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  1. LasraelLarson

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/re9Xp6cdkro/ unfortunately, i do not know a way to get bitchute to play or load the vlog directly into the post... but this is definitely worth a watch! Google has skirted its actual obligations globally by avoiding taxes in many countries all the while continuing to extend its strangle hold. it is time to pull Googles plug. EDIT: i wonder if vimoo will work? aha victory!
  2. LasraelLarson

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    World of Warcraft was the first industry Behemoth that managed at its peak 14 million if i recall & got the MMO market a buzz. then League of Legends shifted the market focus to MOBA's in 2012 with the 32 million number. the latest claim for 2019 is 80 million, but it is largely hot air. in 2014 the game plateaued out at around 7.5 - 8 million concurrency. it hasn't really past that benchmark since 2014, so the 80 million number is right next door to meaningless. since 2014 LoL has managed to mostly sustain (plateau) its active player-base. then in May 2017 PUBG initially, then Fortnite stealing the thunder from... shifted the market again to BattleRoyale types. in short order Fortnite hit the 250 million mark. more importantly the concurrency numbers pass 8 million with the peak at 10.7 million during... the fucking marshemello event ... don't spend too much time looking that up, you can thank me for advising the dodge. so each market shift is because of the orders of magnitude larger the eyes drawn to these games. at least from an investor perspective anyway. which drives development. doesn't help that industry shifted from running a 3 hour instance based 10% on gear and 90% on mechanical knowledge in play... too... 3 hours of grinding for one stat piece to pass a gear check gated mechanism, to acquire a second piece that allows to run content allowing you to acquire the 3rd stat piece, that will allow you to run that final raid that requires 90% stats to pass the gate of combat that is essentially the exact same thing, for decades now. >.> the shear volume of added treadmills has worn the patience thin of many. that said, it is true the responsibilities of adulthood make 8 - 12 hour daily gaming sessions unrealistic. so many factors. but games that you can jump right into and practice mechanics up front are going to easily steal the thunder. the upgrades tend to happen after you have jumped on board and DURING the actual play session. you find weapon in the actual instance to use on Boss. other players, etc. some games even make you pay for it in loot-crate drops. sketchy as fuck, but there is that too.
  3. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    haven't seen the festival stuff yet. so is 100 VXP the standard for festival quests? do the wrappers have more? festival instances? regardless, if it is repeatable fest after fest, over a long time, that could make up the difference, though every cap raise will push that timeline further down the track. Jacob "QuarterMasterU" Lee started at Turbine on DDO in October 2011, added Lotro in May 2014, transitioned too SSG and left the latter company in October 2017. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobdlee/ Johnny "SSG RedPanda" Liu started at Turbine as a QA in July 2014 and left in May 2017. SSG rehired him in May 2018. https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnny-liu/ the "Hats" aka "Titles" they wore may have different names, functionally, they were both "marketing."
  4. LasraelLarson

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    i may have been using PvP, or WvW as criteria in searches, could explain not finding... those examples remind me a little of the GW2 world boss fights: only difference is FFXIV seems to be instanced rather than open world.
  5. LasraelLarson

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    ah well that explains why i can never find large player battles in FFXIV. i look for that type of thing to judge engine performance, as syncing issues and the underlying tech structure gets highlighted positively, or negatively in that kind of a situation like nothing else, IMO. ah OK that is significant. my links include those additions that happened 2 months ago in April of this year. would also explain all the availability on those 2 server hubs, "Light (EU)" & "Crystal (NA)." this addition is anticipatory (a positive if there is a big increase in players, especially if it lasts months beyond release) rather than reactionary, like in the case of ESO: so if the player-base does increase for FFXIV, having the capacity in place is a good way to keep players from saying screw this mess, i am leaving. they will find out soon enough as the expansion launches before June expires. the move is anticipatory, rather than reactionary. i do like to see the capacity in place BEFORE the demand occurs. just how long that capacity will be needed is another thing altogether. you shouldn't have to wait too long to find out one way or the other. end of July at the longest.
  6. LasraelLarson

