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  1. And I thought WoW's Ghostcrawler was an asshole. Seeing this is just appalling. And quite frankly I am definitely glad I'm never returning to Turbine's games anytime soon. Especially given their games run on old software that the new OS's don't much care for. Banning an entire site for 1 or 2 people breaking an NDA, that is uncalled for scorched earth behavior. Turbine, much like Blizzard, are on their way out. They are ticking off too many players to remain viable in the mmo market. Me, I will be over here in Final Fantasy XIV where the developers and cm's treat their players like fellow
  2. I am one of the players who owns a kinship house, and even a deluxe house and has 3 dummy accounts for 3 standard houses for alts from when I played. I tried returning to the game. What I found when I came back with a better computer than when I left, was extreme performance issues that were not there when I left. By this I mean I could run along the road on my mount, and see the server warp me backwards as I traveled because apparently it can't keep up with my system or connection. I had also found I had been banned from the official forums without reason since the year I left (And they unban
  3. I found just a company. Square Enix. Their Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn comes out the 27th. Their developers will be playing on the same servers their customers are and they have outstanding communication with their customers. Yoshi declared if it ever came down to taking it F2P, he'd sooner see it shut down. And just from what I've experienced in Beta Phase 3 and 4, the game is very polished now. Early access for preorder people begins the 24th on to launch day.
  4. There's been a whole slew of new information released with a Q&A. Here's some of the goodies: Q: Will we ever be able to transfer item/gil between characters on the same account and World? A: We currently have no plans to implement this feature do to various reason such as preventing RMT from abusing the feature. Q: What features will we be able to change in the barber shop? A: You will be able to change your character’s hairstyle, hair color, eye color, face paint, color of the face paint, and beard. We currently plan to release the barber shop feature in patch 2.
  5. If anything I can see the stay on the buy-out happening. And in order to put forth another deal, all the stockholders this time around be given equal opportunity. Either way, Kotick got caught and I suspect regardless, Kotick's position in AB will be weakened in some form. He most likely was buying it just to sell it himself to line his own pockets, and he got caught. Either way, I don't think the current deal will happen.
  6. Yeah, and we know for a fact Bobby Kotick hates gaming altogether. He most likely just wants to buy the company to sell it off himself and get rich. Either way, Blizzard is losing.
  7. Well seems there's just no safety for Activision-Blizzard. A shareholder is now suing them: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/126568-Unhappy-Shareholder-Sues-Activision-Over-Vivendi-Buyback
  8. Turbine wont refund. However, if you definitely want a refund and not going to play again, I suggest contacting your bank where the funds were drawn from and see about getting the charge reversed.
  9. Oh that's easy. It was actually an RP moment. My kinship was riding up the path out of Rivendell into Trollshaws, horseback. I /wave 'ed at a guild member and he put himself on auto walk as he started typing away and wasn't watching where he was going. Right off the cliff he went. I laughed and was all "How about that. A female character waves at him and he dives off a cliff for her!" Entire kinship busted out laughing at his misadventure XD
  10. Okay going just by the official subscription loss data which I googled and compiled for World of Warcraft: 2010 Q4 - 12 million subscribers. 2011 Q1 - 11.4 million subscribers, loss of 600k subscribers 2011 Q2 - 11.1 million subscribers, loss of 300k subscribers 2011 Q3 - 10.3 million subscribers, loss of 800k subscribers 2011 Q4 - 10.2 million subscribers, loss of 100k subscribers 2012 Q1 - 10.2 million subscribers, no loss 2012 Q2 - 9.1 million subscribers, loss of 1.1 million subscribers 2012 Q3 - 10.2 million subscribers, gained of 1.1 million subscribers 2012 Q4 - 9.6
  11. I dunno, being back down to The Burning Crusade subscription numbers (7.7 Million down from 12 million, that's 4.3 million loss since 2010) AND Vivendi leaving you with a debt that is so high that other MMO companies closed down from having smaller debts than that... long term? I am predicting by Q4 subscription numbers will fall another 2 million bringing them to 5 million total subs at the end of the year. And with their funds basically gone, there's no way to develop another expansion for WoW under those circumstances. So with no expansion, and the fact that people are greatly unhappy with
  12. well check it out: In september they will have $1.4 billion debt. That is a massive amount, and especially with the fact that they lost a huge amount of players, one could say the end for Blizzard is within sight now. Other game companies that had less debt than Activision Blizzard shut down from their debts.
  13. Somehow, I suspect Kotick only says that to try and damage control the western players leaving. Because if it really was just the asian market, then why not release subscription data for both east and west to back up "it's mostly asians leaving". Also the cash shop isn't doing too well amongst the community there. Went to peak at their official general forums last night and there was a pretty big thread about how dungeon/raid groups were vote kicking anyone wearing the cash shop helmets. There's a strong boycott going on against their cash shop, and I can't blame them. If you are going to have
  14. I suspect Vivendi has been watching what has been going on with Activision-Blizzard, and their behavior towards their players. And the fact that they are losing subscriptions at such a massive rate right now, my original estimate was giving Blizzard 3 more years of World of Warcraft. I do believe they were indeed padding numbers to their shareholders, and Vivendi probably figured that out and decided the corruption is too great, and the reputation of AB has gotten to the point it is better to pull the plug, via yanking their funding out of AB. My new prediction, and talking to friends last nig
  15. Well Phase 4 is supposed to be starting soon, and it is supposed to finalize servers. Many of us RPers have given feedback that we'd like at least 1 server to have the RP tag. If no server gets the tag, well we've decided 2 servers for RPers. 1 legacy server and 1 new server for those who want to start a brand new unofficial RP community. If you are an RPer or curious where the RP community is thinking of going check out: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/ Great place for information too
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