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  1. Monolith/Warner began testing concept in December 2012/January 2013. hiring for positions on the project began in May 2013. so it is still very early & also why the video contains no actual game footage. so not that long.
  2. i can't speak for Hajile, but one thing is clear... all the preparations for the conversion that happened behind the scenes & the time-frame of it; when they shifted away from some of the original development & releasing free updates like Evendim & Forochel... had a massive negative impact. i have played FTP games with fantastic models, that adequately financed the game & also didn't impact development, & the game maintained a great amount of complexity & depth. but that isn't the case for LoTRO. FTP itself can be handled in a way that makes me glad to play & pay. but the more corporate hands that get into that pie, tends to spoil the whole thing. & i do think the Paiz duo are the wrong folk for a game that i would play & happily pay for.
  3. there is no internal conflict in that, or hybrid state. just a slow decent into the inevitable servitude of darkness. Frodo could not have lived in an in-between state, nor could Turbines crafted story involving Amdir. falling into darkness, death itself, or extracting that corruption are really the only options. hybrid, conflicted, in-between... it doesn't fall in line with the Lore, but is at direct odds with it. the lust for the ring, or direct exposure to it is the only mechanism were-by ones own will remains intact, corrupted & twisted slowly with the passage of time. & the ring is tucked away, either in Golums' possession, or Bilbos', depending on the time-frame. what seems to be suggested is that this ranger nature manages to manifest a will in opposition to the wraith nature... & that is some pure unadulterated horseshit right there. the ring wraiths were not corrupted by their 9 rings, but rather the connection those rings had to the one. that was what bound them in darkness. this hybrid ranger/wraith is completely outside the bounds of what Tolkien penned. it is ridiculous. i have no problem that they want to create such a game, but do so without using this IP. as it stands now, they are always going to be justifying this situation & that will be like developing behind an 8 ball. better to have started with a unique idea & made a fresh new title. ... anyway, now that Warner has publicized this new development & direction for the license... we shall soon see what that means for the existing game currently active. LoTRO's usefulness as a placeholder has considerably diminished, now that a new title is in development.
  4. the hybrid nature is ridiculous. the ring is the only plausible machine to create such a condition as it corrupts. everything else that falls under that influence is subject to the one ring, until it is destroyed. the entire premise is stupid. this is nothing more than openly shitting all over the source material & using creative license that should not exist until the actual literary material falls into public domain.
  5. assuming there is any development in 2014. & i am not prepared to do that.
  6. it should be just as satisfying a Tolkien experience as Guardians of Middle Earth was... which is to say, not at all. if there is anything honorable left in this world... i hope Warner loses their lawsuit... here is to hoping Daniel Petrocelli (Warners' attorney) fumbles catastrophically.
  7. Myst was exploration & environmental puzzle solving, (no clue about Myth.) as the series expanded, it turned out to have quite a rich Lore as well. i don't know how good this game will turn out, should it get the funding, but if they avoid the attempt to MMO-ify it, (they just don't have the war chest of experience to draw from in that domain) i suspect it should be a pretty solid single player experience... if you enjoy those 2 key elements.
  8. LO-FRICKEN-OLEPHANTS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD4RuVTAFIo when this hits the official forums. oh golden! & i have definitely no interest whatsoever in this title. well the cards have been revealed. now the shit is going to soon hit the fan regarding the future of LoTRO. & the best case scenario looks to be maintenance mode. this last expansion looks even more like a last ditch cash grab to me now. soo glad i didn't jump on board. folk are going to be in for some large scale regret come year end. in the video i linked, they mention Arkham (the batman games.) Warner wholly acquired Monolith back in October 2004. & this ties into their moves with controlling interests in Batman & the DC comics Universe. now they are playing that reputation on this Shadows of Mordor Title.
  9. somewhat similar for myself. by the end of Moria i knew i was done paying a monthly sub for this game... had they not offered that last lifetime deal when they did, (Mirkwood launch) i would not be here now. when they announced the FTP conversion, i wondered if the new direction might improve things. 3 expansion later has more than convinced me the direction is going further from anything i'd want to pay for. i can continue to freeload, but i will purposely avoid adding to the expansion hype (or other activity bumps, like weekends.) i won't be logging in the rest of November after launch & i already don't use the official forums anymore. if topics here can't fill the time; I'll be playing GW2.
  10. Warner acquired Turbine in April of 2010. FTP launched in September 2010... they took ownership 5 months prior to the launch of LoTROs' FTP.