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    the EU cluster is still the smallest with only 2 "Hubs" of clustered servers, Chaos & Light. NA has 3 clusters, as well as Japan, but each of Japans clusters house more servers per. and with each of those clusters, you can see they are directing players on EU and NA to one in particular. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/worldstatus/ now if they add another data center, that would be far more significant! new servers on the same data center, isn't nearly as impressive. because if it is number of server names, Japan is still out in front. Japan = 32 servers (3 data centers) NA = 24 servers (3 data centers) EU = 12 servers (2 data centers) and yet the flow of STEAM player activity does correspond to an "Oceanic" peak time, which is the Japanese (server cluster) players. so it is indicative or reflective of something larger. that being the large Asian audience for this title. then it is up to FFXIV team to do just that, if they don't want that service lagging behind, which it certainly is consistently behind ESO & BDO on STEAM. so what from this: STEAM LIST is missing? i even see the new expansion there for purchase already. reddit is one place they have camped pretty well. they are good at keeping the usual suspect online gaming zines mentioning the title as well. none of that accurately reflects how many people are actually in the game playing it however. so many other things out there now. Dauntless is the most recent title i noticed getting a good signal to noise ratio & it is reflected in the actual number of players in game. ... & then you have people like me who leave "Western" market titles like Runescape out of contention, or ignore entirely "Eastern" market titles like Lineage, or Crossfire... when it comes to gaming, i have to admit, i am a bit of a racist. if the game design doesn't "privilege" a Western/European aesthetic/design sufficiently i am content to pass it over completely. still that factor prejudices my view of FFXIV about as much as it does GW2, or BDO in that regard. so for my top 5 list... not a factor, though i have no idea why i overlook Runescape. no clue how many people play it either, but i'd hazard a guess, more than LoTRO anyway. one last thing i will say RE: FFXIV... go to Youtube &/or Twitch & find me evidence of masses of people fighting in a zone, or just anything with a mass of players online in an activity & you will find a it a challenge. you will see solo stuff, or small raids, but to see masses of players is a rarity. hard evidence to produce, especially hard to find multiple examples. evidence that is easy to produce for WoW, or GW2. probably ESO and BDO as well. FFXIV is definitely top 5, but it isn't as big as the hype. hype which is a bit of a circle jerk. 2nd biggest "SUBSCRIPTION" MMO behind WoW, doesn't qualify it as second if you pay attention to the qualifying factor of "SUBSCRIPTION."
  7. LasraelLarson

