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  1. isn't hard to tell where the great horn of Helm Hammerhand is in this image: and yeah, my mention was from the massively article, that Rick claims was in the package they sent them, but still wonders at the fact they used it, over other images. >.<
  2. ok, so not exactly ascended weapons, but... heh.
  3. it is a pity i can't skip that if i don't purchase helms deep. anyway, pretty hilarious just who is excited about having multiple pets out at once. same folk who still don't know the unique of certain pets. or perhaps they are getting rid of flank heals, taunt, or revive chance, etc. anyone thinking this adds complexity is a fool. this is painfully dumbing down the game. nothing like GW2 trait system, so i assume these copycats are once again drawing from the well known as WoW. pathetic. i didn't purchase the last instance cluster & never will... if they gave it to me for free, i doubt i'd even play the content. i certainly won't be purchasing this Xpack.
  4. actually, they re-purposed some of the assets from Isenguard. think pavement tiles on the road through Nan Curinur. & that would actually be according to Lore. the builders of the Hornburg, were also responsible for Isenguard. i'd have to dig out my books to check on the scale of the walls, but the ones in the images from the OPs' linked article seem to be lacking in height. also i'll point it out again. i find it odd all images are specifically shot to exclude the great horn of Helm Hammerhand. something just looks entirely off about the images chosen. i honestly do question if all the assets in this tour were indeed finished. those wood structures atop the towers of the rampart look utter shit as well.
  5. & if there was a prize, you sir, would have a claim. just to be clear... there is no prize.
  6. that truly is disgusting. one thing all this praise will surely achieve... more service outages. & these cheertards deserve them in spades.
  7. ya, broken event. color no one surprised. i've seen all the vendors on every toon i've checked, without handing in a single bounder token. if they intended to lock them behind a gate, it seems the gate doesn't work. i'll likely finish the deed on the one toon i started it on, to clear it out of my log, otherwise i'm just going to barter for a couple jewelery items and be done with it. the event seems nothing more than a bit of cat-string, pointy laser. a nice distraction, for the easily distracted. for everyone else... an unfinished, poorly implemented event. ... & real men play rugby. eggball gives me the
  8. pfft. fail loremasters can just trait the beast tree & have their multiple pets do all the work now. skill tree looks terribad. i see plenty of store unlock icons as well. Helms Deep... is that finished? lot of oddities going on there. no shots of the great horn of Helm Hammerhand... weird. also, who knew we'd get to fight loin-clothed Prince Adam... maybe they'll add a Skeletor to the paths of the dead. >.<
  9. agreed on the first part. if it wasn't Infinite Crisis, it be Harry Potter, or something else. LoTRO's course change upon the stealth positioning of Kate Paiz pretty much indicates all one needs to know about the commitment to the current property. as for card games, i'd say the current candidates are under-performers, or niche audiences. once again Blizzard is capitalizing on it's long legacy of game dev. & creating a title that has the first appearances of expanding that niche audience, much the same way WoW did for the old Everquest, UO niche market. & yes, they are a lot cheaper to make. if the monotization isn't utterly offensive... they stand to turn a tidy bank. & for saturation, to the point of over-saturation... i blame copycat-itis. inspiration all to often comes from looking over the other guys shoulder, & then lifting the concept in it's entirety & not even attempting to disguise the fact. on that last point... all the current Champions in Infinite Crisis, oddly resemble League of Legends character skill-sets, as do the maps. & the store model borrows heavily from Smite. if they should manage to make it out past the one year mark, the unique abilities of the superheros are going to constantly hound them as the attempt to make characters that feel & resemble the comicbook characters, yet still have the balance needed to make the game balance compelling. i am not surprised to not see superman on display in any form just yet. i also chuckle when they state, "MOBA & DC, what a perfect match." *smirk*
  10. unless it comes with a birds nest wig, with animated pooping... i'm out!
  11. it really is missing some, "Battle on Arwen Undómiel" >.<
  12. welcome to the forums Batallas. & to everyone else who may be making an account! or lurking. *waves*
  13. that would be sensible. but you just know countless chumps are hitting refresh. it might look something like this:
  14. i was less drastic. finally logged in and removed that stupid sig. i immediately started to miss this place.
  15. they are following the money & Warner is the one deciding. unfortunately, the MOBA market is about to become supersaturated & the money they are grabbing at, most likely won't be there. now had they a bit of foresight, (rather than a severe case of copy-cat-itis) maybe they would have created a Hearthstone which is sizing up to be the new thing & surprise surprise, has a decent micro-transaction strategy, to rival League of Legends. anyway, Warner is committing capital to Infinite Crisis. that is the project that is receiving finances... at least for the moment. if it doesn't pick up considerably by year end, watch as they convert it to a milk cow as well. i say this will happen, because the successful MOBA's have committed the long term time investment into building community. i doubt Warner will stick the time needed to grow IC.
  16. not really. Sap did say: i've said it elsewere, but unfortunately for promotion budgets Warner didn't have 100% control & say over Turbine, when Lotro was the new shiny. perhaps if that was the case, we might have got better promotions out the gate. but as it stands, Lotro has never had near the kind of focus & money Infinite Crisis has. PAX prime 2013, Infinite Crisis below: also, i don't know who this is... but he is either an MLG, or Turbine person... & damn that is one fine beard!!! regardless, these con booths have been large, they've had sponsored tournaments & have dwarfed anything LoTRO ever got, even back in its prime. *pokes the sore spot* & that includes a Theatrical trailer, shown in major theaters across North America.
