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  1. indeed, sunken cost fallacy is pretty much why most overstay any type of relationship that would have ended under healthy conditions. the other is IP. if this was just a generic fantasy game with no source legacy behind it... this particular game would have died faster than Ashrons Call. MUCH FASTER! i doubt it would have made it to the first expansion. haven't had much time to delve into the BLIZZARD subject, or its cause AKA Activision... but man the industry may finally get the needed kick to the balls that has been building for at least a decade now. covering that shitshow though, is time i do not currently have. fortunately, it is in many other good hands elsewhere. ;) that is the thing about being a behemoth... when all those fans turn on you at the same time... the chunk they can tear off your sum parts, is pretty significant. !
  2. LasraelLarson

    What are you Listening to?

  3. LasraelLarson

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    yeah lots of people being cute on both Lotro & DDO official forums. when the signal lacks (producers letter) make lots of noise.
  4. LasraelLarson

    Has anybody seen this?

    RE: Octothorpe whether they gave him a chance to resign, or a pink slip, from his parting twitter feed (which Doro archived) it seemed clear to me it was a shock & the departure not his choice. that was my reading anyway. RE: Severlin his lack of visible activity since October last year & a missing producers letter... he might as well be. whenever they push that out, i am sure the truth will be confirmed one way or the other. my "so-called" hype (not actually hyped) is two-fold. 1.) to see if it introduces a new Lead, or confirm Severlin is a VERY behind the scenes Lead after all. 2.) post fundraising across the Daybreak studio, exactly what kind of a budget has Daybreak green-lit? how will they frame everything, etc. the latter may be difficult to come up with. i heard Daybreak just delayed launch date of the new Battle-Royale type game for Planetside Arena until Summer: https://www.planetsidearena.com/home https://store.steampowered.com/app/987350/PlanetSide_Arena/ addendum to the above: cooking the books is something that could very well happen via paying down expenses associated with the new development. so it is actually worse than Infinite Crisis.
  5. LasraelLarson

    Has anybody seen this?

    this assumes the relationship between SSG & Daybreak isn't a toxic cesspool, because if that relationship is strained, you can bet that would be reason enough. we know (NOT suspect) that Doctor Octothorpe was terminated at the beginning of December (12th.) 2018. & whenever something like that happens, one is left wondering was that it? and i do need to remind everyone of the fire sale they had from December 7th through the 16th called the "Legacy Bundle" for $199.99 USD: https://www.lotro.com/en/LegacyBundle so Daybreak terminated at least one SSG employee, right during a fundraising period... not just fundraising at Lotro, but also at DDO. in fact Daybreak did this funding package drive at every title in the entire studios portfolio. Everquest, DCU Online, H1Z1, Planetside, etc. etc. etc. yet Daybreak fired Doctor Octothorpe before the funding drive was even over @Lotro. & Doctor Octothorpe was the only one we got wind of due to his twitter feed. well there are 2 things i do NOT assume: 1.) Doctor Octothorpe was the only one let go. & 2.) SSG & Daybreaks relationship is all roses & joy... an entire shit-show is entirely within the realm of possibility. what fucking company fires a company tent pole mid funding drive? Daybreak games has managed just that. yet i am sure there are folk who assume i am jumping up and down with joy that Severlin may have also been terminated. those people are frankly idiots who are DEAD WRONG. whomever is tasked with writing both DDO's & Lotros annual letter, may find the most difficult part, is establishing a positive tone, when it is entirely likely that Daybreak striped all revenues above and beyond the most basic operations at all these studio games under their umbrella to fund the new Planetside Battle Royale game slated to launch this March. (or worse, clear their books of any trace of Columbus Novas money.) it is a repeat of Infinite Crisis all over again. and for those who can intellectually grasp what that means, my reasons for being pissed & acting like a bit of an attack dog, become crystal clear. anyway Kick, there are actual reasons for all of this to be dovetailing downward & they aren't actually SSG's current tiny roster of employees. i actually do STRONGLY suspect Daybreak is behind much of the current quagmire.
  6. LasraelLarson

