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    What are you Listening to?

    feelin raunchy?
  2. LasraelLarson

    What are you Listening to?

    when it comes to music, my tastes are downright schizophrenic; which with each addition to this thread, i'll no doubt prove. let's start here: gotta love the voice of Gabriel!
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    Nymphonic just doesn't understand...

    I prefer a little less cheese. but watching someone ham it up can be entertaining....
  4. LasraelLarson

    Hi-Rez Outsource Their Official Forums

    Sapience on Reddit... that would be good for a laugh. there is reason why Lotro has almost no footprint on Reddit, & it isn't solely the older player population that is a factor. infantalized people often lack the thick skin needed to endure the wild. forums themselves only real expense is time. so it is interesting move to opt out entirely. if Hi-Rez have the gumption to participate consistently via Reddit, official forums would indeed be redundant.
  5. LasraelLarson

    Infinite Crisis uses WBID account login

    indeed, Lotro is an old milk cow. had it launched now, instead of prior to Warner having full control, it might have got the star spending IC received. but all this money Warner is sinking into Infinite Crisis, they aren't going to get back unless they fundimentally alter thier approach. between the Behemoth of LoL, the success of Dota, & Smite also garnering a solid support... & all the additional battle arena games on the horizon, Infinite Crisis will have a luke warm launch at best, & if Warner isn't into building the playerbase for the long term, and doing all those consistancy things that build a strong player base; that mediocre launch will have an immediate drop off, and this is going to be a solid non preformer. so keep sinking that promo money Warner... your going to lose if you don't commit to the game itself & show a long term attitude. as for handling the community, Turbine can't hold a candle to what LoL has been able to do. they haven't demonstrated the ability of clear & consistant communication. DDO's community mirrors Lotro's in many ways. gamers are going to get a whiff of the way things are handled & head back to solid ground with far better experiences (LoL, Dota, Smite.) but Warner is clearly banking on the IP of DC superheros. but that simply isn't enough. as to LoTRO2... well lets see what comes into view as the year end approaches & what Warner decides to do with the new agreement. it is possible they just intend to hold the license via maintaining Lotro, or perhaps they want to jump in on a tablet/phone app trend, or maybe they will reboot the franchise... i'll wait to see what comes to light with the new license, but one thing is certain, they are done spending on Lotro.
  6. LasraelLarson

    Infinite Crisis uses WBID account login

    Warner had full rights to the DC (IC) franchise from the start of development. they have paired up promotion, with recent "Man of Steel" movie, offering tickets, etc. it just makes sense. to utilize the full extent of their properties. hell, they've even roped some of their catalogue of actors to promo IC: if LoTRO2 ever materializes, now that they have full reign of that as well, that will likely be handled in similar fashion. as for the current iteration being transfered? i don't think the shelf life of this particular game would merrit such a move.
  7. LasraelLarson

    Nymphonic just doesn't understand...

    perhaps i should have used an example from Tetris to show amazing hand/eye coordination? (one element of many in a skilled gamers retinue) the above vid is kinda amazing, cause if you think the beggining is the fast part, wait... it speeds up, then he plays blind for the master achievement. anyway, good that sig is gone. of the catalog of contentious issues, it failed to hit a single point, whilst simultanously breaking the size limit for signatures. there are points in game where I still have fun, or moments of enjoyment. nothing wrong with being in those moments, but if you fail to look at the path ahead occasionally... don't be to supprised when that moment arrives & you don't know where the fuck you are anymore. indeed, the 2 most powerful actions you can take: 1.) stop spending. discontinue the flow of cash. 2.) remove yourself as a datapoint. leave the game. if those things begin to reach a critical mass, that is the only thing that can dramatically shift the direction. disscussion may convey information, or feel theraputic, but the actual shifts that can be achieved as a result are very small & of little consequence.
  8. LasraelLarson

    20 Questions – Big Battles

    & that is why i was so interested to find out where Fernando ended up. these 2 move in tandem generally. & it will be soon i think when Kate moves on as well.
  9. LasraelLarson