  11. that is very good. especially the part were the larger player base / official forum users were utterly oblivious to the transition of Kate Paiz replacing Steefal. you might get someone arguing the dates shuffled by a month, but it all looks gravy to me. only thing i can think of adding is the takeover from Code-masters and the merging of those services into Turbine proper though that happened well after the events in that current time-line.
  12. just in case any of you are fans of the old Myst games; Cyan studios is having a kickstarter for a new game they'd like to develop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OF9BBc0xA0 only 4 days left to reach their goal. just thought i'd spread the word some.
  13. as best as i can tell, this doesn't seem to be something that can be reliably traded for, but rather is a lottery loot reward & seems tied to the higher tiers. so assuming the borked slower mechanics to start don't hinder you from achieving the higher tiers. you still have to combat the random nature of reward chests, so given the crap shoot, i don't think that number can even reasonably be determined. i could be wrong, but again, this is based of what i have been able to glean via the little info they've shared. given that i am skipping this one entirely, my personal answer is zero times.
  14. i am going to hold off at least one week. probably the rest of November. i can watch the fireworks from afar.
  15. i am just going to re-highlight using even more emphasis on what Kate Piaz is saying in her CV: Stormreach was released February 28, 2006. Eberron unlimited released August 4, 2009 with the hybrid model that Kate states she was a key architect in developing. so as early as 2006 this collaboration with investors was going on. Re-linking this article as Warner was very likely one of those stakeholders... Turbine’s list of previous backers is lengthy, including biggies like *Time Warner*, Columbia Capital and GGV; we’re trying to confirm who participated in this new investment. so acquisition of a hybrid financial model being the stated reason; starts to look rather specious in the light of these events.
  16. because someone else had to do it first. then the copy-cat syndrome this company suffers from will kick in. there was movie trailer ads for Infinite Crisis. though i don't think that was well received, as they didn't vet the actual trailer on a test audience first. just looking at the youtube comments of the extended version to see the overwhelming negativity... or the theater i saw it in, the crowd reaction was lacking... or it seemed so to me. you can usually hear it audibly when something has a positive (or even negative) impact. the fact they've tied (albiet really poorly) movie tickets for this months Hobbit sequel in with a more expensive package (no actual discount & arguably, more expensive then purchasing the damn tickets yourself) may be an indication they are linking things up. however i still think they may forgo a movie trailer played in actual theaters, because the actual product shown... well they wouldn't use that, the game does look dated. & that kind of an expense, they just won't risk it. & i am amazed they didn't do extensive market testing with the visuals of Helms Deep, because that isn't getting a good reception either. they've spent money, that they just aren't going to make back. & are relying on word of mouth player buzz, when they haven't created the product that would achieve that. lose, lose, lose, all around.
  17. there is also one factor you just haven't considered. outside of the current player-base... no one else gives a fuck about LoTRO. so attempting to generate a buzz, when folk tuned out a long time ago, just isn't going to work. the job of linking the mass market to this product falls to Warner/Turbine. & they failed. i will not take up the reins, as this game just isn't something that i'd foist upon anyone. the camaraderie with the disenfranchised is more than satisfying enough for me, thanks.
  18. well, here we are & it is the 10th of November & still no launch date. i think internally, the point where WB/Turbine is re-assessing, may be upon the development of IC. they sure have spent a pretty penny in marketing, even going to conventions i had no idea existed... i do wonder if scrapping is being weighed internally? would be kinda funny if this game got Warner/Turbine to shift it's vision to one more long term; like successful DOTA2 & League of Legends... or will they throw in the towel? i suppose the micro-transactions launched during beta on that tiny audience will decide. i wonder how that is going? anyway, if they intend on launching this year, according to plans they made public... that time is fast running out. also, still no superman.
