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  1. i think i might have pre-ordered once, for Mirkwood. i bought the SE box sets, for both Moria & Shadows of Angmar. (paid a sub back then too.) since FTP, i've waited to see the content available an pick the parcels i was interested in. HD is the first content i won't be purchasing. not even going to use my 500 monthly lifetime stipend. i can do the epic for free, all the features (excluding big battles) are for everyone anyway. just like that clusterfuck that was the Erebor instance bundle... i won't be picking up anything from Helms Deep at all. all these new bells and whistles are going to milk existing players like you & Brock harder. i guess on some level you may be OK with that, but is your wallet really THAT FAT... sugar-bear?
  2. levels 1-50 is legacy content where the TP earned from deeds is greater than the newer zones. there are multiple reasons why they want folk to skip this. as a new player, the first real hurdle to overcome via content purchases to advance is the Moria juggernaut; as that one is very difficult to manage as FTP without unnatural levels of grind. watch as they offer this bundled with something like the latest X pack bundle in the near future. i am past caring really, because the new audience they want to grift with these latest moves, is all but dried up. Kate Paiz waited too long to strip the lipstick off the pig.
  3. if the target is a simpleton. that may in fact be the target. all new group content looks to be a DPS race anyway, 3 pets is a cheap gimmick for making that happen. an already dumbed down landscape, is all the more so now. elements of control, buff/debuffing, & aggro management up or down, seem next to irrelevant. as for old content that requires it... i can only speculate that #'s running specific content at level must be a VERY low percentage of the player base. whilst the numbers from current easy content, or scaled content that has difficulty nerfed, are where the remaining players are still grouping.
  4. LasraelLarson

    Is it really this bad?

    foreknowledge of Moria is really an asset. 2 massive shortcuts for getting around: 1.) the well drop in chamber of crossroads (usually a death is the result) & the respawn is just outside waterworks hub. 2.) Epic Book that opens up the Way of the Smiths & the Heart of Fire. this is a very low mob density way from the Silvertine Lodes to the Redhorn Lodes. arrival in the Redhorn Lodes allows easy access to both Orc Watch & AnazĂąrmekhem (if you know to travel the passage under the walkways of Orc watch.) you can also get to the shadowed refuge from here with minimal mobs. back prior to the revamp, using these avenues & grabbing the associated travel spots, made getting around much easier. with the revamp, the remaining travel issues have been pretty much resolved. i miss the dark Moria though. & I have always hated spawns every 5 feet, regardless of mob hub, or no. hubs should remain dangerous, risky... but the passageways, i would have preferred them to be relatively empty, but dark, with the occasional need to carry a torch, like the dark room in WvWvW in GW2. exploring the dark deep depths, with the occasional stumble into an epic chamber saturated in atmosphere & appropriate light to reveal the amazing dwarven architecture. & of course mob patrols around mob hubs, the hubs themselves having significant threat & illuminated by campfires, or the patrols themselves carrying torches. you can go back to Moria now over-leveled & explore, but in it's original incarnation, almost no one did. they just ran past the mob every 5 feet & kited them in a train until aggro dropped. the whole quest arc with Balin's camp had a great story, but i would have preferred more atmosphere & dark passage exploration to accompany that story, rather than the original mob train, ending with the Queen Grodbog... that one pissed me off to no end, as that passage had not been collapsed for very long... yet here was this Queen & all her spawn & eggs... made no sense. plus all the atmosphere of the camp & the artifacts had such a great story, but i think most folk just skipped because of all the mobs to contend with. don't get me wrong, I like a challenge. but this one was poorly delivered & the fights eclipsed a really good story. would have prefered one really challenging boss mob fight at the end. tied to the story, perhaps a Chief Apprentice of GorothĂșl, there to investigate the collapse, etc. as good as Moria was... it could have been soo much better. whilst Evendim revamp was excellent... Moria's redo was just meh for me. aside from improvements getting around, i don't see as much benefit. the story didn't get better. the challenge in many places was nerfed to shit. anyway, i think i might just have to face the fact, my standards are just way to high. Turbine is targeting a baser audience; much easier to please.
  5. LasraelLarson

    Is it time to merge servers?