    Nymphonic just doesn't understand...

    i know one thing that is getting ignored... the size of that sig. ah, but it does tackle an overarching theme of catagory error when it comes to understanding an argument. hitting the 'nice guy' also isn't an easy target.
  10. LasraelLarson

    20 Questions – Big Battles

    it is indeed troubling the contrivance is bought; hook, line & sinker by far to many on the official forums.
  11. LasraelLarson

    If you were the Executive producer?

    well, i wouldn't be. Warner wouldn't have lil ole square peg me. but some of my ideas, regardless: 1.) - all player guidance & handholding happens via the class trainer. no longer just a static NPC that sells you skills every # of levels. they would become a robust system of optional game tutorial that scaled from hand-holding (to introduce someone new to a game concept) all the way to explaining various applications of said skill in a variety of senarios. the games trainers would actually do what their namesakes indicate. provide player training. robust instanced tutorials. this would be a massive fundimental change to the way the game is presented. doing this would free up everything combat related in the world proper, from needing to be designed to teach, or guide a player in stages. quests, instances and so on could be designed entirely decoupled from staged presentation of concepts & entirely focused on organic encounters. this isn't a suggestion of itteration, but entirely stepping into new territory & since that road hasn't been blazed by someone else first Warner simply doesn't take those kinds of risks. & lets face it, this would only be worth doing if it could be done well. a VERY robust system indeed. & if a dev couldn't create an engaging tutorial experience to introduce a concept, then additionally flush out that presentation in stages showing the player a variety of applications... if that can't be done effectively, then that skill isn't worth having in the game. this massive effort/cost alone would gaurentee, i would never be EP. Warner wouldn't touch me. as no one in the entire damn MMO world treats in game trainers as tutorials, but rather just skill hawkers. 2.) - pretty much entirely redo the legendary system. split 1st age, 2nd. age & 3rd. age into different systems. 3 agers would maintain much of the current function in game as customizable weapons. 2nd agers, would generally be special purpose weapons for epic encounters like the Nazgul in Volume One in the Misty Mountains, or the Watcher in Book 2 & so on. weapons that like the second age dagger used by Merry, was destroyed upon stabbing the Nazgul. these weapons would literally be introduced to bypass epic story antagonists, like The Watcher in the water at the Doors of Durin. single use, destroyed on dealing with the big nasty. 1st agers would indeed be as the books describe, items that level with you (with diminishing returns) in the direction that you take them. Does the weapon have Beleriand, Westernesse, or Dwarf type damage? (fire or light?) damage against what specific enemy? does the weapon provide a boon? resistance type, etc. these items would be game rares, but if you had one in your possesion, it would level with you but the gains would diminish as the weapon advanced, to the point where advancement gains would become imperceptible. 3.) - no more goats. say goodbye. follow that logically & Moria gets darker again... & no more travel routes... unless minecarts could be presented as an opton were appropriate. all this foot travel in Moria means rethinking mob distribution and density entirely. camps remain dense, threatening, risky places. dark hallways and passages remain relitively empty, dark and atmospheric. this concept of mob distribution and density could also be rethought across the entire game. camps, beast dens, or any mob hub would be threatening and risky. the open world could be more... open. 4.) - no more stat scrolls, say goodbye. selling power is bad. long term, it is devastatiing. making them game drops may soften resistance to their existance, but in my world, they get nuked from space & never return. advancement is earned, and power gains are miniscule. strangle power creep & focus on solid combat. let player prestige come via the use of skills, not the applications of power increases. 5.) - this one is sooo massive. effectively reworking in it's entirety the way group encounters are presented. starting with a new group hub in the barrow downs where all the new model is introduced, and from which all other group game content could be accessed. yeah, applying this accross the board, (game wide). first stage, story mode, encounter is low risk, sight seeing/story unfoldment that everyone can access (often with NPC escort, defenders & storytellers. from there all encounters can be entered at higher scaling levels of risk with the removal of NPC support. story comes first. all challanges added to higher tiers need to comport to the story of the specific dungeon/instance. whilst gimmick may still be present, at least it will be more organic feeling & not just something to throw a challange, for the sake of a challange. 6.) emphasis on sense of awe & wonder. everything created, i mean everything, must have the quality (& time needed to produce said) that immerses a player into the world at that point. as example of this: Death from Below, great little challange, utterly ugly instance. did anyone feel they were in passages underneath Gathburtz tower? or did it look like more generic cave tunnels. for me it was the latter. borring. it is obvious why so many only saw the difficulty there an nothing else... because well, that was pretty much the situation. or, hello no more copypasta shit like the new instance clusters town of Dale, being a repllica of Bree. that town had a story, it thrived in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain & robust trade with dwarves. it was a town of commerce, & life was good prior to the desolation of Smaug. 7. ) exploration, exploration, exploration. map fog of war comes back and discovery clears it. less artifical region boundries, that have that chute/funnel feel... hello Dimril Dale/Lothlorian i am looking squarely at you. decent story advancing exploration eastereggs, not that damned abomination Lossoth village in Tal Methadras either. lore appropriate easter eggs that add peripherally to the story, for traveling off the beaten track. & 8.) & 9.) &10.) ... and so on. yeah, so many things done differently. that list is much MUCH longer than just 10 bullet points. i am too timely & too expensive to ever be EP. Warner wouldn't have me. i wouldn't develop for investors, or financial quarters. when it is done, is what i endorse. if you aren't going to do it right, don't do it. effectively, i'd make a new game as the changes required to shift the current into something more desirable and resembling my ideas... better to just go with a new game.
  12. LasraelLarson