  17. I'll be damned if i farm this crap, but... i'd think something like the spider level in Skumfil with the fast respawns would be a good farm. or just rush the feast hall in Fil Gashan on repeat. 16th hall also has pretty thick mobs all the way to the end & failing hardmode, the greydbug are plentiful on the last boss. or just find a couple goop-node worm spawners in close proximity in Dark Delving. if i was farming; several Moria instances seem an ideal spot. also looks like Gilrain is turning in, but it isn't being reported/recorded. though they still seem to be solidly in last place. anyhow, i said it earlier in the thread & i'll repeat it... i think this event will return to bite Turbine in the ass. especially now that the discrepancy between servers is as wide as it is. i never was for server merges before, but honestly, they probably should consider giving everyone on Gilrain & Firefoot the option to freely transfer to any but the top 5 servers... & perhaps hit the kill switch on those two. they really are behind. for posterity, someone should make a permanent record of the final tallies (or number of days) it took to reach the goal & just auto-paste it into every single thread asking about server activity/ population in the future.
  18. apparently it isn't just LoTRO. Someone else on the server farm is also affected. DDO as well i guess with the new baby in high promo at PAX prime, at least there is a good chance it will be fixed soon. *smirk*
  19. for myself, it really depends on what happens with an expansion. if they ever have an expansion. i am unclear how this will play out long term, so i am comfortable waiting it out. it really depends on how they handle the level cap, etc. GW2 is doing well enough, i suspect it will be around for a few more years at least. i am content to sit it out for up to a year, to see what they decide to commit to.
  20. well after 4 days: & now 5 days: clearly things aren't remaining constant. Vanyar adds more to their daily each day & will likely finish sometime on late Monday / early Tuesday (roughly one week.) Unless the weekday brings a drop off in activity again. not going to break down each server again, but as you go down the list of servers, the lower placed, the less acceleration there is. So whilst Vanyar goes from 13 days to about 7/8. The next few servers will likely only drop 2, 3 (or possibly 4) days of my initial totals as you go down the list it turns to only a day, (possibly two) less. then we have Gilrain. who appears to have already thrown in the towel. their day 4 & 5 total remains unchanged. i can't see them finishing without Turbine stepping in. i also think once the first few servers finish, the tail end of the pack is going to loose momentum. aside from the server wide buff... it is really hard to tell what else will change once that 1,750,000 target is reached. i've turned in on one character & have finished tier one, but it would seem all vendors are available to me & though i haven't bartered, it does look like i am able to. so aside from that silly buff... hopefully we'll have lots of folk from Vanyar reporting what, if any changes occur. discounts? additional vendors appearing? given that Gilrain seems to have already given up... i am glad one server will be finished shortly & can hopefully clear up what exactly hitting that target achieves.
  21. Lotteries, Farmers Faire & Harvest Festival token exchanges, lootboxs, Hobbit presents, Mithril exchange... & World mob drops. i so very doubt they had the time to create mini events specific to this activity. honestly, i think my list is exhaustive of all intended methods. also, what birthday celebration? day one & two were under the old loot table values. the loot table was updated sometime on day 2 (towards the end of that business day on the east coast) the increase was 5 times. loot bag variance 5 token bags, up to larger bags probably is what is throwing you off. looking at small sample size isn't reliable. the large sample (server increases) was 5 times, and that is consistent across all servers. just be thankful you aren't on Gilrain. seriously, in two weeks time when one server should be done, that server is going to get sooooooooooooo demoralized.
  22. it wouldn't have much legal weight. Turbine could ban an account, but a strongly worded letter, on legal letterhead, would very likely reverse that in short order. humorous if said letter also requested a public apology from the community manager via the forums; to clear up any confusion. i am not in the beta, nor have i been invited. and that is the way it shall stay. anyway, the strength of this NDA falters if everyone ignores it. whilst punitive action against one, two, or a small few number of players is comfortable enough... doing so against 100's of players would be a much harder decision to make. the beta hasn't even started & we've already seen the cracks. i wonder if early September was still a bit too soon? also, why is it i get the feeling the loyal testers, are among some of the most useless assets to have in your pocket?
  23. well i didn't actually specify that they needed more DPS. they lack a dynamic feel. on foot, the molasses like skill use, solo, they are a damn snore-fest to play. on mounts, the problem wasn't DPS, the problem was the terrain causing me to lose my target numerous times as the mob could path over a cliff face i was unable to path over... or being mounted mobs, they'd kite through a series of other mounted mobs. i'd literally have like 12 - 15 warg-riders in my train. between the terrain & multiple targets pathing across my focus... things just got messy. i didn't die once, or get dismounted, just playability was a major P.I.T.A. to get those 4 kills took 6 separate engagements, plus the disengage times to survive. almost an hours play, for 4 kills. i have zero pvp experience in LoTRO. that said, my guard is a beast. amazing survivability. they just aren't that exciting to play. not a dynamic feeling class, the skill induction times are part of it. have you played guard in GW2? now that is fun. dynamic. exciting to play.
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