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  1. i am hearing alot of excuses, & frankly i am not moved. affordable doesn't have to be a greasy spoon either, i have plenty of those to chose from as well, but i simply prefer not to have a case of the shits after breakfast. >.<
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    I think I have removed enough identifying info... http://turbine.ce004...8.sgizmo.com/s3 but yeah, the link I was given did have some additional info associated with it.
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    last ditch attempt to appear like, "we're listening" not enough to create a new survey, apperantly. i maintain my stance, useless excersize.
  4. INDEED! if McDonalds is the best breakfast option you have, when eating out is the choice you excersize... you should probably consider moving! you are clearly living in the wrong place. i am fortunate to have 2 (actually 3, but that 3rd requires crossing a bridge & isn't practical) very affordable options for a superb breakfast, should i feel like & plenty of pricey options as well... none of them include a Dennys, or McDonalds. stop treating yourself like a worthless peice of crap, seriously! *SUH*
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    also got the survey. clicked the link, saw the slider scale questions, oddly looked exactly the same as the last survey i did... was it one, two, or three years ago now? had to have been after free to play and around RoI, soo... didn't feel like answering, so tried to click ahead to see if anything changed, wouldn't advance without a response, so I closed the survey without any responses. useless waste of time.
  6. only i don't see that happening. not at this stage. & when Infinite Crisis launches to underwhelming numbers later this year... i suspect the shit will hit the fan @ Turbine. but it is clear Warner have already stopped spending on Lotro. i'd hazard a VERY safe guess that Mirkwood got a sizably larger budget than Helm's Deep. if i were to put them in order by largest budget to smallest: Moria > Rise of Isengaurd/Riders of Rohan > Mirkwood >>> Helm's Deep. there just isn't any money allocated for peripheral marketing of Helms Deep. one has to seriously wonder if internally Warner aren't considering utilizing their asset (Turbine) in a completely different capacity. with regards to LoTRO, & the new licence pending, any new direction will likely come into view as the year ends & the new one begins. anyway, with the budget in a shoestring state, nothing is being created in the promotional pipeline, so a convention wouldn't make any sense. that would leave them to show off early game-play... & that is no were near ready to be tested, let alone used as a promotional material. anything they reveal at this point, would only damage the expansion, rather than help it.
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    Community manager of the year?

    it isn't the only redundancy, FWIW. the compelation was compiled by someone('s) with a fairly narrow view. if they'd were attempting to account for DDO & AC1 & 2, perhaps it was intended as a catch-all. regardless, the lack of depth will also likely correlate to its lack of reach. one wonders if they'll publish the #'s of votes cast? that little bit of transperancy would likely reveal too much, me thinks. but, i won't let the smallness of it prevent me from casting some votes... *smirk*
  8. maybe he was hoping someone would say he fabricated the whole thing? ...only that didn't happen.
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    Transcript: Twitter Unannounced Q&A 07/11/2013

    Zoh Em Gee. i cannot beleive i am about to say, what i am about to say... "nothing to see here, move along." lean times.... lean times. Warner cut the beer budget...
  10. from Sap, last post in currently locked thread: & the foot continues to reside squarely in the mouth. edited to add: it should be noted that it was Riot games example that was suggested, and this naming and shaming is just one facet of a very robust & consistant company action plan for communicating with the player base. When they change policy, it is a huge deal to highlight those changes. Something Turbine desperately needs to learn how to replicate, especially with their new MOBA style game about to launch, if they want to turn this from just another mediocre dud launch into something that builds into a hit.
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    Speaking of the LOTRO forums...

    i noticed the change as well. i only noticed it by reading Sapiences comments in a thread he promptly locked. this speaks to the issue with consistancy. i have no issue that a forum policy has changed, but if such occurences happen, it is better to point them out prior to behavior popping up that is from a past norm. Sapiences little quip in the thread he prompotly closed: consistancy. if a change has occured, it needs be highlighted, otherwise no. no one is going to check for changes stealthed in. regardless it is there now, and as long as folk look into that locked thread, that will eventually fall off the first page because that is the natural behaviour of something that is locked & can't be contributed to further.... it will be obvious. for everyone else with a pulse... it should be clear how this will be problematic. i have no issue whatsoever with guidlines, if they remain consistant. or if they have to change, that change is highlighted. like for example Sapience neglects to state the date this modification occured. but modified it was. & this is one further example of why confidence continues to erode. full disclosure, i only have ever posted with my primary account on the official forums. if i can't say it with my primary account, it isn't worth saying. i have only ever received one infraction (from Celestra) & i seem to recall it being a mild infraction for provoking & yes i deserved it. & if recollection servers me right, this was well before the FTP conversion & completely unrelated to anything currently churning on the official forums... or my participation in a couple of those locked GW2 threads.
  12. beat me by 4 seconds... DAMMIT!
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    Twenty Questions with the Devs, July 2013.

