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  1. you are very... charitable. all those details are outlined in the packages. it does make me wonder just whom it is that needs clarification. if by clarifying that these specific listed items won't be available outside of the pre-order is clarifying something... i guess that is one way to see it. again... were is the value placed? on distracting shiny trinkets. sorry, this doesn't qualify as the communication i was after.
  2. a step in the right direction?!!! more like: please, don't wait to experience the class changes first. pretty please. jump in, just do it. it'll be fine. honest... yep, pre-orders are down. waaaaaaaaaay down.
  3. something tells me this stuff won't be repeated on the scale Hybolt was. like or hate hybolt, by in large, people did rebuild it (one time anyway.) for those that did buy HD, i suspect sight see the epics & then overwhelmingly, this will be abandon wear. i don't know how well Xp is earned for a level 10, or other low character, but there might also be a small contingent who power level in these. even that will get old fast. no surprise, they left the grind aspect, for the last reveal. at this point, i am just speculating how fast the post expansion balloon deflates. i'm going with a "fairly rapidly" at this point.
  4. ah, they are just literally getting round to it now then... heh.
  5. hmmm, here is to morning stimulants. *sips tea* i had another read of the counters, gosh legal forms are so exiting... >.> aside from 3 significant clarifications to the original merchandising agreement; Zaentz seem to be arguing that because they were given consideration to make games in 1996 & established an agreement for making said games in a 1998, (point 25 & 26 of the Zaentz counter *page 15 on*) that this established their right expressly as theirs alone... WOW that would be a stretch! somehow i doubt that contractual wording would pass unchallenged by Tolkien Estates. it is one thing to say, yes make a game. it is another thing entirely to say, game licensing is your domain entirely. now as of the 2010 re-grant, (point 22 of the Zaentz counter *page 15 on*) the litigation has awakened. it does seem by statements made, that re-grant included terminology regarding digital distribution & online games. & the wording here is again misleading, (read: very weaselly) but on further examination... i would say Warner/ Zaentz don't have a leg to stand on.
  6. something the storm king said kind of sums it up for me... i'll paraphrase. "so you took a 2/10 & turned it into a 3/10 & you are calling it a victory." whilst i certainly appreciate some of the individual('s) components, i think the player council was a fat waste of time. that one point shift was an illusion of concession. & not legitimate improvement. gains in areas where they would actual count in the grander scheme of things haven't been made & overall communication has suffered. in the area of communication, this went from a 3/10 to about a 1/10. so arguably, this whole exercise was a step backwards. also, given this companies associations with the mobile market (ex:Transperra Inc.) & mirroring development practices in that field... i wouldn't involve myself in any way with this... scheme.
  7. & yet no actual number for concurrency. so it tells me absolutely nothing of consequence. but lets play a game Fred. what do you beleive the number for that record to be? because if you say a number higher than 10,000. i will have reason to believe you are not on target. & it has to do with the current server infrastructure. around 3000? or 1500? care to provide a number, or will you just blow smoke up my ass?
  8. the fact no actual concurrency numbers were given is all i need to know. it also shows in the past how beta participation for this game was rather small. & Agras log in statistics only further demonstrate the abysmal numbers this game generates. they don't have impressive concurrency numbers. all this is is an admission that if they give away turbine points & throw beta keys away on facebook, they can increase participation. the fact they don't represent the actual numbers, is all i need to know. this is nothing more than PR for very stupid people.
  9. seems odd to me. the game launcher information hasn't been updated with the downtime info for the 18th. are we going to get a surprise delay announcement? or are they that behind?
  10. just reread this & need to clarify something i said: should read: - Warner was very strategic in their dealings with Turbine during the early investment stages & prior to acquisition... in that they involved themselves more with DDO initially, than directly with LoTRO as i pointed to in ... dunno if that was apparent in my first pass. sometimes in translating the contents of my head onto the page, between my poor editing skills & bad grammar, i occasionally skip a few of the thoughts that clarify the details.
