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  1. Thank you for both of your posts, LasraelLarson. That was exactly what I was looking for. It will be interesting to watch those numbers on the legendary vs the regular servers. Also, if I'm reading this right, there were never 4k logged on to the Anor server. Your explanation of this makes a lot of sense. It's much less worrying at these lower population levels. Trisswyn, a loss of 100 AH pages seems like a lot. Though, I admit I don't know how many pages AH typically has on Landy. I bet you're right and the players will return to their servers. This whole LS situation might mak
  2. Interesting. I play almost everyday on Crick and haven't seen any gold spammers on world chat in ages. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone like Agra had done an actual count to see if the regular servers had lost many players or not. I tried looking at his server population thread, but couldn't see the new 'legendary' servers in comparison. I'll try to look again.
  3. How have the 'Legendary' servers impacted the overall server populations?
  4. Update 18.1 Release Notes Release Notes: Quests and landscape An Uruk raiding party spotted in the Beacon-hills is searching for the Rohirrim! The Ghûrdhos' numbers are now stronger in the eastern Druadain Forest where they have taken over a glade of Wose statues! Elite monsters / bosses in Far Anorien may now drop Wose Carvings or Gondorian Polished Marbles rep barter items. Increased Iron Coin count to all Westemnet warbands and added coins to Eorlingas and Helmingas tasks. A swift horse has been added from Galtrev to Nan Curunir, for people w
  5. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?608442-Update-18-Release-Notes Update 18 Release Notes Welcome to Far Anórien Follow the Rohirrim out of Rohanand into through secret ways hidden within the Drúadan Forest. In the westerly Beacon Hills, aid Gondorians stationed in the fastness of Ost Rimmon and wade into the Mouths of the Entwash to behold the mighty Falls of Rauros. Follow the distant drumming into the ancient wood and encounter the Wose people, ancient crafters of the Púkel-men and sworn foes of Orc-kind. Epic Story Books 5 and 6 Aid the armies
  6. Thanks for the update. I really wish they'd remove Crick as recommended server. Ironically, I chose Crick because it was one of the lowest populated surviving servers...at the time.
  7. True. Also, you cannot 'accidentally' press a mithril coin button with the teleport horses like you can with stable horses. Just saying.
  8. Omg, I can never unsee that. *looking for eye bleach*
  9. Okay I teared up reading that, Doro. Thank you for helping that man get a seat. I was always taught to offer my seat to anyone older than me. It's a matter of respect if nothing else. BTW, you showed great restraint with those two rude woman. Afraid I would have told them off.
  10. Thanks for the info. So, is this actress really that well known in the UK? Her name did not sound familiar. Turns out I've seen her in an episode of 'Vera', but she did not stick in my memory. Is she really considered a 'film star'? Regardless, it's a shame she cannot be charged with making an obviously false accusation. I hope she loses her Game of Thrones gig and gets sued. If not at least the CPS prosecutor should be charged with a whole host of crimes. Apparently the CPS tampered with the CCTV footage, slowing it down to make it look like Pearson had more time to assault that lying crone.
  11. I saw that just yesterday, Doro, and it really pissed me off as well. The CCTV had them passing each other in one second. Impossible for him to do what she claimed imo. I don't understand why this woman who falsely accuses him is allowed to stay anonymous. Hasn't she commited a crime by lying? That poor guy should sue her for pain and suffering. Can't someone figure out who this 'film star' is so she can at least be named and shamed? Where's TMZ when you need them?
  12. Thanks Warspeech. Yes, I finally was able to connect tonight. Have lost connection almost every time I walk into a room or port to another area. It's super annoying. Folks on wc are joking about the Turbine hamsters dying.
  13. Here are instructions Turbine is giving to their costumers in order to play the game with their fancy new datacenter: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?594790-Port-Forwarding-update-and-changes-Important!&highlight=triggering I'm no expert, but this seems like a lot of hoops for players to jump through to make Turbine's game work properly. It's all rather moot for me since I cannot even log in. Just get a 'Installing Pre-Reqs' message.
  14. Same here, Warspeech. I now have a stack of essence removal scrolls that I can use at my leisure...or sell....or ignore. Of course, it would help if the game was actually playable for me. As it is now, I tend to ride 3-10 virtual feet, freeze, ride another 3-10 virtual feet, freeze again, etc. Turbine never fails to disappoint.
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