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  1. indeed. this is pretty much what i am getting at. if the game licensing contracts were penned in such a way that the original contact JRR Tolkien signed granting United Artists stage & film theatrical rights & associated merchandise were not negated, then Tolkien Estates would have a huge win. commercial common sense is the legal term i was missing. but this would hinge entirely on the agreements of 1996 & video game licensing. strategically, without knowing the wording of those later agreements, i can't say much, but in the counter by Saul Zaentz/Warner the extended protections clause around 2010 sticks out at me. it does seem like they both are maneuvering around the move to digital distribution. so i suspect, the video game license may have iterated some of the language of the original contract. anyway, the Tolkien family with Harper Collins retain the literary license & publishing rights & those being the source material, have the greater weight legally. materials based of that literary material... vs. promotional merchandise for the theatrical releases... they have a strong claim in. ... regardless, i don't see this mater coming to resolution one way or the other before the year end. & it will indeed color everything in the interim. how this effects us... Turbine seems hosed one way or the other. there won't be an extension should HD require more bake time. there certainly won't be any more development money. everything points to the extension being utilized, with the game shifting fully into maintenance mode.
  2. all current threat mechanics are being nuked from space. if i understand it correctly, there will be no more transferring of threat, once the tank initiates his taunt, aggro is his. so a hunter dps output will have no impact on the threat meter. if i have correctly understood it. it isn't like they've revealed much...
  3. yep, this is in desperate need of tons of polish. several observance points: - the orc ladder placement wasn't shown & the orc wall scale wasn't a continuous clip (at least 3 separate shots) suggesting one continuous movement, but not actually showing that. - the ground targeting on the catapult was very hitchy (not smooth at all) needs a ton of polish, & i can see that going south on live. also the visual scales are so bizarre, there was like only 3 clicks away, prior to the catapult fire & the distance seemed insignificant, but targeted mobs ran through area, much the same as they do in Thangulhad skirmish. - all the dynamic battle images seemed to be void of player-characters & the images that included player characters, there was tons of static NPC's... player moved past them to look over wall at static army outside, or player going up to static NPCs to give orders? & then the footage of them following those actions aren't shown, or they were and it is just static NPC's? - player character animations in the catapult were glitchy as ever, not smooth. those were the glaring things that stood out to me & this needs a ton of polish. (months worth.) all in all this confirms most of my suspicions. & this footage is hand picked from internal source, on live... yikes. November 18th. is 2 weeks & change away.
  4. that was fast and painless. you have also resolved the adblock banner message, for me anyway. there is no more page scroll/shifts as the banner loads, so thanks for that.
  5. i am talking more of the sunken cost people, like that girl who was happy to create the cosmetic thread, the day of the pre-order release. there is a period when that purchase will need to be justified in the mind. there is also that excuse (somewhat legitimate) that the first week, glitches are to be expected as they tune to release, etc. when i say i'll have to wait a month after, or so... that is the point when things have had a chance to weigh & the actual state of things will be apparent, even to those who can't currently glean clues from what are obvious telegraphs to someone like me.
  6. a vacant house isn't much different from a lockout due to failure to pay upkeep; ghost town is a ghost town regardless. the difference is now someone has a bit of choice if they want to buy a house. or in the case of this thread, be gifted a kinhouse.
  7. he is a little too portly to lay on his back for groceries & man-whores generally don't make remotely what their female counterparts do... so i guess congratulations to finding a niche that pays & Turbine sure seem to be happy repeat customers. ... if there is game-play to show, show it. the fact they don't is telling enough. as telling as the promo footage of mounted riders hitching on their way to Helms Deep; right after a patch indicating issues with this very problem had been addressed. the reality is this content isn't ready & will be released in a bad state. i don't require a leek, or NDA breach to know this either. it is self-evident. i will have to wait a good month after launch for reality to set in. died in the wool defenders, will likely be stalwart the first week or so, but... even they will start to waffle as the year comes to a close. & in 2014, this game will for all intents & purposes be in maintenance mode.
  8. i am still firmly in the camp of, "NOT BUYING." however, please feel free to keep explaining. it's kinda fun to watch the gymnastics of "splainin & resplainin" because it's not what you say, but how you say it... or some-such. i suppose Kate could give it a shot next, but really, shes been working on the next letter from the producer & January is like 3 months away!
  9. whilst i do hope they attack that angle... i personally think there is one better avenue. though it would hinge on the agreement for video game licensees made in 1996. i would assume that agreement would have been penned as to not negate the original stage & film theatrical rights & associated merchandise... i would hope... & if that is in fact the case, products following the films would be in Warners territory. products based of the books however... the literary rights holders should absolutely have a say in that, if not be from whom the licensing is done. Haldir it would seem, will not be at Helms Deep, after all. time & again official statements the game follows the Books, not the Movies. & i do think this is definitely an angle because it should be safe to assume the included merchandising rights were standard for film & stage production, even to this day... promotional tools for the stage & film theatrical productions.
  10. indeed, & in case you missed it, it should be mandatory viewing...
  11. just adding some more info because some sites i check have more accurate info then others. whilst Alex Galvangi is the GM at Turbine... the name that folk at Turbine answer too & get marching orders from is... Greg Ballard ...details, details.
