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  1. every-time they add something to the existing code, things get muddled... Arywen mentioned the addition of legendary items & the forge and relic system created a whole new load on the backend. dynamic layering (around FTP launch in 2010) was another addition that in theory should lessen lag on low end systems having to process less players in a zone, but anything patched into the old beast tends to add issues elsewhere. right around great river update (March 2012) they completed the virtualization work (i don't know when it happened for DDO, but the 2 properties tend to both get back-end side-grades applied) allowing for the games to run on EVEN less hardware. for myself (and many others) this was when things went permanently south, never to return. from July 2010 (when i got my brand new machine) - March 2012 i actually played the game with decent performance. not like a newer game obviously, but for Lotro, it was a passing grade. regardless, all these additions over the years, have only cost the basic performance of an older game(2007), with an even older engine and client (1998.)
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    64-bit gossip

    anyone else was let go. though Made of Lions spends enough time on the Forums & he isn't much of a coder... he could be the CM for all it mattered. & Chris Pierson is like the oldest remaining employee from former Turbine and now SSG. he'd make a better Lead Producer than Sev. since i have been playing absolutely free since Siege of Mirkwood launch... i am OK with this arrangement, in fact i am OK with this niche group of spenders being milked even harder. it was right around the launch of Helms Deep that i decided i would never spend another red cent on this game client and game engine, no matter how many times they patch it up. & the Developers of the caliber of Orion & Amlug have long since moved on... anyone from the Paiz's on is anathema to me. those bleeding funds as sacrament to this entity so that it can continue to spin its wheels... gaining no-one. i see it as an ironically twisted form of just desserts. i've occasionally contemplated meme-ing that a LotRO Renaissance & resurgence is happening, based on no evidence whatsoever, just to dig the knife in a little further. regardless, game has been sliding down a course, since even before Helms Deep. that is just when they stepped on the gas is all. i'd ad my foot to the peddle, if it wasn't already on the floor. very much past the point of lamenting.
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    Game Of Thrones Winner

    so glad this train ride is finally coming to an end & will do so in 6 episodes. reluctantly started watching this series when it was well past its 6th season do to it being talked about everywhere... similar to the movie Pulp Fiction, i hated that film! first couple seasons were OK. by the 4th or 5th, i was along for the ride but no longer even slightly intrigued. Cersei Lannister will finally rule it ALL & everyone she knew & loved will be dead, (alone on her cold throne.) even the Wight King will retreat from Kings Landing, denying her even deaths release & leaving Her Queen of a Fallen Kingdom. She will have it all and no one to share it with. a joyless victory.
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    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    i have been paying attention. ArenaNet had a bunch of hidden projects under wraps they were working on. for whatever reason they decided to cancel those & focus on just GW2. the 143 terminations were to clear out the excess. if they keep their expansion cadence, it will come at the end of this year. there is still roughly a window of a few months before it is clear one isn't coming. end of August, beginning of September is when they'll likely announce. GW2 still has a decent population that does spend money & they have Mega Server tech that places people questing on a map, together cross servers. so it never feels completely dead. you have to remember as well, the entire base game is FTP. only expansions cost. they already made the money on the base game back when they charged for it. GW2 also generates decent revenue from gem sales, on top of expansions. i don't see a city of heroes situation when original GW is still alive and kicking. whilst Q1 2019 is still a ways off (likely beginning of May) 2018 Q4 can be viewed. 1 Korean Won = 0.00088 USD. so for 2018 that is roughly = $ 70,400,000.00 USD in 2018 4Q 2018 = roughly $13,788,720.00 USD something that brought in just a hair north of $70 million USD in 2018 is not at risk of shutting down tomorrow. GW2 easily has a place in the top 10 Western Market MMO's for player population... there is a good chance it is still top 5. edit: because why not edit #2: on second thought maybe no one is playing GW2 in 2019 and it just lags, and skills don't fire & the action is just lackluster... March 2019 Zerg busting over a couple nights. watch in full screen and you can read some of the names: ^^^last month (March 2019), i guess this is what dead & dying looks like... don't tell the dozen+ on each server in Lotro PvP. also i could keep this up for hours as well, but i won't
