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  1. My experience with +Bletchley+ was positive. I cant say I've ever had a negative experience with Turbine CS, honestly.
  2. When im out adventuring and it rains, i put a hat/hood on. Also, when its dark i make my character wrap a shawl or cloak around for comfort and carry a lantern. I work for title/rep to get something that matches my character. When my lorien elf was getting arrows fired at her, i was five levels below when i started questing in lorien because i wanted to "go home" that bad. For my bree character, of course i got max breeland rep before i went on to the next zone. I spent a long time in the barrow downs to grind rep even though i hate going there. She stayed in moria for couple more levels beyond 55, not because i didnt enjoy lorien with my elf the first time through, but because its what i felt this character would do in that situation. Right now i have a low level dwarf i want to make crafting only. I spent a while at the treasure hunt event to get the treasure laden steed and a big sack of gold coins for him to wear on his back, so he looks like a wealthy jeweler. I roleplay with all my characters this way. I like for them to feel alive and let their individual personalities direct which path i take them on quest-wise and deed-wise.
  3. Luinomiel

    TV Shows

    Damages is a good show. The whole series is on Netflix. I'm a couple episodes in. Im also watching Deadwood on HBO. Very good show. Firefly is good, but I'm sad it only has 14 episodes. I just finished the series two nights ago. Edit: Oh, yeah! Veep is good too.
  4. That song played on the radio here in North Carolina. The video is spectacular! My Head is an Animal is a great album. I listen to it often. My favorite is "Mountain Sound".
  5. Anyone who can joust is a badass. I've seen a jousting match at a medieval fest once and it was awesome.
  6. @nosam Ah.. That makes sense I first heard the word concubine from the Bible, which is mass produced and translated than retranslated. Losing the true meaning of a word is bound to happen if it has particular cultural/historical ties to that area. @Koolio It would be interesting if that was practiced in a matriarchal society, but it would be be rare, probably. This thread has gotten off-topic Im still stoked for Wildstar as of now.
  7. @nosam That last definition is interesting. I know quite a few women who have that kind of relationship with their husband/boyfriend but would get super offended at being called a concubine, since most believe it to be another word for prostitute.
  8. The only similarity Carbine has to Turbine is its executive producer Jeremy Gaffney was one of Turbine's founders. He left Turbine over a decade ago. That may be why. Woodbine Concubine Combine Stibine Carabine
  9. Sitting in a coffee shop and reading these stories you've written has made for an enjoyable afternoon. Excellent work!
  10. At this point, its pretty clear Rick Heaton is staying until lotro shuts down. Advocating for him to lose his job seems pointless. To you/me/us, it may not seem like he is doing what he supposed to as a cm, but everytime a round of layoffs hits turbine, Sapience sticks around. There must be some reason they keep him around.
  11. Well said I know i spent a ton of money on lotro but i dont regret it. It was great fun while it lasted.
  12. I selected the same choice for the same reasons. The producer letter was so perfectly vague about the future of the game. If you strive for mediocrity, you cant lose.
  13. Luinomiel


    Isnt that illegal? Doesnt that violate some copyright law somewhere? Im glad you posted those images, drul. I dont want to waste time and money on a game like that.
  14. Luinomiel


    I hate to be a fanboi, but.... *picks up pom-poms* Reasons why Im excited for Wildstar: 1. Endgame content for solo, small groups, large groups, pvp that is challenging. 50 to 70 percent of the dev team is dedicated to endgame. Raids change regularly so the challenge is slightly different each time. 2. The 40 vs 40 pvp destructible fortress where you can capture raid bosses to fight the opposing guild. 3. The devs do not believe in rushing to endgame. The leveling content is challenging so that you will have to learn your class. 4. The classes are basic holy trinity, which I prefer. The difference between wildstar and lotro is that wildstar has all hybrid classes and combat moves are all mobile. Im intrigued by the medic. 5. The housing system is the incredible. Free placement of items and lots of customization. 6. The paths system. 7. For roleplayers like me, the game encourages you to explore the lore if you want to. 8. Im okay with paying a subscription. Hopefully there wont be a store in my face all day like lotro f2p. Hopefully wont be pay-to-win. Carbine hasnt released info on their pre-orders yet, they are still beta testing the elder games content (endgame). Maybe if they pull a teso I might not be interested anymore, but im holding out hope. *shakes pom poms around*
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