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  1. 9 minutes ago, cossieuk said:

    From 2016-2018 the woman's team had earning of $50.5 million where as the men's team generated $49.9 million.  This is not during the world cup.  Given the world cup this year I would guess that they would be higher again this year for the women.  These figures are from audited financial statements from the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) as seen by the Wall Street Journal.  In 2016 the Women generated $1.9 million more than the men

    according to the wall street journal, but that is plainly bullshit reporting.

    according to US Soccer:


    the men produced nearly double the revenue of the women over a four-year cycle.

    and the actual financial records can be viewed: https://www.ussoccer.com/governance/financial-information

    the wall street journal and all proceeding articles referencing the wall street journal got it wrong.  they are misrepresenting the actual numbers.

  2. welp the next womens world cup is in 2023.  so unless


    wants to take some additional swipes at Trump, this is getting shelved for the next 3+ years.  & if she does take those swipes...  it is no longer about womens soccer, but her & her alone.  maybe she can Kapernick a Nike deal out of it.  either way, most everyone is going to be forgetting about womens soccer for the next 3+ years.

    2 hours ago, Altreg01 said:

    that wrestling pic that is a biological female that wants to wrestle against MALES but isnt allowed

    so is Chris Cyborg:


    odd that after all this time, she has NEVER faced:


    really weird how it works like that...

    regardless Mack Beggs is in College now & will be wrestling boys.  wonder if they'll pull the same shit as the MMA above and pull ceremony BS, or will there be actual matches.  i suspect this is another one we will never hear from again.


    1 hour ago, cossieuk said:

    The men's team came 3rd in the first ever world cup in 1930. 

    and US mens soccer has been around since 1885.  more than 100 years before the first national womens soccer in the US.



    The professional division of U.S. Soccer has had three different first-division women's leagues. The first, the Womens United Soccer Association (WUSA), was founded in 2001, but folded due to large debts after the 2003 season. The second, Womens Professional Soccer (WPS), was effectively a successor to WUSA, although it did not begin until 2009. Like WUSA before it, WPS played three seasons, but also lost large amounts of money; it first decided not to play its planned 2012 season, and then completely folded in May of that year.

    After WPS folded, the effective top level of women's soccer in the U.S. was WPSL Elite, a "semi-pro" league that had both professional and amateur teams. WPSL Elite was created by the Womens Premier Soccer League, one of two second-division women's leagues, as an outlet for former WPS teams, as well as WPSL teams that wanted to play professionally. WPSL Elite played in 2012 with eight teams; six were professional, and three once played in WPS. The other second-division league was the W-League, part of the United Soccer Leagues. WPSL Elite was planned as a temporary league before a possible return of WPS.

    In late 2012, a totally new top-level league was created, known as the National Womens Soccer League (NWSL). It is run by U.S. Soccer and started play in 2013 with eight teams, four of which had been members of WPS. The league added teams in 2014 and 2016 to become a 10-team league, making it the first professional women's league in the U.S. to have more than eight teams and last more than three seasons.


    so only the last 5 years has women's soccer actually started to be financially feasible in the US.

    that is the women's leagues negotiating power.  5 years of revenues, only the last 3 years based of 10 teams.

    1 hour ago, cossieuk said:

    The Woman's team bring in more money then the men's team but they get paid less

    and this is just not true.

    ONLY during world cup cycles do the womens US team generate more revenue than US men.  So that is the year 2015 and this year 2019.  just those 2 years they generated more revenue then the mens teams, tied directly to the World cup.  when you include the years that there is no world cup, over all the men generate almost double the revenues of the women's teams.  2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 the US women's teams did NOT generate more revenue than the US mens teams.

    and from 2001 - 2011 the womens teams lost money & those leagues folded.  prior to 2001 there was no womens league in the US, but the mens league goes back to 1885.

    and if you leave the US (and Australia) for the rest of the entire world, mens professional soccer absolutely dwarfs womens soccer for revenues by over 4 billion dollars.

    i'll repeat it again for effect...  the US womens teams ONLY generate greater revenues than the US men during world cup years & for this current womens league, that is 2015 & 2019.  otherwise the US men generate almost double that of the women.  so no they don't bring in more money overall.  if you think that, you have misread, or been mislead by articles that skew the details to favor world cup years.

    nothing unfair happening here at all.

