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  1. LasraelLarson

    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    Article here:
  2. LasraelLarson

    Other MMOs?

    not what i am saying. the only things that hit somewhat hard are the adult gwibers and the giants & while those things aren't every 5 feet, except a tad bit with the giants in giant home... even there you kinda have to purposefully ignore everything around you to get a second by accident. what i am referring to is the generic wimpy mobs (orcs, dunlendings, wargs, wolves, cunannun, wights, tree trolls and the slightly similar to limfram lights) literally every 5 feet that aren't remotely hard to fight, but it is like clearing 300 trash mobs before reaching a Boss fight in an instance... filler. it's like the back and forth for the Hobbits in Staddle, except there are 50 fly swarms between each hop. i should also point out i am not referring to those in and around the little villages either, or a wolf den, or place where you would expect to see an enemy mob in some concentration. i am talking all over the landscape willy-nilly. i think the design was intended for landrushers so they wouldn't fight over mobs, or be like the faggots of yore needing to form a queue line for quests & or spawns... if the above was still commonplace in design & player made queue lines were still a thing... no damn way would i ever touch this genre. but generic trash landscape mobs every few feet so the hordes of players on launch day & for the first couple months have plenty to kill; becomes a time wasting nuisance when the zone is no longer populated with hundreds of players. there isn't much difficultly until you get an adult gwibber, or giant, which is a segment of a zone segment (Thrors Coomb.) it also looks UNNATURAL as fuck, but then so does Enedwaith itself in some regards. every few feet just some random eazzie-pezzie mob, so even kiting, at some point you will have to stop and dispose of the remaining train. nothing difficult, but moving around the zone is just tedious. unless you are over-leveled. all that said, this is LOTRO and i am sure there are some folk who will have difficulties fighting even a couple generic mobs, but most players can kill them easily enough. yellow champ could dispatch any train easily. if you think these things are difficult, you are probably doing something VERY wrong. if you are the kind of person who likes fighting 300 trash mobs just to get to a challenge, well... until you enter giants home, or face an adult gwibber... you shouldn't have to manage much of anything. giants home doesn't need any changes. tiny villages, animal dens, camps etc. would be natural places for mob density. even having a roaming hunting party, or something like that. but trash mobs every few feet is just liter & once the land rush of post launch ends... just bad design. the only reason to have it like that is when there are actually hundreds of players in the zone. even though it does look unnatural, it kind of has to be that way initially. 1 or 2 or 5 years later though... ;)
  3. LasraelLarson

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    soo true. anywhooo:
  4. LasraelLarson

    Other MMOs?

    just a side bar to this: i just ran a capped character through Enedwaith to finish up another World Renown deed... and the mob density is identical to launch... was great for a level 120 deeding with zero agro, but a person running this for the first time? it amazes me in 2019 games still don't have a dial for launch day state (for land-rush) and the initial first couple weeks, then a setting for the following months and perhaps a final setting for content older than 1 year. they all develop with this initial land rush as the constant state in mind... which is indeed great for over-level deeding, but actual first time questers who are likely in the zone with only a couple others at best... not so much. mass server tech mitigates this a bit, but regardless, if you aren't an initial adopter of a game & stay with the pack... getting left in the dust is a pretty easy thing in any game. not exactly the most enticing prospect for a new player, nor is having to pay a premium price for a much less enjoyable experience... or just flat out paying to bypass it altogether... whilst that solution seems acceptable to some, it will never wash with me. games that can't figure out how to overcome this deserve to diminish. if they think charging through the nose for a past due experience (or skipping it) is figuring it out... heh, best of luck with that & i won't weep when thier game goes offline for good.
  5. LasraelLarson

    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    just updating this as 2019 Q1 is available for viewing: Lineage (Original) got hammered & everything is down slightly except Lineage 2 and GW2. and just for the conversion to American Dollars again, GW2 earned $ 13,894,360.27 USD in 2019 first quarter. what is amazing is AION somehow managing $10,480,516.72 USD in Q1 2019, but i have heard they monetized the shit out of that game. wonder how these numbers compare to Lotro? edit: RIFT is merging its EU servers does this mean they are going to fight to make the existing user experience better? or just cutting costs to stretch things out?
  6. LasraelLarson

    64-bit gossip

    i linked the vid without initial comment. if you haven't watched the vid... do. skip to the 6 minute mark for actual game-play. he ports to Minas Tirith, mounts a war-steed (the war-steed graphic has hang time loading) he rides and encounters lag (he says it is loading lag...) and then has a little rubber-band & crashes into an object. turns and rides back, then leaves Minas Tirith out to the Pelennor, but does not reach the outer ring, or engage in any combat in the densely populated mobs there... just watch it. the bulk of my crashing in and around MT ended when i reverted to DX9. i never use a war-mount inside MT & only time i have used it outside is for war-bands. lets just say with what he showcased for the 64 bit client... i think my machine handles MT and surrounding better. unless there is a ton more in the pipeline for the 64 bit client, the issues it currently addresses are limited & still untested under load, which based on my experience are server related & won't be solved by the 64 bit client.
  7. LasraelLarson

