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  1. according to the wall street journal, but that is plainly bullshit reporting. according to US Soccer: and the actual financial records can be viewed: https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/financial-information the wall street journal and all proceeding articles referencing the wall street journal got it wrong. they are misrepresenting the actual numbers.
  2. das neue Normal: Die Presse gibt ihr jetzt einen Freipass...
  3. welp the next womens world cup is in 2023. so unless wants to take some additional swipes at Trump, this is getting shelved for the next 3+ years. & if she does take those swipes... it is no longer about womens soccer, but her & her alone. maybe she can Kapernick a Nike deal out of it. either way, most everyone is going to be forgetting about womens soccer for the next 3+ years. so is Chris Cyborg: odd that after all this time, she has NEVER faced: really weird how it works like that... regardless Mack Beggs is in College now & will be wrestling boys. wonder if they'll pull the same shit as the MMA above and pull ceremony BS, or will there be actual matches. i suspect this is another one we will never hear from again. and US mens soccer has been around since 1885. more than 100 years before the first national womens soccer in the US. so only the last 5 years has women's soccer actually started to be financially feasible in the US. that is the women's leagues negotiating power. 5 years of revenues, only the last 3 years based of 10 teams. and this is just not true. ONLY during world cup cycles do the womens US team generate more revenue than US men. So that is the year 2015 and this year 2019. just those 2 years they generated more revenue then the mens teams, tied directly to the World cup. when you include the years that there is no world cup, over all the men generate almost double the revenues of the women's teams. 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 the US women's teams did NOT generate more revenue than the US mens teams. and from 2001 - 2011 the womens teams lost money & those leagues folded. prior to 2001 there was no womens league in the US, but the mens league goes back to 1885. and if you leave the US (and Australia) for the rest of the entire world, mens professional soccer absolutely dwarfs womens soccer for revenues by over 4 billion dollars. i'll repeat it again for effect... the US womens teams ONLY generate greater revenues than the US men during world cup years & for this current womens league, that is 2015 & 2019. otherwise the US men generate almost double that of the women. so no they don't bring in more money overall. if you think that, you have misread, or been mislead by articles that skew the details to favor world cup years. nothing unfair happening here at all.
  4. well it is, "Current YEAR" after all. and sights like these: are becoming all too common. the world has become a predators oyster feast. whilst receiving this... education, they also get the bonus of student debt which they'll be paying off for the next 20 years... or even their lifetimes. sometimes it seems the world is just a baseline stupid mill & production quotas are dialed up year after year.
  5. well, if it happened to women's soccer, they might actually start beating the U15 boys teams. works for weightlifting. wrestling: rugby too: but what i really wonder is... is she a TERF? magic 8 ball says, "ODDS ARE GOOD!"
  6. soccer/football is indeed huge globally. i was aware of the Australian push... i guess on the EU side of the pond in this particular instance, the news hasn't passed to this side. perhaps the individual nations on the EU side needs to play U15 boys? Matildas-lose-7-0 Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team regardless, hadn't seen the issue pushed beyond the 2 nations in the above linked examples.
  7. can you imagine if... instead of US soccer, which is very small, relative to other sports that within the US are vastly more popular... imagine if women's basketball demanded equal pay? the disparity between US men and US women in soccer is no were near as large as it is in basketball. professional level male basketball make millions more than women. there is a reason why soccer is the initial target. the backlash is much smaller than if they had started with basketball. they picked the target for a purpose & are aiming for a president, before attacking bigger fish. Soccer in the US is small potatoes compared to other sports. but, the game "CARD" being played is all to familiar. this attack will continue and more water carriers will come forward until it seems an onslaught. they are aiming for capitulation. we shall see if it happens. but it is interesting how a sport where non biological females can compete: regardless of genre, no one seems to be asking for a base salary. which i of course find interesting. but when something recreational turns pro & exists entirely around events, marketing and promotion, to garner viewer coin... base salaries, really aren't that relevant. and considering how small they would be comparatively to names who can draw big tickets... it is no surprise "base salary" is not an operative phrasing. i wonder why these men never bitch about getting paid less than their fe-person counterparts? or why there aren't more: i guess we will never know...🤔
  8. a sure fire way to get me to never play it. & since i am predicting a dumpster fire and won't touch this one regardless... they might as well do something like that, for all it would matter. i did not need Amazon Prime to watch, "Man in the High Tower" or "Punisher"... you'd be surprised what you don't need & still be able to watch commercial free, selections of your choosing. imagine gating you through a prime account would give them a lot more than just a bank statement. sometimes it feels like people are still equipped with the brains of: a long, long, long time ago... in an entry level job... a lifetime away... a former employer of mine... sold a "SMALL" soup in a 8 oz. cup like this: and for 2 dollars more, a "LARGE" soup in an 8 oz. bowl, like this: when an adult fe-person asked, "how big is 'SMALL?' & 'LARGE?' what is the difference?" i actually filled the cup with hot water and poured it into the bowl in front of her... i shit you not, after seeing with her own eyes... she asked for a large. for some, there is no help. feeling dumb comes naturally & is deeply rooted.
  9. Lasst uns alle ... Platz nehmen für das Spielen der Nationalhymne... ??? seems perfectly normal. 🙄
  10. i will also say this about toxic masculinity... at least we know how to fucking chant! many many many such cases!
  11. LasraelLarson


    STEAM is in the shitter again: https://steamcharts.com/app/212500#All
  12. isn't it time the girls got equal pay? according to these 20 - 30 people it is... i wonder how much they paid to get those seats? lets forget about the more popular football, baseball, basketball & hockey... lets ignore attendance and revenues: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Record_attendances_in_United_States_club_soccer#Women's_soccer ^those would be records from 2001 - present BTW. lets not let economic factors determine the time frame, who needs the details of reality in this post-modern world anyway... ??? it is time to force this issue! resentments & negative sentiment be damned! why should feminists have to show up in the 10's and 100's of thousands on a regular basis in order for wages to rise?!!! GIBS! NOW!!!
  13. back at the end of 2016 i made a thread about Lumberyards potential: HERE! as of developments the last almost 3 years now... Lumberyard & all related Amazon projects had all the wrong people in the drivers seat. i am calling this one now. a complete: and since made off with 38 Billion... lets just say Amazons boldness may now be just a tad gun-shy. as for the new Lotro MMO, seems highly likely it will tie into the show from Amazon Prime... the fall of Numenor:
  14. LasraelLarson

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    ... if you only knew how bad things really are... getting really bizzaro!