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  1. A weak joke annoyed you that much? I'm not a doctor, but allow me to prescribe you some
  2. His stated method to help protect women was that they should fight back more and not act like prey. The presumption inherent in that statement is that women who have been raped did not do enough to fight off or discourage their attacker, and thus are at least partially at fault for being raped. That's classic rape apology, as it shifts part of the blame to the victim. "If only she'd done X, Y, or Z, she probably wouldn't have gotten raped." The people criticizing the nail polish are misguided, as I mentioned when you (or whoever) first brought up that story. You'll get no argument from
  3. Not a rape apologist? Here's an article with a partial transcript from one of his videos (i.e., what he says), and the author's response to thunderf00t's points. http://skepchick.org/2013/10/thunderf00t-and-wasps-and-mountain-lions-and-rape/ (tl;dr version: Thunderf00t claims that fewer women would be raped if they'd just channel their inner wasp and fight back against a predator. He should know - he was stalked by a mountain lion once, didn't act like prey, and survived to tell about it! How does this make him a rape apologist? Because he's using the exact same language as actu
  4. What Sith are left at the end of Return of the Jedi? I was under the impression that the Emperor and Vader were the last two, and they both died. I could be wrong, though.
  5. From what I've read, there's already a pretty big retcon in place: the only part of the existing Star Wars universe prior to Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilms that remains canon is the set of the six movies released in theaters (Episodes I-VI). Timothy Zahn books, animated series, video games, other books, etc. - nothing in any of those is considered part of the official lore of the Star Wars universe now. But yeah, not sure how the Force can awaken when it's already awake, but maybe it means that the new movie will introduce a multitude of new force sensitives/users. At the end of epis
  6. One interpretation I've seen of tax deductions says that one entity receiving a deduction creates a slightly larger burden for other taxable entities (it doesn't increase their taxes, of course, but local/state/federal all have budgets which must be met, and collecting less from one person means that person pays less of a share, so everyone else's relative share increases). So if this was indeed a tax deductible item for Turbine, by the interpretation above, the trip was paid for by every other taxable entity with Turbine's locale, meaning that even recently laid off employees may have con
  7. This comment comes to you from 2011 (or earlier).
  8. Thunderf00t, the Holocaust apologist? That's who you're choosing to side with and cite? http://www.gezone.net/en/videos/play/U0ZiOVJRNWFmeFU Thunderf00t, the rape apologist and misogynist? http://somegreybloke.blogspot.com/2013/09/thunderf00t-has-decided-to-talk-about.html Cool source.
  9. Since I'm an American guy, I rarely get the chance to be called a cunt, so thanks!
  10. From Wikipedia: Feminazi Doro is just channeling his inner conservative right winger. Maybe this is why:
  11. Yeah, to me the chat restriction also seems to be what Quinn guesses it is - and it's long overdue/kind of too late. It's the sort of thing that might've been useful when there was a larger population (and thus, presumably a larger population of trolls ducking in-game bans via free accounts). As for legit players... I don't see a three hour chat restriction as all that bad. It sounds like they still have access to local and regional chat channels anyway, so it's not like they're completely prohibited from seeking help from other players, although personally I'd prefer people spend their
  12. I thought Silverangel was referring to this site, but I could be wrong.
  13. In case you didn't check out the link that cossie provided, apparently the makers of the video edited out nearly every single white guy that they filmed. The article cossie linked didn't have one of the quotes that I've seen elsewhere from the filmmakers, though - namely, that there was usually a siren or some other inconvenient (or perhaps convenient?) noise happening when a white guy did the catcalling. The end result, whether or not it was intentional, is that white guys can watch the video and say to themselves, "Look, it's a bunch of black and brown dudes harrassing these women - re
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