  9. Logged in night and one of the points raised in snowy is they added voro and started to complain as he is only level 83 so the debate went into the whole process. In reply to why people got greif for not apply its down to the perception that your more known, more active and maybe hold some sway within the development team. The perception for me was as I do interact with sapience from time to time and previously good relations with codemasters I'd have influence. Fact of the matter is neither helps or relevant, the devs will listen in part but limited resources won't change the direction of the game. Finally if people don't get the content they hope for then logic will see in part blame laid on the council. You will need to grow a thick skin for sure and quite correct held accountable much like eves senete.
  10. Correct. But people knowing your in gets you grief.........
  11. Obviously I've been torn between hobbies and games (server events) but my kin is more raiding. They are burning with the fact the three single boss encounters are pretty dire and long for a decent multi-boss raid like OD/Orthanc/Rift with story. Personally it comes down to reward vrs effort. The amount of effort you put in being challenging content should be greater then the soloer who will if they want 'grind' for it. If you look at the last content non-pure raiders can grind for 1st age LI's thats a nice change but Turbine balls it all up letting too much drop in T1....... Plus the loot is too random now.
  12. Congrats to all who got in. I personally didnt apply but I have had greif (been on Anony) for not applying as well. Not really nice but hey ho!. I'm still playing LOTRO on and off and hope all who did get in represent all aspects of the game to better LOTRO. I am currently thinking LOTRO is lacking somewhat end-game aspect as that seems lost when Riders of Rohan was released with the lackluster 3 token single boss raids. Nevertheless make us proud!
  13. Now now something useful may come from it. Need to give it a chance at least to see what can be done. The key thing is those 50 people or so's names will be published as on the council from what I read so they may be spammed by people.
  14. Now I recall actually highlighting a few issues regarding the latest raid only to receive hostile responses. I guess I'm someone that likes to raid but also thinks decent rewards are a nice reward for doing so. In Isengard Turbine went a little step above what I'd like to of seen in terms of accessability by having the armour set basically obtained by doing tier 1 and no tier 2 armour set as in previous XPac's. This dimminished the need to try to push yourselves further to beat tier 2. I also got info that some kinships had killed saruman in Tier 2 and it was only when I pugged Tier 1 I saw it was the fact there was an exploit that lets you nail him much sooner then 'wave 5'. What you cannot do is ask Turbine if this is legit or exploit (you receive infractions) suffice to say I rarely visit the forums anymore. Orthanc's raid as a whole is much more interesting boss mechanics on tier 2 and you can see they are making or trying to make the effort in this area. The downside is effort vrs reward has plummited and still inherent bugs/exploits exist long after release.
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