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  1. 2 minutes ago, Papi said:


    even TIME magazine has recognized that in the last decade, asylum seekers has risen 2000%


    so yeah the system is overwhelmed.

    NOT Trumps fault.

    without more immigration judges, the system will remain backlogged.

    instead of rolling your eyes, maybe explain why the fuck rock throwing thugs need asylum?   ...instead of a swift boot too back the fuck where ever the Border Banditos came from!

  2. 18 minutes ago, Splay said:

    But that picture isn't a picture of the reality. Looks more like an organized event in Mexico.

    more than a single event.  2018 was especially bad...

    and it is reality...

    18 minutes ago, Splay said:

    A video from an Italian news channel that didn't exist in 2014.

    just grabbed example of border storming...  here is the result of one of the 2018 caravans reaching the US border:

    same energy.


  3. On 2/6/2020 at 7:58 PM, LasraelLarson said:

    3.) The lip service paid to inclusiveness; yet the clear shaft to candidates of color.

    last nights New Hampshire debate...

    when 6 white candidates postured over systemic racism for 15 minutes, counting and comparing their blacks...

    and they gave the one actual person of color half that for speaking time...




  4. 14 hours ago, MueR said:

    No, by not locking up people in massively overcrowded cells is how you are a decent human being.

    well then perhaps immigrating to the US like this:

    New Images Show Exactly How Massive The Migrant Caravan Is Traveling to The USA Through Mexico ...

    isn't the greatest idea. 

    how exactly are detention cells going to be anything but packed with massive chains of people coming at the same time, all seeking asylum, rather than legally immigrating.  there isn't an alternative if the existing laws do not allow for immediate turning back, but rather require processing to determine if the asylum seeker is in legitimate need of.


    14 hours ago, MueR said:

    Or by not locking up underage kids or even babies in cages without proper healthcare is how you are a decent human being.

    and here we have hyperbole... 

    the only way the systems in place cannot handle basic amenities (shelter, food and healthcare) is if they are overburdened.

    the amount of money spent (IMO wasted) on existing facilities is already huge.

    and all of this is without factoring in those minors entering with biological parents, Vs Coyotes & the associated drug trade & sex trafficking of minors.


    again when this is how you seek asylum:

    WTF else would you expect to happen?!

  5. 12 hours ago, LasraelLarson said:

    now for wage growth among the lower brackets...  without immigration restrictions, that growth will always be impacted by importing cheap foreign labor, or exporting jobs.

    where buy/hire American (plus immigration restriction)  is not just lip service, but actually practiced.  that is where the lower brackets have seen improvement.


    if you export jobs and import cheap foreign labor, not only will mid/low class wages stagnate, they will continue to shrink.  & it is why the oligarch class (like the Koch brother's) are for exactly this.


  6. 10 hours ago, Jedy2 said:

    This is all very strange.


    we shall see if the next Democrat debate (which is tonight i think?)  will contain, or suppress any of these recent shenanigans.

    10 hours ago, Jedy2 said:

    Can't pretend to understand.

    perhaps after New Hampshire, it will become even more apparent.

    so far Buttigieg has managed to not stick his neck out, or draw any significant attention...  that is no longer the case.

    Petes Iowa result definitely has seen him receive a boost in other races.

    if Warren &/or Biden want to remain as contenders, they have to move quickly, or they are done...  klobuchar too.  same goes for everyone else.

    this will quickly become a show down between Bernie Sanders & Pete Buttigieg.  i think it is pretty clear who the DNC will back in that show down.

    this controversial "Shadow App" is still in play as well.


    it appears Nevada will be cancelling the use of this App in their Caucus:


    surprised Huffpost article above actually talks about the Democratic Party Players now distancing themselves from this...  but there are articles on it everywhere now...  not much point hiding it any longer.

    EDIT #2

    here is another article like the huffpost above, but it also includes some Pete Buttigieg ties...


