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  1. Thanks MP ! SSG has done a great job with Lake-town, gotta give credit to them. I echo Woeg's thoughts and wonder if this will be more of a light-gear grind / more about the casual experience + cosmetics, whereas Mordor was more keyed for the hardcore.
  2. After being too-busy-for-MMOs in RL recently, I've decided to dust off my L105s and dink around in Ithilien (seeing as I have not finished the epic quest line yet). On the official forum side of things however, I am currently walking a very fine line with our dear Cordovan with one infraction to my name, the payment I receive for calling out the trolls on that forum.
  3. I live in one of the biggest "lefty" nations out there, Canada, and I can tell you, Trump would be a big improvement over what we have here. All Trudeau is good for is having selfies taken of himself. Coming from the land of moron, do-nothing politicians (Canada), I can safely say that you have a winner in Trump. He's not just a self-loving dirtbag, he's a man of action, and I do believe he will clean shit up in Washington and get things done for Americans. He's not going to start any wars, that is horseshit fear-mongering lies propagated from the American left. Buckle up for a lot of civil unrest for the next while. The globalist puppeteers are having the time of their lives right now ...
  4. No interest in FF, whatsoever. I cannot stand to look at that anime style art. And really - what the hell is a "chocobo" ? It's like a bird that you ride like a horse. I could not ever play a game where my fantasy hero/heroine goes around riding a bloody bird
  5. I played quite a bit of TSW, but I found it too dark and steeped in the occult. I am Christian and it went against a lot of what my personal faith stood for. "colour", "armour" -- the proper British way, my good chap. ;-)
  6. I will definitely not pay MC for housing. As it is, I barely use my current house.
  7. You really have hit the nail on the head, Doro. Pretty much the only MMOs I have seen that have anything resembling "excellent graphics" would be perhaps screenshots of Pantheon, and it is currently in development (due out sometime next year) Everything else is either too "Asian", is too cartoon-like (see Wow or Wildstar), or is just too outdated (see LOTRO, among others)
  8. First of all, I'm not American, and second of all my aversion to anime is a PERSONAL thing. So don't get your panties in twist. I do agree - from what I have heard FF XIV is a fantastic MMO, but I could never play it because of the art style (not to mention the archaic account management mechanics), just not my cup of tea.
  9. Beautiful video and graphics .... I am just not a fan of that Asian style though
  10. It has to be the North Downs. The only reasons I have ever gone through there were for the main epic quest line or for grinding traits. The western half is pretty much covered off from level content in the Lone-lands, and the eastern half is pretty much covered off from Evendim content, easily. The entire zone itself is a bit of a dud if you ask me. It needs a lot more relevance and a revamp would really help.
  11. Does anyone have the lowdown on the current lineup of EQ2 servers ? i.e. which one(s) are best for RP, which one(s) have the highest pop, etc. etc.
  12. When I find that one particular game that I want to play, I usually commit to an annual subscription rate as it saves me money in the long run. Oh, I checked out WoW, and could not get past the cartoon-like graphics and horribly done character models. I just could not take the game seriously at all. Not to mention the game seemed like a mindless grind. It was quickly uninstalled from my box. No offence intended, of course.
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