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  1. http://mmoreporter.com/2013/09/17/lotro-reporter-presents-a-captain-general-is-going-home/ Layanor interviews long time Lord of the Rings Online player Yand in his five year journey for rank 15 in the Ettenmoors. We talk about opinions on the current moors build, problems in leading, and do you keep playing after getting no more renown.
  2. Chris and I from Lotro Reporter get to tour the instances once again! They even explane some of the waves and boss tactics!
  3. Hi all! Welcome to our first twitter dev chat! Make sure you use the following tags when you ask questions.#LOTRO #DEVCHAT We'll RT your question, and then the answer. Answers will include the initials for the person responding (RH,AC,MZ, etc) #LOTRO #devchat Please keep your questions brief and as close to 1 tweet as possible! #LOTRO #DEVCHAT Today we have Senior Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell, Lead Systems Designer Matt “HoarseDev” Zimmitti,(cntd) #LOTRO #DEVCHAT World Designer Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey,Senior Content Designer Lauren “Budgeford” Salk,(cntd) #LOTRO #DEVCHAT
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