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  1. yeah no... Toronto will likely try some solidarity fires shortly. Montreal may also start some solidarity fires. Canada ruffling Chinas feathers only goes about this far... https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/27/canada-consequences-china-huawei-extradition-us-284779 Canada can't even get 2 diplomats returned safely... this country is a joke. that said... foreign money is spent North of the 49th in buying up real estate and laundering money. Canada left wing doesn't have remotely the same kind of funding as its southern counterparts. so that solidarity burning is sl
  2. China has not let the virus pandemonium go to waste. China has moved to take away Hong Kong's autonomy the above was only a matter of time, China has legitimate claim to Hong Kong. but if that were simply the only play... it is not. China builds up military air base on Indian border at Ladakh in the Kashmir how many days before the killing begins here? this is China second play and it happened almost in tandem with the move shift in Hong Kong. and now with riots and chaos spreading across the US... how long does Chinas recent testing of the waters wit
  3. Garcia did not run against Katie Hill. he ran against a very heavily endorsed Christy Smith. Katie Hill resigning was just a reason for the election... Christy Smith wasn't getting a naked hair brush from Katie. doesn't seem to be the obvious connection why a different Democrat lost.
  4. and yet he beat Hillary too. lucrative for Amazon a company that fucks the US postal service up the ass and gets away with it, (not to mention Amazon employees.) without some hard data, there is a 50/50 ballpark chance blue NY also rewards her for it. i think she is an idiot. doesn't mean i am convinced she is going away anytime soon. and their districts will likely re-elect them as well. Rashida is almost a guarantee. could be his last name? until i can find some actual voter registration turn-out data, hard to say exactly why, unlike the more recent
  5. not bullshit. they wanted to give the opportunity to open worlds as well because the reality on the 10 remaining worlds changed when those 18 servers closed. it WAS free for a brief time. why it continued to be free beyond that period... well the leaving open repeat transfers for failed item movement... seems to be the window they are either unable to close, or lack the time budget to do so. managed to find the time to add a fee for storage though, so on that motive, yeah bullshit. don't expect them to ever give explanation of why they can't leave the repeated storage mov
  6. oh sweet summer child... you think i haven't seen the whole thing, or that it changes anything? https://youtu.be/nbnJ5pTsP6o?t=566 the above is timestamped to include the question & Joes full response. after he says he will "be(at)" Joe Biden, he then spews a delightful bit blather, never really nailing any point home. even in the full clip, most still hear beat. regardless... every time he comes out of the basement... even virtually, it is a gift. not estimating anything. looking at reality: in 2016 88% of Black voters voted Hill
  7. and that was never its intended use. now you pay. you should have always had to pay. it was only free to acclimate 28 servers into 10. the only promise of remaining free was OFF a closed server. they did leave themselves wiggle room to allow brief free periods at an undisclosed time in the future from open worlds. regardless, what you did was not intended to be free AFTER the consolidation period ended. congratulations on getting away with the dupe as long as you did. consider yourself lucky. if you thought that was the intended design... sucks to be you.
  8. every Thursday?!!! here in Vancouver Canada every GODDAMN night at 7 PM for 3-5 minutes they go off.... since like early March... its May 22. this ritual of the idiots can't die in a fire fast enough. should have ended 3 weeks tops. ...and nightly. many things have been exposed. here is hoping enough have learned some valuable lessons as to avoid repeats... those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it. as for the push of the latter... that is some Saul Alinsky 101 in action. "never let a crisis go to waste." that is one thing the world has no
  9. Biden still gets 90% + of the Black vote regardless. this little gaff might swing the Black vote by a fraction of a percentage point... in total numbers (of less than 13% or 37.6 million total) at best will translate to 376,000 votes (across the whole country) if every Black person in America actually voted and you did not factor out minors. reality is across the whole US this translated to a shift of maybe 30,000 votes, if that... it won't remotely be what breaks Biden... or gets Trump elected for that matter. nor will it be the straw on the camels back in swing states. and
  10. oh mercy, it is only May... 6 more months for this to ramp up: like every appearance is a new gift.
  11. in retrospect... i wonder how much this NY happening will come into play in other hot spots globally? AP count: Over 4,300 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes seems to be a factor in Canadas hotspot: Quebec. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/covid-19-quebec-april-12-1.5530217 https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-coroner-health-authorities-and-police-launch-investigations-into/ been a lot of news lately about senior care... or lack thereof.
  12. free transfers was for servers that had closed... and a brief window to allow players to move to the new reality of (at the time) 10 servers. it was never ever intended to be a free storage transfer between active servers. i can begrudge SSG (AKA: formerly Turbine) for many things, but on this... good call. they may at some point allow another brief shuffle on live (open) servers for free. regardless, it is a paid service. making money from server economy opportunists actually gets a round of applause from me. closed server free transfers was the only promise made for
  13. Affluent White Female Liberals everywhere agree! ... i do wonder though if Stacey Abrams will be as big (no i am not referring to her weight) a pushover as Bernie Sanders turned out to be? there are Democrat... forces... pushing her hard as the next best thing. if it does turn into an all white Democrat ticket... i wonder if some will go so quietly into the night? Bernie did, that much is certain.
  14. the thing with Joe Biden is... no one is actually voting "FOR" Biden... rather, they ARE voting for the apparatus that is propping him up. his VP pick will be interesting, as it will likely be the largest factor in getting that large "middle" ground of fence jumpers to actually vote. it is also likely to cause the most shattered nerves (confidence) as well. will this hard push: break through? or will the Democrat Establishment go with something less volatile? or maybe less volatile with bleach?
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