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  1. I don't really like any of the doctors after the 6th (Collin Baker), except for the 8th (Paul McGann). if I had to name favourites it would be Peter Davidson (5th), followed by Paul McGann (8th) and finally TomBaker (4th). My least favourites are in order Christopher Eccleston (9th), Peter Capaldi (12th) and Sylvestor McCoy (7th). I absolutely hated Chris Eccleston as the doctor, his character reminded me too much of Will Mellors character (Gaz) in Two Packets of Crisps and a Pint of Lager, Peter Capaldi is just way too serious and melodramatic for me, not a good doctor at all, and Sylvester
  2. Hmn, if it was the case that his numbers were all subs and not just active ones then, how does that work out? Because if it wasn't only active subs then the numbers would be well above 11 million which iirc was the peak figure for total subs.
  3. How to disable P2P updates in Windows 10 First, open the Start Menu and select Settings, then click Updates & Security. Make sure Windows Update is selected in the left-hand navigation pane (it’s the default when you open Updates & Security) and then click Advanced Options in the main pane. You’ll see a lot of options and checkboxes. Peruse them if you’d like, but for today’s task, you’ll want to click on Choose how updates are delivered. Now you're on the page with the options that legislate how Windows 10 handles P2P updates. By default, Windows 10 will both send and receive
  4. To show or hide updates in windows 10 you can download this tool from Microsoft ... http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/2/2/F22D5FDB-59CD-4275-8C95-1BE17BF70B21/wushowhide.diagcab
  5. Dilithium is pretty easy to get if you work for it, I make around 3k+ per character per night (I have 19 characters lol), what gets me that is Doff'ing and Contraband. I have characters that are KFD who I use solely to do duty missions to gain contraband (each night I fly them around each sector and pick up ay disable, destroy, bombard, raid marauder doff missions), I usually rake in +20 contraband on each of them. Using that I get every character I have to do the turn in contraband missions from security officers to get 2k dilithium per 5 contraband and then just let them use all their duty
  6. Yes it can be a bit confusing, there is a lot of different things to do, but you don't have to do them all, that's the great thing about it there's so much I haven't done in the game yet my ship and its setup is still very effective in high end pve, it's one of the things I love about the game, the fact that you're not forced to do everything to be competitive. That plus you can save up dilithium and use the exchange to trade it for zen which you can buy what you want fromt he cash store so you don't need to spend money. As to currencies, yeah there's a lot, but there's a lot of them that you
  7. Star Trek Online (a game which I have a lifetime sub for and pop on every now and again) has just had some great new changes and a few pretty useful adjustments. I'm looking forward to the Armada system, it will be a great boon to my teeny tiny 6 man fleet, and because it seems to reward larger fleets for having smaller fleets join them I don't think there will be any shortage of Armadas to join
  8. No I'm not saying smoking is not a health hazard, there are clearly obvious health hazards, I just don't believe them to be as bad as the government and some doctors say. As to the link to cancer, I used to do a lot of work for a company called Fulcrum Pharma, and one of the things I was told at the time by staff I spoke to is that the link between lung cancer and smoking hasn't been proven, there's a lot of evidence to support it but there's always been other factors involved that could be contributory factors as in your case with the chemicals and the radiation etc. so they cannot be truly
  9. As I said in the quote, I was talking about UK. Or so they tell us, just how much of that is really true.
  10. See, this is something I'm not so sure about, the whole "drain on medical care" line doesn't feel right to me. I've been a heavy smoker for nigh on 40yrs and I have never in that time been to the doctor with any issue related to smoking, and neither have the dozens of friends I have who smoke. Makes me wonder how much of the "known" health issues of smoking is bullshit made up to create an excuse for taxation. The difference is the difference between a criminal act and a civil act, driving regulations (they aren't truly laws) are civil acts of parliament (in the UK that is) which cannot be
  11. Why does this not surprise me in the slightest? Wrath of Hero's (EA's Warhammer MOBA) didn't even make it out of beta
  12. There's quite a few with similar systems already, Blizzard's actually quite slow off the mark with this one.
  13. I fail to see the issue, the hardon collider is the predecessor of the Hardron collider, a smaller version that was designed and installed by Dr Richard Hardon, known to his friends as Dicky
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