  7. so is this gallup polling and historical analysis nothing but a paid op piece for either Trump, or Republicans?


    they've been doing this since 1976.


    how bought this Guardian piece?


    i think the Guardians leanings are very clear, but hey i could be wrong on that...


    now for wage growth among the lower brackets...  without immigration restrictions, that growth will always be impacted by importing cheap foreign labor, or exporting jobs.

    where buy/hire American (plus immigration restriction)  is not just lip service, but actually practiced.  that is where the lower brackets have seen improvement.


    if you export jobs and import cheap foreign labor, not only will mid/low class wages stagnate, they will continue to shrink.  & it is why the oligarch class (like the Koch brother's) are for exactly this.


    woops my linking is slipping that gallup link is an old one...  here is the correct link:




  8. so many things about this...

    first the Iowa Democratic Caucus gets to 97% tallied:


    and this:

    and rather than release the final 3%, the Chair of the Democrat National Committee (after involving itself in roughly 48 hours of over-site) now tweets out a re-canvasing:


    the Democrats & blue media have spent the past 3+ years howling mad about Russian interference in the elections (which amounted to some disinformation Facebook ads targeting groups who polarize) & now that this first Democrat Caucus has been a complete disaster, with a very obvious culprit in an untested and vulnerable Ap...  where is the justified outrage over credibility and trust in the institution?

    this whole episode is worthy of its own thread and i have many subject i would love to see folk delve further into:

    1.) The obvious bug bear,  Bernie Sanders is getting the shaft.  AGAIN!

    - why 97% and then enough is enough?  why not show the last 3%.  why the last minute plug pull on the whole.... charade.  so many elements of which there is photo-graphic & video proof of, involving specious coin tosses, convoluted reporting sheets & actual in person recording of people attending.  actual physical evidence.


    2.) The Shadow Ap.

    - who funded it?  why was it untested?  why was it vulnerable?  who benefited from it? etc. etc.  again so many suspect things including the recent pull outs from parties involved who want to disassociate from.


    3.) The lip service paid to inclusiveness; yet the clear shaft to candidates of color.

    - for all the posturing and pandering to people of color...  what happened to Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard & Andrew Yang?  why is it their legitimate campaigns aren't enough to qualify them for the stage, but Bloomberg can buy his way on...  i wonder if he will use a box?


    4.) The Wymyns vote, (AKA: The Hillary vote.)

    -this one no one is daring to talk about, but i will.

    the obvious thirst for a female President & how a significant percentage of Dems will vote for a female Candidate over anyone else.

    let me be the one to point out the glaringly obvious in the Iowa Caucus numbers above...  if Elizabeth Warren & Amy Klobucher combined vote tallies, the gap between them and first place would close.  but separately they both lose. 

    should one drop out?  does both running prolonged campaigns hurt each others chance?  in this Elizabeth Warren hit piece on Bernie, the latter half of the clip both Elizabeth and Amy are girl powering it up:

    but without one clear front-runner, they seem to me at least to be splitting each others chances.  should one drop out?

    it is clear Amy is not as popular and from my perspective it isn't too hard to see why:

    who does Hillary like most?  how long before one drops out, or does both staying the course end up nullifying each others chances?


    5.)  The Nanny-State tendencies to Over-Curate the electoral process as highlighted by this first Iowa Caucus.

    - the perpetual running the gambit until they get the outcome they like; whilst not alienating everyone in the process.  how many times are they going to keep making this mistake?


    6.) Pete Buttigieg announcing victory soo early.

    he has had quite a boost from this fiasco.  lets hope his hands are clean.

    Iowa Caucus really highlights many things for me.  Democrats have some serious issues & i think it will impede them, BIGLY.


  9. 7 hours ago, Doro said:

    Pelosi going out of her way to destroy any semblance of class her position should hold. How petty do you have to be to so publicly rip up someone else's speech immediately after it's given?

    or that she planned to do it...

    NAT Trump

    very incriminating video: HERE!


    wonder just how hard she will be hitting 71cb18944ec1b5678c1c15d8427ea5464eebaa5e today!

  10. 1 minute ago, cossieuk said:

    SO Mitt Romney is voting against Trump, this will mean that Trump will be the first President to have a member from his own party vote to convict them in an impeachment trial

    exactly what i expected from "Pierre Delecto."