  5. maybe, but the actual DDO franchise also doesn't seem to translate to the mass market, but is a niche with Dice and Dungeon Master crowd & paperback books. i think the core that want that in a video game are already playing. i just don't think there is some hidden mass market for said IP out there. in fact i think that may be why NeverWinter does better than DDO... because it doesn't hold remotely as close to the source rule-sets, but is much more approachable. regardless, i have never read any of the books, or even seen said 2000 movie. whilst i can appreciate medieval fantasy settings, i have no personal requirements for a D&D rule-set. it just isn't a feature i look for, or need. i also believe that those who do require such, are entirely niche. a fringe market. if this 2021 movie does go ahead, i predict it will be another flop @ the box office & probably lose money again. anyway looks like Daybreak still is setting the pricing on Expansion packages... PRE-ORDER Ultimate Fan bundle ONLY 129.99 USD$ soo worth... NOT. edit: one more for good measure & a dose of cringe: not all that unlike LOTRO after all. yet they think a premium bundle is worth 129.99USD, or a standard edition 39.99$ both sad and laughable. i could do this for hours:
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    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    but isn't that exactly what happened with the original Secret Worlds? Norway's Capitalist-Socialist hybrid works in such a small Country that is for the most part still homogeneous. whilst a single bail-out may be a thing, i don't think their system works by perpetuating failures. i think that grace has already been extended. if this company doesn't pull up on its own, it is likely over. do not see some 3rd party angel investor jumping in either. hadn't followed it that much, but does sound like cause of their current lack for players. if that translates to a closure in the near future, i wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
  7. AN UPDATE so NantG is handing full control of Z1 (&H1Z1) back to Daybreak to focus on Mobile ONLY. (taking a Turbine i see.) i wonder what this means for the intended Summer release of "PlanetSide Arena?" will it still go ahead, as they seem to be quite far along in development... i would guess yes. but i think they already have the layoffs planned for that as well & unless a rabbit from hat scenario unfolds, i'd guess PlanetSide Arena will be immediately joining Z1 in maintenance mode. Daybreak closing some doors may not even take until 2020. but new milking orders for existing properties have likely been issued. cause that Billion Dollar investor just dried up. Daybreak surviving another day is a very short sighted game... i see no long term here. aggressive player-base milking just to keep lights on is increasingly going to wear thin, when so little is returned to the actual games from whence the milk comes. eventually a social whale needs to see their status reflected in a large pool of people, or you have to throw em a luxury suite, or expensive drink // meal when they come round... if you don't, eventually those whales will just fuck off to someone who does provide. keeping the damn lights on, and expecting the milk to keep flowing endlessly as a result is... delusional. average players and whales alike are going to BOTH be leaving & over time once that exodus starts, it will continue unabated until something substantive stops the outflow. players already hate all the new pricing packages that Daybreak has instituted, (just look at how poorly Mordor performed compared to previous expansions) & they dislike the more aggressive use of gambling mechanics like lootboxes, even if you buy, you likely won't get what you wanted, so the path too said desired state, just got exponentially longer & more expensive (both time & money.) and yet execs will say, look at these initial numbers, they show growth of X times before we made change... and yet somehow those multiples do not get repeated year after year, because right across the entire industry, those multiples vanish almost as fast as they were generated & the profits skimmed away, so there is nothing left to put back, but keep the lights on. & gamers, they'll just come back regardless... yet with Lotro player averages are the lowest they have ever been since Lotro debuted on STEAM back in July of 2012. gamers coming back is a borrowed time strategy. a strategy folk calling the shots have overdrawn on for years now. for 2020 i do think we are going to see several titles, WildStar'd. i almost want to start a poll; which MMO do you think will sunset first?
