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  1. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    almost. reason i haven't made a rundown myself here in print, is because huge chunks of this are twitter threads, with multiple deletions, archives buried in Reddit threads etc. big massive cluster fuck. so i just settled for windbag potatoes hour long version as it pretty much covered the main issues. anyway Doro, i will attempt a short list, with no links as that would take forever... Jessica Price makes 30+ long twitter (her personal account & part of what she latter claims is the reason for why she reacted) thread giving insight into what she considers the difficulties with writing for the MMO genre. GW2 vlogger & game player "Derior" thanks her for the insight and adds one "'slight" criticism. Jessica responds, "thanks for telling me what we do internally, my dude 9_9" Derior says he was just attempting dialogue & getting shut down is disheartening & apologizes. Jessica starts new thread quoting Deriors first response & plays the female game developer card... she frames his motives as harassment of women & from there it grew this back and forth is now happening in multiple different threads, with many participants. initially it was folk saying this doesn't seem to be what looks like misogyny, but rather a fan attempting interaction. Jessica continued to invest in the framing of women dev harassment & other parties also begin to re-enforce that frame... (i would even say create the issue/problem where none existed.) & she continued to use incendiary tweets... many have been deleted since. Peter Fires another GW2 story narrative dev jumps in to defend & ends up in the hole Jessica dug playing defense. as he now defends the framed narrative of harassment of women developers, he starts using incendiary language as well, accusing the convo to be one sided man-splaining. so whole thing is at cluster-fuck levels now, creating biggest reddit threads in GW2 history & this whole mess started July 3 & GW2 head guy shows up the day after the holiday July 5th & fires them both. & from there Jessica went on to do interviews with all the game-journo sites who had already started running sympathetic stories to her. Peter Fires went silent. Jessica Price was with GW2 for just over 1 year. Peter Fries over 12. that is about as bit sized as i can make it. thing i find most interesting in all this is the political agendas behind all this bullcrap & the methods employed by the actors involved. i think it is important to call out & counter at key opportunities: http://www.rockingphilosophy.com/2013/10/countering-alinskys-12-rules-for.html
  2. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    https://www.steelonsteel.com/SOSPreview/John-Alinsky-Rules2017-0225.mp3 its an hour long audio again, sorry.
  3. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    not so basically, a citizen failed to capitulate entirely and bow before a representative of correct think... who had no intention of equitable dialogue with citizen... this is about seizing the means, not just of production, but ALL MEANS. only this time it came with a firing. so Jessica Price ran to games journos to astroturf on her behalf, because said game journos fell in line years ago. of no surprise they had already started pumping out the framing prior to her interviews. another case of the media all yammering the exact same talking points... AGAIN: only instead of TV it is game rags: Polygon, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, etc. etc. it is also a BIG reason why i never linked to ANY articles. they are all running the same game & i think more and more folk are actually catching on to the game being run, as it isn't even being hidden anymore. this has been the game plan for the new (NEO-) Marxist movement & it has evolved with time. there are many useful idiots employed in the cause. entire communities organized for such. & that is the key, they do not operate on the level of the individual, but rather the collective. which is why they subvert communities by targeting a dominant element to displace with the intention of reshaping it. this long march has been going on for decades. get wise to the game at play because it can all be rolled back! the boldness displayed by "agents" actively subverting, is in part due to the fact the believe they have reached certain critical mass for the hard shift to cultural Marxism. additionally, where ever their game-plans are undone... having invested decades in this shift... the freak outs are epic! if you are a solutions person who is productive, having developed skill-sets (or talents) & received meritocratic compensation... expect to be targeted by problems based needy people en mass who will isolate you with polarizing rhetoric meant to displace & replace your status & wealth for the needy many. so yes, you may very well indeed go broke for becoming this kind of woke, or at the very least have that wealth distributed, not based on merit, but need. just look how well it is working for: Venezuela...
  4. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    welp, about a week and a day since the posting of Woodenpotatoes rundown of events & i still haven't found an abridged version. i seem to recall finding many vids in the 10 - 15 minute mark, with extended branding well past the halfway point & no real clear picture of the exchange that erupted, but rather useless faff to one side, or the other... but that is more to do with the sad & useless state of youtube; wind-baggery aside. so in the meantime; a vlog on the shifting state of story narrative... BY CHECKLIST: when your story is quota driven. in all this Jessica Price shitstorm... it is rather convenient to have & liberally play a minority card, framing this as an attack (common tactic) rather than legitimate criticism. nor is it any surprise that this deflection is a "go to" deployed at every opportunity. but when absolutely everything is a form of oppression to be deconstructed, by any means necessary, is it really that surprising that the backlash is likened to, "the little girl who liked to cry WOLF!"
  5. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    current year 2018 & the cluster-fuck churns. tis a spectacle to witness. some D-List "game" writer thinks they are the shit, & in fact the material they produce is utter... then gets all uppity about said crapulance when a non challenge too is issued... wrongly cries mysoggyknees & the Bolshevik White Knight Brigade comes out in force looking for a pound of Kulak flesh. witting Bolsheviks operating in full awareness of motive & agenda, make me puke. & they know who they are, (as do i) dishonest cunts. unwitting fools who play into their hand... the world is full to the brim with the generic award recipient & socially/functionally impaired. those useful idiots programmed in the Marxist doctrine to deploy every disparagement to other the Kulak that the programmers may seize the means to establish power... not at all ironic, they can name 57 genders, but how many of them know about the Holodomor? it was never taught in Holocaust class... the cult like partisanship this has all produced is stupefying, yet entirely predictable. thing is for myself... GW2's main appeal was always the mechanics & design behind the world. the story was never anything to celebrate, not at launch & definitely not in the year of employ this "Dime a Dozen HACK" contributed. should her gleeful disparagement barrage too any and every e-rag that would listen (& believe) also land her in court... i'll have a good hearty laugh!
  6. LasraelLarson

