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  1. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    I'm sorry, but is someone able to explain to me how the healing and damaging sides work. When can you switch from one to another, is one active until you switch or do you have to keep selecting e.g. if you wanted to be a healer.
  2. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    Fantastic, thanks. Now to decide whether it's worth 795 TPs...
  3. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    Is there a 'loading time' for ceaseless argument to be used? (the blue loading bar)
  4. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    That's such a disappointment! I was so hoping for a magical ranged auto attack. And yes, I'd much rather strike enemies with a stick than a small piece of stone like a thug!
  5. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    Thanks, I always choose a mage character or equvilent. I was a little disappointed when I found out that the Lore Master, which looked like they wielded a staff turned out to be nothing more than a wooden stick, only capable of melee attacks. I did mean the auto attack, sorry. Thanks Doro.
  6. alexanderfc

    Basic Attack?

    What is the basic attack for this class? Ranged? Melee? e.g. Hunter will use a ranged attack and swtich to melee if target is at close range. I prefer those that have a ranged attack and don't want to fork out the TPs if I don't like this class. Thanks!