  8. so more trouble at Daybreak... LAYOFFS at Z1 this game has been all over the boards: Z1 on STEAM & formerly H1Z1 but this "BattleRoyale Style" game turns out NOT to be the next Fortnite, or PUBG, so i guess it is on to the next late to the party attempt with https://store.steampowered.com/app/987350/PlanetSide_Arena/ set to launch this summer. given the late hour for "BattleRoyale types" and the existing title: PlanetSide 2 one wonders if: 1.) the existing game will be negatively impacted... likely 2.) does this title even have the existing base to draw from? unlikely because Fortnite & to a lesser degree PUBG already seem to satisfy the market for "BattleRoyale types" in a similar way to how League of Legends and DOTA satisfy the MOBA scene. not even BLIZZARD was able to penetrate that MOBA market and has been scaling Heroes of the Storm waaay back in the past year. unless Daybreak pulls a rabbit out of the hat with PlanetSide Arena i think this is the last year Daybreak (2019) can keep all the lights on, as they have already milked the bulk of there existing player-bases with big package offers. i suspect 2020 is when a harsh reality will set in. much harsher than the current reality anyway. and this time there won't be any last minute billionaire investors to create a false hope.
  9. so by doing less they actually kept more of the pre-2010 functionality than LotRO. so if you like playing something released in 2006, then this may be your thing... anyway here is a video review of DDO that is overtly sarcastic, but it is recent (less than 6 months old). shows a bit of early game-play & tons of pay for use features: whilst overtly negative, it has some positive statements (voice acting, engaging quests, etc.) but what i like is that it highlights the fact they charge premium prices for an old ass game. for myself, i wouldn't play it entirely (all access) for free.
  10. no idea what that means. yeah that instancing & lobbies may help with some issues, but DDO still lags like a bitch. & it is old looking. the animations are exactly as stiff as LOtRO's. when it comes to combat , both are tab targeting and the only "aim" skill Lotro has is the RK stone at max (5) trait rank. Lotro does not have "dodge" rolling but DDO does... i wonder if they also have "dash" as an evasion mechanic? regardless the more punchy action oriented the combat... the more infuriating the lag becomes. & if there is a weapon swap mechanic as well? yikes! add the lag issues with calculation buffs & debuffs & swapping configuration trees... both these games are showing their age.
  11. i was referring to this: anyway... how many actually play in your kin on the Legacy server today?
  12. now that is a name i have heard before, not because i am familiar with, but for whatever reason, "Icewind Dale" gets mentioned enough in passing that it has permeated to a greater degree... though not as much as "Morrowwind". my Dungeons & Dragons knowledge is spotty at best, but i had assumed it was the whole board game w/ Dungeon Master Culture & someone (or someones) got round to turning that into a novel or novels & that whatever that was is source material... but beyond "Icewind Dale" i wouldn't recognize any of those names you mentioned, or have a single clue what book, or who wrote, etc. and if there are IP limitations, which from the big lawsuits back in 2009, i had assumed there were... the scope of game that could be created, would be just as limited as a LotRO game... which in the case of the latter, Zaentz seems to have a rubber stamp clause attitude about & protecting the IP and is more pretense than substance. but if movie audiences are any indicator... LotRO is clearly more popular (& a money maker) Vs. DDO with a much smaller audience (which lost money.) no kidding! & apparently DDO has a dodge function (possibly aim as well?) i can just imagine how absolutely crap that experience is on the old ass Turbine Engine & Client that was created in the late 1990's & has been patched over the years (direct X 9) to what it is today. SOURCE the engine & client functioned well under realities of early 2000's, but "has been" showing its age since about 2010. if ever you were looking for an example of "spaghetti code"... look no further than the Turbine Game Engine & Client. in 2019 and beyond, anything existing on said code, or developed with... is freeware. the fact they still charge anything is almost criminal, but i suppose if you want to pay, you may just be... criminally stupid. 🤡😉
  13. there are versions? an aside... the December 8 2000 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS MOVIE had a $45 million production budget & grossed $15,220,685 domestically & $18,586,724 internationally for a grand total of $33,807,409. $33,807,409 -$45,000,000 = a net loss of... -$11,192,591... in spite of that market failure Paramount is taking another shot and it is expected to release November 19 2021. SOURCE
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    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    so not a story of young Aragorn afterall. this is actually going to be about the fall of Numenor & the second age... https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-prime-reveals-lord-of-the-rings-series-time-period/ seems the Silmarillion is no longer off limits. 2021 is not too far off. will this align with THIS! or are the two unrelated?