    Everquest Next : so what do you guys think?

    ponytail man creeps me out. lionheadclasswithbulkyWoWarmor isn't my taste. partical/atmosphere effects around combat destruction obfuscate, leaving me to think it isn't actually that impressive. i bet if they demoed without all the smoking atmosphere distortion, my suspicion would be right. still early; they have a long way to go before my initial impression of meh. moves to something with a little more enthusiasm. of course, it could easily remain, meh.
  13. LasraelLarson

    20 Questions – Big Battles

    even old whedyt was predicting session play (creep style)... now we know it is character scaling, even he must be aware of what kind of a mess we are in for if they don't have the time to do it properly. and this is in tandem with class revamps. unless Warner amends it's Fall release statement with a new longer timeline.... say Spring 2014... this one is going to be ugly. it's not like they can pull all those people off Infinite Crisis & even then it would be a challange. folk would literally have to have arrived to the internets yesterday, to not see what is coming.
  14. LasraelLarson

    20 Questions – Big Battles

    you make an assumption that this content will require group tactics of something like Ost Dunhoth, when it could be easier than the easiest section of the latest cluster. in fact, think Wulfs Cleft, for difficulty. i doubt you'll need worry about someone doing more than mashing inspire fellows.
  15. LasraelLarson

    20 Questions – Big Battles

    massive mess incoming! i am predicting it here. getting this ready for the last day of Fall (December 21, 2013) with the class skill trees planned as well... don't expect any announcements for pre-orders, etc. before September (6th *winks*) ugh, this one is gonna be ugly. smallest Expansion to date, no question. buggiest, i'd say that was a good bet. perhaps they'll market this low-budget, similair to what they did for Mirkwood $20 adventurers pack type thing... if they pull they $40, 60$, 80& package thing... i can't imagine how braindead-completely unaware one would have to be to buy into that. i wasn't planning on picking up, but i will advise anyone considering it; that consideration is a mistake. they'll be holding off the beta on this one till the last minute & that beta is gonna be short. I DARE ANYONE AT TURBINE TO PREVIEW/SHOWCASE ANYTHING OF HELMS DEEP TO PROVE ME WRONG! but THAT just isn't going to happen.
  16. LasraelLarson

