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  1. 8 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    They're hitting the WoW problem of stat scaling, where each expansion needs to increase exponentially over the last, so the virtues need to scale up exponentially or they stop mattering.

    heh.  so we have stat bloat over here...  to fix this, lets not dial the existing bloat back, rather lets propagate it everywhere to all corners of the game.  🙄  who cares if the areas lacking stat bloat require we release in a single update the same amount we released over the past 12 years...

    wonder how that impacts existing level scaling, or any future intentions to add?  surely this won't run away even further on them...   :P

    10 hours ago, Talisman said:

    to hook yet another system to the store when their solution proves to be poorly designed.

    oh the store will certainly come into play EVEN MORE.  we have all seen this multiple times over in the past, now they are just accelerating.  with multiple examples in play, poor design is the intention.

    2 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    It's like a concerted effort to draw competent gamers to DDO and shitty no hopers to Lotro.

    uh no.

    both games suffer like ass & both games are losing population.  DDO is every bit the slug as Lotro, just with a dodge mechanic and an overly complex build system that requires a stomach to endure.

    each game may have a small bump from content, but the height they regain falls well short of past benchmarks.  both games are in an overall losing trend.  DDO seems less so because they have a MUCH smaller base (comprised almost entirely of old long term players who to a great degree suffer from sunken cost fallacy & rather than start out from scratch in something new and better, they will stay till the lights go out.)  something both games, again have in common.

    competent gamers on the whole are actually leaving the MMO genre behind and playing other genres.  because competent gamers want to practice core combat mechanics and GET GOOD... over spending months on end grinding out incremental stat gains gaining numerical advantage, repeatedly.

    if that is actually the modus operandi driving the decisions, it will fail spectacularly.  anyone who wanted to try both games has, if the conversion was going to happen, it would have already transpired.

    more than likely is the realization that they have a core of sunken costs players, who they are under orders from Corp to milk harder.  which as a strategy has a shelf life because ever increasingly the remaining players begin to feel...

    thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.


  2. 10 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    the stats they chose for Wit

    both Phy and Tact mastery is wasting a space for something else on most classes

    which is why i can foresee SSG adding another virtue in the future and splitting either the physical, or tactical up and pairing it with something from other virtues, resetting everything.

    anyway, the reason i previously made the labor of highlighting the past virtue rank progression over the years:

    On 6/10/2019 at 8:15 PM, LasraelLarson said:

    Lotro launched with a deed cap at level 10

    that virtue max of "10" remained in place right up until Rise of Isengard in September of 2011, where it increased to "12."  so from April 2007 until September 2011, (4+ years) we had 10 levels to virtues.

    in March of 2012 that "12" max quickly increased to "14" with the release of Update 6: Shores of the Great River.

    "14" became "16" in October of 2012 with Update 8: Riders of Rohan.

    "16" became "18" in November 2013 with Update 12: Helms Deep.

    "18" became...  "19" in July 2014 with Update 14: Paths of the Dead (W.Gondor).

    & "19" became "20" in August 2017 with Update 21: Mordor Expansion.

    is to highlight the fact that they disguised 10 additional levels added in incredibly short order.

    if the old system was in place, we would now be at level 30 for virtues.  a jump of 10 levels (20 - 30.)  that is bigger than anything we've had in the past & they already intend to jump up again with the potential expansion.

    so why are they flooring the gas-pedal?  why now?

  3. 7 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    I'm going to do this for the LI DPS legacy, as the rest won't matter as much IMO, and I can throw whatever I find at them.

    if you plan to imbue?  the 3 pre-imbue Star-lit limit becomes insignificant when post you'll be adding (at the moment, i think it is an additional) 36(?) more...  if your weapon is maxed out prior to imbue anyway.