  19. for myself, all the interfaces look like alpha build placeholders. way too screen obscuring, with some really ugly induction animations. all the catapult footage i have seen is horrendous. the time it takes to use an non-upgraded siege weapon, from (turning) aiming, acquiring range, etc. they seem to have not weighed the risk of having intentional weaker/slower more inconvenient features that need to be upgraded by repetitive use can potentially kill the fun of not using a fully functioning catapult... like i can in say GW2. were i'll add, the interface is your combat bar. very clean, very unobtrusive. the ability to visually determine feedback is again obscured by the obtrusive interface & weird scale issues between ally soldiers & equipment & distant battle proportions. it really is clunky. & the more folk do it, the more it becomes appearant, though it is immediately so for me. i have 11 characters total & 7 of them have passed through the Wulfs Cleft instance & the tale at the Ford of Isen & Nan Curunir & the illusion of battle fades fast. & yet these are designed to be repeatedly grinded by the player-base. which is why they desperately need polish, because so many of the animations are borrowed and recognizable from other features & you will be seeing these things over & over & over. lets just leave out basic server performance as we can all predict that mess when it hits live on the 18th. these things need several more passes in development, (they will never get) before they would be even mildly entertaining. regardless, making them a system to be upgraded & attached to dailies (which i bet will be removed via mithril coins) was just entirely the wrong direction. it takes all the dynamic from both the books & movies & smothers it. the combat pacing is very static & players who do manage to stomach this & even do it a few times, will soon become painfully aware of the flaws... & yes, there might even be some that love it. which is clearly what Kate Paiz is gambling on. over the next 2 months, we will find out if she was right... or wrong. all i can say is it doesn't work for myself.
  20. fuck that. you are like an abused house wife... i just have to try harder & in the end he'll come round. please. so you are actually still spending cash? enjoy the game YOU PAID FOR!
  21. uhm nope. April 20 2010 Warner acquires Turbine. FTP goes live on servers with the release of Enedwaith on September 10 2010. 5 months after. though Warner had been courting (& backing) Turbine for quite some time... even before this little financial detail in 2009 when indications of an acquisition came into view for those who were looking. again, that may be the publicly stated reason, but as per their moves with the DC comics franchise, they were very much interested in controlling interests. i would also argue, that Warners involvement prior to the actual acquisition of Turbine on April 20 2010, was behind the decision to test the FTP model out on DDO. & i'd like to note that both Kate (since 2005) & Fernando (since 2004) Paiz have been working for Turbine for quite a while. they were recruited a long time ago. Kate used to work on DDO before they stealthed her in LoTROs' executive producer position in 2010. We didn't find out that Steefal had been replaced until much later. from Kates' CV: & yes Fernando is still with Turbine, though no longer in a front facing title tied to a game. anyway, i am a bit of an info hound, so just getting the facts in order.
  22. i'll leave you this link in case it is helpful for research: http://gw2.guildex.org/ i really don't have a recommendation, as it is very individual tastes. myself, i spend a ton of time on Youtube & certain Vloggers attracted my attention early on & that was my deciding factor. that and i want an adult guild. so i ended up on Ehmry Bay in a guild with several Vloggers on Youtube.
  23. - sticky threads. - updated info (with dates) in a descending order from most recent, to oldest - actual information conveyed. - links to referenced material. - explanation of changes & reason for change. - personable, without taking things, or getting personal - consistency in all of the above. yep all good stuff.
  24. i'd just like to point to one comment jawberry made along the lines of... the feedback we got from new players regarding mounted combat was they wanted to try it, but they had to be level 75 to try. so he seems to suggest there is this untapped market of new players who want to jump into a new feature, but can't be bothered with the rest of the game. i just don't see that portion being remotely significant given the age of this title. at least the click-fest features & repeatable grinding power-ups were shown. it is rather unfathomable with the decline of FarmVille & Zynga, this type of feature design is still pursued by anyone, regardless of whether it is simple to monetize... fatigue will just happen faster & faster, the more companies serve this style of dish. also, it just isn't that creative. & the early portions of the vid about how much they had to overhaul just to make this possible... uh when you develop a LoTRO game, it is rather apparent what is coming up next. to sound like there just wasn't any plans for this, but somehow they pulled off this miracle and made it happen... just i've watched more extensive coverage, (from a vid Crell originally linked) & these battles still need tons of polish. some of the animations for click-activities, (like removing a grappling hook, is the woodworking animation for treating wood) are rather unpleasant to watch, considering how repetitive these activities are. the pacing in deepening comb is about as good as it gets, but it still feels every bit like a skirmish in scale setting similar to Dol Guldur with Thangulhad & Battle of Lorian mechanics & Wulfs Clef mob density. also interesting from other vids, but as far as i can tell, the section of the Ford of Isen isn't continuous, but will be a different version that is walled off. so you cannot enter this segment of the map from the Dunland side. anyway, there really isn't anything here for me, worth actually paying for. Turbine really is after a completely different audience with this one.
  25. never again is what you swore, the time before... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqWcgTfioos
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