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  1. Well, they'd probably just have this bundle make a return... https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/lord-rings-online-black-friday-deals New Item: Catch-up Boxes for your Legendary Items! In this box you will find the following: 100 Single-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment* 10 Five-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment 5 Ten-tier increase Catch-up Scrolls of Empowerment 25 Catch-up Star-lit Crystals* 10 Elegant Heritage Runes of Legend. These will grant item experience points.*
  2. I don't mind this one too much for being a "regular trailer". An expansion trailer should be better than the "regular trailers" and the Mordor expansion trailer was way worse than this one IMO.
  3. To be honest that trailer is even worse than the old Middle Earth Online trailer: Also dat voice at the end of Mordor trailer...
  4. It probably is the truth. There were/are some serious NPC pathing issues on Bullroarer. About half the mobs I fought required me to stay in melee range or they'd enter anti-exploit mode.
  5. Someone gave this guy a proper bash to the face
  6. Depends on how you look at it. For Captain, I still prefer the +5% incoming healing and BPE traits over 5% extra light damage.The +5% Max morale group buff also seems more useful than the HE one (IIRC +5% damage for a short duration)
  7. They look somewhat different and they have different racial traits, including a +5% light damage which might be handy for minstrels, wardens and captains
  8. Their FAQ is finally showing pictures of the cosmetic armor: https://www.lotro.com/en/u21-FAQ Looks alright IMO, but nothing I can see myself spending an additional 40/90$ on.
  9. So basically the "premium" packs are more expensive than ever before while being more stingy with the fluff stuff than ever before....
  10. As Belechannas already addressed I think OP is wrong in a lot of the cases. This new SWTOR expansion definitely has major flaws like the lack of new PvE+PvP content and terrible balancing but the story is pretty solid considering you only have to subscribe for a month to get access to it. As for Treek and HK-51: They lost some of their moves as the Companions went from 7-8 moves to 5 but a lot of the signature moves are still there. It's really obvious that SWTOR is trying to appeal to new Star Wars movie crowd by making the best parts of the Story a lot more accessible and enjoyable and they have done their job a billion times better than LotrO ever did with the Hobbit trilogy - not that that was any challenge. I can actually see people having a go at the game and enjoying themselves as they play through the story. However, the endgame is a mess and has been so for a very, very long time, so once people have played through the story content the endgame will not really be able to keep them playing.
  11. True but I'd guess that's simply a size increase done to make it easier for the regular noob to see/find it.
  12. First of all, there are simply parts in Tolkiens works that are meant to not really make sense. Bombadil is another example of this. I would suppose the Stone has some actually usefulness, e.g. being a symbol of the Valar and a way for Men to show allegiance/respect to Valinor. Perhaps bringing the stone is a reason they actually made it out of Numenor alive, by bringing the stone it's clear to Eru some Men value the Valar and should be spared. The Stone might also be Isildurs powerbase in terms of being able to bind others to their oaths and consequently curse them if they break said oath. Placing it so far in land could be a means to preserve it. We don't know if it could be crushed by force, but by placing it so far in land they could be pretty sure noone would dig up the stone and throw it into the sea as they might do had it been closer to the sea or a river. The Downfall of Numenor also caused floods, so they knew the Valar/Eru were able to make some serious floods. Keeping the stone far away from the shore and on a hill they could be pretty sure the stone would survive any flood. It could also just be another "See what we can do!" feat alongside all the massive wonders they accomplished in Middle Earth. We don't know the weight of it either, as much as it's a stone it's possibly an overworldly object made by the Valar. If the stone is light enough, it might even be able to float and all they did was put it in a big net and tow it after one of the boats? EDIT: http://forums.theonering.com/viewtopic.php?t=78611 also suggests the Stone of Erech was one of the things that changed a LOT over time and possibly never reached a "finished state" where the object itself actually makes sense.
  13. Yeah Captains were ridiculous for several months after Helms Deep. In tankspec they could get -105% incoming damage with Shield of the Dunedain and a high chance of proccing a 500 heal. To top it off, the cooldown on Shield of the Dunedain drops when hit, so if you had a creep raid on you it would go off cooldown as the duration ended. If you then Shield-brothered e.g. a Burglar, you'd have an insane combo that could take on a 24 creep raid.
  14. Well, getting thrown down the shaft didn't stop the Emperor, so why would it stop this SWTOR fan favorite? https://twitter.com/iamwillgriggs/status/619971117487251456
  15. http://www.swtor.com/blog/operations-and-flashpoints-fallen-empire No new raids in 2015, all current raids scaled up to lvl 65, players can enter from lvl 50 and get their stats bolstered to 65.
  16. Gotta say I disagree on the Vanguard thing. Yeah they removed one of the iconic skills, but the tank spec and the burst DPS spec works extremely well and they're generally in a good place IMO. I'm not sure how the DoT DPS spec stands. I'm 100% sure new players who weren't used to the old Vanguard skills won't be missing them either. The rest is pretty much spot on.
  17. I guess DDO is the prototype (or at least source of the feature) here again? http://ddowiki.com/page/Update_24 , Dec 11 2014:
  18. Quite interesting with the cosmetic weapons even if they monetize it bigtime - though yet again a feature coming several years too late.
  19. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=8255305#edit8255305
  20. ​That too, but just the IP in itself can carry so much of the game. I'd even go as far as to say Star Wars is a stronger gaming IP than LotR - at least now that LotR is done movie wise while Star Wars is stepping up in both movies and TV series.
  21. ​SWTOR is making a big profit, no doubt there. Still, having a profit doesn't infer you have a big development crew. We know there were official layoffs back in 2012 and there's several reviews (e.g. Glassdoor) suggesting there's been additional layoffs since then. Some of the veteran developers + managers left back in 2012, which probably didn't help either. Additionally, a lot of the previous SWTOR staff was moved to the failed Shadow Realms project, and we don't really know what happened to the people affiliated with SR.
  22. ​Turbine initiated the game designs that'd lead to 4v1 games like Evolve
  23. Well, the game is to come out in what, 5 months and they can only give us Pre-Alpha gameplay footage? With luck the game will be Beta by the time they release it, they can't really postpone it much if at all.
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