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  1. Abeer

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Wife and I both got invites for the Beta weekend Jan 10th-12th
  2. Abeer

    29 hobbits..... Sapience on livestream

    He is doing the same with the Extra Life campaign as happened in 2012, family illness etc, people not getting what they were promised. He ended up skulking away and sending messages on twitter for others to post on the lotro forums. As I posted in 2012, in the extra life thread, it was more about his ego than sick kids. Eventually Victorie in accounts had to grab the reigns and rescue the bastard. I donated last year but his total ignorance shown then ensured that I would not donate through him again. Turbine must be really proud to have a piece of shit like that representing them for a charity event.
  3. Abeer

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas people
  4. Maybe this will help if your trying an older machine, a blast from the past http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/technical-assistance-forum-737/163401-compilation-performance-advice.html
  5. Abeer

    It's just damned depressing....

    If you look at a lot of posts on this forum its players attachment to their kinmates that is keeping them in-game. It's sad that Turbine totally ignores kinship's, if there were a revamp I suspect that there would have been more players in-game. Knowing how Turbine operates, if they ever do a revamp it will cost TP to start a kin and TP to join.
  6. Kate Piaz couldn't even produce her own letter, look at the last line "edited by sap". More fluff and bullshit incoming, she needs to crawl back from whence she came. The official forums have many threads about raiders/instances etc and all have been totally ignored, but, the player council as its called get a pat on the back for their suggestions.
  7. For me, levelling to 50 through Bree the Lone-lands, Trollshaws, Forochel etc was more enjoyable than the journey after that. I would happily level a character to 50 then get a boost to 80.
  8. Abeer

    Sport. Love it or loathe it?

    Pocket billiards FTW
  9. Abeer

    Funny Scam Call

    We get those calls usually a female chinese accent telling us we have a virus on the computer. I'm 63 so have no problem with my gruff voice asking them what a computer is
  10. Abeer

    Interesting Thread

    Looks like he has crawled into work, the passport thread is now deleted.
  11. Abeer

    Update madness

    You need a
  12. Abeer

    Server Full.. Really?

    just logged into Evernight.
  13. Abeer

    Interesting Thread

    He he, from the passport thread........... https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?533138-We-offer-only-original-high-quality-real-and-fake-passports-driver-s-licenses-ID-cards-stamps-Visa-school quote...................."mention the fukking dickwad community manager's name and the thread would've auto-vanished, right Sapience?".............unquote The guys 2nd post, don't think he'll get a 3rd.
  14. Abeer

    Server Full.. Really?

    Tried to log one of my toons onto Evernight and got the same message.