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  1. I think I was banned 3 times? Lets just say, it got to a point where I enjoyed making Sapience look stupid more than actually posting on the forums.
  2. And that's pretty huge. I played WoW for 6 months or so this last year and from PvP to Dungeon/Leveling, it was laughably easy. But, I do think that WoW is pretty intuitive, which is a huge plus for the Devs and how they've designed things. Crafting makes sense, combat makes sense, dungeon work makes sense. For the most part, they focus on the trifecta and for me, that's really important. I still think their PvP is broken.
  3. I think the most telling is that the threads on the Gen Disc. opening page are from 3 days ago...
  4. Oh shit, the LoTR school club is MAD. Bronies coming for you next.
  5. Watching this downfall is so amazing. I spent a good 4.5/6 (?) years loving this game and everything it provided. Watching how they treated players with the implementation and post F2P, seeing all these assholes at Turbine left with nothing but mockery is what they deserve.
  6. They might have implemented WoW's realm merge to avoid "server" merges.
  7. Poor poor LoTRO players. I really think it's time to give up the game and let someone re-develop it.
  8. Every time I load up this forum, I just wait for a thread that says, LoTRO IS OVER!
  9. They can still operate the game without an extension of the license? Yes? If so, that's what this looks like to me.
  10. What kind of nonsense? I've known 4 Female LoTRO players, not surprisingly, all 4 were minis. 3 of which were considered some of the best PvP Minstrels in the game and 2 of which were also two of the best PvE Minstrels in the game during Firefoot's heyday. The fourth was...well, it was Alzeria and if you know Alzeria, there isn't much else to say other than she was called The Mistress of Pestilence.
  11. I think it's hilarious and a true troll would do it.
  12. M<UAHAHAHAMAUAHBAMAUAHOAMA. Sapience, come at me broski. Wipe off that corner mouth spittlefroth first, though. Watching this trainwreck has been more pleasurable than raping single-targets with a Burg Squad.
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