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  1. Today's maintenance is still going strong after 19 hours. Here's some rage
  2. Free alternatives to iTunes You can't copy paste but you can drag and drop through software. Mediamonkey and Songbird are good.
  3. My go to game is Smite. I don't bother playing GW2's PvP anymore cuz Smite is much more fun. First person MOBA feels like an MMO anyways. I used to play RIFT but haven't touched it for 6 months. They have deleted my characters and progress 4 times over 2 years. Each time I took a break for 3-4 months, my server was closed/merged and characters were deleted. I had a lvl 42 warrior and 7 mounts. Support team never helped me. They only offered to give me xp boosts but I told them to go fuck themselves. GTA 5 is also really fun.
  4. Too little too fucking late. My friends left after Rohan launch. I still have the game installed for the occasional nostalgic lvl 1-65 play and also testing on Bullroarer but they don't even remember their skills anymore. Lotro is buried in dirt and never coming back. Thanks for great memories up until 2012 but that was a long time ago. Time to move on... It's not even about being old. I still play very old games from 1995 to 2005. They practically killed the game with all the stupid changes. It's unrecognizable.
  5. Lol I love this guy. I would gladly work a part-time job with him.
  6. Cool story. I like Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast the best. Nothing beats playing Kyle Katarn.
  7. No one cares. GW2 has lost its sparkle a long time ago. Corner spamming in PvE and little whiny kids in PvP made me and my friends roll our eyes and leave. Skyrim and even lvl 1-65 Lotro is miles ahead of GW2 in terms of fun. No one I know who plays GW2 is even slightly interested in their announcement. It's just not an interesting game.
  8. I don't think that game will ever release. Just take a look at their forums, it's so sad...
  9. I was gonna go into that thread and tell him he hasn't seen shit... 1 year ago was when the rapid decline has started. He probably liked the solo content which is really good until after Moria but he doesn't know the good old days when Lotro was an mmo. I didn't bother replying though, too much of a headache. A lot of people like him and his wife sink absurd amount of money into this shitty game which gives Sapience permission to be cocky and ignorant. They milk good money still and will never change a thing. Sapience and his voodoo fanboys will continue with " I've been hearing game is dying threads for 7 years now " bullshit. The game is so empty now it's embarrassing. New players can't even do festival games because of the ghost town situation. Well, it suits them I guess. I moved on a long time ago and don't give a shit anymore. Just a small sigh.
  10. New players can't have the perspective of oldies, even it's just a 1 year old game. I started when it first launched and it was more awesome than it is now. But back then, Lotro's lvl 75 endgame was amazing and I didn't get into GW2. After Rohan launched, I started playing more and more GW2 and had tons of fun. But the game feels significantly empty now. Sure, I have no problem finding groups for dungeons but I would never go back to leveling again. I used instant lvl 20 scroll but even then, got bored and left a new char at lvl 22.
  11. And what is your experience lvl with gw2? How many chars do you have? How long have you been playing endgame? When did you start etc?
  12. It's a decent game but this is a bit over the top. They messed up lots of stuff when they didn't even reach 1 year cap. Introducing champ zergs is one of them. I've seen a lot of people leave, guilds shrink, new players never play again after reaching lvl cap etc... People are complaining about most zones being empty, except starter and champ zerg zones. Lots of people don't do their personal story because they are -and i agree- very boring. They don't wanna level from questing anymore, I'm seeing more and more people lvling from wvw and dungeon switching. A guy was begging to a tough group leader to switch at the end. His alt was lvl 5, which ended up getting kicked at the end. I don't think he will recover soon I leveled 2 of my 4 lvl cap characters from dungeon switching (last 30 levels) and my main, warrior to cap in 32 hours (last 50 lvls).. I don't regret it one bit. Going to dungeons with warrior is the only thing keeping me atm. GW2 has a good endgame. However, compared to Lotro's first year, GW2 lacks soul, purpose and replayability. Too bad Lotro is never coming back.
  13. I guess they will have to throw a new rushed IC in spring and charge like 1500 tps.
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