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  1. So pretty! This is my favourite picture I took at Sonisphere Festival last weekend
  2. A few Festivals for me this summer...although already done 2 of them already!! One more to go But I'll also be working and looking for a new job!!
  3. Yes, you're right. I guess I didn't really explain myself that well (I have a habbit of doing that...) I was thinking more of the supernatural; religion, ghosts, psychics etc. I hope this explains a little better
  4. I'm a believer in science. Since science can't explain religion, I don't believe it. I was raised an Atheist, however growing up Religion was forced upon me in school, and so spent a little time researching into religion. I made my decision on belief based on this. Therefore I can't believe that there is a greater power that created the world for us. I see religion as a way of imposing a set of rules on people, or an outlet for people to direct their feelings. If they believe that theres a reason for all the suffereing in the world, then somehow it can be justified. But it also gives people hope and focus in their lives. There are good and bad sides to religion, just as there is with everything in the world. So long as people don't try to force their religion on me, I don't have a problem with other people's beliefs. Just as I would never try to force my atheism on someone that wasn't interested.
  5. Currently listening to Stone Sour, loving them even more than usual at the moment. I <3 Corey Taylor, the guy's a songwriting genius!
  6. I've never been much of a fan of IM, there are a few of their songs I love though. But I have to agree they're a must see live band, and are on my list of bands I need to see. I'm not lucky enough to be going this time around, I just hope I get another chance before they retire for good!
  7. Nice!! Lucky to get them for less than face value too
  8. My (now deleted) Hunter, Broethir: My Rune-Keeper, Aikanar: My Minstrel, Allrianne:
  9. I'm a terrible photographer, and only use a basic digital camera. But I thought I'd share a few of my favourite shots from this weekend. I love taking pictures of live music.
  10. Well, the Nintendo conference has just finished, other than some cryptic mentions of the new console there wasn't much info there The new Wii U controller looks interesting though, looking forward to getting my hands on that one. They seemed to be pushing the 3DS a lot, probably due to the disappointing sales since its release. But some of the new games look interesting
  11. With E3 starting today, I was wondering what games and announcements people were looking forward to or hoping for. I expect there'll be a lot of people hoping for a release date for SW: The Old Republic and maybe some more info on Rise of Isengard. For me I'm looking forward to the Nintendo presentation, I've heard that they're going to be unveiling their next gen console, so I'd be really happy if that actually happened Also looking forward to having a look at Batman: Arkham City. So what are your thoughts?
  12. Before: 40 - 50ms After: 180 - 220ms Although I have been having some connection trouble in general the last few days (had no internet at all for 2 days ) so this may be skewing my results. Hopefully it'll improve once my connection is stable again. This however isn't really the main problem, its the random server wide lag spikes that are causing problems. The game can be freezing for 5 - 10 seconds at a time, which is causing problems in groups. I also have a kinnie, who is getting botted from the game whenever he has one of these huge lag spikes. I hope these problems get sorted soon once the servers are more stable.
  13. I bought my ticket back in December, before I lost my job and could still afford it. In hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to buy tickets for 3 festivals, just hope its all worth it now!! Have you tried Viagogo for Maiden tickets? Sometimes it can be cheaper than eBay, especially as it gets closer to the date.
  14. Saw BFMV a few years back when they opened the Main Stage at Leeds Fest, really great live band, great to see them doing so well. I'm still undecided whether I'm going to watch Disturbed, saw them at the Taste of Chaos tour last December, so I'm not sure whether to go see them again, or find someone new to go see. Looks like Buckcherry are on at a similar time...but they played ToC too....ahhh...decisions, decisions!!
  15. Currently getting myself ready for Download Fest next weekend, so my current playlist is Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie (even though I won't be able to watch because of clashes ), Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold... Super excited to go, I've not seen most of these bands live before, so its going to be an amazing weekend
  16. Good luck Faenbas in your future endeavours!! Myself and a couple of kinnies pulled an all nighter. I spent the night getting my new Hunter to level 45, still undefeated, been a goal of mine for a while, and I finally got it done. I then had to log at 11am, just in time to miss the trolls attacking Ost Galadh
  17. Thanks for the last four years and farewell Codies!! Disappointed I couldn't be there for the final hour, but real life demanded my attention
  18. Wow, those are some amazing screenshots Rosiebelle!! I was a disappointed to have missed the events last night, but I was following it on GlobalLFF. It looks like fun was had by all involved
  19. The view from atop High Kings Crossing, Evendim
  20. Originally started back in SWG in 2004, and having had many incarnations across several MMO's, LOTRO became the main home for Echos. Echos is a casual kinsip, made up of a close group of ingame friends. We are a relatively small group, with the idea that quality is greater than quantity. However we are always on the lookout for new friends to join us. As a kin, we pride ourselves on being helpful, whether its help with a quest or instance, or gearing our new members/alts with crafted gear right up until level 65. Or even just general advice about the game. What Echos is looking for: - Mature Players: You don't need to be 18+ but need to be able to show you can be mature and listen to instruction when needed - Helpful/Friendly Players: Members who are willing to help a kinnie with a quest when needed, or donate some crafting mats when its possible to do so. And last but not least; - A sense of humour: Because after all, LOTRO is a game and we're here to have fun, which sometimes means some silly conversations in kin chat!! What Echos can offer you: - A fun and friendly environment to play in - Helpful and knowledgeable officers and members across most aspects of the game - SM crafters willing to make anything your heart desires - A website with forums: Echoes - Dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server, available to all our members - Members across all levels, so there'll always be someone around to join you with questing - Weekly kin lotto, with prizes reaching up to 8G If you're interested in joining Echos, or would like some further information about us, then feel free to PM me, or contact one of our officers ingame: - Ellred - Allrianne - Varnibel - Nimbelle - Helmwulf - Pavis - Aitkin A picture from our hugely successful Hobbit Day
  21. I'm currently using Loyalty, Fidelity, Idealism, Justice and Valour. I've found these work best for me. As I have Will/Fate capped, I use my virtues for mainly boosting my morale. But it really depends on playstyle and the gear your using. If I get a new piece of armour or jewellery I fiddle around with my virtues to see if there is a better setup that I can use.
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