  11. uh... DDO went FTP with the Ebberon Xpak in August 2009. (the beta-testing for this began in June 2009.) Warner wholly acquired Turbine in April of 2010. Lotro went FTP in September 2010. the concept model for FTP was in place when Warner acquired Turbine. anyway, if beta for their first FTP product was in June 2009, the ground work was laid prior... so yeah Turbine did this prior to the sale. however, i argue that this development happened with Warners' knowledge & input & cite Kate Paiz statements on her CV as evidence. so James Crowley saying he facilitated company transitions that culminated in Warners' acquisition of the company, is reasonably accurate. uh... i would argue that this was all triggered by granting rights that extended beyond what they are able to grant. as stated in point 7 of the original complaint from Tolkien Estates. Saul Zaentz does have an agreement with Tolkien Estates from around 1996 for games. & once again, the specifics of that agreement aren't available. the 2010 re-grant of licensing between Saul Zaentz & Warner seems to come into conflict with earlier agreements. & i'll defer to Ardraugs' colorful outline of said events in the OP, because it is rather enjoyable.
  12. what was reversed, could you elaborate? & in April of 2010... it is indeed very questionable that between all Turbines properties there was "millions of customers." perhaps a million, might be close, but even that sounds high... by half.
  13. it does seem to be a bit of a shell game... especially with the situation of Warner acquiring Monolith Studios (2004) - SnowBlind Studios (2009) - & Surreal Studios (2009) cutting staff in each & merging them into one Monolith Studios in 2010/11. link? or was joke? can't tell.
  14. as with all this material, the actual contracts are not viewable, so it is hard to say one way or the other. what is mentioned is a 2010 re-grant & the terms of that license re-grant were expanded upon. in the complaint, the gambling issue is raised, but additionally the move to digital distribution. so it really is hard to conclude definitively one way or the other, without knowing the actual expanded terms of that 2010 license re-grant. the fact that Warners' counter, seeks protections prior to 2010 is what flags red for me. if the 2010 re-grant sought to merge both the previously separate elements (games & online distribution) of Warners' acquisitions, then it would directly involve LoTRO.
  15. thank you Ardraug! whilst all the interpersonal drama may entertain; it will never trump information. & your outline, with associated links contains some of what we can know. & with a bit of examination, sleuth some indicators from language used. whilst inconvenient to have to address on the official forums, & eventually removed altogether. it can be available here for folk to consider. so now to add to the discussion & i'll borrow a quote from another thread, that fits here for this topic: generally the option to extend would be automatic if the original terms remain unaltered. whatever the game plan when negotiating this original agreement, the parties involved had some kind of road map that lasted until 2014; & the 3 additional years would have been wiggle room. ... now a bit of info to consider: - Warner was very strategic in their dealings with Turbine, in that they involved themselves more with DDO initially than directly with Lotro as i have pointed to in sourcing a portion of their investment & quoting directly from Kate Paiz CV. - the other thing is the agreement was formalized between Turbine & Saul Zaentz in March of 2005. & this agreement was in part (i can't tell how much as those details aren't available to me) a transfer of an existing agreement with Vivendi Universal. additionally this agreement was made during Jeffery Andersons' watch. He was CEO & President @ Turbine from March 2001 - April 2008. though he wasn't one of the 4 founders of the company. it should also be noted here that both Kate Paiz & her husband Fernando Paiz were hired under Jeffery Andersons watch & were involved directly in setting the road map for Dungeons & Dragons Online & as it plainly says in Kates' CV, she incorporated stakeholders (read investors, including Warner) input into that course. - James Crowley was president & CEO @ Turbine from an unspecified time in 2007 until November of 2010 & he claims in his CV (highlights - mine): - & lastly... the lawsuit from Tolkien Estates was triggered over a 2010 re-grant of a license negotiated between Saul Zaentz & Warner & the terms of said license being expanded in that re-grant & the actions the resulted from Warner, as is indicated in the gambling videos linked in Ardraugs' original post. now i am certain there is more than just the above to consider, but i just wanted to highlight the timeline & associated statements by key company persons.