    Other MMOs?

    this is why i don't particularly care when i jump back in to GW2. i will essentially be starting over. my existing characters aren't level 80, and each inventory is a mess, so the most practical solution (currently) is to just straight up delete and start from scratch. leveling to 80 will take me... a person with roughly a 3 to 5 hour time window per day, who actually likes to experience the game they are playing... a solid 4 months to reach. & then it is a factor of gearing up for level 80 & unlocking the mastery system. this segment i can't even guess the time frame, because it does involve drops and or A LOT of big gold purchases & play grind. all assuming i don't ease off on the time commitment even for a day or two. that initial hurdle of cleaning up the old mess and starting out isn't something i look forward too. & anyone who is saying there won't be an element of grind, is flat out lying. & while the game-play is solid & i know i enjoy it, i simply don't give a single fuck about the story & right now the living world is still a big thing & i think episodic content is retarded. so no rush to jump back in, even though i do enjoy actually playing the game.
  8. LasraelLarson

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    indeed the charade does occupy ALL of them to the point of getting nothing done... which is why this is still an "IF" and we aren't entirely sure what that "IF" is... nor will we be until the first precedent is set by actual litigation. *shrug*
  9. LasraelLarson

    This is gonna hurt SSG

    proposed legislation... and Josh is Republican, so by default Dems will accuse some nefarious Russian plot and stonewall. this isn't the first time this has been bounced as potential new legislation. & until the first precedent is set... and just whom the litigation is against... or the depth of their pockets... very early to be counting the chickens on this one. nice if it happens, but we are still at the "IF" stage.
  10. LasraelLarson

    Game Of Thrones Winner

    SPOILERS AHEAD: really hating the sad as fuck state of humanity right now... culture is dead. generally speaking... earthlings are over.
  11. LasraelLarson

    Be Virtuous!

    hide the nerf! this one looks every bit the slippery money slope as they unpack it.
  12. LasraelLarson

    64-bit gossip

    64 bit client vid from one of the betas:
  13. LasraelLarson

    Other MMOs?

    GW2 has its flaws, so this isn't a massive endorsement, but... IMO, in a very shit tier games market, (especially MMO's) it is the current best offering out there. if i wasn't freeloading my ass off @Lotro i would be watching for an expansion bundle, or some kind of packaged offer (they happen frequently) and wade back in. the entire base game (they whole of the original release back in 2012 is FTP) which is a sizable chunk more than what LoTRO currently unlocks for free. like massive amount of game... core Tyria that is free to play: 👇⬇️👇⬇️ the 2 current expansions each unlock new methods of travel (Heart of Thorns for gliding, & Path of Fire for what are the best mounts in the entirety of the MMO scene.) whilst original game was good, the new traveling methods ad a whole other dimension to the game... the map including the 2 expansions can be seen here: https://game-maps.com/GW2/img/gw2-zones-map.jpg?v=20190321 so yeah, a lot of game to try out for free, though the mounts and gliding may have you spending... regardless, you can try out a massive chunk of the game entirely for free (that includes structured PvP & WvWvW.) i have a feeling though, your son and his friends will enjoy it more than you will. but if playing with them & having them enjoy it is a factor... regardless, this is the only thing i can currently come close to endorsing on the existing MMO market. & nothing upcoming is grabbing my attention.
  14. LasraelLarson

    64-bit gossip

    it is an estimate. that is gross revenue, before the app-platforms take their cuts (30% ballpark there) & all other company expenses are paid. the google play rankings has it at #18 for revenue. THIS SITE! has it ranked #22. gross revenue is also a different beast from net. 2 guys in a garage shitting out apps has a lot less expenses than some coastal company with a "Studio" and host of expenses... (rent, employees, advertising, etc.) & that is without even getting into licensing for IP... estimates should be taken with a grain of salt. depending on what method of gathering data is employed, results can vary. SSG will have to turn to Daybreak for green lights. Warner is a different publisher.
  15. LasraelLarson

    64-bit gossip

    https://massivelyop.com/2018/11/02/original-lotro-and-ddo-creator-turbine-entertainment-changes-its-name-to-wb-games-boston/ i should have made a new thread... edit: and for those wondering for more current stats on the Game of Thrones: Conquest title from... [cough] "WB Games Boston" [/cough] https://thinkgaming.com/app-sales-data/ estimated # 8 for revenue generation as of this post.