    & when they raise the level cap in the potential next expansion...  ;)


    that surplus of LP doesn't seem quite as much now, i'll bet?  ;)


    *i'll hint again to the Hobbit & Dwarf League deliveries, which can be done once a day during most festivals & award Badges of Taste (Hobbits) or Badges of Dishonor (Dwarves) which can be bartered for festival tokens of choice.  these runs take under an hour & can net one ( & some days two crystals, depending on the festival) for that hours effort.  an alternative to blowing your LP bank on just LI's.


  4. 16 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    At a point where changes in stat caps/diminishing returns and stats from other sources matched up those gold BB pieces with % buffs then come back into mix in raids for some classes.

    ah yes the gold rings, (no earring, bracelet or necklace versions) the ones SSG nerfed not even 3 days after release.

    yet again an example of SSG not fixing a mistake of their making, all the original earned kept their original stats.  those finger-rings had 2 types, one very desirable (Vitality) & one much less soo (Fate.) & even with basic 120 essence slots, those rings were BiS, (now with tier 3 essences especially.)  that said they have a drop rate worse than Blemished Symbols, but you can still acquire them if you run enough BB's.  if you do manage to get the desired ring, it still won't match up to someone who got theirs in the first couple days.

    but the teal jewelry that is fairly easy to acquire, whilst not BiS is more than sufficient for ALL generic landscape & will see you through the content until you can grind out the other BiS items that require much more grind to acquire.

    it is nice to see folk on OF talking about the lack of directed overflow in the new system & awareness of how capping everything now will not be an easy task.  you will need to stay on top of what gets leveled first & the choice alternatives, so that you aren't stuck having leveled something not needed, whilst behind the 8 ball trying to max what you do want.

    new folk are soo screwed.  to generate the same passives as seasoned players, they are in for a ridiculous grind.  something even seasoned players are going to have to do to a degree if they want more than just 5 options.

    all this without SSG at any point in the future simply adding another "Wit" and shuffling the existing in the process & causing another reset.

    & when the new store options are introduced to alleviate the mess of SSG's own creation...  will anyone actually be surprised?

  5. 3 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    So, how on earth do I get the star lit crystals needed to improve the DPS?

    Ooh sweet summer child...  brace yourself.

    Star of Merit from BB's can be bartered for..  or you can grind festival tokens and barter for...  (run the Hobbit and Dwarf League deliveries there) & i think they still drop in group instanced content past a certain level, but there it is random loot, you will be rolling on with the folk you are running with.

    or convert Lotro Points into Mithril Coins and just buy them from the store interface on the LI panel.

    best of luck my future Queen, (Sansa) the road ahead will be a rough one.  ;)

  6. just you wait...  after Mirkwood dies off in about 2 weeks on the legacy servers...  because of these cheaters, SSG now has an excuse to reset everything back to SoA content!!!    :P

    sarcasm aside, there would still be a contingent of folk who would lap that shit up.  🙄

    even with the blatant evidence provided in the vid. bets on everyone with dirty hands skating on unscathed.  not like this has never happened multiple times before in other scenarios.

  7. On 6/10/2019 at 9:26 PM, Macdui101 said:

    The reason is their ever present need to have peeps engaged in whatever piece of new tech they add so they can demonstrate to the suits the budget spent on it was justified. Like BBs getting a whole load of BiS jewels, first agers and gold essence dropping to get us playing them.

    Ooh soo VERY true!

    well the jewelry isn't best in slot at cap, it is a stop gap until you actually acquire that BiS item (and the essences to go with.)  pre-cap however, it is usually BiS, with only a few exceptions.  the Blemished Eldar Symbols certainly help, & if you are doing 3 or 4 BB's a day & netting platinum boxes overall, you are looking at a minimum of one or 2 a week, quite possibly more.  then add that stars of merit are a sure fire barter for Anfalas Star-lit Crystals, which if you run 3-4 a day works out to about one per day.  the likely-hood of tier 10 - 12 stat tomes is also fairly decent & roughly share same odds with Blemished Eldar Symbols.  Platinum boxes have the highest chances, Gold less, Silver less still, and Bronze the smallest chance of all.

    the gold essences are currently lvl 100, so there value is considerably diminished after every cap raise (120 currently.)  wouldn't actually consider these a draw anymore, as they no longer sell for 100+ gold...  you'll be lucky to get 10g now.

