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  1. Nope, the cog does nothing for me. I've tried it on a vista machine, a W7 machine, an 8.1 machine and a Mac, in IE11, Chrome and safari.
  2. I see the cog, but it does nothing when I click it.
  3. Whatever you did brought back the recent posts block, but it's broken the button to hide blocks for me on IE11 and Chrome, using Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Safari on MacOS (I checked on lots of different computers).
  4. Make a post on your FB page stating that any post you make is your own business and if any of your friends don't like it then they are welcome to unfriend you. They choose to read your posts, you aren't forcing them to read them, they have no recourse to complain and your bosses have no right to interfere unless you are posting anything that could hurt the business.
  5. Nope. The "-" button doesn't work for me
  6. I'm talking about the laptop one.
  7. Max safe temperature for 5650 is around 92 degrees if I remember correctly so it's getting close, it's very likely something simple like the thermal paste needs replacing and the case needs opening up and cleaning out, is there a computer repair shop near you that could do that if you're not comfortable doing it yourself?
  8. Yeah as I said it was the worst of the films, but it's one f the ones I loved the most because of exactly that, the dialogue seemed to match the characters and the actors so well and they meshed perfectly, but the film as a whole i'll stand by my opinion that it was terrible. It took me years to come to terms with that lol.
  9. Personally I thought Voyage Home was the absolute worst of the Star Trek films (and theirs a huge following of that opinion apparently), however Leonards role in that film was one of the best he has done, such conflicting emotions there. Anyway .. RIP Leonard, You have been and always shall be our friend, live long and prosper on the other side.
  10. What has high profile got to do with it? I never said anything about high profile, high profile means fuck all to this discussion. I said there are so many MMO's out there that the player base as a whole is spread thin, I didn't say high profile games. Five years ago there was maybe 15 or 20 MMO's floating around out there, now there's at least twice that and more are being pushed out every year. I specifically didn't mention high profile for the simple reason that it's the constant stream of low budget low profile games coming out that are saturating the market and causing the player base to spread thin.
  11. and yet I have been able to get and hold down three jobs at the same time over the last 2 years (paying off some debts) and for the last 24 years I've remained employed with almost no gap between jobs, finding new jobs with almost no effort at all when the previous one went tits up, with almost no qualifications because I couldn't be bothered at school. I must be leading a blessed life
  12. Having to do 30 hours a week at £1.67 an hour would certainly get me off my arse and looking for a real job. But then again I have been working since I left school at 16 and only ever been out of work for about two weeks between jobs during which I didn't claim benefits.
  13. I don't think so, might have been, not sure.
  14. To be honest I prefer it without, it doesn't interfere with my OCPD as much this way, whenever I see that box with new posts in it I had to click the post just to show it as read whether I was interested in the topic or the forum section it was from or not. Now new posts aren't so visible and I can hide the sections I don't read
  15. Latest Humble bundle is a Square Enix bundle .. Hitman: Absolution Hitman GO (android game) Supreme Commander 2 For whatever you want to pay, or pay $5.76 or more to get that and ... Thief Murdered: Soul Suspect Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Directors Cut More to come Or pay $15 to also get Tomb Raider Sleeping Dogs http://humblebundle.com
  16. I think it's a matter of semantics here. Yes games slowly die because they bleed players, that's pretty much a given, but no I don't think there's a decline in the number of mmo gamers everall, I think they just don't stick to games like they used to and switch games a lot. e.g Say there's 100 mmo players and 4 games, each have an equal market share, making their individual playerbase 25 each. Along comes a new game, some people shift to the new game from the other games, so now you have a spread of say 24, 16, 19, 21, 20. another new game comes out things shift again and you end up with say 19, 9, 15, 18, 16 and 23. And so on. Obviously other variables exist but it's just a simple basic example. What we have in my opinion is market saturation, there are more games than the amount of players can handle at once, what makes it worse is there's more games being made than being closed down because most games are run right down into the ground to get every last penny out of them and are to be frank being kept alive far too long for the market to balance out. As I say, I believe that the number of players as a whole across all games isn't dropping, it's just that there's so many games out there they're spreading thin. Another thing I've noticed, not really related to this but it popped into my head, back when mmo's first came out I remember all the numbers being spouted and something I find funny is that back in the day 50k players was a pretty good playerbase and 100k was amazingly good, games like UO, EQ, SWG and DAOC (all but one of which are still running today) ran for years very healthily with less, then along came WoW and suddenly people think a game's not sustainable without millions of players, my how times change.
  17. Not sure if anyone else has a problem, but quotes don't work with the wysiwyg editor for me either, clicking the quote button just sends me to a blank editor when it's in wysywig mode, but when it's in text mode it works fine.
  18. Nope, still not working
  19. Still can't copy/paste in wysiwyg mode on IE 11 for me, have to switch to text mode to paste
  20. I agree. However, although I agree many games have low populations, you just have to look at some of the mmo's that are still running despite supposed low populations, i think the biggest issue for mmo's at the moment is the sheer number of them which is spreading the playerbase thin more than anything. I don't think the general player base as a whole has reduced, but there are more and more mmo's saturating the market and only a finite number of people who would play them. F2P doesn't help this, whether people like it or not F2P is very popular, otherwise so many companies wouldn't be adopting it, and with so many going F2P people aren't dedicating themselves to single mmo as much as they were before, jumping from game to game, meaning apart from one or two exceptions no one mmo has a large market share.
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