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  1. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    My name is Blessing

    i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,

    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

    with. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    Hoping To Hear From You

    Yours Blessing

  2. So pretty! This is my favourite picture I took at Sonisphere Festival last weekend
  3. A few Festivals for me this summer...although already done 2 of them already!! One more to go But I'll also be working and looking for a new job!!
  4. Yes, you're right. I guess I didn't really explain myself that well (I have a habbit of doing that...) I was thinking more of the supernatural; religion, ghosts, psychics etc. I hope this explains a little better
  5. I'm a believer in science. Since science can't explain religion, I don't believe it. I was raised an Atheist, however growing up Religion was forced upon me in school, and so spent a little time researching into religion. I made my decision on belief based on this. Therefore I can't believe that there is a greater power that created the world for us. I see religion as a way of imposing a set of rules on people, or an outlet for people to direct their feelings. If they believe that theres a reason for all the suffereing in the world, then somehow it can be justified. But it also gives people hope and focus in their lives. There are good and bad sides to religion, just as there is with everything in the world. So long as people don't try to force their religion on me, I don't have a problem with other people's beliefs. Just as I would never try to force my atheism on someone that wasn't interested.
  6. Currently listening to Stone Sour, loving them even more than usual at the moment. I <3 Corey Taylor, the guy's a songwriting genius!
  7. I've never been much of a fan of IM, there are a few of their songs I love though. But I have to agree they're a must see live band, and are on my list of bands I need to see. I'm not lucky enough to be going this time around, I just hope I get another chance before they retire for good!
  8. Nice!! Lucky to get them for less than face value too
  9. My (now deleted) Hunter, Broethir: My Rune-Keeper, Aikanar: My Minstrel, Allrianne:
  10. I'm a terrible photographer, and only use a basic digital camera. But I thought I'd share a few of my favourite shots from this weekend. I love taking pictures of live music.
  11. Well, the Nintendo conference has just finished, other than some cryptic mentions of the new console there wasn't much info there The new Wii U controller looks interesting though, looking forward to getting my hands on that one. They seemed to be pushing the 3DS a lot, probably due to the disappointing sales since its release. But some of the new games look interesting
  12. With E3 starting today, I was wondering what games and announcements people were looking forward to or hoping for. I expect there'll be a lot of people hoping for a release date for SW: The Old Republic and maybe some more info on Rise of Isengard. For me I'm looking forward to the Nintendo presentation, I've heard that they're going to be unveiling their next gen console, so I'd be really happy if that actually happened Also looking forward to having a look at Batman: Arkham City. So what are your thoughts?
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