    & all of the above plus the fact that at 100 BB points earned, you are granted a trait point for class trees & another at 200 BB points.

    without question, without these carrots on a stick, BB's would have crashed harder than mounted combat.

    the bulk of the player-base that does run these begrudgingly to gain the 200 points for 2 traits & even less to hit rank 6...   then converts to solely running Pelargir 6 mans for the loot mentioned above.

    the EPIC Big Battles have never converted players on their own merits, which Turbine (at the time) shot themselves in the foot, because until you rank to 6 at minimum, you have no clue the impact you can actually have, as for the most part, your actual class strengths are inconsequential, but for the odd boss in a couple instances.  so the desire to actually grind out and advance yet another "SYSTEM" allowing you to have a big impact is a hurdle the bulk of players won't even bother with.  & i can't say i blame any of them either.  initially they are as boring as fuck without being fully ranked and understanding each profession & it's impact.

    & even fully ranked, unless you are running with folk who are also ranked up and understand the mechanics and flow, they can still be nothing more than a headache.

    so it is no surprise, even with all the loot carrots and after all these years, getting 11 other players competent enough to score a platinum run on the 12 man, simply doesn't happen.  after 200 points and rank 6, it is all Pelargir spam & very little else& that right there is proof just how badly EPIC Big battles failed to deliver!

    if anyone in a suit actually had a clue what to look for, SSG might actually have to sweat a little hoping for the next green light on any new system.  frankly there are already too many Systems to grind as is.  the ship is system bloated!  i can't imagine anyone ACTUALLY new wanting to jump on board the moment they realize the state of affairs this game suffers under.

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  8. 18 hours ago, LasraelLarson said:

    & lets not even get into the introduction & removal of radiance, or the later reintroduction of it in 2 parts, first with Finesse around Riders of Rohan & then with Light of Earendil in Mordor.

    correction:  Finesse was introduced with Rise of Isengard...  i've been looking things up ;)

    17 hours ago, Doro said:

    Hold on, hold on, HOLD ON... there's an actual fucking picnic instance?

    i guess so...  but lets just say you have a play session that lasts between 4 and 5 hours...  on any given fest day you will see between 10 & 50 calls an hour for Storv & or Thrang... the SPAM is real.  whereas the picnic and frostbluff battle, you might see one or two call in the entire session, sometime nothing.  both depending on day of the week.

    perhaps those other instances don't require as much group-work, who can say?  not me anyway, i have never run any of those festival instances.

    13 hours ago, Talisman said:

    - Deeds that used to award a virtue will now award 2000 virtue experience. Deeds that used to award two virtue ranks will now award 4000 virtue experience.

    notice the amount of virtue XP is listed.

    13 hours ago, Talisman said:

    - Featured Challenge quests and the Vales of Anduin endgame weekly quests offer virtue xp as an additional reward.
    - Summer Festival: Forgotten Errands, Too Much Festival, Thrâng's Challenge, and the Heat of Summer wrappers now award virtue xp.
    - Fall: Valuables Gone Astray, Gourds and Goblins, and the Bountiful Harvest wrappers now award virtue xp.
    - Yule: The Traitor's Loyalty, Seasonal: Storvâgûn's Riches, and the Festive Flurry wrappers now award virtue xp.
    - Spring: A Fistful of Flowers, Pretty Parched Party-goers!, and the Bustling Bloom wrappers now award virtue xp.
    - Anniversary: The Yearly Yield wrappers now award virtue xp.
    - Eyes & Guard Tavern: Temerity once again has 3 different virtue quests. Each will award you some virtue xp for your earning virtue and an assortment of virtue xp items.

    that looks to be the rest of the comprehensive list.  only thing i would point out is missing...  the actual VXP values that will be awarded.  my guess is it is far less than the 2000 VXP from proper deeds.  just how far less will be interesting to see when the next fest pops.