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    Cordovan Community Manager Join Date Nov 2010 Location Boston Area, MA Posts 25,374 The Producer's Letter will likely be published around the anniversary (so, a couple weeks yet). so apparently DDO is getting their Producers letter on, or around their anniversary, February 28. i wonder who it will be signed by? anonymous?
  7. LasraelLarson

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    i wonder where the Paizs could have possibly come up with this SUPER original idea, that hasn't been done to death by the industry since the 80's... and a lot better i might ad... but emojis and coin unlocks... E SPORTS for EVERYONE! *sigh* fucking grifters.
  8. LasraelLarson

    Has anybody seen this?

    there are several good threads on this forum that stand above and beyond the rest, but IMO, THIS: https://lotrocommunity.com/forum/topic/3465-lotro-pvpersare-they-really-that-bad/ is the best & it all starts with Alywens first post: https://lotrocommunity.com/forum/topic/3465-lotro-pvpersare-they-really-that-bad/?do=findComment&comment=112183 Alywens contributions and peek behind the scenes was OVERWHELMINGLY received with positivity and praise & it was confirmation for many of things we suspected, or perceived in part. of all the threads in existence on these forums, the one i linked above MUST be marked to NEVER expire. it is a treasure.
  9. LasraelLarson

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    vous partez d’abord, puis vous parlez de pain et de cirques… sinon la charrette est devant le cheval.
  10. LasraelLarson

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    and if you pop around to IO sites, or look at their youtube channel, the actual engagement is almost non existent. one ridiculously unoriginal game to Storm Flags credits. i pity anyone who is actually suckered in by these 2. sadly, stupid of that depth actually exists. more a case of lost interest. my initial curiosity was if they had actually moved away from Turbine, or will still clawing away out of public view. all the licensing & registration for the name Storm Flag Games started up at the very end of 2017. the E Sports thing is a joke. there is literally nothing about their one game that is E Sports. they basically make games for idiots, more insulting is they thing that means everyone. but that is the level of schmuck we are dealing with. as for Warner, they only care about retaining the IP. whatever deal is on the books, Warner would have only protected retention of the rights & future use of IP. beyond that they don't give a single fuck about the games. never have. & any licensing conundrum has all but dissipated since the settlement with the Tolkien Estate out of Court. & now that Christopher Tolkien is no longer the executor... even the exclusive rights for MMO's is no longer an exception. that is why there is another one from Amazon on the horizon. http://www.athlongames.com/ ^that is basically just a shell company. those 4 splash pages have been there forever, still no hires. a distraction. but the MMO to coincide with the Amazon series is in the works & if they do it right be developed in tandem with the filming of the story.... "Young Aragorn." & as far as a physical office for Storm Flag Games... not actually required. it is entirely plausible both Paizs work from home. the IO game is hosted by various io game sites, no need for a dedicated server structure, or data-center. but beyond that, my intent for posting this update was to show these 2 carny clowns in some daylight and give the sideshow a bit of exposure. not to boost, merely to point and laugh... just deserts. ;)
  11. LasraelLarson


    Anor & Ithil decline is pretty harsh since November 8 2018. by next weeks updated numbers they both may be the least populated servers. i think Anor is still currently ahead of Sirannon, but not by much.
  12. LasraelLarson

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    ... i forgot about the translations. make take until May. coming up with advanced things like ^this^ takes ALOT of time, clearly.
  13. LasraelLarson

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    sometimes i go down the oddest rabbit holes... & end up sharing what i drag back up, resurfacing that which was laying low. i have found the Paizs new company... turns out its been around since the end of 2017. https://stormflaggames.com/about/ this is the current offering & apparently a first look at, "E Sports for Everyone" : & youtube channel: Storm Flag Games now you all know as well.
  14. LasraelLarson

    Laissez-les manger du gâteau

    another clusterfuck. close the door on this & the windows that will open will be far far worse. though there is at least some light faintly shining... happenings all over. much potential.
  15. LasraelLarson

    Another Attempt to Bump the Login Numbers...

    interesting that they left that feature open/active. oversite, or intentional? wonder if anyone will bother to transfer now that the name rush is over? off peak player numbers are very thin. prime numbers aren't all that great either. the remaining must be a... peculiar crowd.