    ah, but nukethelags latest post in the weary enough to post about being weary thread.... is really good.
  14. & IMO without all the relic itemization & weapon swap synergies... it just won't be anywhere close to achieving what GW2 has. it will uterly confuse the casual base, and frustrate those who would like to fully excersize the depth of a build that will be gimped by an incomplete crossover. add to this the fact they are likely trying to ship before Christmas, it will make mounted combat look like a seemless perfect system by comparison. i think this was possibly the worst idea for an expansion feature you could come up with. though i doubt they'd have the budget to accomplish it any other way. to think this would be taken as a selling feature, without fully seeing it working... they must have a VERY low opinion of thier player base.
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    Upcoming 20 Questions Q&A

    oh of course they know his name! didn't you know he recently was very hardline with the dev team over the Lottery forum feature?! surely that must have trickled all the way up to the very executive board of Warner. I'll bet a brand new coffee mug is on it's way! but seriously... asking Rick about details of a contractual agreement between Warner & Saul Zaentz... is like asking the Janitor at the local highschool about potential new curriculum for the subsequent school years. a highschool reference... see what I did there.
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    1st post & need to laugh/let off steam RE: Infinite Crisis

    Well DOTA 2 has launched: that was one long beta! so a fairly decent audiance for DOTA 2 & the current leader LoL has a ridiculous 32 million per month & peak player concurency at 5 million. Angry Joe did a fairly positive interview for Infinite Crisis & offered some sage advice about consistant & constant interaction with the playerbase, & the same for game tweeks & improvements: (RIOT games currently does a superb job of this, however... watching both the official LoTRO & DDO forums, i have to kind of chuckle.) given that Infinite Crisis is slated to launch this year... i wonder what kind of numbers they'll boast/post? as the year progresses, i think i may need to stock up on popcorn.
  17. yeah, I am sure there are actual reasons... i wouldn't count forum lotteries as one of them however.
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    Twenty Questions with the Devs, July 2013.

    not really. i am not looking to a community manager to answer the question, frankly. Warner/Saul Zaentz are moving towards a joint announcement something similair to this press release that I am expecting sometime after September 6th and the beginning of the New Year. Rick Heaton is paid to talk with the playerbase, & if folk start to publish his statements in the media prior to any legal contract being drafted and signed... well not exactly a bright move. i'll wait till the official press release from Warner/Saul Zaentz. Rick is more than free to shove his foot in his mouth up until that point of course, but he should be mindful of that plain talk, because if it turn up in the media & Warner/SaulZaentz have to clean up his mess... i expect the new press release to be as ambiguos as the last, but reflect the status of Warner. it will also be interesting to see if the new extension definition is broadened beyond MMORPG's, the uses of the trademark certainly do seem to indicate that, as mobile and tablet devices are also indicated in the TM application.
  19. I really am a tad surprised you guys didn't jump all over this: forum lotteries. a delay because forum lotteries are a sticking point.?!!! i remember a time like DDO & AC when LoTRO didn't have lotteries either. seemed to be just fine. whilst free stuff you didn't work for is nice and all... i sure the hell wouldn't delay the upgrade over lotteries. once again the easily distracted, seem to enjoy the spoon-feeding. >.<
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    Why are games dumbed down?

    and if you could simply infuse armour with radiance, folk might have created a larger variety of builds... at least that would be the beginnings of a what could become decent itemization. but lets face it LoTRO itemization is, was, & VERY likely always will be... a fucking joke. as for the well intended handholding of instance advancement and mechanic introduction, not entirely a baby that should have been thrown out with the bathwater, but still not the best implementation either. & Moria was already expensive as it was, to turn around and fix it... just look at the current state of the game. Turbine doesn't backtrack, rather they limp forward dealing with whatever current state the game is & make the best of it. Lothlorian is a walled chute, though Gollum navigated the periphery & in Turbines own created story, so did the Dwarves with Mazgog. but the playerbase got a poorly implemented storyline of getting shot at the border.... & once areas extant the Lothlorian chute were added to the game... they reneged it all together, because simply adding a peripheral route was too expensive to backtrack & do, but damned if they want to discourage an additional quest pack purchase, etc. and the examples are plenty. whilst the old days did see larger, more flushed out additions... this game has always suffered from issues. if radiance had been introduced to armour via an infusion, or other application & not tied to a single set of armour, & if mechanic introduction happened for everyone as a progression easily accessed by all... rather than a hand held raid progression... i think the idea would have floated... also instance mechanics could focus more on story unfoldment, rather than a staged progression for mechanic introduction. anyway, what we got, didn't cut the mustard... without the time, or budget to fix, it got pulled.
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    Upcoming 20 Questions Q&A