    11 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    nTo clear up some maths:

    ... detailing the murky convoluted details obfuscating the massive shift that just transpired*

    to get back to me and looking stuff up online.  ;)

    waaaaaay back when Lotro launched with a deed cap at level 10, and originally 8 slots that was reduced to 5 in the first official patch.  here is what they looked like back in 2007:


    that virtue max of "10" remained in place right up until Rise of Isengard in September of 2011, where it increased to "12."  so from April 2007 until September 2011, (4+ years) we had 10 levels to virtues.

    in March of 2012 that "12" max quickly increased to "14" with the release of Update 6: Shores of the Great River.

    "14" became "16" in October of 2012 with Update 8: Riders of Rohan.

    "16" became "18" in November 2013 with Update 12: Helms Deep.

    "18" became...  "19" in July 2014 with Update 14: Paths of the Dead (W.Gondor).

    & "19" became "20" in August 2017 with Update 21: Mordor Expansion.

    that above"20" got converted to an entirely new system, which elevated it to a new value at "50".  & the current max in the new system, with new values is "60".  new players with that ancient max of "10" are not going to have the same values we had @ "10" back in 2007.  though they will get to 10 (in theory) much faster than we did.

    regardless, the old system which was a tad grindy already, just got a whole lot more grindy.

    12 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    There is enough VXP in the approximately 600 deeds on the old game to max out only 14 virtues with the other 7 at zero or rank all 21 to around rank 41. I don't want to think what kind of festival grinding you'd have to do to stand a chance of capping all virtues by the level cap.

    all this without the current "60" max getting raised with the potential expansion coming. and considering that at level 50 cap we were maxxed at "10" & it took 12 years and 70 more levels to double that...  they just hit the gas in a massive way.  in spite of the obfuscation, deeds have been reset & the new reality is MANY times more grindy.

    not to mention if they decide the addition of "WIT" needs more additions, (and existing values get another shift in the process.)

    12 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

    The "easy" out from the grind is to buy and use valar items

    give it a while for the slower folk in the player-base, who still haven't realized what just happened to catch up.  other outs will start showing up in the store.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Didn't they say they're going to be awarding VXP in festivals? Sounds like the festival fags got upset that not enough people were paying attention to their minority interest, so SSG have kindly gone and made them a necessity for virtues, too. If you can't fill the seats with actual content, you might as well hold stats up as a ransom.

    i think that might be for things like the seasonal instances they added, which are hacked off old raids.  currently it is Summer Fest with Thrang (Rift Boss segment) & the picnic instance & Winter Fest is Storvagun (Helegrod Giant Boss) & Frostbluff battle.  they added a new region for the Fall Fest, but i don't recall an instance.

    i don't think any of the original festival content gives any virtue deed XP.

    but not sure on that...   ;)

    if this is to steer festival fishers and flower patch pickers into raiding...  can't see that working out so well.

    unless i am mistaken, this will be targeted to folk who currently grind the shit out of instances like Anvil, or the Mordor instances when that launched, etc.

  10. On 6/8/2019 at 5:08 PM, Macdui101 said:

    Cordovan was reading some document on it and mentioned ranks above 60. Can't escape a level rise with the expansion.

    and yet, the fact remains they just raised each virtue trait deed by 10, for those @20 previously.  so the 20 existing virtues (even though they aren't all in their original states) to max those is an additional 200 deeds.

    and then there is the new virtue, "Wit."  to max that is an additional 60 full completion of deeds that give deed points, (not all do.)