    Sen. Pierre Delecto Ends the Career of Sen. Mitt Romney | '56 Packard Man

    not remotely surprising and 100% in keeping with his character:

    - sought Trump's endorsement in 2012

    - denounced him in 2015

    - sought his endorsement again in 2018

    - and is now denouncing him again in 2020

    never trust Scientologists, or:

    Mitt Romney's Magic Underwear | Dedicated to Mitt and His Holy Undergarments-Be Sure to Read the ...

  11. as of yesterday with 62% reported...


    and today, still not finished, with only 75% reported:


    thanks Shadow Ap and Team Hillary/Soros!


    Sanders with the popular vote and Buttboy with the delegate lead.

    is this even real?

    how long before they dox?  or is that only for one side?

  12. Democrat Iowa Caucus "Deliberations."

    some giphy.gif oversight at work.

    1 hour ago, Splay said:

    Will Bernie again have his nomination for Democrat stolen?

    that's just "Russian" propaganda, we all know this guy had it in the bag all along...


  13. 4 minutes ago, Doro said:

    You'd think so, but they failed to meet the criteria required of the special message (read the contents of the law involved).

    maybe they are waiting to release that in an actual trial.

    6 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Wiggle room was lost the moment the OMB admitted to doing it for policy reasons (read the GAO report).

    again. no.

    the GOA report is non binding.

    if this passes political posturing between the 2 branches of Government and goes to Judicial review,  the scope will get some definition and president.  but the Legislative risks losing ground if the scope overreaches.  so don't expect this to go further than political posturing, because if it does...  §686. Reports by Comptroller General, will also become VERY relevant.

  14. 35 minutes ago, Doro said:

    I'm well aware of it, but again nothing went wrong

    on that we disagree.

    35 minutes ago, Doro said:

    if you look up what's required of the special message, and I'm sure you've not bothered to look at either), it meant the comptroller general didn't need to write up a report.

    the contents of the message are simple enough.  easy in fact.

    what is relevant is if the submission falls into:


    b) Consistency with legislative policy

    Deferrals shall be permissible only—

    (1) to provide for contingencies;

    (2) to achieve savings made possible by or through changes in requirements or greater efficiency of operations; or

    (3) as specifically provided by law.

    now without president, how does one define the above? broad? narrow? #1 alone has all kinds of wiggle room.

    the scope of those 3 conditions could ultimately fall to the Judiciary, which is why what i have posted about the 3 branches and separation of powers actually does matter.  because those conditions cannot infringe on the separate powers of the Executive branch.

    & it could be the game Trump has been playing all along. to push this to trial.

    but without a trial (Judiciary review) the GOA ruling is non binding & extremely one-sided.

    also looks plagiarized if i am to be honest.

    image.png.b9f7c495476c05deb8a260b9c28e571b.pngshould sue!

  15. 42 minutes ago, Doro said:

    What went wrong where? Are you asking me to explain yet again how Trump broke the law?

    no i am asking why the provision for failure of the President to report, did not happen.

    like there is literally a provision in the Law you claim to know soo well, for exactly when a President does not transmit notifications to both bodies of Congress.

    you did say you read the actual law.  so you must have seen this provision...

    it isn't talked about in the many commentaries, or in the actual GOA ruling, so...   ;)

    7 minutes ago, Splay said:

    I can see more House investigations leading to a second Impeachment process. Yes, they can do it again.


    i still say the next move is a 25th amendment attack.

    time will tell.  ;)

  16. 40 minutes ago, Papi said:

    but they have a commander in chief who has mastered it. 

    40 minutes ago, Papi said:

    and then there are the member's of the Republican party...

    and you guys on the left should get the video super-cut comparisons ready, because when this Impeachment fails...   the next act is the 25th amendment.

    deploy them then.

    unless of course you go for a real long Senate Impeachment trail, then the next 25th amendment attacks will be too late.  ;)

    i swear it is almost like the scripts write themselves.   ?


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