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  1. Hi. Check your DNS settings on your PC. Use Google's if need be... ie or The lotro.com is definitely up at present. Let us know how you get on.
  2. Take care and all the best. I wish you as much happiness and comfort as possible and enjoy life to the full!
  3. Whilst I do not wish to defend the game from memory; I myself have recently returned. Yes NI dailies are repetitive, but you are misleading if you intimate that that is all to do in game. The game is what it is... casual and fit for a more laidback audience these days, but there are a lot worse options out there. The LI grind is not bad at all considering titles available. Have you played Archeage?
  4. Errrrr... RNG... no thanks. Have had enough of that tripe.
  5. Hehe you should see Trions handling of Archeage in the Western world as publisher mate. Makes Turbine looks like saints.
  6. I don't find the reasoning(if this is the case) behind potential removal unfair at all. To me it would be common sense to have a player on a specific focus group of a SPECIFIC game system to at the very least have full access to that entire game mode for the duration if their tenure. It is/was/will be the potential player council members responsibility to ensure they have access to this system for their term. At least that would be my thinking - but I am frequently mistaken ;-) I'm thinking there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps someday we will know hehe.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that dude saying he was on the (PVMP) Player Council, and as such it would make sense for him to have to be subscribed to "reliably" play all aspects of that game mode? Especially when giving it came to giving current feedback to the powers that be?
  8. I'm with Doro on this one. Too many of those shit boxes ticked. Meh, I'll pass.
  9. Thanks for the mini review. I'll deffo go watch this.
  10. I must've been lucky. I got all my toons and shared storage etc migrated in that small window. Took total of 15mins from start to finish, and had to try log in multiple times om new server. All in all I was pleasantly surprised. Hope you get it sorted soon though.
  11. Ooo, naughty boy! *Hat on* Suppose it isn't beyond the realms of speculation that Turbine could be closed by WB, and a different subsidiary take over? *Tin foil hat off*
  12. How have you found Edge whilst using certain secure sites such as banking etc Ele? Has it been able to display correctly?
  13. Update on my surface was smooth and straightforward. I don't believe you have much to fear. Go for it.
  14. TaffyIX


    Apparently some of the AA viewiers went a tad ballistic after seeing Celestrata and her 'uniqueness' in her first Twitch stream. Hehe, suppose Trion could've done a lot worse with their choice of CM. Agree with you guys WRT the AA forums... makes the old Turbine/LOTRO boards seem rather placid in nature.
  15. TaffyIX


    ​On which server do you play on chap? I'm on Nui, and hence am one of the unlucky sods that faces 'evolution' Like you, I do tend to avoid the end-game gear chase, and have a blast exploring the various aspects this game provides; all the time mindful of the potential cash-grabs that these SOB's are trying to pull.
  16. TaffyIX


    Gave me a good chuckle
  17. ​Pray tell? On second nah... why bother... this title isn't relevant anymore - perhaps it never was.
  18. I suppose it makes logistical sense to host LOTRO on this 'new' Datacenter cluster in Europe... so from a business point of view(WB's???) - yes it does make sense and would be a valid reason. Meh. Why do you guys care about this so much anyways? Most of you just bitch about this game these days - move on!
  19. Of course you wouldn't have The latency when playing on US Servers from Europe is fine... Fuxake,I played on Brandywine for 3 years(live in England btw) and latency NEVER was a problem. You're not playing Battlefield(x) or Counter Strike here... you're playing an archaic MMO that's code is creaking at the seams. Latency is the least of your worries. Mountain out of a molehill indeed.
  20. I've been enjoying Archeage recently. Give it a whirl someone, you may be pleasantly surprised (Just avoid NA Servers as they appear to be infested with Gold Spammers)
  21. Well... LOL Not much more to say really.
  22. I didn't have too much trouble running it in dx10, even on a 5yr old pc. If you're based in NA friendly time zones, I'd play on either Brandywine or Landroval. If in EU, I'd go Snowbourn.
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