    On 6/8/2019 at 5:08 PM, Macdui101 said:

    All current characters did receive higher ranks to put a veil over how much more unfair it will be to new characters.

    to max just 5 virtue traits from scratch will require completing 300 deeds that grant points (not all do.)  but who starting out is going to use the exact same 5 virtues when leveling a basic character through to cap and finally end game content?  no one actually playing the game, would be my answer.

    you will need more than 5 maxed.  and assuming they never add another virtue, or change existing virtues...

    because from game launch under Turbine, transition to Warner & now under Daybreak...  Lotro's itemization and stats have remained soo utterly consistent, RIGHT?! [/end sarcasm]

    ... hell, there are folk who do not even remember just HOW MUCH Fate did back when Helms Deep launched, or Vitality for that matter...  let alone days when Will determined power pool, or stats having hard caps @10X.  & lets not even get into the introduction & removal of radiance, or the later reintroduction of it in 2 parts, first with Finesse around Riders of Rohan & then with Light of Earendil in Mordor.

    the only thing consistent has been the dial turning all over the board, almost without fail resetting everything.  to the point i would say is intentional.

    On 6/8/2019 at 5:08 PM, Macdui101 said:

    As to the new virtue, other than to form a nice 3 X 7 grid who knows why they bothered when we can only slot 5 anyway.

    showing up front what is available, does make for interesting data gathering.  it gives insight into what players (when given the full menu of choice) are chosing, new, old, raiders, PvMP, etc.

    now if i really believed that was going to be used to improve itemization through the whole game, i may be slightly more inclined to get on board.

    but history shows me Lotros Devs have lacked in this area since ALL THE WAY back to Shadows of Angmar, and even then to a degree, but very much more so from that point on.

    if anything, this will help them reset things, YET AGAIN when they want folk to grind Vs having a steady cadence of new content, multiple times a year.

    and that is the biggest takeaway for me.  they just reintroduced more grind to a system that folk already were complaining about grind on.  & it will go up with cap increases & it potentially could go up more if they swap more existing stats, or ad a 22, 23, or even 24 virtue trait at some point.

    because it is a awfully convenient distraction from finding the sweet spot and producing content with a frequent cadence, or actually having legitimate itemization depth ranging across robust crafting, variety of content rewards & compelling loot. 

    who needs that when there is a store...  or worse random luck loot boxes, where you have a chance at paying to win something.

    instead we have Lord of the Hamster Wheels within Wheels Online.  oh look, they just increased the time it takes to seem viable...  AGAIN!

    woah betides us all; won't anyone ever scry the mystery of why this game isn't the greatest market hit, or why the player-base does not grow...  🙄

    a POX of shire dwelling rainbow & sunset watching flower sniffers upon them!  @ this point, they deserve nothing more.  😉

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  11. if you are just starting out, this new system is initially fairly decent as you can slot 5 choices immediately & begin leveling those (one at a time) immediately.  so initially for a new person, getting virtue traits leveled is going to be much quicker than it used to be when a deed was locked to a certain virtue.

    if you have just one spec of 5 traits & that is it...  this new system will be OK & less work than previously.


    "if" virtues remain unchanged (they keep there current values & aren't swapped again) & no other new virtues are added...


    "if" virtues remain at level 60...  (((they won't but will go up when the level cap goes up, so you'll be doing more work when the level cap raises.)))

    the new system is OK...  "IF"  ;)

    for anyone wanting more than one 5 virtue spec, (or even a completionists) SSG just added another massive MASSIVE grind.  & you can bank on the level 60 cap raising with the next level cap increase.

    so short term, this new system is going to feel OK.  as time wears on, folk will be as sick of it as they are the LI grind (and every other system grind in this game & there are plenty.)

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  12. On 5/6/2019 at 11:33 AM, Almagnus1 said:

    @LasraelLarson Any chance you can do another Pie chart (or show how you created it?)

    if regular updates are what you are after, these really are your best option:



    & even https://steamcharts.com/app/212500#All  can provide regular insight.