  12. indeed this (and the rest of it.) if they had stayed, they would have been fired. they didn't fit in.
  13. not really, they didn't fit in team Kate, so they are gone. as are pretty much everyone else in the same boat; with the exception of those who got pulled for Infinite Crisis.
  14. interesting i wonder what was on those disks? i wonder if it was just the old MoM disks? regardless, in North America, those boxes are discontinued. now you pay & the recipt has the validation code (or the email confirmation of purchase.) it should be interesting to see how Helms Deep plays out in certain parts of Europe, if in fact physical disks are a requirement. the German audience for this game is quite a large percentage of the player-base. as for merchandise... i certainly would have appreciated an Odinic Wandering Gandalf... he could give Rytlock Brimstone a run for his money. or a game music CD. or an artbook... oh what am i saying; you know how much they'd charge for that... just look at the price of digital mounts! >.< anyway, those disks seem rather redundant. for all it matters, they could be old AoL disks.
  15. welcome one and all! i am also sorta a newish convert as well. i have never felt reluctant to start a conversation here, or join one in progress. it has been a much more satisfying experience overall. cheers!
  16. James Crowley facilitated the sale of Turbine to Warner, but he really isn't relevant anymore. He did set the direction prior to the sale, but currently Warner sets the direction. the new man in the big seat is Alex Galvangi. (Turbine General Manager) both Fernando & Kate were recruited for their past experience. when I wax expletive with my term "FUCKING CARNIES" it is aimed squarely at the 2 of them & the guidance they've set & the brown stain of influence trickles all over anyone under that guidance. obviously this is roses & puppy dogs with Warner... as long as the bean counters see positive results. the shifting of Fernando Paiz out of the lead seat on DDO is interesting... i keep waiting to see what rock he crawls from under, but i am always hopeful that it's a falling out of favor with Warner. regardless Rick Heaton is just a byproduct of a much larger issue. & Kate Paiz would make a better target... but as Bango pointed out above, good luck finding her. the once a year letter even went tits up. anyway, tis a pity the official community can't discern just what exactly it is about LoTRO that I want to fail. would go along way towards mending bridges if the lights could go on for more than just a few. not surprising really. & if it continued, queue the shift in rhetoric to more conflict & surprise, same result accomplished. we are all familiar with the technique... which is why i don't even bother. my official forum account remains inactive.
  17. Mine: DL = 48.74 MB/s UL = 2.93 MB/s Ping = 5 MS Grade = A- 81% of Canadians are slower than me... NYAH!
  18. no worries. the box image even says it includes a DVD-ROM software, (on both sides of the pond) literally every conversation i have seen regarding that Mithril Box is that it was just a code. unfortunately there are a sum total of zero Mithril Edition unboxing vids. assuming there is a physical CD (not actually assuming anything til i see proof) what would be on it, a shell Pando downloader client? now i am genuinely curious to see a physical disk tied to that product!
  19. the Mithril Edition box contains no CD. it is a redeemable code. EDIT to clarify: how can the Mithril Box which is a code for digitial content & 100% digital distribution circumvent laws relating to... what i assume is DLC? can you please link to some of these laws? would be interesting to see the wording.
  20. i just wanted to dwell on this merchandise thing a little more, because it makes for interesting study. check out this popular GW2 unboxing vid. without a doubt, contains tangible merchandise. now take a look at this WoW unboxing from the recent Xpak. again, tangible merchandise. i won't bombard you with multiple other examples, but for your elucidation, i do recommend searching the unboxing subject & include looking for Lotro. it is a definite eye opener when it comes to seeing prices & what is offered, in addition to the number of vids from multiple sources on a single title... then you see Lotros offerings in comparison. from the lack of vids, to the contents of said packages being much less than almost all other competitors. literally one of the best Lotro unboxing vids isn't even in English & the ones that are... the above image is the best offering to date, for actual merchandise. that Witch King figurine was the only one of it's kind & it was probably best to stop at that one. so they were sorely behind the competitors offerings, but it may indeed be a factor that does bite them hard; with regards to this lawsuit.
  21. Rift seems to be doing spectacularly well through steam; it is currently trending. did they just add it? it is already doing better than Lotro when it launched. STATS HERE the peak was over 9000... sorry my bad. (11,647) Lotro didn't break 4000. so congratulations Rift. a very good early showing. full disclosure, no i haven't yet tried Rift. i don't yet have plans to either. just thought i'd mention the activity bump.
  22. couple things. it is entirely possible an American Company once again overlooked a European vendor & hasn't updated them with current info. in the States, that inventory has been cleared, months ago. also, i'd be leery of purchasing that box overseas, as the redeemable code inside has a VERY good chance of being expired. gawd knows, my invite a friend keys on both My SoA & MoM special edition box sets expired not even 2 months after purchase... never got to use em. also also, that Mithril Edition box doesn't contain anything but a redeemable code. no CD's. no posters, etc. it is a plastic shell. a wrapper. it is effectively a game card. physical merchandise being skimpy as it was with the SoA & MoM box sets... the Mithril edition is nothing more than a redeemable code in a plastic box wrapper.
  23. no need mate, that info is horribly out of date. it says more on the way... uhm, not even. the boxes are gone, they aren't being remade. end of story.
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