    additional options, not just option. very important distinction. Warner has invested in this franchise for over a decade & have a longer relationship with Saul Zaentz than Turbine. they were also around Turbine long before they aquired the company in 2010. i do not know the details of what option Warner are exercizing, but they are. Saul Zaentz applied for Tradmarks for Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor. there are 3 accociated applications, each listing a variant of name & variety of uses for the trademark (merchandize, digital, online gaming etc.) i have no idea if those things listed fall in line with past applications, but Kotaku felt the need to mention they were anomalis for not using the LoTRO identity. then all the domains were registered using a third party specailizing in legal protection of digital trademark, once again i don't know if that is standard practice, or yet another anomoly from previous applications. the 30 day period following publications is the time in which these trademarks will be contested and if Tolkein Estates can find issue with the uses of the trademarks extending beyond what is granted by the original agreement, that is when they will likely strike (or after should the uses extend beyond what is in the trademark application.) if the 30 days pass unchallanged there is a 6 month window (with extention options) in which Saul Zaentz can utilize the Trademark commercially, starting September 6 2013. until that date is passed i can't see how a basic community manager could possibly say anything remotely concrete regarding LoTRo's future. as to the commercial uses for the trademark, they go well beyond anything LoTRo currently offers & given this is the timeframe for an option to be excercised... that application seems to be broad in scope, though I doubt anything difinitive could be deciphered regarding Warners actual plans. the details of that will come at a time of Warners choosing, NOT Rick Heatons. as everyone in this thread is predicting.... this little 20 question session shall likely not clarify anything at all. but Warner will maintain the ability to use the licence. they have excersized an option & those details will remain under wraps. edited to add: even though those domains were registered using a third party, the domains are on Turbines servers. many things not tied directly to Turbine, but to Warner have been hosted on Turbines servers. so Saul Zaentz/Warner have plans for the future. until they pass the pending phase of the Trademark application however, don't expect anyone to say anything relevant regarding the future of Lotro... Including Rick Heaton. fact: it is still an unknown at this point.
  22. LasraelLarson

    Upcoming 20 Questions Q&A

    terrible question. Warner has opted to extend. & that is largely irrelevant, given what option they are extending is still unknown. the licence isn't specific to Lord of the Rings Online, but rather: has reached an agreement with Tolkien Enterprises to extend it's license to develop Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPG) based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien to 2014 with additional options to extend the rights until 2017. now we all are aware of the recent debate on what actually constitutes an MMORPG & how that definition has grown to encompass much recently, but that aside... Turbine is wholly owned by Warner & any Tradmarks currently being developed by Turbine (or any future planned) can be transfered by Warner if that direction is opted for. so i am not predicting an end in 2014 & news flash, even if Warner has decided to reboot the franchise under a new game, or go with another developer, Lotro will not close January 1 2014 regardless. Shadow of Mordor has past Trademark review and will be published August 6 2013 after which there is a 30 day process for anyone to contest that application by The Saul Zaentz Company. a better worded question would be: will the option to extend the intellectual property rights to develop MMORPGS based on the licence with the Saul Zaentz Company beyond 2014 be excersized for Lord of the Rings Online? as has been pointed out by Darmokk elsewere, if Warner takes the franchise to reboot with a new game (regardless of developer) The announcement would come in the new year & the servers would shift to a maintanance mode for a period before being shut down completely. (12 months is a tad generous though if you ask me, even half that is generous.) anyway, should this question actually get answered prior to September 6, 2013, I'd pay very close attention to the choice of words, because the person answering had better be mindful of their answer. given the circumstances, i am not expecting much of an answer. "Yeah we will be here in 2014" there is your awnser.
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    A change in staff?

    *rimshot* booyah! i asked earlier about one Piaz, thinking it partially significant... unless of course i am assuming a relationship were there isn't one? is Fernando still with Turbine & in what capacity, or was this a pink slip moment? anyway, we do now know this was consolidation, rather than a new position opening up... more cost cutting. & Aaron Campbell is effectively doing what Fernando did, only under a slightly different moniker. anyone current with biz buzzwords got an idea as to why 'executive producer' has shifted to 'franchise director'? reminds me of another buzzword... there appears to be a whole lot of 'Right-Sizing' goin on.
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    You know how I know Turbine is failing?

    naw, the summer festival is already fully converted, but to stir ole memory lane... last year the hobbit eating competition was moved to its own instance instead of existing in the open world atop bag end. same thing with the dwarf drinking competition, no longer on the steps to Thorins Hall, but in it's own instanced area... that last year was totally non functional. perhaps they did find the time to get the dwarf drinking race working again. that and my money is on a summer warstead skin, perhaps a new cloak, but probably not, just the new horse skin. which for warsteads is all slot items. now is it the summer fest that comes first, or the farmers faire? regardless, those 2 fests are already in the current itteration of unlocking daily cooldowns with store purchased items & all the other nigglies that shift them away from fun breaktime & more towards seasonal grindfests.
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    A change in staff?

    soo, what is Fernando Piaz doing now?