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  1. for quite some time now it seems this site generates mysterious traffic... like bots crawling all over the place eating up bandwidth in an attempt to crash the site. that or there is something really fishy in the forums software for clearing cashed data making really weird blips. it seems to have been going on for at least a couple months. am i wrong? either way, does it jeopardize (or attempt too) the sites ability to remain accessible to actual users? or has the provider accounted for this type of anomalous activity? regardless, would be nice if it would stop.
  2. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    if the Democrats pursue witnesses beyond the scope of their submitted Impeachment filing... it could go on much longer. now who is in the catch 22 situation? ... who do Pelosi, Schumer & Schiff support or even endorse for the primary? is it Joe Biden? Michael Bloomberg? Tom Sayer?............................ Hillary Clinton? 😉 unironically a short trial only matters for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Saunders, Amy Klobacher & Michael Bennet. those are the 4 2020 Primary Candidates who are also Senators. i would not advise making any assumptions how this will play out without knowing the minutia of motivations in the bigger picture. Mitch McConnell wants a fast process & wants to cut out time wasters of new discovery (further investigation beyond the scope of the impeachment filings) or grandstanding in the form of Senators going beyond the scope of submitted questions... & Donald Trump is fighting him on that wanting this to be yet another big spectacle, full of witnesses. are those 4 senators willing to take the hit to battle Trump? how many times have i heard Democrats say, once we do select a Primary Candidate, we all have to get behind them regardless to beat Trump? i bet there is even a supercuts vlog of something like that somewhere... or there will be in the near future. and if the goal is to legitimately "REMOVE" him from office... this will be anything but a short process. see the game being played. don't just perspect from a side; rather back way off and look at it like an alien from far above. ... all of what is happening right now doesn't seem to be hurting Trumps chances for 2020. & the Democrats still do not have a strong placing candidate... are they really thinking people will vote for whoever it is regardless? or has the frenzied mob really taken over the course that cannot be corrected from? ... aside: can i, or cant i spell malfeasant...
  3. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    well time for some quirky memes... this whole Impeachment thing is a huge partisan farce doomed to fail because the prosecutor is: time for the charade to be put to rest... the fishing expedition is over.
  4. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    still is a very interesting development, which is already being brushed away it seems... i wonder why? regardless... 😀🤣
  5. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    there is now audio: Bernie Sanders, the Human Carpet. he will let absolutely everyone walk all over him. if he isn't even going to put up a fight, he might as well hang up the towel now, he is done.
  6. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    and the open betrayals begin... i'll say it again, again... they are not gonna let Bernie have this. & if this doesn't sink him... wait until the Russia framing starts. any gains Bernie makes in the polling, or placement only insure they'll turn on him hard and fast. will he just take it in the backside a second time? probably. & if he is just going to continually pussy out... HE DESERVES TO LOSE! men with no spine are always ripe for subversion.
  7. LasraelLarson

    The Rage Corner 2: Electric Boogaloo

    remember this episode of narcissism on steroids (and female hormones)... : well God bless Tucker Carlson! Elizabeth Warren actually reading 26 names in the rose garden would highlight this Bullshit nicely... careful what you promise Liawatha...
  8. LasraelLarson

    World War 3

    how many more days till: ???
  9. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    no Jew ever comes to bat for poor Bernie, but... whole merchant fleet ready to go for ^this^ guy... so i am like: poor Bernie can only muster "SPICE" girls: and in spite of all of it... the hair sniffer is probably gonna be the guy that gets the prize: 🤡🤡🤡🌎🌎🌎
  10. LasraelLarson

    The Rage Corner 2: Electric Boogaloo

    same BS as California's ... "ISSUES" had some dipshit going on about Iceland as well, completely oblivious to the 2010 volcanic episode. and how major natural events like this can impact the planet... (L.I.A.). sometimes i think the best service to the environment would be to feed these folk their teeth.
  11. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    because he is innocent. it really was a perfect call. and for those of you soo certain a quid pro quo certainly happened... i wonder just who it is that is soo thick? because Trump saying stuff like this: can only mean bribery, (quid pro quo) but can't possible be a horn he trumpets, like for example this previous speech: or i dunno what he has been saying pretty much his whole public life: a connection has been made on hearsay testimony, where no such connection exists. if such concrete proof existed, it would have been presented as evidence. it would also have been included in the articles of impeachment, which i might ad.... IT WAS NOT! Trumps demeanor and language was the same with President Zelenski on that phone call as it has been for the past 40 years. there was no quid pro quo. the Democrats could not prove it & neither can any of you. hence it was NOT included in the articles of Impeachment. as for not liking Trumps style... who cares. he won 2016 and he will win 2020. only really odd thing is why hasn't the house vote happened yet? may be a surprise that no one expected there as well. regardless, he won't be convicted in the Senate... not before the 2020 election. it should be obvious if that was to transpire, the republican candidates would be firing up their campaigns. & the singular person to do just that... stopped. Depending on just how well Trump does in 2020, maybe it is time for an exemption to the 22nd amendment(which started in 1947) and he can go again in 2024. Trump could win that too. 🤩🤗🤣
  12. BOOM! PlanetSide Arena will formally shut down servers on January 10th, 2020 at 5:00 PM (PST).
  13. i have no clue... one way or the other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. LasraelLarson

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    they had to wait till they added the free pittance to the hobbit slot machines first... now they can sell the meatier version in the store, as was always the plan.
  15. LasraelLarson

    US Elections 2020

    [cough] Impeachment Inquiry *[/cough] one that is now broadcast publicly & has yet to produce a single article of. anyone can make commentary, its called freedom... not the fake kind you have in Britain, but actual freedom. cry to the private company Twitter if it twists your panties that much. maybe they will ban him... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