    Favourite LOTR Art

    i cannot find that second image... & i am now throwing in the towel. it was an image of the Gray Havens, not the John Howe one, but similar... only i much prefered it as... hard to discribe, but it kind of keyed off that sense of wonder you get inwardly, and you feel like a kid. anyway, all my searches under various different "tags" have come up empty. so bugger that I can't share what i have in my memory.
  17. LasraelLarson

    How do you get your LOTR fix?

    i wouldn't describe myself as a Tolkien addict. i've read The Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion & some of the Unfinished Tales... once. ironically, this was all after starting the game. i've seen the Jackson movies & that old cartoony version... soo long ago now. i started playing LoTRO, because MO:UL (Myst Online Uru Live) was pulled from the Gametap library & shelved. To be honest, it was never much of an MMO, but made for a great single player experience & the high polygon world was a nice backdrop to sit and hang/chat with the community (& specifically my Beven... read guild.) Shorah B'shemtee, to any who once did the same. when that game folded, many players said they were migrating to LoTRO, so i jumped with that group back in March of 2008 on a free trail (with SoA SE box purchase.) Bought 6 months sub, then another, then Moria, then another 6 month sub, then the 20 advenurer thingy for Mirkwood & finally sunk the $199.99 the last time they offered the lifetime deal. whilst i appreciate the professors creation, i wouldn't say i am in need of a fix. when LoTRO gets to grating my gears to the point of wear, i also own GW2, so i am free to take a break & play that game... as for spending money in the present on Lotro... that lifetime purchase back after Mirkwood & prior to the FTP conversion was the last money i spent. i was one who was for the switch away from a sub model, but i had based that off a previous experience with an entirely free game, that had monotization options (KoL.) in that experience, it worked very well. i can't say the same for LoTRO as i really don't feel like spending on the current set up. so i play for free. but getting a LoTRO fix... that isn't what is happening for me. i just like computer games. i've played a variety of them since about 95 & back in my youth in the Canadian North, i was a quarter popping arcade rat... Centipede & Quixar & Guantlet & later came Tron. for the record, that life began in 1980. >.< anyway, i would be pleased if LoTRO could get it sorted & i'd be happy to commit (including my wallet) but i don't need for that to happen. some things end, new things begin. that may not be Tolkien themed, but his influence is present in alot of modern fanasy, regardless. sooner or later someone will get it right, & i'll be there, as i have been plenty in the past.
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    New LOTRO Forums Known Issues List

    testing, testing, even this hue would likely help... mouse highlight the above. posters could play around with color codes using the correct forum tages of course... {color=#ffffa0} text goes here. {/color} if i was still posting over there, i'd play around and see what color works best. ffffa0 is a light yellow with a hint of orange. or maybe something more intense like #FFD800 would be better? anyway, i'd play around til i found something that looked best. but since i have these forums... i don't need to bother. anyway, when it comes to template styles of forums... i kinda like the color choices of Everquest 2
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    New LOTRO Forums Known Issues List

    heh, those aren't the forums for Lotro. just an image i grabbed of one that uses the yellow text on black background.
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    New LOTRO Forums Known Issues List

    when the black/slate/gray background style is opted for, i find the yellow spectrum text is generally easier on the eyes. not that it matters personally, I no longer use the official forums. i much prefer to voice 'all things LoTRO' here.
  21. LasraelLarson

    NEW community guidelines (Official Site)