    Anor and to a lesser degree, Ithil have declines slightly steeper than the regular servers:


    my charts are whims, inconsistently sporadic & usually when i feel like highlighting a thing (generally speaking.)

    the frequency of server resets (weekly) makes for less interesting snapshots as the data sets are rather small comparisons.

    as example:  Evernight and Brandywine will swap positions for top spot rather frequently and a much longer view (something my pie charts aren't, just snapshots) shows Brandywine overall out in front.

    i will do more, but if you want consistent representations in pie form...  i am not your guy.  ;)



  13. On 5/25/2019 at 3:28 AM, cossieuk said:

    Would it not be better the finish the ones that you  want the virtue for, and for the ones where you dont use that virtue get them close to finished so that when the change goes live you can finish them on mass to get the new virtue, assuming that it is any good.


    On 5/25/2019 at 5:03 PM, Macdui101 said:

    Good plan if the main stats on virtue don't change before the patch and we see what the placeholder passives will be. It will mean you loose out something on the 2 times more progress you get before patch. I'll get to a point where I have a stack to finish off last thing before the update and make a decision one way or another the day before. 

    i haven't done a single thing differently.

    i usually make very short term goals (one month at best) and reassess those as things go forward.

    haven't been deed focused the past 3 months, and assuming there will be an advantage to burn out the deeds now, may be premature.  ;)

    latest from Barbara "Tybur" Thompson:

    Tybur is offline The Lord of the Rings Online Team


    Quote Originally Posted by Valkrist View Post
    Is this correct?

    The ways to gain virtue experience going forward once Update 24 arrives are:

    - Deeds (none of which will be available to completionists save those from the new region)
    - Festivals (which are only available at limited times)
    - The new endgame quests (which won't be available with the launch of Update 24)
    - Featured Instance Challenge quests (which are only available when doing 120 Instances, I believe, and realistically will only be possible for a limited subset of the player base)


    You are mostly correct, however endgame quests awarding virtue xp will be available with U24 launch. The initial Vales of Anduin endgame quests include 2 weekly wrappers, each awarding 3000 virtue xp (available once you have completed the quest content to unlock the endgame). There is additional Vales endgame content that will become available later.

    the only thing i will assume is the "New Virtue (grind) System" will be alleviated via store purchases.

    fully expect (multiple) new packaged sales to aid those currently in a min state, to reach a max state in short order via a store purchase.  ;)

  14. On 5/29/2019 at 5:15 AM, Bohemond said:

    I'm sure we'll see plenty of stockholm syndrome suffering addicts waxing lyrical about how much better everything runs on the 64-bit version without realising they're still running 32-bit 


    as in the vid i linked above from Bludburn... he says loading is soo much better, only a few seconds later to reintroduce loading as an issue/excuse.  ;)

    Stockholm Syndrome indeed.

    this video is a tad more realistic about what the actual 64 bit client is doing...  so far.

    better frame-rates & overall less memory degradation.  so far at least it is entirely based on using YOUR systems components better.

    no real client net code improvements so far that i can tell, & the old engine will always be the old engine.  both your machine AND new servers can only do soo much there.

    but i lock my system down at 60FPS & on the occasion i am in a long season & porting all over the map through many layers of game structure, so all this saves me is a reboot to clean up a long gaming season.

    yes it is an improvement, but not to the degree that some folk seem to think it will be.  and the video acknowledges that this still may not be enough to not "deal-break" for some who are used to newer games.

    always a good idea not to over promise right out the gate.  ;)

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  15. 53 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Arya's magically an explorer now?

    yeah because she hopped on a pale horse as the bringer of death...  or something.  >.>

    or was it a white horse... so judgement?!

    just another flimsy excuse to appear deep, but end up looking like a shallow end of the pool wader.