  15. OK time to revisit this puppy. Neverwinter is still trouncing Dungeons and Dragons Online on STEAM: basic Neverwinter free to play game on STEAM. Enhanced Neverwinter $22.79 edition on STEAM. Platinum Neverwinter $59.49 on STEAM. Vs. free to play D&D Online both Neverwinter & Dungeons and Dragons Online utilize the proprietary D & D license (originally from Hazbro & huge lawsuit details there as well) to make their prospective games. so the FTP version absolutely kills, but it is also quite normal to see the actual paid version hit better numbers. i am not saying i would ever play Neverwinter, but if it came down to picking the lesser of 2 evils... in a heartbeat i would play Neverwinter over DDO. so unlike LotRO currently; DDO actually has a market competitor. by 2021, or 2022... that may change... http://www.athlongames.com/athlon-games-partners-with-middle-earth-enterprises/ but one wonders if these titles will go head to head? or is Zaentz winding down LotRO to transition? regardless Neverwinter is smacking DDO down like a little bitch.
  16. truth is both are floundering. but to the meat of the question... DDO launched February 28 2006: SOURCE with 14 servers that were merged down to 8 on July 23 2007: SOURCE (just over 1 year and they merged) DDO Free to Play launched September 9 2009. no new servers were added. LotRO Launched April 24 2007 with 24 servers. LotRO went FTP on September 10 2010 and added 4 servers bringing the active total to 28. On April 4 2016 Lotro closed 19 servers, consolidating down to 10 servers. Lotro recently added 2 legacy servers & DDO is considering adding one at some point soon. Lotros legacy servers had a negative impact on the total player numbers at Lotro (after the initial and brief surge) will it be the same for DDO? likely. if you go read DDOs forums, you will see thread after thread begging for merges, or solutions to the dead feeling of some of those 8 worlds & difficulties finding groups, etc. the only site i know of that actually tracked DDO's numbers stopped back in 2015, so no comparison for the past almost 4 years. but here is a graphic of what was tracked: which can be found at THIS SITE! the only current comparison is STEAM numbers & for both Lotro and DDO they show a fraction of the actual player-base as both games are older and predate STEAM & have a low STEAM conversion rate compared to newer games. STEAM is better for generic player trends, than actual populations. so with all those tidbits out of the way... from my outsider observations... back during LotROs launch year i would have said LotRO had anywhere from 5 to 8 times the actual player population of DDO & that factor was true about right up until Helms Deep. then that factor began to diminish as time passed. currently i would say LotRO has about 3 or 4 times the player population of DDO. but neither game is actually pulling in massive player numbers, so it is entirely about the revenue generated off the existing small player base. and lastly i will bring in a quote from Alywen: so right up until the FTP transition of DDO in September 2009 Ashrons Call was beating DDO for player numbers. Ashrons Call had the plug pulled January 2017. anyway Macdui, you have been around since the days of Ashrons Call and that is years longer than i. i have never played Ashrons Call, or DDO & i only began LotRo back in March of 2008 with a 2 week free trial... don't think i actually first subbed until May or June of same year. so clearly you have stuck with this company as it does something more for you, then it does for me. regardless, both current games have floundering player-bases, neither is propping up anything... it basically comes down to the diehards in BOTH games who spend more than they would on a monthly sub. & i suspect it is a very small handful in BOTH games that spend more than a couple hundred every month. who knows, maybe there is one or two or a few fat whales that actually play BOTH and dumps over a grand in each month. or maybe with all the lootbox and for pay features, foreign criminal entities are using BOTH as a laundry service & getting kickbacks as or via investors. but from an actual active player number... neither game props up anything.