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    if you click on the settings, you can increase the speed, up to X2 making it only half hour... otherwise don't really know of any other decent abridged versions that give a blow by blow in detail. maybe someone else can help you there...
  7. LasraelLarson

    the perpetual embarrassment that is Justin Trudeau

    so if the allegations must be listened too & believed & "Super Male Feminist" Justin Trudeau believes he did not act inappropriately... is it reasonable to conclude it is appropriate for a Male Feminist to grab a strange women by the buttocks? Trudeau is such a fake. & given his emphatic stances, it is not surprising many are finding his stance here rather hypocritical. the following take expresses this well: here is hoping Canadians of all stripes see all the recent baloney as time for our "walk away" moment. the above Maritimer has a really good series on that as well: #WalkAway from the Liberal Left 2 #WalkAway from Liberal Division 3 #WalkAway from Liberal Hypocrisy 4 #WalkAway from Liberal Identity Politics 5 #WalkAway from Liberal Overreach i suspect the above vids may resonate with many in the land of The Leaf. so i boost signal. 😉
  8. soo, for the rundown on this recent drama... the nice & friendly sounding WP unpacks (in "precedented" lengthy fashion) an hour long vlog of the nitty-gritty... a run down of some of the predictable response by stillgray: ... it's all soo exhausting. 😫 also, i would have fired them both.
  9. LasraelLarson