  16. whilst i haven't been around here for THAT long... i have been around long enough, that i immediately knew to whom you were referring.
  17. something Cadbury said in the Shadows of Mordor thread triggered me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tVbrvc6UQ heh
  18. “We’re very happy with the business model we have now; it’s very successful. We’ve got a stable player base that we’re excited about,” Hutchins said. “World of Warcraft is not built to be free-to-play and I think for free-to-play games to be good, they need to be built that way from the ground up and we’re not there.” so having stated this in front of the gaming press at a conventions seems like a commitment to the sub model. & the next expansion is already being prepped for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYueIdI_2L0 something tells me the Hearthstone game might have played a mitigating roll in the hemorrhaging of subs & stabilized numbers.
  19. so what happens to the wraith who is now ringless? does that mean the 9 are now 8? the problem never goes away. & a device that counteracts the one ring... heh. like all who possessed, or sought to possess, said ring believed they could will it to good ends. again, no. the only way to deal with this hybrid scenario, is to throw the source material under the bus. which is what i suspect will happen.
  20. it is interesting, that in initial marketing for this game, they don't establish any connection to War in the North, but instead play off the Arkham series, even though Monolith had no direct roll in development of that series, but rather developed Gotham City Imposters... the connection is shaky at best, but Warner also owns Rocksteady Developers... who did make Arkham, so i'd guess internally there is some crossover. that said, you are correct about Snowblind & the merger of this property & Monolith. all in all Warner has their corporate dick in many pies. yep, that is what i figured. & depending on what happens with Infinite Crisis, i wonder if Warner will take another shot at an RTS Battle arena with another one of its many studios, or throw in the towel? aside from Turbines server infrastructure being a great place to placeholder future products about to be developed for Warner... the future does look very questionable for the Studio. even a recent acquisition of a Korean developer by Warner & their partnering with a Chinese distributor could indicate that Turbines status as an MMO studio has outlived its purpose. there are indicators that Warner & their MMO market are heading elsewhere. anyway, lots of interesting stuff to contemplate & as we have seen with this latest title from Monolith, not entirely a wasted endeavor.
  21. it will take a good month at least for the "average" player to process the changes & assess the impact. player protests in game, will only confuse that assessment further. but otherwise i think the analysis is fairly spot on MP. as far as the converted choir is concerned, it is a mystery what impact we truly have on game, especially if said choir continues to participate. does the choir have a glue factor? or are we truly irrelevant? time will tell. if you are planning on logging in at HD launch, or anytime immediately after, you are playing into the hands of Kate Paiz & the direction this game continues to head down, whether you want/intend that or not. sometimes the dedicated crowd is its own worst enemy. & you have Fernando gleefully declaring to his peers, "they'll complain, but continue to play." *sigh*
  22. Turbine had no connection whatsoever to the development for platform, &/or conversion/porting of the Arkham material to PC. does Turbine even have a platform game? don't think so, they are PC only as far as i can tell. this is part of Warners' marketing, connecting the Arkham series to the style & playability of this new title. ranger/wraith hybrid says, "I'm Batman!" >.< as far as Guardians of Middle Earth is concerned; Warner hasn't acquired a studio that has previously put out a DOTA/MOBA/RTS BattleArena. so it is likely they will try that genre out in several different studios until they make a hit, or abandon the concept.
  23. Turbines server farm still has it's usefulness & has in the past and likely will continue to facilitate Warners plans as they approach the development stage on various projects. as for keeping the company logo & trademark active, there may be reasons in the financial department for maintaining that identity; someone with a background in business accounting & taxes would be better qualified to outline that argument than i. as the year end approaches & Infinite Crisis still hasn't been given an official launch date... and there is no change in the language indicating a more long term approach. i do wonder should that product fail to launch, or launch with abysmal market impact, the Turbine brand may be at the end of its shelf life. but Warner using Monolith to develop this new platform doesn't really indicate anything, other than they are utilizing the license from Saul Zaentz in another fashion. & it is my opinion that has more impact on the future of LoTRO itself, then the studio.
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