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  1. By far the best thing i've read, i'd give you rep if i could along with every other raider in Lotro. Lob
  2. Except store items can't be sold for in game currency. Lob
  3. Suspect it'll be encrypted so 3 things can happen. They login into the forum and post something using your account - raise ticket, GM deletes. They login in game and delete your toon - raise ticket, GM gives it back. They log into your account and change your password, raise ticket.... Somebody, somewhere in Turbine would of signed this risk off and they'll take accountability for it. If the individual is dumb enough to use open wi fi for anything they consider to be sensitive then its down to them. Its certainly an issue, but obviously not paramount importance for Turbine. Communication around what their doing each week is annoying though, bad or good it'd be nice to know. Lob
  4. Surely confidential data sits on a secure server? Lob Individual selects to use an open wi fi don't they? typically the risks of this are highlighted? Lob
  5. I've read the majority, like Yelk (Leader of Shock & Awe) has pointed out their casual at best. Some have barely seen much of the last 3 multi boss raids, i appreciate their effort to help but its not what the community is looking for. Turbine will be bound by law to Penetration test there site and maintain certain standards of security, ultimately nothing is impenetrable. More security often brings more limitation to what the site can offer. I agree content, extends past raids... but given some much of the content is recycled at the moment if it came down to new area / instances etc vs kinship revamp when the developers priorities were being decided i'd hope they'd go for the area/instances. Anyway we could debate this till the cows come home, good luck with your goals I certainly hope they listen to the performance issues. Lob
  6. As i said it wasn't a dig, i've been on the server for 6 years and i've never come across any of you and i know a broad spectrum of players from many kinships. Since you picked out the elected part and i thought someone might after i wrote it, your right it does mean "to be elected through the form of a vote" but it can also mean "Opt for or choose to do something" which you have. I'm yet to see a Hardcore Raider in the list, i can see there will be decent support for the PVMP community but so far the Raiding side doesn't look good with people coming forward with little experience. I agree Performance of the servers is poor, however i don't seen the mileage in Security (being down to the individual) and Kinship revamp, whilst its a nice idea i'd prefer new content. Lob
  7. Not sure if this is the right place but when will you know or who will be representing the "Raiders" of Lotro? Rather than QQ'ing about it any further who can I/we work with to get our concerns raised? Regardless of peoples opinions we form a good percentage of the player base and have done for some time and whilst i appreciate everyone has to be catered for, the raiders have had a raw deal for sometime content wise, recycled content isn't new content. Majority of the back lash is from Raiders/PVMP and main reason, which ever way you want to argue this are the 2 areas that have had the least amount of focus and all be it when it has been given focus they've screwed it up... Removal of Locks. T1 dropping FA symbols. Out Post Buffs. Unbalanced Freep/Creeps. List goes on... I don't mean this as a dig, but i don't know any of the elected people on Snowy even though i've been on the server for 6 years and i've not been active on any other. Lob
  8. The issue you have is all of "variety" is old, Helegrod for example is 5 years old and its classed as our current "end game content".... we must be on our 3rd/4th stint of grinding GB for X.... Speaking for myself i've done the above to death, on level and scaled and i don't want to keep repeating something that is effectively a face roll now...Lonely mountain has been disappointing, Smaug T2C - whilst its a nice mechanic its too easy, Flight T2C is bugged or broken and Battle for Erebor T2C has been the best of the 3.... and the fact FA symbols and gold items dropped in T1 from the off was an epic fail... The multi boss raids have all been brilliant on level despite there initial teething problems, but the recent content has been the biggest let down for me... This sentiment is shared amongst my kin members Doro if that helps you in anyway. Personally, before i purchase HD, i'd like to see a new Multi Boss Raid (Rift, DN, OD, ToO style) with locks and lag fixed. Hydo sends his love by the way Lob
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