    WoW 8.2 is releasing against FFXIV Shadowbringers

    well if you look at STEAM: https://steamcharts.com/app/39210#All 25,599 peak concurrent players being the all time peak... and the FREE Trial option on the steam store... i would say they are certainly in the ballpark, though North America is overstated. there are no hard subscriber or concurrency numbers, but Japan has the largest server cluster facility & Europe the smallest with NA in the middle. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/worldstatus/ when sussing out population, look for stories regarding actual server numbers &/or complaints regarding certain worlds being/feeling dead, or low activity. with regard to FFXVI, the data center matters more than the actual individual server. look at EU for FFXVI, they are trying to get more players to filter too Chaos over Light. in NA it is Crystal. Japan is rather open compared to the previous 2. it should also be noted both ESO & Black Desert regularly beat FFXVI on STEAM. both these games have moved to mega server infrastructure, so finding the data center info is obscured. i have always found FFXVI's forward facing spin regarding actual numbers to be more hot air than fact. a lot of vagaries, rather than actual hard subscription &/or concurrency numbers. what you do hear is accounts created, which doesn't mean shit in game with a free to create account option, nor is it realistic with regard to people actually playing the game. how many of those accounts have more than an hour of game-play? more than a day? more than a week? more than one month? accounts created doesn't mean jack shit & if i were to RANK the top 5 based on information available: 1.) World of Warcraft (more than double the actual players in game than any single one of those that come next! & the hype over classic has had a positive net effect.) 2.) Elder Scrolls Online ( been really gaining strength in players over the past year.) 3.) Black Desert Online (not just one global region to pay attention to, but 3: NA & EU Turkey, Middle East and North Africa region & South America 4.) Final Fantasy XVI (based on any hard evidence to actual people playing the game, yes, i rank this one here.) 5.) Guild Wars 2 (this one is very hard to find any source for numbers on, but having actually seen first hand activity IN ACTUAL GAME, this one is still in the top 5.) again FFXVI is great at making noise, but actual signal is what that title lacks. i don't care if people tried the game for free, how many stuck and are now either subs, or part of daily concurrency numbers? one last interesting bit of data from STEAM: TOP Grossing Revenue Games (2018) with regard to WoW launching a big update right next to FFXVI's expansion? ESO also just launched Elsweyr. GW2 is resurrecting older popular events. i have seen recent news from several titles... & i am completely OK with competition. weaklings getting quashed... IMO... would be a good thing. (& by weaklings i mean those outside of the top 5 who are likely to suffer more.) let them fight! given SSG has Lotro with the feature raid currently (Anvil) out of commission & a Summer fest with an instance that will be ground for a pocket item (and now potentially virtue XP) & DDO just past launched their Sharn Expansion... it is doubtful they will gain much during all these titles firing their guns simultaneously. i am all for it! let the cream rise & the dross fall. this also forces people to spend a little more time assessing the value of which title to invest their time into. only downside to this is avoiding hard data in favor of hype, hype that is a lot of hot air (noise) and little substance (signal of actual numbers.)
  8. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    heh. so we have stat bloat over here... to fix this, lets not dial the existing bloat back, rather lets propagate it everywhere to all corners of the game. 🙄 who cares if the areas lacking stat bloat require we release in a single update the same amount we released over the past 12 years... wonder how that impacts existing level scaling, or any future intentions to add? surely this won't run away even further on them... oh the store will certainly come into play EVEN MORE. we have all seen this multiple times over in the past, now they are just accelerating. with multiple examples in play, poor design is the intention. uh no. both games suffer like ass & both games are losing population. DDO is every bit the slug as Lotro, just with a dodge mechanic and an overly complex build system that requires a stomach to endure. each game may have a small bump from content, but the height they regain falls well short of past benchmarks. both games are in an overall losing trend. DDO seems less so because they have a MUCH smaller base (comprised almost entirely of old long term players who to a great degree suffer from sunken cost fallacy & rather than start out from scratch in something new and better, they will stay till the lights go out.) something both games, again have in common. competent gamers on the whole are actually leaving the MMO genre behind and playing other genres. because competent gamers want to practice core combat mechanics and GET GOOD... over spending months on end grinding out incremental stat gains gaining numerical advantage, repeatedly. if that is actually the modus operandi driving the decisions, it will fail spectacularly. anyone who wanted to try both games has, if the conversion was going to happen, it would have already transpired. more than likely is the realization that they have a core of sunken costs players, who they are under orders from Corp to milk harder. which as a strategy has a shelf life because ever increasingly the remaining players begin to feel... thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.
  9. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    which is why i can foresee SSG adding another virtue in the future and splitting either the physical, or tactical up and pairing it with something from other virtues, resetting everything. anyway, the reason i previously made the labor of highlighting the past virtue rank progression over the years: is to highlight the fact that they disguised 10 additional levels added in incredibly short order. if the old system was in place, we would now be at level 30 for virtues. a jump of 10 levels (20 - 30.) that is bigger than anything we've had in the past & they already intend to jump up again with the potential expansion. so why are they flooring the gas-pedal? why now?
  10. LasraelLarson

    Captain Build Advice

    if you plan to imbue? the 3 pre-imbue Star-lit limit becomes insignificant when post you'll be adding (at the moment, i think it is an additional) 36(?) more... if your weapon is maxed out prior to imbue anyway. & when they raise the level cap in the potential next expansion... that surplus of LP doesn't seem quite as much now, i'll bet? *i'll hint again to the Hobbit & Dwarf League deliveries, which can be done once a day during most festivals & award Badges of Taste (Hobbits) or Badges of Dishonor (Dwarves) which can be bartered for festival tokens of choice. these runs take under an hour & can net one ( & some days two crystals, depending on the festival) for that hours effort. an alternative to blowing your LP bank on just LI's.
  11. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    ah yes the gold rings, (no earring, bracelet or necklace versions) the ones SSG nerfed not even 3 days after release. yet again an example of SSG not fixing a mistake of their making, all the original earned kept their original stats. those finger-rings had 2 types, one very desirable (Vitality) & one much less soo (Fate.) & even with basic 120 essence slots, those rings were BiS, (now with tier 3 essences especially.) that said they have a drop rate worse than Blemished Symbols, but you can still acquire them if you run enough BB's. if you do manage to get the desired ring, it still won't match up to someone who got theirs in the first couple days. but the teal jewelry that is fairly easy to acquire, whilst not BiS is more than sufficient for ALL generic landscape & will see you through the content until you can grind out the other BiS items that require much more grind to acquire. it is nice to see folk on OF talking about the lack of directed overflow in the new system & awareness of how capping everything now will not be an easy task. you will need to stay on top of what gets leveled first & the choice alternatives, so that you aren't stuck having leveled something not needed, whilst behind the 8 ball trying to max what you do want. new folk are soo screwed. to generate the same passives as seasoned players, they are in for a ridiculous grind. something even seasoned players are going to have to do to a degree if they want more than just 5 options. all this without SSG at any point in the future simply adding another "Wit" and shuffling the existing in the process & causing another reset. & when the new store options are introduced to alleviate the mess of SSG's own creation... will anyone actually be surprised?
  12. LasraelLarson