  3. On 7/15/2019 at 1:14 AM, Doro said:

    we've got supposed adults likely spending the same. Literally duped like these kids, but too caught up in their Stockholm syndrome to realize they've been exploited. At least the kids have the excuse of being ridiculously naive and idiotic. 


    On 7/15/2019 at 8:44 AM, Wrath of Winter said:

    And then they take it further by setting up alt accounts for their kids, paying for those too.

    While game companies definitely target gullible children... The hyper-focus on kids in all those news stories could well be a projection screen for their game-addict parents (the interview sources for such reports) too stuck up their own ass to admit their own issues. How thinkable is it for a kid to pilfer a parent's credit card? Chances are, if kids resort to such behaviors, their parents are (a) enabling them (b) absent and not giving attention/a fuck (c) both at the same damn time. Wouldn't be an issue in the first place if those same parents didn't plug their kids into tech devices to shut them up, which of course frees up the time to...plug themselves into the same devices like the mature adults they are. Just the mindset to hook their kids on the same pill, then point fingers to deflect responsibility.

    well it is, "Current YEAR" after all.  and sights like these:

    are becoming all too common.  the world has become a predators oyster feast.

    whilst receiving this... education, they also get the bonus of student debt which they'll be paying off for the next 20 years...  or even their lifetimes.

    sometimes it seems the world is just a baseline stupid mill & production quotas are dialed up year after year.

  4. On 7/12/2019 at 8:59 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    the trans MMA athlete stuff is basically "that's a man, still a man after they've been injected with drugs, and shouldn't be fighting women"

    well, if it happened to women's soccer, they might actually start beating the U15 boys teams.


    works for weightlifting.



    rugby too:



    but what i really wonder is...


    is she a TERF?

    magic 8 ball says, "ODDS ARE GOOD!"

  5. 7 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Football ("soccer") is the biggest sport in the world, though. Whether it's popular in the US or not doesn't really matter, especially when the biggest drives for this unbalanced pay have been outside the US too.

    soccer/football is indeed huge globally.

    i was aware of the Australian push...  i guess on the EU side of the pond in this particular instance, the news hasn't passed to this side. 

    perhaps the individual nations on the EU side needs to play U15 boys?


    Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team

    regardless, hadn't seen the issue pushed beyond the 2 nations in the above linked examples.

  6. can you imagine if...  instead of US soccer, which is very small, relative to other sports that within the US are vastly more popular...   imagine if women's basketball demanded equal pay?

    the disparity between US men and US women in soccer is no were near as large as it is in basketball.  professional level male basketball make millions more than women.

    there is a reason why soccer is the initial target.  the backlash is much smaller than if they had started with basketball.  they picked the target for a purpose & are aiming for a president, before attacking bigger fish.  Soccer in the US is small potatoes compared to other sports.  but, the game "CARD" being played is all to familiar.  this attack will continue and more water carriers will come forward until it seems an onslaught.  they are aiming for capitulation.  we shall see if it happens.

    but it is interesting how a sport where non biological females can compete:


    regardless of genre, no one seems to be asking for a base salary.  which i of course find interesting.  but when something recreational turns pro & exists entirely around events, marketing and promotion, to garner viewer coin...   base salaries, really aren't that relevant.  and considering how small they would be comparatively to names who can draw big tickets...  it is no surprise "base salary" is not an operative phrasing.


    i wonder why these men never bitch about getting paid less than their fe-person counterparts?


    or why there aren't more:



    i guess we will never know...🤔


  7. 23 hours ago, cossieuk said:

    They could make it a sub based game, with your Prime account counting as a sub

    a sure fire way to get me to never play it.  & since i am predicting a dumpster fire and won't touch this one regardless...  they might as well do something like that, for all it would matter.

    On 7/11/2019 at 9:56 AM, Macdui101 said:

    I don't have Amazon Prime myself but I might take the 30 day trial one day.

    i did not need Amazon Prime to watch, "Man in the High Tower"  or "Punisher"...   you'd be surprised what you don't need & still be able to watch commercial free, selections of your choosing.  ;)

    On 7/11/2019 at 8:41 AM, Almagnus1 said:

    you don't even realize your sending them your bank balance, but so clearly flagged that when you realize what you did, you just feel dumb.

    imagine gating you through a prime account would give them a lot more than just a bank statement.  sometimes it feels like people are still equipped with the brains of:

    a long, long, long time ago...  in an entry level job...   a lifetime away... a former employer of mine...