  17. no worries, i bet everyone still turns the graphics down. the animations an all the movement is just soo stiff looking. & i can't not see all the frame hitching all the time. i am also not a fan of combat animation static and lots of effects, but unless you know the swapping that happens in that fight, nothing of the combat visually highlights the work happening. & thankfully that video edits out some of the scripted animations (bridge break, etc.) of phase/stage changes, as i am pretty sure that would highlight the lag even further. that said, i think most of the nostalgia isn't the actual raid itself, but rather the road to; initially requiring you to run all the (frankly better) instances to pass the radiance gate, so you wouldn't cower non stop. because of the whole loot issues, it required many previous instances run multiple times each just to get a team up to speed. whilst it must have been a finally moment for some, that whole grind slaughtered the player-base. there is a pathology to nostalgia... ;) but this particular instance was mostly a gear pass, with a target swapping mechanic to avoid big burst damage... otherwise it was just a glorified turtle (a tanking roll & DPS race.) the instances that lead up to watcher were much better. i had to go full screen to see that, and that detail clears up after the video speed processing. yeah Minas Tirith and it's before, during and after battle versions (each one has loads of assets) & the absolute mass of objects and mob AI they decided to load onto Pelennor fields, not to mention all the room plug ins and other noise... it is a nightmare on most systems. >.>
  18. December 12 2018 we hear Dc.Octothorpe has left SSG. Here we are in early February 2019 & Lotro Producers letter from Severlin is still unpublished. anyone actually know that he is still at SSG? last time he was seen seems to actually be with Dr. Octothorpe: ominous. maybe he just didn't get it finished in time... that or perhaps Daybreak does have their finger on the trigger. time... enough & eventually all comes to light.
  19. this: is an interpretation of actual log in data from the game client as shown here: they do in fact include anons as the data is from the actual game client and not the who panel in game (which excludes those flagged anon.) the above green charts use an algorithm based on a static assumption from the actual log-ins and interpret a player number based off that, so while it can't be 100% accurate (because player game time isn't a constant) it is in the ballpark, or a close approximation. you also can't use the in game query panel as it excludes anons & even adding a rough 20% addition on top of regular players is only in the ballpark rather than exact number because the raw number of anons is also not static, but fluctuates. so we can never know exact numbers, however we can make reasonable approximations from the data available that is definitely in the ballpark. so no it is not exact, but it is also never that far off either. so more than 50? not dead names in a list, but actual players... the actual number of active people currently playing? what constitutes large nowadays pales to what got the large label in yesteryear... back during Shadows of Angmar (2008 and well before Moria) on Nimrodel (what used to be considered a medium populated server at that time) i was briefly in a kin called, "Malice." weekdays we had roughly 25 active players online & on weekends we would get up to 50-ish. at that time we were not considered one of Nimrodels big kins, but those numbers beat out most kins nowadays. so when you say large (are you including deadlist names that don't actually play?) how many are actually online in game? so this isn't on the legacy server then? which server?
  20. this commentary is 100% to the design and age of the game & 0% to the actual players and producers of this video... FUCK that was boring to watch! old ass graphics & visually just doesn't look dynamic, even though there is obviously alot of target swap/control at play... really hits home why i have only managed the Moria Meta Goat on one of my characters... as a completionist i should get it on all (or most) of them, but this fight just doesn't remotely excite me... and i do not know what the graphics settings are for the person shooting this vid, but the simple fact that most players have to turn everything waaaay down to avoid the lag, etc. ... but just watching the video, you wouldn't think there is any reason for low graphics, but again old ass game engine and old ass game client, so most people have to kill graphics & i doubt it even looks much better on high graphics. and if anyone thinks this isn't old ass tech at play... when it comes to Moria, Fil Gashan was probably my favorite instance... i appreciated the setting and initial puzzle in Forgotten Treasury, as it briefly touched on how Dwarves were notorious for puzzle vaults & liked to lock there treasures behind more than just a simple lock and key, visually probably the best Moria instance. as far as something that is a tad more friendly to newbish players, Skumfil (at least it was originally) because of the split paths & optional 3rd stage, was fairly short and sweet, some challenge but not much. Ost Elendil is still my favorite though (of the ones i have actually played... there are lots i haven't even got round to trying.) but this watcher fight... not a selling point for me anyway. & that objection is 100% the age of the actual game engine and client & the design of the instance itself. also it is the above quality & performance of staple game stuff that makes me realize why this game never grew beyond it's first year way back in 2007 & from Moria on just continued to shrink.
