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  1. -pops in- Ideally, that could work. Maybe they can "look the other way", so to speak. Especially if the so-called Naming Police keeps flooding support. Kinda remind me of the kids in grade school who would try to suck up to the teacher and report anything they didn't like to the principal. Personally, I see these reports gradually disappearing. Officially, the players will assume that the rules were enforced and the "trouble-makers" were banished to another server. Unofficially, of course, nothing really happened.
  2. Won't someone PLEASE think of the Heydts...I mean children?!?
  3. Cadbury

    Dr Who

    My first exposure to Dr Who was when the Peter Davison and Colin Baker episodes played on my local PBS affiliate way back in the early 90's. I'm an odd sort of Who fan, since I actually liked the US Dr Who movie and thought Christopher Eccleston was great. Never did care for any of the Nu Who compaions until Amy Pond came along, although Donna was ok. I like Peter Capaldi. He brings a certain air of sophistication and arrogance. Kinda reminds me of Colin Baker a bit. I'm sad that know a few former fans who stopped watching because they thought Peter was "too old and mean" to play The Doctor :(
  4. I had completely forgotten about the whole merge thing going on in lotro. It wasn't until I saw an email in my spam box that I remembered. Good advice and my condolences go out to those among the soon-to-be closed worlds :(
  5. I'm both sad and amused by the fact that there is a petition going around to try and "save" IC. Worked so well for City of Heroes............
  6. ​Same here. The trailer seemed to pull alot from Fallout 3, even the music. Hell, the Skyrim teaser was more impressive than this. ​Ewwwww........I mean, I still like my 360/ps3 but, come on. It's bad enough developers are flooding the current gen market with remakes/remasters of last gen titles
  7. Just do what I do and go back to console gaming. Saves me alot of future headaches.
  8. ROFLMAO I was gonna be nice and say he's still in the Shire, forever failing at delivering pies
  9. Aww they're messing with my Self Motivation CD legacy. Not cool
  10. I'd rather keep the books seperate from the movies and the game tbh. I don't want either one tainting my experience of reading them for the first time waaaaaay back in middle school. I don't know if people would be playing LOTRO now if they didn't have any prior experience with the book or movie. On its own, I don't think it can compare to more established MMO's like wow. I honestly wonder how many hang on simply because it's Tolkien
  11. Maybe its the fact that they seem to monoplize every event on Landy (and boy, do they tell you about it) or their...less than ethical practices in the past (Weatherstock 2014 being a prime example) is the reason why I was told to avoid LMB when I first joined the server. I'm not surprised someone called them Landy's Mafia once
  12. Those are all my trigger words and safe words, oddly enough.
  13. Aww damnit, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and buy the rest of the expansions from RoR onward, huh? The inbuement stuff sounds actually interesting.
  14. This I think I read about the first 3 pages then my eyes started to glaze over... Not even wild horses could drag me into the moors, but gg to those that pay to play.
  15. Bloodborne is hard, yo.

  16. Now Playing: The Order 1886 (PS4), Dying Light (PS4)

  17. I've been a fan of the Souls series (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1&2), so when I found out Hidetaka Miyazaki was doing another game for the PS4, I was all over that They're definately not for everone, though.
  18. Sounds like a furry thing. Or is that what all the cool kids are doing nowadays
  19. Final Fantasy characters are well-known for their manliness
  20. Now playing: The Evil Within (PS4), Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)

  21. The game is already easy enough, so any new class is gonna feel OP anyway. I am curious to hear from the lvl 100 beornings how it plays in the moors.
  22. I figured they'd make a change to /world eventually based on the supposed increase to trolling after its implementation. I assumed it would be the like other f2p mmos and prevent you from using global till level 10 or something. Guess they decided a 3 hour lockout would suffice. I doubt this would this be an improvement as those who are trolling are mainly using their alts. Plus, with mutiboxing being a thing, how hard would it be to fire up a new character and let him sit a few hours before you spam bomb?
  23. Maybe the event wasn't as big as they hoped it would be and there was less of a turnout. Or maybe it was just a boring corporate meeting with nothing happening. If anything, I believe it was Sap who hyped up the PC meet-and-greet more, so maybe Frelorn is taking a more passive approach. In any case, it probably was as excitng as watching paint dry. I'll stick to my local faculty meetings tyvm
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WWp67DsTk4
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