    based off this graph after 12 days of activity, in the latest server activity drive... the German servers are fine & not in need of any merges. anyone wanting to move to those servers should have to pay (if transferring an existing character.) there are only 2 French servers & whilst not spectacular, IMO they should be left alone. as for EU servers, Gilrain seems hard to justify. in the past i had always been against server merges, but in this case, i would think it alright to open up the opportunity to players on Gilrain to transfer for free to another European server & notify that in a time-frame of a few months, all accounts remaining on the server would be merged into Evernight & Gilrain would be shutting down. for North American servers... firefoot & my home server of Nimrodel seem hard to justify. so same deal, free transfers to other North American Servers, excluding Brandywine. after a similar time frame, all remaining untransferred accounts on Firefoot, or Nimrodel; would be merged with Silverlode, or Riddermark. housing items escrowed on the new servers & any name conflicts resolved with something similar to what happens when a +dev, or ~PvP special character is used & the person with the additional character in (front of, or on the back end of) their name is given a free rename token. i was previously dead set against server merges, but looking at the severe discrepancy of server activity in this latest contest has changed my mind. so leave the German & French servers alone. but one EU server & at least a couple of NA servers on the lowest end, probably should be merged.
  6. I just grabbed the public album instead.
  7. that sounds completely reasonable & a wise course of action.
  8. LasraelLarson

    New IC BTS Video...

    Queen Carny, Kate Piaz. The King is still missing. Fernando... Yoohoo! Fernando, where did you slink off to?
  9. i'd say Infinite Crisis is irrelevant. the new license is all that matters, or more specifically, the new terms Warner negotiates. at best LoTRO may serve as a nice placeholder, for the interim as Warner develops a new game. LoTRO is an old game & whilst there are still viable ways to keep an old horse in the race; Warner just isn't that kind of company to take that kind of risk. the only import Infinite Crisis would play, is in the continued use of the Turbine Trademark. as of right now, the identity as a development studio is becoming more each day, as nothing more than a front-facing contrivance. if Infinite Crisis flops (it is headed solidly in that direction) Warner may decide that maintaining that contrivance is more effort, than gain. internally, the consolidation is already happening. of all the reasons Warner stated for motive for the complete purchase of Turbine... the only one i buy is full control of the Tolkien asset.
  10. LasraelLarson

    New IC BTS Video...

    yes Warner is spending out the wazoo on promoting this title. & they are throwing money down the drain. there is a reason why this game has no version of superman yet. there is also a reason why in the video clip you link, they talk about being hyped to add an alternate version of superman, not even currently being used in the DC canon. Infinite Crisis is fighting a losing battle. fans of the DC universe, want their superheros to feel identifiable & have powers that fit. fans of the MOBA type battle arena want balanced characters that are unique, but not overpowered from one another, or that have a nice counter balance, so that combat isn't one sided. as it stands for combat & map design, Turbine have copied heavily from League of Legends. Riot games have already done the groundwork for making Champions, that integrate into the battle arena without throwing off the balance severely. all current champions in Infinite Crisis have a counterpart in League of Legends. if you play league & have played (insert name) character, then you'll immediately identify with it's counterpart in Infinite Crisis. Turbine have managed to throw out Champions so far that are passable, but as time goes on, it will get harder & harder to do. & eventually they will have to make something that League hasn't already created. folk wanting a superhero experience are going to be better served in a game that doesn't require class balance. Warner already has 2 console titles, that are going to appeal to folk who love DC characters. there are just plenty of other games that give the superhero experience & are more satisfying to those that want that sort of thing. folk wanting a Battle Arena experience, or A.R.T.S... already have things like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2... & there are soo many MOBA's in the pipeline, the genre is going to be supersaturated in very short time. the MOBA crowd is largely ignoring this title. the DC superhero crowd is going to be very hard to sustain, with so many better games out there to satisfy that desire. & given that Warner is flooding cash into the promotion of this title in short order with an intended release date aimed before the end of this current year. & all current successful MOBA-types have spent years garnering that profile... yeah, as polished as all the front-face smiles may seem... Infinite Crisis is flopping. as for hating that it is getting the money, whilst LoTRO gets... this carny: even if Infinite Crisis wasn't being made by Turbine... it would be another game. the best you can hope for LoTRO, is Warner uses it as a placeholder for the license until they can develop a new game.
  11. OK, I have to blow. whilst not specifically directed at Darmokk; definitely at the implication of the above post. i need to highlight some points: * the fact they already have somewhat of a template in the current game, with mounted combat trees. * the fact that they already deployed something exactly like this in Dungeons & Dragons Online. * the fact that these fucking copycat carnies lifted this from World of Warcraft. sorry, this isn't a total class revamp. it IS a fucking hack job. anyone remember when a Turbine dev. revealed the new character template, with the new layout for stats... & the dev. post where the horseshit was spewing at full force... where they laid out the development steps of how the new character portrait, stat display, etc. came into being? i can't remember the poster that called them out on the carpet & tore the dev. several new orifices to shit from, (& damned if i can find the post, that one is gone, it would seem.) the poster showed how they basically re-skinned WoWs character panel. they spent more time concocting a horseshit dev story, then they did on the actual development of the new panel. now as for this class change that is coming to LoTRO... skill consolidation, so that every class uses 20 skills. the workload: - new icons for consolidated skills. - new animations (same reason) & to shorten induction times to make the game more punchy... ( i smell a mess here as well.) - redistributing trainer purchases - updating Legendary item & armor sets, (or whatever else has legacy material tied to the old skills) to reflect all changes. - & the most important one, new store integrations. in addition to the above, the current traits we have earned over the last 5-ish years have to be integrated into the new skill trees. i still haven't seen how that is going to be achieved, beyond the explanation that those trait points is what we will use to spend in the new tree. now lets hope they have considered the needed redundancy in all trees, for all classes... of things like skill interrupts, or corruption removal. anyway, the beta should be starting soon. i can't wait for the reactions once folk see, just how much is broken, unbalanced, overpowered, or un-viable. regardless, this change wasn't developed by LoTRO devs from scratch. i'd even say the store integrations work has already been done over at DDO. sorry folks, this just isn't an epic reworking of Lotro combat. they don't have anywhere near the timescale, or budget for something like that. this is a hack job. & yes, i am certain of that.
  12. Protectors of Thangulhad meets Wulfs Cleft. color me underwhelmed.
  13. WOW! that is actually pretty close to how i envision Fornost must have looked like prior to the war with Angmar. which is also why, i've always been underwhelmed with what we have in game, war-sacking aside, the ruins never vibed with me. regardless, Helms Deep isn't so much an impressive structure beyond its imposing fortification/ defensive aspect. the crenelations on the wall, the missing (i can't see it anywhere) Horn of Helm Hammerhand... it all just looks off.
  14. LasraelLarson