    53 minutes ago, Doro said:

    That scene was appalling.

    i did not say it was good.  ;)

    i said it made me happy that someone finally killed that...

    whilst in keeping with a total Mary Sue, couldn't have Arya kill a sister either...  Jon had to finally play some part, as he was inept in dealing with the Wight King.  also providing some ridiculous excuse to ship him off North, so he could finally pet Ghost.

    Danny making all the way to the end, only to look like a complete & utter fanatic:



    Tyrion could have pushed her down the stairs and broke her neck for all it mattered:


    the soul crushing effect of all those who hung on her as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms was the only salt i was after.  ;)

    show has been utter garbage for at least 3 seasons now.

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  16. On 5/20/2019 at 9:00 AM, LasraelLarson said:

    the rest was just a fart sniffing art piece

    “Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up, she was shitting brown water. The more she drank the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew.”

    George R.R. Martin


    On 5/20/2019 at 10:14 AM, Almagnus1 said:

    Yeah, I'm going to have to pirate episode 6, as I really didn't have the time to watch it yesterday...

    you may find THIS useful...

  17. 1 hour ago, Macdui101 said:

    As it stands on BR you could be Middle-earth's greatest deed completionist and when you hit cap you'll have gotten around rank 25/60 on all virtues and some alt veteran slacker gets rank 50 on them the day U24 goes live.

    It's all about harvesting the morons and attempting to garner support for the system by the old timers who get a skewed initial rank. Sap/Cord have done their best to get rid of those who don't rely on belief systems to arrive at their opinions, I will expect those who have exposed them will be joining us soon.

    It's like the rep you need at each new area' if you don't use rep accelerators throughout you end up half way to kindred. Virtues will be earn half from what's available in game and half from the store.

    kind of like back when Meghan Jenks/Rodberg said (at the time she may have even believed it to be the truth) tomes & certain items would never be in the store...  it is a slow pulling back of the wool.

    it took the drastic changes of Helms Deep for that bucket of ice effect to rattle enough cages.

    this new virtue (yet another) grind system apparently it is still incomplete.... yeah right!  the time on the wool pullback here is going to be much faster.  most of those (...still) here since the FTP transition are wise to it, but some folk will still be in for a shock.  regardless, i think this will have a similar proportional detrimental effect on the player-base.  the percentage drops in numbers pre & post HD, should be similar to these new realities.

    and i find myself in a similar position to the conclusion of GoT...  oddly enjoying watching the nails being driven in.

    1 hour ago, Macdui101 said:

    But e-commerce rules the roost the devs and systems guys can knuckle down or walk. 

    walk to where though?  isn't the bulk of the current employed central & key usefulness, their knowledge of the patchwork state of an 2+ decades old game engine and client?

    the 2 games (Lotro & DDO) could not really be transferred to any other set of (studio) employees because of the legacy code in play.

    to shake off that relic status and actually be useful in a modern setting?  like resurrecting a fossil.  ;)

    if they were capable of walking, it would have happened already.  not really knuckling down as much as swallowing the bullet when the alternatives may look something like:


  18. 20 minutes ago, Almagnus1 said:

    I dunno.... at least the dragon had good sense to destroy the one thing that was causing excessive strife in Westeros.

    the only part i cared about was when Jon drove the dagger in.  it made me smile.

    the rest was just a fart sniffing art piece by George Lucas Jr. & someone from the Mark Zuckerberg Dysgenics Program.


    both are just as overrated as George RR Martin.

    that said, i am oddly enjoying that is was as poorly received as it was.  the salt bath also has me grinning.  ;)


  19. 5 hours ago, Wrath of Winter said:

    What has been ailing Rift (the game)