  21. but it is a good thing all those generic landscape mobs outside Bree back in the first 20 levels had actual damage, so players could learn how they wouldn't need to react for later instances... or something. but allegedly all these new combat calculations have sorted out some kind of meaningful leveling arch that is supposed to make sense... on paper to what appears to be devs who don't actually play the game... time to turn some more dials. maybe with another dozen years, they'll eventually arrive at something that gels with the handful of people actually left playing the game. huge success...🙄
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  23. this is a good read if you want to get a decent idea about how and why these things are so common place & pretty much infect everything: How a Holding Company Works and while the above article doesn't delve into the structural advantages of holding companies and offshore tax havens, it is also fairly commonplace, even well known for a monolith like google... Google shifted $23 billion to tax haven Bermuda in 2017: filing i'd be less bothered if some semblance of Noblesse Oblige existed, & they built back structural strength into the societies they benefited from. rather than the Capitalist Vultures tearing the meat off the bones and leaving rotting corpses of empty businesses & drug addled unemployed street shitters around every corner... or mass importing divisive cheap labor foreign workers. with regard to Patrick Soon-Shiong & daybreak games... maybe there will be some benefit, which is exactly what they initially thought at those 6 hospitals that are now in Bankruptcy. there is a semblance of philanthropic motive to this guy, but at literally every step of his rise in position and power, there is success followed with some controversy & a resulting loss. he sure does like to file Patents: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/patrick-soon-shiong the latest applications for 2019 are interesting. (as are all of them really & there are hundreds...) maybe his interest is genuine, or maybe it momentarily lends legitimacy to his business strategy. regardless i found it amusing with this recent new enthusiasm regarding the latest Trump connections of possible ties to monies paid in the run up to and during the campaign Via Michael Cohen, that Nantworks also has a big Trump connection in the CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong. 3D inter-dimensional chess, or more shenanigans to write down suspect financials? ... as always time will tell. ;)
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    Agras site does that already http://lux-hdro.de/hdro-live-europe.php
  25. remember this thread here: https://lotrocommunity.com/forum/topic/8505-nantworks-makes-strategic-investment-in-daybreak-game-company-and-establishes-video-game-publishing-joint-venture-nantg-mobile/ this bloody circus just never ends... but lets have some linkage fun & i'll brief quote some tidbits and leave it up too all of youz to decide if you want to follow the trail of crumbs... Soon-Shiong’s NantWorks Invests in Daybreak Games NantWorks, LLC, is the umbrella organization for an ecosystem of companies committed to the convergence of 21st century innovative platforms to transform how we work, live and play: NantHealth, NantOmics, NantBioScience, NantCell, NantKwest, NantPharma, NantMobile, NantStudio, NantCapital and NantCloud. AKA: a holding company. the CEO of Nantworks is Patrick Soon Shiong. some tidbits from wiki name link: he is an interesting fella for sure, who has a history of controversies... 1.) Patrick Soon-Shiong's Verity Health hospital chain declares bankruptcy 2.) Billionaire Doctor Who Just Bought the Los Angeles Times 3.) Is Being Sued By Cher & in November 2016 & again in January 2017 billionaire doctor palling around with Donald Trump. here he is on CNBC talking about media being "Fake News" and the cancer of our time: so yeah, odd... and one little tidbit that happened very shortly after Nantworks invested in Daybreak... H1Z1 Pro League Shuts Down, Citing Funding Failures anywhooo, i didn't bother linking up this stuff previously (and there is a ton more info i will forgo, but the links i provided will lead to the other details if you feel inclined to dig further on your own) ... as i have been waiting for the season finally of whatever "honey Pot" this whole goofy situation ends up finally revealing. it has dragged on for waaaay to long already. my anticipation has left the building. that said... this isn't over yet. i did enjoy one commentor from that massively article... 🤣 and one last tidbit, Soon-Shiongs net worth & company stock has been taking a beating over the past few years. still 7.8 Billion (down from over 12+) is still decent pickings.