    sold a "SMALL" soup in a 8 oz. cup like this:


    and for 2 dollars more, a "LARGE" soup in an 8 oz. bowl, like this:


    when an adult fe-person asked, "how big is 'SMALL?' & 'LARGE?'  what is the difference?"

    i actually filled the cup with hot water and poured it into the bowl in front of her...  i shit you not, after seeing with her own eyes...  she asked for a large.


    for some, there is no help.  feeling dumb comes naturally & is deeply rooted.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Doro said:

    I agree, there should be equal pay... so let's pay the women less. By fraction of the revenue generated by matches, women are vastly overpaid compared to men. Something like 20% of revenue generated goes to female players, while only 7% of revenue generated goes to male players. In their desperate bid to "equalise" pay, they've ignored entirely that women don't draw the same sort of attention, and so don't draw the same amount of money.

    but DORO!


  9. isn't it time the girls got equal pay?

    according to these 20 - 30 people it is...

    i wonder how much they paid to get those seats?

    lets forget about the more popular  football, baseball, basketball &  hockey...

    lets ignore attendance and revenues:


    ^those would be records from 2001 - present BTW.

    lets not let economic factors determine the time frame, who needs the details of reality in this post-modern world anyway...   ???

    it is time to force this issue!  resentments & negative sentiment be damned!  why should feminists have to show up in the 10's and 100's of thousands on a regular basis in order for wages to rise?!!!




  10. back at the end of 2016 i made a thread about Lumberyards potential:


    as of developments the last almost 3 years now...  Lumberyard & all related Amazon projects had all the wrong people in the drivers seat.

    i am calling this one now.  a complete:


    and since


    made off with 38 Billion...  lets just say Amazons boldness may now be just a tad gun-shy.

    as for the new Lotro MMO, seems highly likely it will tie into the show from Amazon Prime...

    the fall of Numenor:


  11. Germany, Germany above all things,

    Above all things, in the world,

    When, it's for protection and for our defense,

    It stands always in brotherhood. (fraternity)

    From the Meuse to the Nemen,

    From the Adige to the Belt,

    (Germany, Germany above all things,

    Above all things in the world!)


    German women, German loyalty,

    German wine and German song

    In this world it always will retain

    Beauty and it's ancient resound

    Inspiring us all to noble deeds

    All throughout our lifetime.

    (German women, German loyalty,

    German wine and German song! )


    Unity, justice, and freedom

    For the German fatherland!

    Towards these let us all strive forth

    Brotherhood in heart and deed

    Unity, justice, and freedom :

    The foundation of happiness;

    ( Flourish in the glow of this happiness,

    Flourish, German fatherland!)

      Wer wusste, die deutsche Hymne war wie ein Vibrator für Frauen!?

  12. adding one critical tidbit...  just so it is abundantly clear...  my focusing in on Sundar Pichai as Brahmin Caste isn't so i can potentially enjoy another label, "Racist!"

    rather, from this article:





    What sets India apart, at least according to RICE, are rural Indians’ beliefs about purity, pollution, and caste.

    For thousands of years Dalits—formerly known as Untouchables—have been forbidden from drinking at the same wells, worshipping at the same temples, or even wearing shoes in the presence of upper castes.


    but as a white male asserting my privilege of freely speaking an opinion with backing data to form an argument...  somehow, pointing this out, disqualifies me.

    if i did work at google, i wonder if i would get fired for perpetuating a harmful stereotype?

  13. 6 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    Question: Is this human or animal poop?

    I mean, it's not like there's fish taking a dump in our rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans or anything....

    it is neither.  someone clever made a meme, but left enough identifying info in the picture so other clever people could see the source:


    it is 2004 Indian Tsunami ocean wave propagation data.

    now that fake news cat is out of the bag...  the meme is based on reality.

    and here is a graphic of the real street shitting data:


    above is from this August 2017 article:

    Nearly a Billion People Still Defecate Outdoors. Here’s Why.

    and in 2019, it is still a huge issue:

    so while the fecal concentration in oceans image is a meme, Indian street shitting is not ( btw, probably not a visual rabbit hole you want to spend much time going down.)

    air quality in New Delhi, also not a meme.



    so maybe if this Brahmin Caste


    build a few more working toilets in his home country, instead of foistering a pseudo digital caste (social score) onto the world...

    because somehow it is more important for diverse people who have lacked privilege to not have their ideas challenged, then... i dunno... Indian women to take a shit in some semblance of sanitary safety...  or Indian men for that matter, but there goes me rearing my misogynist head, i guess...

    i might be a tad more inclined to take these Neo-Cultural Marxists seriously.  & there is go confusing Brahmin & Kohanim, i guess...  :P

    regardless, a Tsunami disaster, can sometimes communicate an issue of street shitting, rather nicely.  that said, it is time to pull the plug on Google!