    if the profit margins aren't above a certain percentage, they can't siphon off enough to sufficiently return to satisfy investors. catch 22, make games for investors, not for gamers & gamers will flip the bird & abandon you on the roadside. so now, everyone with the capital is tripping over each other trying to hit that sweet spot. it is a critical error to sell power. (stat tomes are something that should not exist) whilst taking inspiration from success is generally smart, copycating will oversaturate a genre with sameness and generally not do anything to make you stand out. even a whales tailfin can't get very long in a shrinking market. also with the success of online poker & other casino style games, or the past popularity of cowclickers (though that is seeming to be rather shortlived & continues to diminish.) ... the suitcase from which monotization concepts are borrowed, doesn't neccesarily translate well into every MMO. the broad brush approach is leaving a rather nasty aftertaste in the mouth, when a games identity is lost in the process. it is something gamers will have to endure as long as big capital is involved. can a crowd funded effort get all the ducks lined up to develop something with identity, that gamers will support... a grass roots sort of thing? well that won't be happening for a Tolkien Middle Earth based concept, because between Warner/Saul Zaentz & the Tolkien Estate, that is basically locked down. ESO is the next big game on the horizon, but i am highly sceptical because of the shift in marketing language, rather than take inspiration from, tends to parrot GW2 to much for my liking. ArchAge... definitely not for me. so for me, park and freeload seems to be the current option, other than unplugging completely. a waiting game in hopes investors will get smarter, or run in fear, whilst the MMO world figures things out. a monotization model that fits the identity of your game, seems simple enough... but it is amusing watching the industry pundits repeatedly eating crow.
  22. LasraelLarson

    What's your favorite feature in LOTRO?

    even though i don't use it, as i've said elsewhere: - the player music system. it is a great concept. makes Lotro stand out, rather than looking like a copycat. great tool for improving the social elements of player interaction in Lotro. also: - the cosmetic slot system for clothing. whilst the dye system could be more robust, (more color hues, with tone, shade & tint options. greater options as to where dyes are applied on the garment, etc.) this is a fairly decent system for player customization & in this regard, Lotro stands out from its competators. recently: - some of the details the world builders have added have been very strong. the Balewood, snow laden branches, will release the pressure of the snow. having grown up in northern Canada, this went a long way towards immersion in the world. cross country skiing through the northern wilderness, having seen this firsthand... this detail was VERY well done. Fangorn Forest North of Entwash Vale is also very good, though the dense choking feeling detailed in the books isn't what i experienced, but i think that is a good thing. overall when they do give the time & effort to create the detail this game deserves, it does fare well.
  23. LasraelLarson

    Favourite LOTR Art

    one of my favorites: as far as i can tell this was done by one of the concept artists for LoTRO, Tara Rueping. there is another image, but i can't yet find it... but, this is the internet, it is out there... somewhere.
  24. LasraelLarson

    So how much life left before the game dries out?

    indeed. most folk on the official forums seem to think that it is Turbine that is negotiating the licence (no doubt believing Rick is somehow privy to the internal details as well.) all the while not realizing Warner has wholly owned Turbine since 2010. no just a distributer, not just a publisher... WHOLLY OWNED! they also overlook the details of the last public press release on the state of the licence, in that is isn't specific to LoTRO, but rather for MMO's. from Boston Globe article: statements from current Turbine employees really don't mean much without Warner actually signing off on them... and currently, that hasn't yet happened. the last thing we got with the Warner stamp, was the official announcement of Helms Deep.
  25. LasraelLarson

    Vivendi going in for the kill

    Bingo. that is to what I was refering. there were also additional comments about box sales dropping. some of the arguments that ensued all over the bloody place, was whether the expansion mention was a result of box sales dropping off, which was resoundingly rejected, because, well... no shit box sales dropped the following quarter. rather that NCsofts solution to western microtransactions not being as reboust as initially anticipated, was that an expansion was the solution. & both before & after this investor call Arenanet making statements to the contrary. so all around the issue, there was plenty of emotional discussion & nothing really seemed clear. now when it comes to Korea, there is the Starcraft kinda popularity... & then there is the Maplestory kinda popular. a cursory glance would make me think the Lineage franchise is far closer to the kind of popularity of Maplestory, than of Starcraft. and if i were to come up with a western comparison, Farmville comes to mind. though in the west, Farmville hasn't sustained itself like an eastern counterpart. which is why the heavy shift to Asian micro-transaction models is likely not something that can be sustained in the west. anyway, i have no idea with regard to Korean servers for GW2. but the launch in China is very close: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4tGMcKoh_8