    Hamburg, October 23, 2018 – The gamigo AG („gamigo Bond“ WKN: A2NBH2 / ISIN: SE0011614445) has acquired major assets from Trion Worlds Inc., a leading US gaming company with offices in Redwood City (California) and Austin (Texas) and has as publisher and developer of online and console MMO-games, well-known games such as Rift, Defiance, Trove and ArcheAge in its portfolio. Trion was acquired via an “Assignment for the Benefit of the Creditors” process, in which the buyer only buys those assets, with which he wishes to continue the business. In this process, gamigo group acquired the majority of the assets, including the platform, takes over employees to operate the business and gets the full publishing rights of the games. The IP’s of the Trion Worlds games have been acquired by gamigo’s sister company Padmapani GmbH and are made available for gamigo group, worldwide and exclusive.
    “The successful acquisition and subsequent integration of Trion into our portfolio substantially strengthen gamigo’s position in the European and American gaming market. On the one hand, we add similar and successful brands and games to the already broad gamigo portfolio, on the other hand, we are looking to unlock substantial synergies with the group’s existing business to further benefit from the remarkable growth potential that the gaming market offers.”, comments gamigo’s CEO Remco Westermann.
    Through the acquisition of Trion, gamigo’s management expects additional revenues of over USD 18 million and an additional EBITDA of USD 1 to 4 million for 2019. This estimate depends on the success of the restructuring and integration of Trion and is mainly based on potential economies of scale and synergies. The exploitation of economies of scale and synergies is an elementary part of the gamigo strategy and has been proven several times in acquisitions in the past.

    Article here:


  20. 12 hours ago, Doro said:

    Are you telling me the casuals on Limited Servers are going to have to plan pulls and use proper rotations to cope with landscape content?! This should be changed ASAP, priority one, alpha bravo tango.

    not what i am saying.

    the only things that hit somewhat hard are the adult gwibers and the giants & while those things aren't every 5 feet, except a tad bit with the giants in giant home...  even there you kinda have to purposefully ignore everything around you to get a second by accident.

    what i am referring to is the generic wimpy mobs (orcs, dunlendings, wargs, wolves, cunannun, wights, tree trolls and the slightly similar to limfram lights) literally every 5 feet that aren't remotely hard to fight, but it is like clearing 300 trash mobs before reaching a Boss fight in an instance...  filler.  it's like the back and forth for the Hobbits in Staddle, except there are 50 fly swarms between each hop.  i should also point out i am not referring to those in and around the little villages either, or a wolf den, or place where you would expect to see an enemy mob in some concentration.  i am talking all over the landscape willy-nilly.

    i think the design was intended for landrushers so they wouldn't fight over mobs, or be like the faggots of yore needing to form a queue line for quests & or spawns...


    if the above was still commonplace in design & player made queue lines were still a thing...  no damn way would i ever touch this genre.

    but generic trash landscape mobs every few feet so the hordes of players on launch day & for the first couple months have plenty to kill;  becomes a time wasting nuisance when the zone is no longer populated with hundreds of players.  

    there isn't much difficultly until you get an adult gwibber, or giant, which is a segment of a zone segment (Thrors Coomb.)

    it also looks UNNATURAL as fuck, but then so does Enedwaith itself in some regards.  every few feet just some random eazzie-pezzie mob, so even kiting, at some point you will have to stop and dispose of the remaining train.  nothing difficult, but moving around the zone is just tedious.  unless you are over-leveled.

    all that said, this is LOTRO and i am sure there are some folk who will have difficulties fighting even a couple generic mobs, but most players can kill them easily enough.  yellow champ could dispatch any train easily.  if you think these things are difficult, you are probably doing something VERY wrong.  if you are the kind of person who likes fighting 300 trash mobs just to get to a challenge, well...  until you enter giants home, or face an adult gwibber... you shouldn't have to manage much of anything.

    giants home doesn't need any changes.  tiny villages, animal dens, camps etc. would be natural places for mob density.  even having a roaming hunting party, or something like that.  but trash mobs every few feet is just liter & once the land rush of post launch ends... just bad design.

    the only reason to have it like that is when there are actually hundreds of players in the zone.  even though it does look unnatural, it kind of has to be that way initially.  1 or 2 or 5 years later though...   ;)

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