  14. 37 minutes ago, Splay said:

    Is there anything which Tech, Media companies do that is good? Of course "good" is subjective and the historical notion of good and evil may have taken a paradigm shift, while I was sleeping last night.


    The question is equally philosophical as rhetorical, seeing how, I already know the answer. 

    but Gupta, do you not trust the Brahmin caste


    to assign a social credit value for all humanity?



    has it not worked soo well for India?



    no thanx.

    pull the plug!

    break this company up NOW!

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  15. the glowing praise of the 64bit sure dried up fast!


    apparently there is a patch Monday to address some of the multitude of issues that started to pop up post launch on live:



    Update 24.1.3 Release Notes

    Here are the Release Notes for Update 24.1.3, released on Monday, July 1st.

    News and Notes:

    • The Steed of Summer's Night had some goat characteristics. This has been fixed and the steed can no longer be ridden in the mines of Moria and other underground locations.
    • Fix for 64bit client crashing.
    • Fixed / command errors when using a French client.
    Known Issues
    • All 64bit related crashes have not been resolved, but the fix implemented with this deployment should address the majority of them. Client crashes due to sound issues that some players are experiencing have not yet been addressed. Alt tabbing from full screen mode when using directx9 can still cause crashes for some players.





  16. On 6/28/2019 at 11:38 AM, Doro said:

    The mere fact the rhetoric in that video is this constant fear-mongering, separatist bollocks, because they know they're a bunch of leftists talking to a room of sympathists, shows how biased Google really is.

    well according to Ruth Porat, Googles Chief Financial officer:


    "who any one of us voted for is really not the point; because the values that are held dear at this company transcend politics.  cause we are going to constantly fight to preserve them."

    those "TRANSCENDENT Values" that google will fight to preserve...  come off reeking like a cult.  and the "insider" language deployed throughout the video, not only comes of as exceedingly arrogant, but the whole religiosity of values that transcend...  they actually believe they can't possibly be wrong.

    like a modern day Amway imported a cargo cult & you pretty much have google.

    it is no surprise any criticism of this...  Orthodoxy, honestly is the best word to describe googles values...  they have a religious zealotry when dealing with opposing views.  challenging viewpoints are not tolerated.  racist, misogynist, fascist, etc.  deploy any label necessary to anathematize anything that does not fall in line.


    the irony when Ruth, the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER goes on to say this:


    "we've said, we'd like to pay more tax.  we get criticism for taxes, but we are following all the rules as they are and you can't just wr...  send in a check.  and the question is reputationally, why can't you do more? and our answer and the answer of many people who have been thinking about this is, we need comprehensive tax reform... "

    and yet examples like this still abound:


    i wonder what search results will come up if i enter into google search:

    "googles proposed plan for comprehensive tax reform?"


    On 6/28/2019 at 2:51 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    Which also strengthens the argument that Google needs to be broken up.

    oh the plug definitely needs to be pulled.  it will only get continually worse.


  17. 12 minutes ago, Splay said:

    I wouldn't be able to answer your question...

    fair enough.

    i want everyone to see what i see, so you can't unsee it again.  ;)

    watch Susan Wojcicki response and see the crowd in her frame, the two yes men nodding heads.  one even starts nodding before she speaks.

    1 hour ago, LasraelLarson said:



    now you all see how i see...   :P

    and just so no one misconstrues this:

    1 hour ago, LasraelLarson said:

    is donating to Trumps campaign also considered threatening?  there is certainly AMPLE evidence that many find it at the very least OFFENSIVE that Trump got elected (even DEEPLY offensive.)  how slippery is the offended slope to apply a threatening label?

    is just me waxing hyperbolic...  lets have this embedded for record as well:


  18. 8 hours ago, Doro said:

    Kuru is the inevitable result of partaking in the sort of rituals their kind get up to. They just need to feed on some youthful human's tortured essence for a while to stave off the effects.


    7 hours ago, Thrabath said:

    Maybe she has something like Parkinson?

    or Huntingtons.

    but the odd thing i see in the behavior, is it disappears when she moves.  the tremors occur when (so far) standing still.