    Bounder's Boundy Event

    honestly, i don't think there is any requirement to purchasing the steed, short of having enough tokens. you don't need tier 3. nor does your server needed to finish. as far as i can tell anyway.
  15. isn't hard to tell where the great horn of Helm Hammerhand is in this image: and yeah, my mention was from the massively article, that Rick claims was in the package they sent them, but still wonders at the fact they used it, over other images. >.<
  16. LasraelLarson

    Ascended Weapons

    ok, so not exactly ascended weapons, but... heh.
  17. it is a pity i can't skip that if i don't purchase helms deep. anyway, pretty hilarious just who is excited about having multiple pets out at once. same folk who still don't know the unique of certain pets. or perhaps they are getting rid of flank heals, taunt, or revive chance, etc. anyone thinking this adds complexity is a fool. this is painfully dumbing down the game. nothing like GW2 trait system, so i assume these copycats are once again drawing from the well known as WoW. pathetic. i didn't purchase the last instance cluster & never will... if they gave it to me for free, i doubt i'd even play the content. i certainly won't be purchasing this Xpack.
  18. actually, they re-purposed some of the assets from Isenguard. think pavement tiles on the road through Nan Curinur. & that would actually be according to Lore. the builders of the Hornburg, were also responsible for Isenguard. i'd have to dig out my books to check on the scale of the walls, but the ones in the images from the OPs' linked article seem to be lacking in height. also i'll point it out again. i find it odd all images are specifically shot to exclude the great horn of Helm Hammerhand. something just looks entirely off about the images chosen. i honestly do question if all the assets in this tour were indeed finished. those wood structures atop the towers of the rampart look utter shit as well.
  19. & if there was a prize, you sir, would have a claim. just to be clear... there is no prize.
  20. that truly is disgusting. one thing all this praise will surely achieve... more service outages. & these cheertards deserve them in spades.
  21. LasraelLarson

    Bounder's Boundy Event

    ya, broken event. color no one surprised. i've seen all the vendors on every toon i've checked, without handing in a single bounder token. if they intended to lock them behind a gate, it seems the gate doesn't work. i'll likely finish the deed on the one toon i started it on, to clear it out of my log, otherwise i'm just going to barter for a couple jewelery items and be done with it. the event seems nothing more than a bit of cat-string, pointy laser. a nice distraction, for the easily distracted. for everyone else... an unfinished, poorly implemented event. ... & real men play rugby. eggball gives me the
  22. pfft. fail loremasters can just trait the beast tree & have their multiple pets do all the work now. skill tree looks terribad. i see plenty of store unlock icons as well. Helms Deep... is that finished? lot of oddities going on there. no shots of the great horn of Helm Hammerhand... weird. also, who knew we'd get to fight loin-clothed Prince Adam... maybe they'll add a Skeletor to the paths of the dead. >.<
  23. LasraelLarson

    Helm's Deep images on facebook

    careful there, you'll agro Rosie... >.>