    Captain Build Advice

    Ooh sweet summer child... brace yourself. Star of Merit from BB's can be bartered for.. or you can grind festival tokens and barter for... (run the Hobbit and Dwarf League deliveries there) & i think they still drop in group instanced content past a certain level, but there it is random loot, you will be rolling on with the folk you are running with. or convert Lotro Points into Mithril Coins and just buy them from the store interface on the LI panel. best of luck my future Queen, (Sansa) the road ahead will be a rough one.
  13. LasraelLarson

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    just you wait... after Mirkwood dies off in about 2 weeks on the legacy servers... because of these cheaters, SSG now has an excuse to reset everything back to SoA content!!! sarcasm aside, there would still be a contingent of folk who would lap that shit up. 🙄 even with the blatant evidence provided in the vid. bets on everyone with dirty hands skating on unscathed. not like this has never happened multiple times before in other scenarios.
  14. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    Ooh soo VERY true! well the jewelry isn't best in slot at cap, it is a stop gap until you actually acquire that BiS item (and the essences to go with.) pre-cap however, it is usually BiS, with only a few exceptions. the Blemished Eldar Symbols certainly help, & if you are doing 3 or 4 BB's a day & netting platinum boxes overall, you are looking at a minimum of one or 2 a week, quite possibly more. then add that stars of merit are a sure fire barter for Anfalas Star-lit Crystals, which if you run 3-4 a day works out to about one per day. the likely-hood of tier 10 - 12 stat tomes is also fairly decent & roughly share same odds with Blemished Eldar Symbols. Platinum boxes have the highest chances, Gold less, Silver less still, and Bronze the smallest chance of all. the gold essences are currently lvl 100, so there value is considerably diminished after every cap raise (120 currently.) wouldn't actually consider these a draw anymore, as they no longer sell for 100+ gold... you'll be lucky to get 10g now. & all of the above plus the fact that at 100 BB points earned, you are granted a trait point for class trees & another at 200 BB points. without question, without these carrots on a stick, BB's would have crashed harder than mounted combat. the bulk of the player-base that does run these begrudgingly to gain the 200 points for 2 traits & even less to hit rank 6... then converts to solely running Pelargir 6 mans for the loot mentioned above. the EPIC Big Battles have never converted players on their own merits, which Turbine (at the time) shot themselves in the foot, because until you rank to 6 at minimum, you have no clue the impact you can actually have, as for the most part, your actual class strengths are inconsequential, but for the odd boss in a couple instances. so the desire to actually grind out and advance yet another "SYSTEM" allowing you to have a big impact is a hurdle the bulk of players won't even bother with. & i can't say i blame any of them either. initially they are as boring as fuck without being fully ranked and understanding each profession & it's impact. & even fully ranked, unless you are running with folk who are also ranked up and understand the mechanics and flow, they can still be nothing more than a headache. so it is no surprise, even with all the loot carrots and after all these years, getting 11 other players competent enough to score a platinum run on the 12 man, simply doesn't happen. after 200 points and rank 6, it is all Pelargir spam & very little else. & that right there is proof just how badly EPIC Big battles failed to deliver! if anyone in a suit actually had a clue what to look for, SSG might actually have to sweat a little hoping for the next green light on any new system. frankly there are already too many Systems to grind as is. the ship is system bloated! i can't imagine anyone ACTUALLY new wanting to jump on board the moment they realize the state of affairs this game suffers under.
  15. LasraelLarson

    the perpetual embarrassment that is Justin Trudeau

    the gift of embarrassment that just keeps on giving...