    the perpetual embarrassment that is Justin Trudeau

    when the beast you feed, comes back to bite your head off: &
  10. on last little tidbit for today... that H1Z1 re-launch-re-master- or what ever it was that caused that roughly 2 week blip back in February/March of this year... https://steamcharts.com/app/433850#1y yeah, this is still no Fortnite or PUBG and looks to never be the mass market game the previous mentioned are. numbers slid right back down. it is no surprise to me the 25 hires listed on their career page: https://www.daybreakgames.com/careers are all dead links. i wonder if that unannounced project was on the books prior to April 6th? 🤨
  11. it is an interesting pickle, especially considering the newer lootboxes that debuted with Mordor... after Daybreak took over from Warner as publisher. i know i link a lot of reading, especially legal stuff, but in my response to inquiry for updates... one common unify-er in all the additions, is the ability to wind down & maintain based on agreements in existence prior to April 6 2018. as example: how much was on the books contractually prior to that date for development? all extended withdrawals of funds beyond that date will need proof of agreements to receive authorization and go ahead from OFAC. is it a financial quarter? a year? 2 years? i have posts on this board regarding the creation of SSG and transfer of publisher from Warner to Daybreak; where i suspected a window of 3 years max. point i am making, eventually those contracted agreements run out and can't be renewed. also key, what green-lighting of funds do the involved parties have as formal agreement? and all this is conditioned on any potential audit, not resulting in fines, (or worse) and a big tax bill. this isn't over.
  12. just going to pop in another interesting link regarding money laundering: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-microtransactions-and-in-game-currencies-can-be-used-to-launder-money/ all these companies that gleefully claimed ties to Renova's investment potential to the tune of billions in the past; (& now run from the association) are under a suspicious cloud of uncertainty. suspicion clears, once the books have been opened and government auditors have had a good look. ;) this really isn't over.
  13. updates? yes. basically extensions... Original: Office of Foreign Assets Control : EFFECTIVE APRIL 23 2018 (General License 12A) replaced and superseded entirely by: General License 12B: (EFFECTIVE MAY 1 2018) & replaced and superseded entirely, again by: General License 12C: EFFECTIVE MAY 22 2018 now there are some other specific companies listed in these original licenses who have been given very specific extensions, but they are not Renova, or tied to Columbus Nova, or Daybreak games, so i won't bother linking that stuff... they have specific cut off dates near year end. these general license extensions are to assist in wind down (or maintenance) operations. Why is OFAC issuing General License 12B, and what new activity does it authorize? so the wind down is still happening: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Sanctions/Pages/faq_other.aspx#592 i mentioned, 2 of the 12 named Russian entities have managed to isolate themselves from the rest and have specific wind down dates and new licenses that single them out from the others, including a complete relaxation on foreign entities working with those 2. if you are interested in following for more updates: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/OFAC-Recent-Actions.aspx whatever is specifically happening with Renova (and by extension Columbus Nova & Daybreak Games) is still in progress/process... this isn't over yet. the parties may make arrangements to pull themselves out of "wind down operations" but so far that hasn't happened (at least not in public view.) more to come. 
  14. and no, i am not referring to this: but rather, the recent eyebrow incident... one could reasonably surmise that this couldn't possibly be real, but rather a footage fakery... but no, it is actually real: Canadian EyebrowGate! it would be a real pity we have to actually wait all the way until October 21st 2019 to fix, what has every appearance of being a HUGE mistake! for now, Canadians must placate our dissatisfaction with this consolation prize: additionally such a pity, that at the national level, this guy is not leading the charge:
  15. Update! the history scrub continues: these are public archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20180509003139/http:/www.columbusnova.com/andrew_intrater.html & https://web.archive.org/web/20171105095759/http://www.columbusnova.com/jason_epstein.html they can rewrite history all they like, the internet doesn't forget. these 2 are going to have ALL their books cracked open and poured over with a fine tooth comb. whether it is 10 shell companies, or 100... the LLC "Flow-Through" that likely got a lot of expenses paid and profits shifted to "former" parties... the tax bill is coming too & it will only be that much larger, the more assets they attempt to keep in play. government has its own cache as well: or the GM's are just not banning frequently anymore... & those who used to get their reports responded too previously are having separation anxiety when ignored. its basically a proxy bot flooding chat with 3 variations of the same ad on every server... & the spring fest encore just started back up. ignore still works just fine, & so does the chat filter plug in. but those upset, are in a tizzy because no GM is acting on their "harassment" report and banning the bot.